La-Iin Cahongyun

Age:7(5 from 1-32, 6 from 33-397)


The story’s protagonist. La-Iin is the daughter of Mit-Sun and Asul-Zenza, a Malicerie second-grader and a Vampire-Normal Dualbreed who considers herself a Maniac of Evil. While La-Iin’s values are quite malicious, due to her immaturity, that malice is seen as more of a bad attitude. La-Iin treats the people around her terribly most of the time, but she can be nice on occasion. Her pride in being a Dualbreed is to the point of conceit, yet she has a disdain for Normals despite being half-Normal herself, and rarely says that she wishes she were a Pureblood Vampire. Her best friend is Fer-Shi. She has feelings for San-Kyung which she expresses primarily by stalking and fantasizing about him, and for this reason she is rivals with his best friend, Dosa-Mina. She’s also expressed an interest in Ai-Reia, whom she seems to want as an apprentice. La-Iin possesses the strange power to transform into what is seemingly a Pureblood Vampire, a power which enhances her abilities.


Fer-Shi Sanhuun

Age:9(7 from 2-119, 8 from 120-483)


A kind fourth-grader at Malicerie Public School, La-Iin’s best friend, and the daughter of Den-Matsu and Tei-Sheu. Fer-Shi is a girl who, unlike her best friend, wishes for the goodwill of both the world and the people in it. Because of this, occasionally she wonders how she and La-Iin have stayed friends, but the two are still close. Fer-Shi is relatively level-headed for her age, although she tends to use more simple words than her best friend. She likes to be helpful and will assist people with many things. She is one of the people with a better reputation in Class D, although her temper can be short with La-Iin and she’s a bit jealous of her friend for having a goal in life. Her only real notoriety in Bledger is that of being Den-Matsu’s daughter. Fer-Shi dreams of having a goal to follow that she believes in as strongly as La-Iin believes in her goal, but she is uncertain of what that goal might be.


Mit-Sun Cahongyun

Age:35(34 from 1-253)


La-Iin’s mother, a woman who’s constantly stressed by both her job and her daughter. She loves her daughter dearly, and dreams of being a great mother, however La-Iin’s antics have gotten in the way of that as she has a hard time tolerating her daughter’s desire to be evil. She has a bit of a lazy streak, although she does work hard at her part-time job. Mit-Sun can be pleasant when not irritated however, and tends to be much more calm, although she does have a short temper when it comes to certain subjects. Her relationship with Asul-Zenza, her ex-fiancé, tends to become easily complicated. While she holds disdain for him, she does not hate him, and is sometimes even friendly towards him–however, she does not want him involved in any way with La-Iin’s upbringing, being convinced that he would make La-Iin’s attitude worse than it already is. Despite her apparent ease of fighting back, she tends to cower in front of her boss, Mrs. Eteibreit.


Bes-Isa Haunsum

Age:4(according to La-Iin) 6(technical)(5 from 1-344)


La-Iin’s stuffed doll. Animated via La-Iin’s power of V-Puppetry, she is a longtime friend of the hers who encourages her evil behavior. Despite being animated by La-Iin, the two have some differing opinions, though they often listen to each other. She is arguably more evil than her owner, but she speaks more politely than her for the most part. She is much smarter than she lets on and has a warped view of the world. One of her biggest dreams is to be able to have bodily autonomy. Her interests include powers and women, and she despises Eul-Bok Astineth. Though more mature than La-Iin most of the time, on occasion she can be pushy and immature.



Age:4(3 from 1-286)


The Cahongyun family dog. He was bought by Asul-Zenza. He is the only male member in the house right now as well as the most cheerful. It takes a horribly tragic incident to sour his mood. Otherwise, he’s always happy and excitable and full of energy. He chews on Bes-Isa when he gets the opportunity. He cares about his family a lot, but when the door is open, he tends to use it as a chance to run. He is also very fond of Asul-Zenza and the two have a special bond.


San-Kyung Molshei

Age:16(14 from 3-76, 15 from 77-441)

Species:Animated Pumpkin

An eleventh-grader at Malicerie Public School and the son of Salsh-Era and Del-Kyuus. San-Kyung attends Class D and is well-known for being solitary–as well as the target of La-Iin’s affections. San-Kyung is cold towards most people in his class and has a reputation as being both a troublemaker and evil. San-Kyung is an Aesthetically Normal Animated Pumpkin, something that causes him distress. He is best friends with Dosa-Mina, and he is the only person at school he is nice to, though he does get annoyed by his affections at times. He is unofficially friends with La-Iin, whom he holds animosity towards but, due to her strange power, sees her as necessary towards achieving his goal of permanently assuming the true form of an Animated Pumpkin. San-Kyung holds varied opinions on the world and love, but he prefers not to talk about them.


