28.452.Ghneckdo Life Part 3: Mr. and Mrs. Ghneckdo

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 452
“Ghneckdo Life Part 3: Mr. and Mrs. Ghneckdo”

“What a lovely day for a day off. Wouldn’t you say so, Anil-Kosha?”
“Better than if it was raining, that’s for certain,” she replied. “Otherwise this little flying trip would be near impossible.”
“I was under the impression that it was a flying date,” Verde-Nenda said with a wink.
“To make me consider an outing a date requires a lot more flair. You should know that after so many years of marriage.”
“I’m well aware that you have some of the most expensive taste of any Vampire lady I have ever taken a fancy to.”
Anil-Kosha huffed. “It’s hard not to when you have the means to own some of those expensive things. Besides, I may have expensive taste, but tell me, would any of those other Vampire ladies you apparently took a fancy to have made you buy those things for them?”
“Perhaps. But this was when I was an adolescent. Who knows, maybe they’ve changed over the years. Ah, enough about this, Anil-Kosha! Let’s enjoy our date, and our day off!”
“I’m with you all the way there,” she said. The two flew across the sky at a high speed, the both of them feeling light-hearted and relaxed.

“It’s almost surprising just how much the demand for SATs has gone up,” Anil-Kosha said. “I suppose someday in the future, Purebloods like you and I might be more of a minority. It does make me wonder, what will the future be like in three-hundred more years? Already there have been a lot of changes in only two-hundred. Younger Vampires call me old-fashioned, but damn it, the glory days I remember were only a hundred years ago!”
“Some Vampires like to change with the tide of time,” Verde-Nenda shrugged. “I had a longtime friend who was as ‘old-fashioned’ as you could come back in the 1800s, yet come the nineties he was as modern as you can get. I figure he’s probably no different now. …say, Anil-Kosha, is this how you want to spend the entire date? Simply talking about mundane things? I was hoping we could do something, you know…”
“No, I don’t know. And it frustrates me when you don’t tell me what it is.”
“Something more exciting! We’ll still be in our truly glorious days for many years to come, Anil-Kosha. And since Asul-Zenza decided to become independent at such a young age, we have so much time to do more of these exciting things. Don’t you recall the days our dates would be spent dancing and drinking the night away!?”
“I remember the hangovers,” she groaned.
“Try not to!” Verde-Nenda grabbed her hands and twirled her. “We too are young Vampires. The times may have changed quite a bit since we were young, but that fact has not. So let’s enjoy today!”
The two began to dance in the center of the plaza. Anil-Kosha quickly took hold of the situation and also the lead in the dance, dancing so quickly that Verde-Nenda almost tripped over his feet. Their display attracted the attention of other Vampires nearby, who began to watch them curiously.
“I think we have spectators, Anil-Kosha!” Verde-Nenda whispered.
“Do you think it’s our style of dance?”
“No, I think it’s the fact that we are dancing in the first place. But keep going, I say! I’m having too much fun to be bothered by their eyes.”
The two continued to dance in front of the crowd, dancing more freely as more spectators arrived. Verde-Nenda was able to wrestle the lead in the dance from Anil-Kosha and changed to another one, which had Anil-Kosha nearly falling over. The spectators seemed amused, laughing among each other.
Finally, when the dance came to an end, Verde-Nenda and Anil-Kosha took off as fast as possible.
“Thank goodness you decided to end it,” Anil-Kosha said. “I’m not sure what I think of having all those people watch us dance!”
“Well, think about it this way, my dear. There’s much worse they could have been watching us doing, and at least they weren’t jeering!”

