26.481.Days at Deatrou

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 481
“Days at Deatrou”

Deatrou Junior High stood tall in the distance, its construction making the place appear as a regal private school. Students on their way to Deatrou wore neat uniforms which only served to further that impression
“This place sure is full of stuffy people, don’t you think?” Dosa-Mina commented as he glanced at the crowd.
“I don’t care. All I know about the students of Deatrou is that they think more highly of themselves than they deserve. Not like other people don’t do that either, but they have it particularly bad.”
“I agree, somewhat.”
The crowd seemed to be focused on themselves that day, San-Kyung noticed with relief. A few students talked with friends but most walked ahead with their eyes on school. Only one glanced in his direction, but when he noticed it was Kai-Rin, he scoffed and focused on his thoughts instead.
He was abruptly snapped out of them by Dosa-Mina.
“Do you have to do this now?”
“It’s instinct, San-Kyung. You’re very comforting.” He glanced around at the crowd. Some of them had begun to look in their direction. “….although, maybe you’re right when you say now’s not exactly the time to do this.”
He let go of San-Kyung’s arm and the two walked to school in silence, shooting occasional glances at the crowd that still watched them closely.


“Molshei, the next class is coming up and I’ve noticed by your test scores that subject’s not exactly your strong suit,” Kai-Rin said. “What do you say I help you study for it?”
“Leave me alone, Yukkini,” he said. Kai-Rin sighed. “Fine, I will. But the offer is always on the table in case you change your mind!” With those words she head back to her seat, still looking pleased despite San-Kyung’s rejection.
“You have some of the worst taste in men, Yukkini,” a girl sitting next to Kai-Rin said.
“I do not.”
“Yeah, you do. I mean, aside from Dslellular, who else likes Molshei? Besides, haven’t you seen those two? You’d never have a chance.”
“That’s okay. I’m happy to see my beloved happy, and besides, speaking of Dslellular, I approve.”
“You’re almost as weird as they are,” the girl snorted.
“Why can’t they talk about other people?” Dosa-Mina sighed.
“They have nothing better to do. We owe the students of Deatrou nothing.”
“I know you’re always trying to help me ignore it, but I can always hear what they’re saying. And it’s my fault, San-Kyung. I’m the one who’s being affectionate. Now they’ve got the wrong idea about us.”
“They can be idiots if they want. Soon enough we’ll be in high school and away from them.”
“High school might not be much better,” he sighed.
San-Kyung felt he was close to a tipping point. The stares and comments from other students annoyed him–and the sight of it all bothering Dosa-Mina only made it worse. Imaginations of burning down the classroom with the other students inside came to him on occasion during classes, and he only ignored them to focus on the lesson.
‘They think they’re so superior, just like everyone else. Except they’re even more idiotic than some of the others. Dosa-Mina and I have better grades than a lot of them. So stupid.’
“What draws you to him anyway, Yukkini?”
“Haven’t you noticed his appeal? I love that coldness. That feeling that there’s something inside him, something he’s hiding that I want to see…I love him for his personality, but don’t get me wrong, I do think he’s pretty cute.”
“Sure the whole guy-loving thing isn’t a part of it?” The girl asked with a nudge. Kai-Rin backed away from her. “We all know you like seeing their affection.”
“It has nothing to do with that,” Kai-Rin said.
“Yeah, right.”
‘I have to keep my cool. They’ll only feel more reason to call themselves better than me if I lash out. Besides, someday they’ll all pay, whether at my hands or someone else’s….’