Asul-Zenza Ghneckdo

Age:66(64 from 10-205, 65 from 206-557)


La-Iin’s father, and Mit-Sun’s ex-fiancé. He is a Pureblood Vampire who spends the majority of his time traveling, so his whereabouts remain unknown most days. He has a calm demeanor and a lot more maturity than other Vampires his age. He cares about both La-Iin and Mit-Sun to a high degree and considers them both a part of his family. He does, however, resent Mit-Sun for leaving him out of La-Iin’s life. He tends to get touchy about his age due to the fact that, in Vampire societies, he is still a teenager. Asul-Zenza does have a bit more of an emotional side, but this is usually suppressed by his calm demeanor. He has a special bond with Choungetsu.


Dosa-Mina Dslellular

Age:16(14 from 3-127, 15 from 128-492)


San-Kyung’s best friend, an eleventh-grader at Malicerie and a clingy, affectionate boy who is almost always by his side. Among the students of Malicerie he has gained a reputation as “San-Kyung’s clingy best friend” for these behaviors. He’s usually friendly, but he has a tendency to tease the people around him or not take them seriously. La-Iin views him as a rival for his friendship with San-Kyung, and he, in return, teases her when she fights with him. He is an aspiring Species Studier and dreams of becoming a professional in the future. Underneath his friendly demeanor is a more somber attitude, and due to his dislike of talking about himself, many things about him remain a secret, such as the reason why he takes on Normal form, the strange nightmares he has and his true feelings towards San-Kyung. He is Orlin-Aesth and Elai-Riya’s son.


Ai-Reia Vampiris

Age:7(6 from 90-219)


A student at Malicerie Public School, whom La-Iin has claimed as a secondary rival. Ai-Reia is known as a child prodigy, possessing incredible smarts for a Vampire–and child–of her age, though her Vampire powers are still undeveloped save for one, which she has not yet learned how to control. She is amicable for the most part, however she does have somewhat of a short temper especially towards La-Iin, whom she has grown to hate. On occasion she allows her mature demeanor to slip. She lives with her parents and three siblings, an older brother and sister and a younger sister. Her hatred for La-Iin has made her develop a malicious side, one whose hatred for La-Iin has given way to violent thoughts and tendencies and at times makes her want to outright murder the girl.


Sale-Dessu Astineth

Age:34(32 from 61-195, 33 from 196-460)


The next-door neighbor of the Cahongyuns. Sale-Dessu is a powerful Warlock with reality-warping abilities that have caused problems in the neighborhood and beyond on more than one occasion. He has a relaxed personality and mostly uses his abilities to sate his own curiosity about the world, though he also consistently studies about ways to make V-Puppets autonomous. The true extent of his powers is still unknown. He is relatively antisocial and somewhat shy, although he does live with his V-Puppet Eul-Bok, with whom he shares a father-son like bond, and is fairly comfortable around him, La-Iin and Bes-Isa, the latter two to the point of considering him their ally, with mutual feelings on his side. Having had a rough childhood, mentions of it tend to make him upset and he tries to avoid talking about it.


Eul-Bok Astineth

Age:1(0 from 98-453)


Sale-Dessu’s V-Puppet. Eul-Bok is the subject of his master’s experiments on making V-Puppets autonomous. He has a kind personality but is quick to teasing or arguments and he can be quite immature at times. He shares a father-son like bond with Sale-Dessu, and despite teasing him for being antisocial, that bond is Eul-Bok’s only positive one–he doesn’t care for La-Iin and outright hates Bes-Isa. Despite teasing his father on occasion, Eul-Bok is also fiercely protective of him and doesn’t tend to accept criticism of him from others. After many experiments, he is the first V-Puppet to have gained autonomy, though this fact is not a public one. Along with his autonomy, Eul-Bok also possesses Warlock powers just like Sale-Dessu.


Teacher/Mr. Chensu

Age:51(50 from 3-330)


One of Class D’s teachers. Mr. Chensu is an older man with almost zero tolerance for loud talking and mischief. He enjoys more simple things than the majority of his students. He does have a kind heart, and compared to the other teachers of Class D, is more lenient with his students. He feels like he knows all his students well, but in truth he just knows a lot about them. A bit emotional, the smallest kind gesture tends to touch him deeply. He has a friendship with his student Rini-Futo, but is mostly oblivious to her ulterior motives for spending time with him.


