6.552.Flashes of the Future

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 552
“Flashes of the Future”

“This is an outrage! I demand to know why we’re being held for trial! We’re every bit as evil as you are!”
“Because I find you annoying,” La-Iin said, narrowing her eyes at the man. “Also because Song-Ii thought it would be more fair if you faced trial rather than just an automatic sentencing.”
“Sorry, Mama,” Song-Ii said.
“Even with Song-Ii’s time wasting move, I don’t think it’s changed the verdict that you wanted initially. What say the rest of you?” Chung-Ae asked.
“I agree with La-Iin,” San-Kyung said.
“Me too,” Hun-Seuth said.
“Mama had the right judgment,” Sou-Yu said. La-Iin smirked. “Just as I expected. My family is on my side.”
“This is an outrage!” The man shrieked.
“Silence! You might have evil coursing through your veins just like I do, but that doesn’t change the fact that you and all around you are total idiots! If you really are so evil you would have accepted the chance I gave you to work under me as slaves, but noooo, you have to have control of this place for yourself! I knew from the moment I met you that you all were evil failures!”
The family gave indignant gasps.
“I sentence all five of you to the torture chamber!”
“THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!” The man screamed. “You let Shuu-Kena become a slave but the rest of us are up for torture!?”
“Slaves who disobey me face the torture chamber, and that’s exactly what you’ve done here!” La-Iin yelled. “And if you are truly evil, you should see this as an act to admire! After all, I have no intentions of killing you, so you’ll have plenty of time to admire it!”
Her words did nothing to calm the majority of the Sara family as Chung-Ae and Sou-Yu sedated them and soon as they were down, head off to put them inside the torture chamber. Once they were back, La-Iin relaxed.
“Well, the most annoying part of the day is over,” La-Iin sighed. “There was no need for any sort of trial, though, Song-Ii.”
“I just wanted to prove that we’re civilized,” Song-Ii said. “We might as well be royalty, and royalty is pretty civilized. Also if we act like we’re under anarchy, the slaves will riot and call for their own anarchy!”
“You’re putting too much thought into this,” Chung-Ae said. “And the slaves aren’t that smart.”
“It was a fairly pointless waste of time considering we all knew how we felt about the Sara family after their mutiny,” San-Kyung said. “Besides, I don’t care for legalities.”
“I’ve told you children before how your father felt around police.”
“Don’t go blaming us! We’re not the ones who wanted to take them to court!” Chung-Ae said. Song-Ii waved her hands wildly.
“W-well, think about it this way! It made the anticipation of their impending doom all the more horrible! Or something…”
“You sometimes think far more positively about these sort of things than the rest of us, Song-Ii,” La-Iin sighed. “But what’s done is done, and especially on your father’s lifespan we don’t have time to keep debating this. Let’s return to more worthwhile endeavors.”
“I didn’t think it was the worst idea, Song-Ii,” Sou-Yu whispered. “That bit about prolonging their suffering was really nice.”
Song-Ii smiled. “Thanks, Sou-Yu.”


