The La-Iin Series is a story based upon a project from 2014. Its protagonist is a five-year-old girl named La-Iin Cahongyun who considers herself a future Maniac of Evil and tries her best to express this in her everyday life. However, her immaturity causes this to seem petty and pointless and she poses little to no threat more often than not. The story is primarily fantasy and slice-of-life, taking place in a world where people are split into numerous different species, each with their own powers, traits and ways of life.

Updates for The La-Iin Series are every day between 8:00pm and 11:50pm Central Time. However, since there was no corresponding chapter for February 29th, that day did not have an official update.


©2014-2017 by Watermelon ICE. The La-Iin Series is all ages. The appearance of this blog is subject to change.


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