Students of Malicerie



Children who attend Malicerie Public School. Their grades range from Grade 0 to Grade 12. Malicerie is split into four classes–A, B, C, and D. Class D is notable for being a class full of weird students, while Class A is notable for teaching a different doctrine from the other three classes. Between the classes, a variety of students reside.


Lishe-Ashyo Coulmeta

Age:18(17 from 1-248)


A graduate of Malicerie Public School. Lishe-Ashyo is a friendly young man and part of the group of himself, Cou-Riette, Mali-Ana, Gen-Reiya and Xhen-Wu. He had many friends back in his time at Malicerie Public School, but he tends to be uncertain about both himself and his future. His closest friend is Gen-Reiya, and their friendship traces outside of Malicerie. He is popular with girls around his age, but mostly as a fleeting fancy. Although very interested in girls, Lishe-Ashyo has difficulty understanding romantic feelings and does not see them in quite the same way as other people, leading him to misunderstand situations and conversations involving them.


Cou-Riette Fasoucie

Age:18(17 at the start of the story)


A graduate of Malicerie Public School. Cou-Riette is a refined Birdmix part of the elegant Fasoucie family as well as the friend group of herself, Lishe-Ashyo, Mali-Ana, Gen-Reiya and Xhen-Wu. She tends to be both the calmest of the group and somewhat of a voice of reason on occasion, and has a maternal demeanor at times. She wasn’t too popular in school, though people admired her maturity. She lives with most of her family, including her son, An-Tois, whom was conceived from a night she cannot remember but has since become her favorite member of her family.


Mali-Ana Reusung

Age:18(16 from 49-70, 17 from 72-435)


A graduate of Malicerie Public School. Mali-Ana is a harsh girl and part of the friend group of herself, Lishe-Ashyo, Cou-Riette, Gen-Reiya and Xhen-Wu. She does tend to mistreat her friends but has a nice side hidden away. She is notorious among former students for getting furious if you insinuate anything about her love life, especially if you insist that she has a crush on Lishe-Ashyo.


Gen-Reiya Kerushao

Age:17(16 at the start of the story)


A graduate of Malicerie Public School. Gen-Reiya is a boy with a good heart, part of the friend group of himself, Lishe-Ashyo, Cou-Riette, Mali-Ana and Xhen-Wu. He was known for being one of the kindest boys part of the class, so it comes as a surprise to many that he’s the younger brother of Mi-Yagi, a former Class A student with a habit for putting others down. Although he tries to stay smiling for the sake of other people at times, he does let his emotions dominate sometimes. He has a significant relationship with most of his friend group, particularly Xhen-Wu, who is his girlfriend, and Lishe-Ashyo, whom is his childhood friend.


Xhen-Wu Saoning

Age:18(17 at the start of the story)


A graduate of Malicerie high school. Xhen-Wu is a laid-back and slightly rebellious teenage girl part of the friend group of herself, Lishe-Ashyo, Cou-Riette, Mali-Ana and Gen-Reiya. She had a brief period of time in Malicerie where she admired San-Kyung and wanted to act just like him, but she’s since mellowed out. Like Lishe-Ashyo, she has no direction for her life now that she’s graduated, so she tends to spend her off-days with her boyfriend Gen-Reiya. While mischievous, she can be quite mature at times, though she isn’t the type to use the most polite language.


Ei-Tio Ghneckdo

Age:4(3 prior to 512)


A young Vampire girl and a blood relative of La-Iin’s, although their exact relation remains unknown. Ei-Tio showed up at the Cahongyun house one day while looking for her family. Both girls think of each other as sisters. Ei-Tio is innocent and friendly and cares a lot for La-Iin, and calls her big sister. She possesses the ability to transform into an anthropomorphic Vampire bat.


Usl-Thaehey Gyunerr

Age:24(22 in Acknowledged, 23 prior to 429)


A Vaelis celebrity popular the whole world round. She is an idol well-known for all her ventures but notably her songs, which are popular for their catchy tunes and twisted lyrics. Although busy, she does like to take the time to meet with her fans, but she isn’t often in the same place more than once a year if at all. She primarily stays in Vaelyn to make songs. She has garnered a bit of attention for being a Dualbreed celebrity. La-Iin is a fan of her and looks up to her. When she travels it’s almost always with her manager Namgung, who also usually stays at home with her.


Manager Namgung



The manager of the popular Usl-Thaehey Gyunerr. Namgung has a presence that isn’t too intrusive, so he can easily stay close to Usl-Thaehey without interfering with her work. He takes his job, and Usl-Thaehey’s, quite seriously and makes sure they always know what they need to do. His friendship with Usl-Thaehey is quite close and he understands her well.


