18.503.What a Wonderful World

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 503
“What a Wonderful World”

“Alright, that’s the end of history class for today. Oh! I almost forgot. Students, there’s a little something extra for you all to do.”
Some of the students groaned.
“Now what stupid thing do we have to do?” La-Iin complained.
“Shh. Let’s see what it is.”
“Considering current events in Bledger lately, the Principal requested each of you students write a report on what you think is good in the world. This isn’t just for Class D either–Classes A, B, and C also have to write these reports. You’re to have them here by tomorrow or the day after, or even today if you find the time to write it during class. Even if it’s just one thing, so long as there’s something you find good in the world, write it down. Alright, that’s it. See you tomorrow!”
“That sounds like a fun activity. And easy!”
“For you, maybe. You see lots of good things in the world. But for me, it’s very complicated.”
“I see a lot of bad in the world. But I like the bad in the world, so to me, the bad stuff is good stuff. But when they say the good in the world, they probably mean a goody-goody’s definition of good. It’s too confusing.”
“Didn’t Mr. Chensu say we have to write down what we think is good in the world? So doesn’t that mean you could write down bad things? I guess if you saw it as good, it counts…”
“I could,” she said. “You’ve given me a perfect idea. Thanks, Fer-Shi.”
“Um, you’re welcome?”


“Principal, look at all these reports! The students sure got to work between yesterday and today, huh?” Sharai said as he set down a box of reports on the table.
“They most certainly did, although I’ve already seen all of Class A’s and they basically amount to the same thing. The Class C students were a lot more creative. Artistic students, those.”
“What do you expect from Class A? Everything’s samey with them. Someday you need to nuke that class.”
“Er, no. So that box of reports–which class is that coming from? B?”
“No, they seem to be having a lot of trouble with their reports. A lot of them were asking for extra time, or at least, that’s what Mrs. Yunkok told me. Although…” He picked up Ai-Reia’s report. “The, uh, Class D students have a pretty creative definition of good in the world, heh.”
“What do you mean?”
“Maybe you’d like to see for yourself.” He slid the box over to the Principal, who began to read the reports.

Vampiris Ai-Reia, Grade 2, Class D
“Good in the world” is a fairly arbitrary concept born from that bogus scale of good and evil most likely. It’s a definition that changes between people and has no real defined meaning. Is good in the world people being at peace with each other? Is it people getting enough to eat? Is it an abundance of people who consider themselves “good”? I recall that the purpose of this report was to write down what we thought was good in the world, and though I find the concept to be dubious at best, I will tell you what I think: there is no good in the world that is genuine and will last. No matter what I could write down here of something that I like and see as a “good” thing in this world, it will always come to an end. That is inevitable and likely the same with the bad in the world. So therefore, I cannot give you a proper report.

“Miss Vampiris seems to have a pretty unique definition, huh?”
“Is she alright?” The Principal asked.
“I think she’s fine. Why do you ask?”
“No particular reason.” She picked up the report that was under Ai-Reia’s.

Sanhuun Fer-Shi, Grade 4, Class D
What do I think is good in the world? Friendship and family and people caring about each other, I think those are all very good things but there’s a lot more. If you take a good look around you you could probbably find good ina lot of places. Sometimes there are a lot of bad things in the world, but so long as people care about each other and take care of each other there’s always a little bit of good. You just have to keep looking if you can’t find it right away!

“Miss Sanhuun’s isn’t all that bad,” the Principal said. “You acted as if all the Class D students had given reports like Miss Vampiris.”
“Miss Sanhuun’s a sweetheart, so I’m not surprised hers is nice and flowery. But you haven’t seen some of the other students….remember, Class D does have some troublemaker students.”
The Principal reached for the next reports.

Llanni Airy-Aekok, Grade 9, Class D
It’s easy to say what kind of stuff is good in the world if you haven’t seen the stuff my Dad has seen! I can tell you a lot of good in the world comes from the police, and that’s for sure! Police deal with people who kill and rape and steal and sometimes all three at once! Of course, there are police officers who do the same thing. But when you meet a police officer like my Dad, that’s when you find out for sure that everything’s not as bad as it seems. That’s what I think, but with all the stuff my Dad’s seen, I’m not sure he’d feel the same way! Anyway, whenever there’s bad in the world, good police officers are there to save the day and replace it with good! And that is what I think is good in the world!

