18.473.Treasures of the Astineth House

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 473
“Treasures of the Astineth House”

“Well, La-Iin, I did as much research as I possibly could,” Sale-Dessu said, presenting La-Iin with a stack of papers. La-Iin glanced up at him.
“I have a bit of difficulty figuring out things if I don’t have the ability to research them up close and personal, but I do have a lot of reference books. I looked in to most everything about Animated Pumpkins, transformations and…’affective energies’, well, most everything I could find anyway. All these papers detail it quite well I think, but I could go over it with you. I just figured you’d rather read it yourself.”
“This is good enough,” she said. “But I bet you wrote them boring.”
“What would you expect? They’re research papers.”
“Boring works,” she said. “It’s what I need, anyway.”
“Why did you want me to look into all of this, anyway? Is there some particular reason, or were you just curious?”
“I have my reasons, but I’m not telling you. And don’t get on my case. It has nothing to do with world domination, this time.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means what I said.”
“You know, La-Iin, you could be a bit more grateful,” Eul-Bok said. “Father worked day and night looking into all this for you. He was super-determined and he ended up skipping projects he planned on working on just so he could look into all this stuff you asked him to peek at.”
While Eul-Bok complained, La-Iin’s eye caught a potion sitting on a shelf nearby her. It was an interesting shade of green, and she couldn’t help but wonder about its contents.
“…not to mention that Father’s sleep-deprived enough without forcing himself to work for you!”
“That’s enough, Eul-Bok. My straining myself wasn’t La-Iin’s fault at all. It’s just my own stubbornness. I learned a few interesting things while looking into it. I don’t think it was a lost cause at all.” Sale-Dessu blinked. “What are you looking at, La-Iin?”
“That potion,” she said, pointing at it. “What does it do?”
“Oh, I haven’t used that one yet,” he said. “But it’s intended to be a growth potion. Issue is, I wasn’t paying attention to what I made it grow. So I don’t know what sort of effect it might have. That’s why I leave it up there.”
“Your house is just a treasure trove of completely useless junk, isn’t it?”
“It’s not useless!” Eul-Bok protested.
“Calm down, Eul-Bok. And I don’t think it’s all useless.”
“It does make your house an interesting place to look at, I will admit. Just by walking into your living room you can see all sorts of bookshelves. Around the house there are all sorts of gadgets and some potions. Not to mention the garbage you have in your backyard.”
Sale-Dessu gave her an uncertain look.
“I wonder what sort of treasures we could find if we looked around for a while? La-Iin, mind walking me around the house?”
“No,” she said, standing up. La-Iin walked away from the meeting room and into Sale-Dessu’s living room. Feeling slightly panicked, he stood up and chased after them, Eul-Bok on his heels.
“Tell me, Sale-Dessu, I’m curious. The books in these shelves–are all of them spell books, or are some of them books for some other purpose?”
“I keep my spell books upstairs,” he said. “All these books are for other purposes.”
“Say, do they make unusable books to teach Warlocks how to use their powers?”
Sale-Dessu panted, but did not respond.
“Ah well, it doesn’t matter. Why don’t we take a look around somewhere it’s a little more interesting?”
“Okay,” La-Iin said. “Sale-Dessu, you can be like a guide. Tell us what we want to know.”
“I didn’t agree to this!” He complained.
La-Iin walked into the kitchen. “Hey, you know how to make mincemeat pie. Can you make anything you want to make? What do you use?”
“If I tell you, will that make you stop this sooner?”
“Yes,” La-Iin said. “Why do you want me to stop, though? I love finding out the extent of your powers.”
Sale-Dessu sighed. “I just didn’t expect you to start running around my house, is all….well, I can’t make things I don’t know exist, but I can make most anything. I keep my supplies for making food inside of here…”
Sale-Dessu opened a cabinet and a drawer. Both were filled with what La-Iin and Bes-Isa could only consider junk.
“It may look weird to you, but this is what I persist off of,” he said.
“Yeah, he needs it being as shy as he is,” Eul-Bok said.
“Eul-Bok, please.”
“Sorry, Father. But I can’t help but pick on that part of you! It’s so funny!”
“That little brat snapped at me about not having respect for the person who brought me to life, and yet look at him! I think I have more respect for you than Eul-Bok does.”
“I’m not so sure I’d agree…”
“You didn’t make the mincemeat pie out of garbage, did you?”
“Not garbage, no. Just…random items. La-Iin, didn’t you know I did that already?”
“I forgot,” she said. “Okay, what about these potions? What do these potions do?”
