16.471.Meet Your Future Son-in-Law(Or So She Says)

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 471
“Meet Your Future Son-in-Law(Or So she Says)”

During the last minutes of her final class, La-Iin found her mind drifting back to last month.
“Perhaps I should take the chance to meet him someday.”
‘Dami said he wanted to meet San-Kyung. I wonder if I should let him. After all, someday he’ll be his son-in-law. And San-Kyung acts nice around Mama. He knows how to endear himself. If I get him to endear himself to Dami, that could be a good thing. Or, it’ll be better than Dami just going up to San-Kyung…’
La-Iin shuddered at the idea of Asul-Zenza cornering San-Kyung and San-Kyung reacting in violence.
‘I should make those two meet. It should be interesting, if nothing else. And Dami could be dangerous.’
Once class ended, La-Iin ran up to San-Kyung and pulled on his pant leg.
“Huh? What do you want?”
“How’d the blood stuff go?”
San-Kyung ducked down. “Don’t talk about that at school.”
“I needed to get you before you went home. I wanted to try something with you, but you need to come to my house.”
“Don’t you want to try everything you can? Dosa-Mina’s research gave me an idea, and I want to follow through with it.”
San-Kyung sighed. “Fine. But if this is useless, you owe me.” San-Kyung stood up. “Hey, Dosa-Mina.”
“I’m heading home on my own today. Go on ahead.”
“You are? What’s the occasion?”
“I’ll tell you about it later.” San-Kyung left the classroom, La-Iin close behind him.
“Ah, I should’ve known it had to do with her…”
La-Iin and San-Kyung walked through the crowds, keeping close to each other until they arrived outside. Once they made it to the school entrance, La-Iin led the way to her house.
“You know, you don’t need to lead the way. I know how to get to your house.”
“I’m leading the way because it is my house.”
“Ugh…hey, is your mother going to be there?”
San-Kyung sighed.
“I know, she’s annoying. But she usually stays in the kitchen all day, either that or in her bedroom. So you can just sit back in the living room while I get my research papers.”
“Research papers?”
“Yes. Research papers.”
‘I think this lie is working quite well on him,’ she thought. ‘San-Kyung, you may be the only one who can come near my level of evil, but I can read your mind like a book sometimes. That’ll do well for our future.’
When they arrived at La-Iin’s house, the door was unlocked. La-Iin walked ahead of San-Kyung, dashing inside and stopping in the kitchen. Mit-Sun wasn’t there. ‘That’s good.’ Suddenly concerned, she checked back on San-Kyung.
He was sitting on the couch, a distant look in his eyes.
La-Iin smiled and ran back into the kitchen. She checked Asul-Zenza’s number and quickly dialed it.
“Hello? Is this Mit-Sun or La-Iin?”
“La-Iin. I need to talk to you about something quickly, Dami.”
“What is it?”
“San-Kyung is over here right now,” she whispered. “If you want to meet him, now’s the best time.”
“….just give me a moment and I’ll be over there soon.”
“Alright, Dami. I’ll talk to you later.” She hung up the phone, feeling confident, until she spotted San-Kyung standing right next to her. His expression told her exactly what she feared.
“So, what was the phone call for?”
“It had nothing to do with you,” La-Iin said. “I can make phone calls if I want. I’ll go get the research papers now.”
San-Kyung grabbed the collar of her dress. “You know, I’m not stupid. I heard you say my name.”
“How did you hear that much of the phone call?”
“When you peeked your head into the living room, I thought you wanted me for something.” He let go of her collar, pushing her away. “This has nothing to do with research papers, does it?”
“No, it does! You need to be patient and have faith in me.”
“Now I definitely think I came here for the wrong reasons,” he spat. “You brought me here for something entirely different. Something I’m guessing benefits you?”
“Maybe it does, but that’s only because seeing you happy makes me happy, San-Kyung,” she said. “In a sick way, of course.”
“Uh-huh. You know, because of what you said, I didn’t go home with Dosa-Mina today. He didn’t seem like he was in the best of moods, either. I have plenty of other things I could be doing other than playing along with your silly game.”
“San-Kyung, wait!” She grabbed his pant leg. “You have no way of proving that there’s something nefarious going on! I want to help you find your true form too! So just stay put and everything will show itself eventually!”
“Oh, be quiet,” he said, shaking her off. “I’m going home.”
“San-Kyung, wait!” She flew up and grabbed him by the waist. “You have to believe me for once. If rival-boy did this same thing, would you believe him?”
“I’d be suspicious. But I know you well enough to know that you’re not exactly all that good at lying.”
‘Either I must be good at it or you must be stupid, since you believed the research paper story,’ she thought, though she knew speaking those words aloud would only make the situation worse.
“So rival-boy gets the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t?”
“Little kids aren’t exactly the hardest to read, so I’ve heard,” San-Kyung said. He grabbed her wrists and forced her off his waist. “In that case, you’re a prime example.”
“You’re not hard to read either, San-Kyung! Your emotions can be so obvious!”
“Yeah, but at least I’m a better liar than you are. Good-bye, La-Iin.” San-Kyung opened the door, then staggered backwards. La-Iin crawled over to the door.
“Hello there. I’m assuming you’re Molshei San-Kyung? A pleasure to meet you. My name is Ghneckdo Asul-Zenza. I am La-Iin’s father.”
San-Kyung walked further away. “Don’t be scared of me. There’s nothing to be scared of, unless you’re doing anything indecent to my daughter.” Asul-Zenza closed the door behind him. San-Kyung continued to walk away.
“A pleasure to meet you nonetheless. Say, La-Iin, is Mit-Sun aware of my visit?”
“No. But I’m gonna make her. Why don’t you and San-Kyung get to know each other?” Before San-Kyung could retort, La-Iin took off.
“I hear you befriended my daughter,” Asul-Zenza said.
“Y-yeah.” ‘Damn it, so this is what she was trying to trap me in? What am I supposed to do now? This guy seems just like those idiots at school. I guess I’ve been well-played.’
“There’s no need to be so nervous. I’ve heard from La-Iin that you’re evil.”
San-Kyung didn’t respond.
“Of course, I do understand if she got the wrong impression. She can be that way. Either way, it’s still a pleasure to meet you.”
“You said that three times already,” San-Kyung whispered. His discomfort rising, he had a sinking feeling he was going to be stuck here for a while longer.