Melongie Zae-Mia, Grade 7, Class D
What’s good in the world? I think one of the greatest things in the world is individuality. Because even though there are bad people that result from individuality, without it we would not have good people. We wouldn’t have these creative societies full of so many interesting things to do. Without individuality the world would be a very boring place. I think it’s good to start at the bases and move on from there, and that is why I think individuality is one of the best things in the world.

“These two don’t seem so bad. Although I do wonder what Miss Llanni has had to see because of her father’s job.”
“You haven’t seen Mr. Molshei’s, apparently,” Sharai said. The Principal began to sort through the reports until she found San-Kyung’s.

Molshei San-Kyung, Grade 11, Class D
What was the point of doing this report? If you want my honest opinion I don’t think there’s ANY good in the world. And this is me looking at the world through as neutral lens as I can manage. All the good in the world is destroyed as it should be. There’s nothing that can be done to prevent this. The people of the world don’t try to stop it, and the world certainly doesn’t either.

“I’m wondering if he’s more of a pessimist than evil,” Sharai said. “After all, if you look at Miss Cahongyun’s, it’s a lot different.”

Cahongyun La-Iin, Grade 2 Class D
We were SUPPOSED to put the good in the world as goodie-goodie stuff but I don’t think that stuff is good. What I like is destruction and fire! i like the beauty of watching the world be destoryed! There’s something very comforting about the idea of watching the world burn from a tower. If you were me you’d understand. I don’t like the goodie-goodie stuff in the world and I don’t like all the bad. But I like the bad in the world for the most part! (Also the powers)

“What else do you expect from her?”
The Principal sighed. “I’ll give the Class D students kudos at least for being more creative than Class A, but their morals are fairly skewed.”
“That’s for sure. But don’t give up hope yet. You’ve seen the worst they have to offer, so now look at some of the others.”

Sanyaow Lirako, Grade 12, Class D
There’s good in the world because the world is interesting, funny, sometimes embarrassing. There’s good in the world because people can meet strangers just by going to the same place and trust these people with all sorts of details about each other! There’s good in the world because we can all be ourselves(in most places) and because the world has come past the points where the species were segregated. Bad people exist to take advantage of the good. Some people might say that means we should get rid of the good. But without the bad, the good wouldn’t exist. I think it makes for an interesting existence, don’t you think?

Yuuldang Xhen-Bei, Grade 11, Class D
I’d have to say some of the best stuff in life is two things: simple pleasures, and repair. Simple pleasures because they’re just tiny things that can make you happy. But you can build them up and make them massive! (Can you tell I love these things?) Why do I think repair is a good thing? Think about it, if there wasn’t any repair, what would have happened to the world after the first World War? Without repair, we’d never progress past those horrible points in history! We learn from our mistakes, repair and move on. I do that all the time!

Dslellular Dosa-Mina, Grade 11, Class D
There are plenty of things other people would see as good in the world, but I like the fact that there are so many species. Someone else might have said so already, but it makes life so interesting that we’re all so different. We can come together and we can make things even more interesting. Building on from that point, the fact that the unknown exists. There are so many things left for us to discover in the world, and I’m glad we have that. If we lived in a world where we knew everything for certain I think I’d absolutely hate it!

Sara Shuu-Kena, Grade 3, Class D
When people change it’s a really good thing. Bad people learn from their mistakes and become good people. They realize what they did wrong, and they usually end up being very nice people. When you give people a chance you might find some very good things.

Elyshen Deki-Tyunri, Grade 10. Class D
I think it’s great that there is so much creativity in the world. Creativity inspires and changes minds. It moves people and helps them learn and grow. There are plenty of new ways to be creative. It’s great because there are so many things it can do at once for so many different people, and it gives people a way to express themselves and let out emotions that needed to be released. I love creativity.

“They are good kids, Principal. Their moral compasses might not always be in the right places, but they are good kids. At least give them that they’re interesting.”
“I agree with that sentiment, Mr. Sharai,” the Principal said, relaxing in her chair. “But while we’re speaking on that, do you think you could get Mr. Molshei and Miss Vampiris to give more hopeful reports?”

“Hey, Principal, here you go.”
“What is this?”
“You asked Mr. Molshei and Miss Vampiris to give more hopeful reports. Miss Vampiris wouldn’t budge and said hers is fine as it is, but Mr. Molshei made an addendum after Mr. Dslellular suggested he might lose points in his grade. Here’s the addendum.”

The only thing I will give to the world is that if it’s because of this world that I met my best friend, then I am immensely grateful.

“Even someone like him has a little hope in him, don’t you think?”


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