Dosa-Mina tried not to let the words from the students of Deatrou get him down, but he always felt they affected him more than they affected San-Kyung–and he felt that his feelings affected San-Kyung more than the words of their classmates ever could.
‘Is it even worth it to try talking to them? Are they just going to shut me down on the basis of their beliefs? If I told them the real reason why I’m so affectionate, would they believe me?’
He sighed. ‘They probably wouldn’t. It would sound so ridiculous to them. Even San-Kyung wouldn’t believe that. Or maybe I underestimate how much he trusts me. I don’t know…’
“Molshei, I know, you don’t like me all that much. But I really do want to help you improve your grades. You’re doing great as it stands, but you can do even better. And I am fully willing to help you!”
“No!” He snapped. “You’re only offering because you need some sort of excuse. Well, you’re never getting it!”
“Aw, come now. I want to see my beloved excell. Besides, I think I have a pretty good idea, judging from your test scores, as to why they’re not at their highest.”
“Why do you look at my test scores!?”
“They’re public information in Deatrou. Besides, there are bigger things I know about you aside from your test scores and you don’t yell at me about those, do you?” She said with a wink.
“What the–!?”
“But if you really don’t want me to, I won’t force it. Arrivaderci, Molshei!” She head back to her desk.
“So, you know a lot about Molshei, huh?”
“When one develops feelings for another, one usually wants to know if those feelings are worth having,” she said. “Of course I do.”
“So, what do you know about the sordid relationship between those two?”
Kai-Rin blinked. “I don’t think there’s a sordid relationship going on between those two. Though I’m not completely sure about their feelings. They shouldn’t hold back if that’s the case.” She sighed. “Though the treatment of our fellow classmates could be holding them back. You’re included in this too, Naimeger.”
“Well, how am I supposed to treat them? They’re so abnormal.”
“And you sound super cliché,” Kai-Rin said. “Let’s drop the subject at ‘I love Molshei’ and leave it there.”
“I just don’t get it, though! What could you like so much about an antisocial weirdo who’s obviously got serious issues somewhere inside there? Are you hoping you can cure him, or are you just obsessed with the idea of being with someone who’s so odd?”
Out the corner of his eye, San-Kyung noticed the look on Dosa-Mina’s face. He seemed dejected, as if he had just decided to accept the girl’s words despite how much they hurt him. San-Kyung tried to keep his cool.
‘But why should I hold back from someone like that!?’
He stood up from his desk and stomped over to Naimeger’s.
“What do you want?” She scoffed.
“You think you’re so superior. I can’t stand listening to you act like you’re so great when I’m sure you’ve got worse ‘secrets’ than anything I or Dosa-Mina could ever have. I’m at the point where losing my cool seems like a good idea.”
Naimeger seemed off-put, but she glared at San-Kyung regardless. “You’re just bluffing.”
“You don’t know what kind of power I have. And the thing about my power is, every day it’s growing. Yours goes absolutely nowhere, while mine only gets stronger, until I’m at the point where no morals matter to me anymore. You’re on my shit list, Naimeger, and I swear–”
San-Kyung heard footsteps. “This isn’t over,” he spat, then sat back down in his seat.
“Why’d you go up to Naimeger? She was just saying the same thing everyone else says.”
“I’m getting sick of this,” he said through grit teeth. “We need to talk to our parents about leaving Deatrou. Otherwise I’m going to end up in jail.”
“…” Dosa-Mina glanced down at his hands. “I agree,” he said.
‘I owe her nothing! I should’ve just burned her down right where she sat! She didn’t think I was going to do anything! I could’ve taken her out then and there!’
Those thoughts nagged at San-Kyung, and he tried to calm them. ‘There I would have been overwhelmed. I don’t have the power to deal with her right now. If it was September, maybe. But there’s nothing I can do. For now I need to keep my cool and keep these people from thinking I’m too much of a threat. Then I’ll show them. And Naimeger should be one of the first ones I make pay…’

“Hey, San-Kyung, the last class is up next,” Dosa-Mina said. “We need to switch classrooms.”
“Huh? Oh.”
“What are you thinking about that has you so distracted?”
“Just the past,” he said. “And I realized La-Iin’s right about something, much as I hate to admit it.”
“What’s she right about?”
“I’ll tell you later,” he said.
‘Why did I spare Naimeger? There were probably ways I could have disposed of her without anyone realizing it was me. That stupid confrontation in front of Yukkini just ruined my chances. La-Iin’s right, I do hide my evil too often. But I need to be careful. If I mess up too badly before I have my true form, November could hit and there might be nothing I can do to keep myself from the police. I’m not risking that possibility.’


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