“So, what do we do now, Verde-Nenda?”
“I want to continue to be productive. It doesn’t do to let a date slow down. It’s never been my style to spend the night cuddling under stars and whispering or some such. I’m as romantic a man as any, but I need excitement!”
“If that’s the case, I believe I have the perfect idea!”
“What’s that?”
Anil-Kosha pointed ahead to a park in the distance. Verde-Nenda squinted his eyes. “Surely you don’t mean that park?”
“I do mean it. Come now, Verde-Nenda, it’s not like the parks we would take Asul-Zenza to. It looks to be a more refined one. And at least we’ll be doing more than talking about pleasantries.”
“I know, it just seems so childish to do such a thing. But I suppose it’s better than shopping.”
“For that comment I ought to take you to a store next!”
The two landed at the park and took a look around. “How about the swings? I used to love those things when I was young.”
“We’ll see if that still holds true!” Verde-Nenda said. “Get on, Anil-Kosha, and I’ll push you.”
Anil-Kosha’s expression became playful as she sat on the swing seat, kicking her legs back and forth. Verde-Nenda stood behind her and pushed her as hard as he could manage.
“Whee!” She cried out. Verde-Nenda stood back as the swing came flying in his direction. Anil-Kosha giggled as she went back-and-forth.
“Ooh, I knew this would be childish,” he muttered under his breath. “Is that really so fun?”
“Come and try it! I can push you this time!”
Anil-Kosha leaped off the swing, flying into the air and landing in front of it.
“I must admit, that was impressive,” he said as he sat on the swing seat.
“Thank you, Verde-Nenda. Now, remember to kick your legs back-and-forth to keep momentum. I’m not going to keep pushing you.”
“I’ll remember that. Now, do it quickly! The sooner this is over with, the be–”
Before he could finish, Anil-Kosha gave him a strong push. Verde-Nenda began to swing back-and-forth, much to both his surprise and horror. He began to kick his legs as Anil-Kosha had directed him too, and while that helped him control his momentum, it still didn’t stop him. Ultimately he dug his heels into the ground to stop himself.
“Well? What did you think?” Anil-Kosha asked.
“I think I’ve never been so suddenly terrified in all my life,” Verde-Nenda breathed. “Still, I can at least understand why you enjoy those things so much now.”
Anil-Kosha smiled.
“Say, do you want to continue on in the park, or did you want to do something else? I’m fine with either, so long as you have an idea for the latter if that’s what you wish to do.”
“It looks like the day still has plenty of time. Why not do both?”
“That’s fine with me! ….that is, as long as you do have an idea for what happens next.”


Verde-Nenda and Anil-Kosha spent a good amount of time at the park, playing together in ways they hadn’t for years. Once they tired of that, Anil-Kosha suggested doing some window shopping. Verde-Nenda dreaded the suggestion as soon as she made it, but to his surprise–and relief–she bought only one item, and they were only out a short time.
“It’s starting to get fairly late,” Verde-Nenda said. “Perhaps we could end this date with something I would like to do?”
“Why not? What did you want to do?”
“Follow me!”
Verde-Nenda led the way as he and his wife maneuvered the night sky. From their distance, Verde-Nenda had spotted an area that was mildly lit. As they neared the area, Verde-Nenda found his suspicions were proven true–a small restaurant was one of the buildings in the area.
“What is this place, Verde-Nenda?”
“Consider it dinner, Anil-Kosha,” Verde-Nenda said. “And don’t ask me–I’ve never been!”
The restaurant was as small on the inside as it was outside, and only two other Vampires were in the building beside them and the staff, both on their own. The waiter noticed them almost as soon as they walked in and led them to a table near a window.
“What a beautiful sight,” Anil-Kosha said. “Night is so beautiful. So wonderful…you must wonder how so many species decide to sleep through it.”
“Many people don’t, my dear,” he said. “Besides, it’s almost hypocritical to say that considering we’re among such people, don’t you think?”
Anil-Kosha didn’t respond, just continuing to stare out the window as if she were trapped in a daze. The waiter arrived during this moment of silence, asking what they might like to drink.
“Wingyrm blood for me,” Anil-Kosha said.
“I’ll be having Wineblood,” Verde-Nenda said. “Surprise me on the wine, but I think I’ll have the same sort of blood.”
The waiter nodded, jotting down their drinks and head off. Anil-Kosha looked at him with surprise.
“Why not cut loose? I won’t drink much. Besides, drinking and flying isn’t against the law.”
“Oh, it’s not that. I was just sort of surprised, is all.”
“Why? You know I like Wineblood.”
“I suppose I do.” Anil-Kosha smiled. “Thank you for today, Verde-Nenda. I have had a great time.”
“I should be thanking you as well, Anil-Kosha! I’m not the one who’s been running this date. That’s been handled by the both of us.”
“I suppose it has!”
The waiter arrived with their drinks.
“Your orders?”
“I’ll be having an oregano steak,” Anil-Kosha said.
“Barije for me.”
The waiter nodded, jotted down their meals and walked off. Verde-Nenda raised his glass of Wineblood, and Anil-Kosha clinked her drink to it.
“To us!” Verde-Nenda said.

Verde-Nenda and Anil-Kosha head home late enough that the day had crossed over into the next. Both were exhausted by the time they arrived home, but felt pleased by the day. They cleaned off, brushed their teeth and dressed in pajamas, then flopped into their bed and fell asleep almost instantly.


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