25.510.The Fearful Students

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 510
“The Fearful Students”

“Remember when Cahongyun almost sucked Molshei dry the other day?”
“Yeah, I didn’t think she had it in her! But I guess you can’t underestimate desperate Vampires!”
“Does Molshei look alright today?”
“He looks fine. Well, a little sad, but fine otherwise. Cahongyun isn’t here yet, but–”
“Oh my gosh, she’s here now, she’s here!”
Many students in the classroom froze at the sight of La-Iin entering the classroom, Fer-Shi close behind her. Fer-Shi glanced at the students who warily eyed La-Iin and murmured among themselves.
“If she could take down a tall eleventh-grader, think of what she could do to me! Boy, I sure hope she doesn’t like Werewolf blood!”
“None of us are safe. Not even us who have thicker skin.”
‘This was happening on Friday too, but it looks like it’s gotten worse since then,’ Fer-Shi thought. She tapped La-Iin on the back.
“Um, La-Iin?”
“What do you want, Fer-Shi?”
“Have you noticed the way the students are looking at you today?”
La-Iin glanced at the classroom, and for the first time that day noticed the wary glances the students were shooting in her direction. Most turned away from her when she turned to face them, and a few flinched.
“Interesting. Is this because of what happened the other day?”
“What do you think!? La-Iin, none of this would be happening if you’d just held yourself back until I could give you some blood!”
“With how tiny you are, I think considering all the blood I drank you would be dead. In that case, I’m glad I sucked San-Kyung. There were far more benefits to sucking him than to sucking you. And he’s tasty.”
Fer-Shi groaned. “But this isn’t good. I know the students in Malicerie don’t think the best of you, but it looks like you made it even worse!”
“I don’t care. So long as San-Kyung doesn’t hate me again because I sucked his blood, I’m fine. And since it doesn’t look that way, I’m completely fine. I do like negative attention, Fer-Shi.”
Fer-Shi looked uncertain, but she offered no response.
‘Still,’ La-Iin wondered, ‘is it possible they might try to resist me if they all hate me this much? That would be a bad outcome. I should plan for that, just in case–but it’s not like they would be all that powerful against me anyway.’


Even when she head to the recess area after Biology class, the children from other classes seemed a mixture of wary and curious about her.
“Didja hear?” A Class B student asked. “They say that Cahongyun over there sucked an eleventh-grader’s blood so much, that he went to the hospital and died!”
“That doesn’t make any sense!” Argued a Class C student. “He’s here today, isn’t he?”
“I didn’t see him, so how do you know?”
The Class C student sighed. “But that’s pretty scary. If she could send an eleventh-grader to the hospital, think of what she could do to us!”
At that student’s words all the children fell quiet, and most shot uncertain glances in La-Iin’s direction.
“Are you bored, Cahongyun?” Shuu-Kena asked. “I’m not scared. I know it’s a Vampire thingy, right? So we can play together.”
“No. I don’t even get why you’re so pushy about this. I’m perfectly fine watching the bunch of cowards I’ve created just by existing.”
“They’re scared of the blood thing, you know,” Shuu-Kena told her. La-Iin rolled her eyes. “I know that already. But with them all scared,” she said as she hopped off the bench, “the recess area is practically mine. In fact, this is a perfect set-up! Fer-Shi said it was horrible that Malicerie is scared of me, but I think it’s wonderful! This can work to my advantage in so many ways.”
“If you’re not scared, then watch.”
La-Iin stood atop the monkey bars and stared down at the cowering students below her. The sight gave her a powerful feeling, and she had to resist the urge to cackle. ‘They’re at my mercy. I could do anything I want with them. This school could be mine soon! I suppose a school isn’t the worst place to start the ruining of the world!’
She was ready to bite into her arm and transform when the door to the recess area opened, and along with students she didn’t recognize came Fer-Shi, Shan-Zetsu, and Cae-Bougen.
“La-Iin, what are you doing!?” Fer-Shi exclaimed.
“I can handle her,” Cae-Bougen said. He flew up to her and reached out, but La-Iin had taken to the air first.
“Watch what you’re doing, knave! You’re around the girl who sucked the blood of Molshei San-Kyung. Just try me!”
“I was just trying to make you get down,” Cae-Bougen sighed. He shook his head and went back to the ground. “I could probably fly above her, but…”
“You’re scared she’ll suck you?” Shan-Zetsu asked. Cae-Bougen nodded.
“I’ll deal with her.” Fer-Shi glared. “GET DOWN FROM THERE, LA-IIN!”
“Never!” La-Iin sat on the edge of the monkey bars. “Why get down when I’m having the biggest power rush of my life? Look at those students, cowering in the corner! Even the newcomers to the recess area are cowering, right next to you! …and then there’s Sara, but she’s just a weirdo.”
“You’re letting this get to your head, La-Iin! Sooner or later something’s going to happen, and you’re gonna realize the school being against you isn’t exactly a good thing!”
“Since when?” La-Iin huffed. “Look, Fer-Shi, if you calm down and acknowledge the power I have over these students, I’ll let you join me on the monkey bars.”
“No! You don’t have any power over these students! All you’re doing is scaring them, but if they wanted they could fight back!” She turned away from La-Iin. “I don’t want to join you on the monkey bars. I’m going to play with someone else.”
La-Iin glared. “Fine! Make that decision! But you’ll come to regret it, you will!”
“What if Sanhuun’s right, Cahongyun?” Shuu-Kena asked. “What if you really do get in trouble because of what happened? Do your parents know what you did?”
“What do you think?” She sneered. “I’m not interested in your opinion, Sara. Just frustrated that Fer-Shi’s being an idiot. She’ll learn, soon enough. Besides, I’m not unhappy. I have all this power.”
‘Would it be worth it if this happened when you were really ruling the world?’ La-Iin chased the thought away and relished in the power she held over the students now.