“These five? This is also for food-related purposes. Helps with the flavoring when I get it a little off. The rest are liquid condiments.”
“Sounds disgusting.”
“I’m going somewhere else.” La-Iin dashed out the kitchen and head upstairs. Sale-Dessu followed close after her.
“Tell me about the garbage in your closet.”
“I don’t even know where to begin sorting through that stuff,” he said. “It’s all early stuff. Both from when I first moved here, and from…from my childhood, as well.”
“Not that again. Say, got any other neat potions for us to look at? Anything more substantial in its effects?”
“Can you show us some spell books?”
Sale-Dessu sighed. “I guess if you’re asking for that, there’s one room that has it all. But you’ve been in there before.”
“I haven’t been in there in a while. Show me!”
Sale-Dessu led the way into a room covered with shelves, all with books and potions and various items stacked neatly into every shelf. The floor was slightly dirty, but the room itself was well-organized.
“I suppose there’s such a thing as organized hoarding,” Bes-Isa said.
“If you want to see potions, then I’ll show you this one,” Sale-Dessu said, pulling from the shelf a potion that was a whitish pink. “This potion I’ve never used, but I just had to make it. It’s a potion that’s supposed to help with old age.”
“Did you make it for when you get old and grey?”
Sale-Dessu looked surprised for a moment, but then smiled. “I…guess so.”
“What about spell books?”
“Showing you spell books would be useless, La-Iin. You wouldn’t be able to read them, and even if you could it’s not like there would be any point in you doing that.”
“Why not?”
“Well, first off it’s written in the Warlock language. And second, Vampires don’t need spell books to activate their powers.”
“Can you show me what one does?”
“Spell books can do a lot of things, La-Iin. I could show you, but what would I show you?”
“While La-Iin thinks on that, mind telling me what those other potions do?”
“I don’t mind. This blue one here is supposed to be medicinal, but I made it when I was young and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. I don’t remember what it was supposed to help with. And these ones right here are supposed to induce certain emotions. This one is for happiness, if I remember correctly.”
“Now you’ve got Father going off on a tangent,” Eul-Bok sighed. “I hope you’re happy.”
“I’m happy every time you’re not. Hey, Sale-Dessu, how many of these potions have you actually used or intend on using? You seem to have a lot of ones that you made when you were younger that have been stagnating.”
“I mostly make potions for the fun of it, I will admit,” he said. “Though recently I’ve been making a lot of medicinal potions. Both for Eul-Bok, and for my Ap–”
“Your what? Who’s this other person, Sale-Dessu?”
“I know!” La-Iin said. “Show me the most powerful thing you can do with a spell book without destroying your room.”
Sale-Dessu blinked. “Um…alright, then.” He grabbed a spell book from the shelf and began to chant, his eyes slowly closing. La-Iin watched closely as the light in the room began to brighten. Sale-Dessu’s face twitched and it began to flicker before going out altogether.
“Er, I suppose I should have told you what this might do to my house first,” he said.
“Well, I guess that puts an end to our little treasure hunt. The most interesting room in your house has gone dark!”
“Yes, it has…I power this room with that ability, you see. I messed up and now the light is out. I’ll have to fix that…”
“Your house is quite a veritable treasure trove.”
“And it proves you have a lot of power, too. Useless powers, but also interesting powers. You are certainly a great ally.”
“Thank you, La-Iin.”
“I think you’ll be very helpful in the future,” she said. “But I guess I should go home now. I wanna look over those papers before I use them for what I need them for.”
“Are you going to tell me what that is anytime soon?”
“There will be a day I’ll fill you in on everything, Sale-Dessu. But for now, we still have to keep secrets from each other.”
“I…suppose we do.”
“Like this ‘Ap’ person?”
“But I look forward to our continued assistance of our causes. I have great plans for you, Sale-Dessu.”
“You make me wonder with the things you say sometimes.”
“One day, Sale-Dessu. One day….now can you help me get out of this room?”

“La-Iin, you seem to have taken quite a genuine liking to Sale-Dessu. I thought he was just a means to an end.”
“He is,” La-Iin said, her eyes scanning the papers Sale-Dessu had given her. “But after the disappointment of Ai-Reia, it’s nice to have someone who actually works with me. Even when he gets irritated, he still does what I ask like the spineless fool he is.”
“Heh, I like that nickname.”
“His goodness reminds me of Fer-Shi’s, too,” she said. “And I might have a bit of a weak spot for her brand of goodness.”
“I won’t let it bog me down. You’ll see.”


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