Sulaet-Defka Calziona



A Grougyptian singer whose popularity has remained stable throughout the several years she’s been performing. Sulaet-Defka does not talk much to her fans, instead often hiding her eyes behind sunglasses. She is mature and traditional, but has a strong passion for singing and music. She is known for singing with a deep voice but speaking with a very light one.





A girl who lives in a graveyard, Imagination has a strange transparent look and claims herself to be a ghost. She is acquainted with La-Iin, Fer-Shi, and Choungetsu. She has said strange things that have lead to Fer-Shi believing her claims; La-Iin, however, remains skeptic. She is a strange girl who seems to have her head somewhat in the clouds.


Mit-Sun Leirhyn



A coworker of Mit-Sun’s who shares her first name; due to this, the two refer to each other as “Cahongyun” and “Leirhyn”. Leirhyn is cheerful and a slight bit hyper and is Mit-Sun’s opposite in quite a few ways. She considers Mit-Sun a friend.


Yong-Hin Eteibreit

Age:59(58 from ???-???)


Mit-Sun’s boss and the owner of Eteibreit Data Storage. Eteibreit is a sadistic woman who takes pleasure in the despair of her workers but is also often frustrated when they do a lesser job. She is particularly fascinated by Mit-Sun and wavers between wanting to fire her and wanting to watch her suffer. A succubus-type Demon, Eteibreit has a somewhat flirtatious nature and is apparently quite passionate with her husband.


Deki-Tyunri Elyshen

Age:14(13 from 7-308)


A tenth-grade student at Malicerie Public School. Deki-Tyunri is known for being shy and having an accent atypical of a Vaelis person. He is close friends with the popular Lirako Sanyaow, and the two have known each other for years. Deki-Tyunri is calm and not quick to anger, and has a little bit of difficulty interacting with people he respects or likes without being friends with them first. He has a crush on San-Kyung that is the source of some distress with him. He lives with his grandmother, Celie-Angkou.


Lirako Sanyaow

Age:17(16 from 3-322)


A twelfth-grade student at Malicerie Public School. Lirako is arguably the most popular student in Class D, being friends with most people in the class, and is relatively infamous throughout the whole school for her friendliness and lack of tact. She is cheerful but doesn’t have much of a filter and can be quite mischievous when she feels like it. She is enemies with San-Kyung and Dosa-Mina as a result of this mischievous side. Her closest friend is Deki-Tyunri Elyshen, whom she has been friends with for many years, and she is the older sister to quintuplet younger brothers. Though having considered herself on the Good side of the spectrum for a long time, her twisted morals occasionally make her reconsider this stance. She is conspiring with Airy-Aekok to discover Dosa-Mina’s true species.


Den-Matsu and Tei-Sheu Sanhuun

Ages:37(Den-Matsu) and 35(Tei-Sheu)


The parents of Fer-Shi. Den-Matsu and Tei-Sheu share their daughter’s kindness. Den-Matsu is an active force in helping out people, often doing charity work such as helping at a soup kitchen or volunteering his services at shelters and other such places. Tei-Sheu isn’t as active as her husband, often staying home with Fer-Shi, but she occasionally follows him along on a job or volunteer work. They try to raise their daughter with similar kindhearted views.


Salsh-Era and Del-Kyuus Molshei

Ages:41(Salsh-Era) and 42(Del-Kyuus)(40 and 41 prior to 288 and 279)

Species:Animated Pumpkin

The parents of San-Kyung and normal Animated Pumpkins. Salsh-Era and Del-Kyuus are quite a romantic couple, their flames not dying down at all even after so many years of marriage. Despite their evil son, they are fairly good. Salsh-Era often calls Del-Kyuus Kyuusie, much to San-Kyung’s irritation. Their son’s evil behavior and distress over his Aesthetically Normal appearance will get to them on occasion and they worry about him greatly, but feel Dosa-Mina keeps him from doing worse things than he might on his own.


Orlin-Aesth and Elai-Riya Dslellullar

Ages:43(Orlin-Aesth) and 44(Elai-Riya)

Species:Werewolf(Orlin-Aesth) and Siren(Elai-Riya)

The parents of Dosa-Mina. Orlin-Aesth and Elai-Riya are a young-acting couple, at times acting more immature than their son. Orlin-Aesth in particular is incredibly playful, while Elai-Riya is mischievous. Both work so on occasion they will leave their son at home alone. Elai-Riya has a bit of a temper relating to her job. They love their son, but wish he would assume his true form more often, and often wonder about his feelings towards San-Kyung as many others do. Their concern about Dosa-Mina is particularly strong in regards to the things he won’t talk to them about, and at times they feel as though they have made a mistake in their parenting.