Song-Ii watched as her brothers flew around outside, testing their powers and their strength as well as simply having a fun time. All three had invited her out and intended for the outing to be one with all the siblings, but Song-Ii had refused, yesterday’s events still on her mind.
“Why aren’t you flying with them, Song-Ii?”
Song-Ii startled. She hadn’t noticed La-Iin enter the room.
“Oh…um, it’s nothing, really. Hey, how’s Darseen doing? He seemed pretty woozy at dinnertime.”
“Not any worse for the wear. You have to remember that he’s older than me not just because he’s an Animated Pumpkin, but because he was sixteen when I was seven, for example. He’s aging but he’s fine. San-Kyung won’t go down that easily, I’ll see to it!”
“I hope so. I don’t wanna lose Darseen while I’m still so young…” She sighed. “Mama, can I ask you a weird question without you getting angry?”
“Do I look like I get angry with you and your brothers often?”
“No, I guess not. Why is that?”
“That’s a discussion for another time. Maybe we’ll talk about it once you ask that question.”
“Hm…well, I was wondering, you know, I’m a lot different from my brothers sometimes…all of us are especially different from Chung-Ae, for example. But me particularly, I’m not so good at being evil. And I was wondering if, well, you and Darseen are disappointed because of that…”
“I’ll only be disappointed if you oppose me. I’ve worked with more neutral people before. Your predicament reminds me of the one Sara who didn’t get sentenced to the torture chamber yesterday. Don’t go against me and I’m fine. I have enough evil to make up for all of you, and besides, the world isn’t going to be free of me anytime soon.”
“Heh heh, you did do a lot of damage…”
La-Iin smiled. “I’m proud of it, too.”
“Now are you gonna tell me why you don’t get angry at me and my brothers so often?”
La-Iin sighed. “This first part will sound stupid. When I was incredibly little, so little I don’t remember it as well now, I wanted to work on my own. Unfortunately, I wasn’t set up for that. There are many evil people out there but not many of them are set up with enough callousness to keep themselves from liking some other person. I had a few of those, but particularly your father. Because when I was little he had a….particularly annoying friend who was always in my way…I worried things wouldn’t end up as they are now. But he saw which choice was the right one in the end.”
“What happened to the friend?”
“He’s a slave now. Maybe you’ve seen him. His skin color is almost the same as his hair color, it looks creepy.”
“There’s also another thing. When I was younger, I used to fantasize as well. I would daydream about what would happen when this future came. What I would do to rule the world. How I would deal with opposition. What would I do if I had a child who goes against me. I planned for you or your brothers to rebel against me, Song-Ii. I prepared myself so that an evil person’s biggest flaw wouldn’t get in my way. I used to think they were just fantasies, but now I think they were like flashes of the future.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because even though a lot of what happened in those fantasies didn’t happen, a lot did. I ended up with three sons and a daughter, for one,” she said with a mischievous grin. “I do get mad at you all sometimes and you’ll know it. But I’m prepared for a full-on rebellion from you four. That’s why you asking for the Saras to be granted a trial doesn’t bother me nearly as much, though you really have to remember that your father doesn’t have a thousand years like we do.”
“I’m going back to attend to him. You find something to do. Sitting around all day is boring, Song-Ii.”
Song-Ii nodded. “You’re right, Mama. It is pretty boring.” Spreading her wings, she joined her brothers outside.
“Hello, Song-Ii!” Sou-Yu said happily.
“Finally decided to join us?” Chung-Ae said. “I noticed you talking to Mother. What about?”
“That’s none of your business!” She lifted up a hand. “I’m not here to talk, I’m here to have a power competition!”
“Oh, I’m gonna lose…” Sou-Yu sighed.
“You’re on, Song-Ii. Even if I can’t beat Chung-Ae, if I can beat you that’ll be all the more satisfying.”
“In your dreams, Hun-Seuth!”
The four children began to cause a further ruin in the city by raising vines and tossing fire all around, deftly maneuvering using their flight. At that moment, Song-Ii felt light-hearted, confident in her mother’s faith in her and her brothers, and simply enjoying the display of powers that further wrecked the unsteady buildings around her.

“I’ve been wondering about something…”
“What a surprise.”
“Don’t be sarcastic, Bes-Isa. What if my fantasies are actually future predictions? Sometimes they get very vivid.”
“That’s wishful thinking, La-Iin. Your fantasies exist for a few reasons: you’re a perverted little girl, you’re having romantic delusions of grandeur younger than the age they should actually happen, you’re planning for world domination, you’re stressing or some other outlier reason. Basically, it all exists for you to plan, worry and seek pleasure. Besides, haven’t some of your fantasies contradicted each other before?”
“The most vivid ones seem pretty consistent,” La-Iin said. “And I’d like it if some of what happened in those fantasies happened for real, heh heh heh….”
“Like you’d be patient enough to wait what, maybe fifty years for everything to reach the point in time you’re looking for? You said San-Kyung is about sixteen? You realize that would make him sixty-six years old at minimum, right?”
“I’m prepared for San-Kyung’s old age. And besides, sixty-six isn’t the worst. My Dami is almost sixty-six and he’s still fine!”
“He’s a Vampire who’s basically a kid in his sixties…”
“Well, even if they aren’t flashes of the future, I’ll try my best to make them like that. The best fantasies I have, I’ll strive towards making them come true.”
“And then, inevitably, you’ll think that your fantasies really were future predictions.”
“You shut up.”


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