27.573.Good and Evil Debate

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 573
“Good and Evil Debate”

La-Iin sighed.
“I can’t tell if you’ve been busy or lazy this Summer. Some days you’ll go out and you won’t be back for hours, and yet others you’re just drawing the same crappy pictures and relaxing in bed.”
“Summer is for doing both. So don’t judge me.”
“I wasn’t.”
“Yes you were. Otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything about ‘crappy’ drawings.”
“Have you looked at those things past the first time you see the completed picture?”
“Are you any better? Unless I’m doing something with you you’re either listening to the radio or laying in bed.”
“You realize I’m not autonomous, right? And are you much better!? You’re listening to the radio right now!”
“Yeah, and there’s nothing good on. How do you put up with listening to this crap?”
“There’s just nothing good on right now. The radio’s had plenty of good things on in the past. Remember the Usl-Thaehey music marathon? Remember when that guy got murdered and it was all over the news? There are good things on the radio, you just need to find the right station, that and hope that the day isn’t a weak one.”
“What does that mean?”
“Well, the radio does have weak days.”
“It’s probably a weak day then,” La-Iin grumbled.
“Try changing the station. There might be something good on another station.”
La-Iin changed the station.
“…so today’s topic will be about good and evil and what things are assigned as good or evil in society.”
“Ah, an interesting topic! I’ve been questioning some of the things assigned as one or the other…”
“Ooh, wonder what this is about?”

“Good and evil?” La-Iin said. “This sounds like it will be boring.”
“What makes you say that?”
“It’s probably just going to be done in a boring way. And from a goody-goody perspective. What would be interesting about that?”
“Do you have a better idea?”
La-Iin pouted. “No.”
“So in society, there are lots of things that are considered ‘good’, lots of things that are considered ‘neutral’, and lots of things that are considered ‘evil’. But when you think about it, the situation’s really a lot more complex than most moralists would make it seem.”
“I think I know what you mean. Donating to a charity is seen as a good act, but it would be perfectly possible to donate to an evil charity, yes? And murder is seen as evil, but it does occasionally happen in self-defense, which would make it more neutral.”
“Exactly! It’s very hard to just call something ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and leave it at that. Certainly, there are some things that fall squarely on one part of the morality scale. Obviously, if you torture someone that is pretty evil, even if they do deserve it. While to sacrifice yourself for someone else would be seen as a good act.”
“Yes, but when you put more thought into it, even those things could be done with a good or evil mindset.”
“How can you say that!?”
“Well, perhaps someone sacrificing themselves for someone else is in the midst of committing a terrorist attack! They might be sacrificing their lives under the words of someone else. That’s not exactly good.”
“But how is torture good under any circumstances?”
“Well, perhaps the torture isn’t harmful and is instead being done to pleasure the victim.”

“He’s full of shit, La-Iin. Don’t listen to him.”
“So basically most things in the world can have multiple morality meanings. It’s hard to call something good or evil and leave it at that.”
“While I do agree with you, it is possible this is done because, the majority of the time, the specific action IS being done for good or evil purposes. Most people sacrificing themselves for someone else are probably doing it because they love that person, for example. And murder is not usually committed in self-defense. Mostly it is done intentionally.”
“True, so I suppose it does make sense to consider those actions good or evil. Most people would not put much thought into the different potentials that actions have. With that portion of our talk over with, I’d like to instead focus on a new subject.”
“And what might that be?”
“Actions speaking for people. Some people claim that actions speak louder than words, then, say, what do we make of good people committing evil deeds or evil people committing good deeds? Truly a conundrum.”
“Well, that I can answer. Like with good and evil actions, there are all sorts of reasons why someone might do something contrary to their morality. Someone good might be committing evil actions for the sake of a loved one, while evil people might prefer to disguise their evil by acting good to the face of the public. Truly, that does confuse people when a good person ends up being evil.”
“That’s true.”
“It can also be speaking to their true morality, however. Someone from an evil family might claim they are evil despite their good acts so as not to earn their family’s shame. But in truth they are good, so they do good things and claim it is to disguise their evil while that is not the case. While a good person may claim they NEED to do these evil things or hide them, such as serial killers who hide their crimes and claim to be good so they can claim more victims.”
“Hm, true.”
“And many actions are considered neutral. There’s really nothing good or evil about eating unless you are, say, committing cannibalism, and even so I’ve heard that over in North Vaelyn, cannibalism occurs for the sake of survival as opposed to an evil person who is simply just that sick.”
“For neutral people it is a lot easier, since as you are neutral, good and evil actions you are mostly indifferent towards.”
“I wouldn’t exactly put it like that, rather that neutral people see some good things as right and some evil things as right. Many good people do not think killing is justified, but a neutral person may believe it is justifiable under certain circumstances, such as killing a criminal or in self-defense. Though even some good people believe murder in self-defense is justifiable. The majority believe disabling your attacker is preferable, however.”
“If I can give one thing to our hoax of a president, it is that she is neutral, at least at last check. Neutrals tend to be slightly less swayed by their emotions, or so said a recent study, and more rational than their good and evil counterparts.”
“How about the subject of what makes a person good or evil? What about that?”
“Well, I would put it in a simple category, I guess. If you are good, you believe in things that are mostly considered ‘good’ and you care about the people around you more. You want better for people. If you are neutral, you have beliefs from both sides or take a truly neutral approach to situations. If you are evil, you believe in things that are mostly considered ‘evil’ and your goals focus on something detrimental to society.”
“Yes, I suppose that’s a simple way of putting it.”
“All three types can be quite complex.”
“Truly. The subject of good and evil does seem simple on the outside, but it is far more complex than we might think from first glance!”
“It is, it is. After all, to use evil people as an example as they are the most common to feel this way, sometimes despite being evil you do not wish to detriment society with your goals and turn to artistic pursuits instead. Or you are good, but think that evil actions are better for the world. Of course, I would say at least in the hypothetical good person’s case, they fall more neutral.”
“Hm. People do like to define their morality for themselves, though.”
“…La-Iin? Are you alright?”

“I can’t take it anymore,” she groaned. “It’s too confusing.”
“Yeah, I guess they were getting kind of detailed. Let’s see if there’s anything else on.”
La-Iin began to change the station. “You know, I can see how it would be beneficial to pretend you’re good when you’re actually evil. But I could never do that.”
“Yeah, you’re too stereotypically evil for that.”
“Besides, I’m past the point of no return. Everyone knows I’m evil!”
“Hm, that does build up more resistance against you, though.”
La-Iin groaned. “Don’t talk using that tone!”

“Mama, do you see good and evil as complicated or simple?”
Mit-Sun blinked. “I think it depends on the person. It’s mostly simple but some people make it complicated. Why?”
La-Iin sighed. “Talk shows…”


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