The last class was about to start, and all students who were still outside headed in. As La-Iin walked by, a student from Class A peeked her head out of her classroom.
“Heard about how you nearly sucked a guy to death,” she said, giving her a thumbs-up. “Keep up the good fight!”
“This is exactly what I meant by negative attention,” Fer-Shi sighed.
“You meant Class A?”
“No! I meant negative attention you don’t like. Negative attention is negative for a reason, La-Iin, and I can’t believe that there’s any evil person out there who likes every kind of negative attention.”
“I’d say you believe wrong, but I don’t know that for sure. Well, I like most negative attention!”
“Just be quiet, La-Iin. I’m almost embarrassed to be around you today.”
She walked ahead of her. “Well, you’re pissing me off!” With a huff she head back to the Class D classroom and took her seat, on her way there glancing at San-Kyung. He looked fully recovered and not strange and pale as he had on Friday, but the look in his eyes seemed strange to La-Iin. He looked incredibly sad.
‘I hope he’s okay.’
The students were ready for their last class when in walked not their teacher, but instead Sharai.
“Miss Cahongyun?” He called. “Sorry to interrupt your last class, but the Principal would like to talk to you about something.”
“Come on, let’s go. You don’t have to hold up class for her either, guys–the Principal’s orders.”
La-Iin hopped out of her seat and followed Sharai, curious as to what the Principal might want her for. ‘Probably something stupid. Or maybe she wants to join my cause! I doubt that. The Principal seems like a goody-goody, maybe neutral…’
“Miss Cahongyun. Sit down.”
La-Iin flew into her seat. “What do you want?”
“Don’t take that tone with me. I have something very important to ask you. Did you truly suck someone’s blood so much that he went to the hospital and died?”
La-Iin’s eyes widened. She felt like slamming her head onto the table, but resisted the urge as she pointed out the obvious to the Principal.

“Our Principal is even stupider than I thought. You’d think she would have known what happened already. It’s not like it’s a secret or anything.”
“La-Iin, it really doesn’t sound all that good to have as bad a reputation as you do now. I know what you said, you like negative attention, but don’t you think you should try and repair it so people don’t slander you? It’ll be pretty hard if students start saying you murdered someone again.”
“I’ll deal with that hurdle if it ends up being a problem. For now, I’ll relish in my power over my students.”
“Your students…?”
“Getting a bit power-crazy there, aren’t we?”
“It might seem that way to you, Bes-Isa, but I’ll show you. I have my reasons for acting this way, and they are perfectly valid reasons. When the world is mine, I will have reason to be power-crazy!”
Mit-Sun and Bes-Isa sighed.


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