“I don’t appreciate you inviting Asul-Zenza over without my permission,” Mit-Sun said.
“If I waited for your permission, I’d never get it.”
“Hello there, Mit-Sun. Sorry to intrude, but La-Iin did have an actual reason for inviting me over. She wanted to introduce me to Mr. Molshei here.”
“How’d you get him to come over?”
“We are friends, Mama.”
“Yeah, well, friends or not, I need to get home,” he said.
“You’re just trying to escape! It won’t work!”
“You do?” Asul-Zenza asked.
“Yeah. We have school tomorrow. And I just need to get home in general. So I really think I should leave about now.”
‘How polite,’ Asul-Zenza thought. “Well, if that’s the case, you’re free to go.”
“This isn’t your house, Asul-Zenza.”
“I’m sure you’d have said the same thing.”
San-Kyung stood up from the couch, gave a light wave that neither Mit-Sun nor Asul-Zenza noticed, and head out the door. La-Iin followed after him.
“That was miserable,” he groaned. “I’m never doing that again!”
“If you were so upset, why not just show it?”
“You’re the one who trapped me in that situation!”
“If I were in your situation, I would’ve shown I was upset. For someone who’s so evil, you really hide it a lot. You need to show it more.”
San-Kyung looked away from her. “I know I do. But I have my reasons for doing things differently. Either way, I need to get home. Don’t ever pull shit like that again, or you’ll see how far I’m willing to go.”
He walked off, trying to calm himself down.
‘Still, she has a good point. I owe the people in this world nothing. I don’t know why I bother being polite. It’s not like they would have called the cops on me if I had been rude.’

“Dami, what did you think of San-Kyung?”
“I think he’s a fairly nice boy. I’m a little surprised. Though he did seem a nervous around me. I wonder why?”
“You probably just mistook it.”
“Well, either way, he’s not the only one who has to take off,” Asul-Zenza said. “I’ll be seeing you as soon as I possibly can, La-Iin. And Mit-Sun, thanks for not blowing up in front of Mr. Molshei.”
“I have standards, you know.”
“Well, then, farewell to the both of you, until the day we meet again!” With those words, he spread his wings and took off into the sky.
“Well, now that I don’t have to worry about Dami, I don’t think I’m ever doing that again.”
“It’s nothing, Mama.”


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