La-Iin Cahongyun


A self-proclaimed Maniac of Evil. La-Iin dreams of being the most evil person in the world, among many other things that are basically variations of the same goal. Due to her immaturity, her supposed evilness tends to come off as more of a bad attitude. She takes great pride in being a Dualbreed to the point of conceit.


Mit-Sun Cahongyun


La-Iin’s mother, a stressed woman with a lazy streak who hates dealing with her daughter. Despite this, she accepts and occasionally encourages La-Iin’s desire to be evil…all the while informing her not to act that way in public.


Bes-Isa Haunsum

Age:4 according to La-Iin

La-Iin’s stuffed doll, whom she animates with her V-Puppetry ability. Although harsher and arguably more evil than her owner, she has a somewhat polite way of speaking. She tends to encourage La-Iin’s evil desires.




The dog of the Cahongyun family, a cheerful pup whose mood never seems to sour. He adores La-Iin and Mit-Sun, but given his treatment of Bes-Isa, it’s safe to say he probably doesn’t feel the same about her.


Fer-Shi Sanhuun


La-Iin’s best friend, a Normal girl with a kind heart. In stark contrast to her friend, Fer-Shi wishes for the goodwill of people and the world as a whole. Despite their differing values, Fer-Shi still enjoys La-Iin’s friendship.


San-Kyung Molshei


A teenage boy attending Malicerie Public School and target of La-Iin’s fantasies and affections. San-Kyung appears to have a bit of a rebellious streak and a loner’s attitude, as he hardly interacts with anyone aside from his best friend. La-Iin admires what she perceives as his evil side.

A more substantial character list is here. WARNING:It contains spoilers for the story. Proceed at your own risk.


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