Principal of Malicerie



Malicerie’s Principal. She is an older lady with a strict demeanor. She isn’t all that popular among the students, though the faculty is mostly indifferent towards her. She has a short temper with some of the more playful members of her faculty, and expresses distaste towards Class A in particular. While regarded among some students as having outdated ideas, the Principal doesn’t often make her opinions public save for those about the school.


Malicerie Faculty



The Faculty of Malicerie Public School, consisting of several members including teachers, a janitor, school health inspectors and Weekend teachers. The faculty member with the highest position, Teik-Kao Sharai, is often seen by the Principal’s side and is known for his wild ideas. Other faculty members include Class A’s Neowang, Class C’s Yushie, Class D’s Theasis and Hyungdarou, health inspectors Vi-En and Fi-Run Satou as well as Wei-Men Xhuzsha, janitor Sao-Mel Wue, and lunch gentlemen Kyur-Kei Vikei and Shang-Seeib Yukhoe.





A mysterious person who has appeared in Dosa-Mina’s dreams. Kkumneok possesses the power to change his dreams into anything he or Dosa-Mina desires. Wishing to remain an enigma, he doesn’t appear often in Dosa-Mina’s dreams and his name appears to be a pseudonym. Although the reason for his appearance is dubious, he claims to be the one who has given Dosa-Mina his nightmares.


Uil-Cur Haner



A coworker of Mit-Sun’s who works a different shift at Eteibreit Data Storage. Uil-Cur is a slightly conceited Siren man who is madly in love with Mit-Sun, though he has been unable to admit this to her thus far. Having a flirtatious nature, he can be slightly pushy about establishing a relationship with someone.


Airy-Aekok Llanni



A ninth-grader at Malicerie Public, Airy-Aekok is the cheerful daughter of local cop Reine-Kyugok Llanni. Notable for her unhealthy obsession with teenaged boys, she also possesses some unusual skills, the result of information her father relayed to her. Desperate for friendship, she is assisting Lirako in her goal of discovering Dosa-Mina’s true species.


Kai-Rin Yukkini



A student at Hendoh High School and former classmate of San-Kyung and Dosa-Mina’s back in junior high, Kai-Rin is a somewhat theatrical girl who has been in love with San-Kyung ever since then. Although she has some strange tendencies, for the most part she is more concerned with seeing San-Kyung happy rather than having her feelings reciprocated. Her smarts rival those of San-Kyung’s and Dosa-Mina’s.


Baal-Mist Spaeic



A Warlock who lives in the same neighborhood as Sale-Dessu’s grandmother Eir-Tyuj, Baal-Mist is a relaxed and calculating Warlock with a talent for more inexplicable powers. Despite his talent and relative good looks, Baal-Mist spends most of his time focusing on his personal goals of discovering the truth about Sale-Dessu and Eul-Bok and their relation to Eir-Tyuj, whom he holds a personal grudge towards.


Shuu-Kena Sara



A third-grader at Malicerie Public School. Shuu-Kena is somewhat shy and antisocial, and thus hasn’t made many friends since joining Malicerie. Unknown to most students, this attitude is the result of her family, in which she is the only non-evil member, being neutral. She is friends with La-Iin, whom she relies on a bit more than she should. She aspires to be a painter and to have a family separated from the main doings of the Saras.



Eir-Tyuj Astineth



Sale-Dessu’s grandmother. Eir-Tyuj has a hot-and-cold personality and was often quite harsh towards people, though she could be sympathetic at times, a side which primarily showed itself around her family. She was the primary mentor of Sale-Dessu, training him in the ways of their powers, and is known for being quite a powerful Witch–powerful enough that her name is spoken with resentment by some people who wanted to see her family dead. Sale-Dessu often thinks on her words for inspiration and dwells on what she taught him. Although believed to be dead by most, she actually resides in Bledger, though is so elderly that she barely has the strength to leave her house.


Maie-Jussa Astineth

Age:38(At time of death)


Sale-Dessu’s deceased mother. Maie-Jussa was consistently kind in comparison to her hot-and-cold mother, however she easily caved under stress. Having death with the death of her husband and the miscarriage of her daughter, Sale-Dessu was her primary concern in life, and she was always grateful towards her mother for taking care of him. She died protecting her mother, believing that so long as she was still alive Sale-Dessu would be well cared for. Sale-Dessu often thinks about her.