25.449.Tarnished Bledger

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 449
“Tarnished Bledger”

“The Miscellaneous room sure has gone to crap.”
“All the garbage goes here now,” La-Iin said. “But that makes it interesting to look around, don’t you think?”
“Depends on what you’re looking for. Right now I’m most interested in the fact that that woman had such bad taste in toys for you back then.”
“Are you including yourself?”
“No, because I’m not a toy.”
“You technically are.”
“Technically, I’m a V-Puppet. Get your facts straight, second-grader.”
La-Iin sighed. “I hate second grade.”
“…a case has been reported to the police. The corpse of a Birdmix man was found near a lake in Bledger, Vaelyn. The reporter states, “the corpse was bloated when I found it and barely recognizable”. As of this moment, no identification has been given to the man, but we have received reports that his wings were found mangled and that his face has been partially destroyed by the effects of rotting. A small panic has begun in Bledger since the report of this case, with many wondering how it could have occured in such a calm place…”
“Whoa, that sounds gruesome. Bloated, rotten AND with mangled wings?”

“I wish I found him!”
“Tell me, La-Iin, if you found a rotting corpse, what would you do with it?”
La-Iin blinked and stared off into the wall.
“…hello? La-Iin? Did I lose you?”
“That’s really hard, Bes-Isa. But I guess if there was still some blood inside of them, I might suck the blood out.”
“Wanna be pegged as a suspect in the murder case?”
“What if it wasn’t murder and the person was just stupid and died?”
“What if the corpse was rotting? Would you drink the blood then?”
“Rotting blood probably tastes like rotten food,” La-Iin said. “That’s disgusting.”
“Would you keep the corpse?”
La-IIn once again stared off into nothingness. “No. Because it’d just smell bad once it started decomposing. Besides, a dead person means nothing to me. Sure, if it was one of my enemies I’d be glad they’re dead, but then I have no use for them. Besides, I can torture them more if they’re alive. Who knows what happens after you die? They might just get to be happy then.”
“I asked if you would keep the corpse, not for your views on death.”
“No, I wouldn’t.”
La-Iin walked out the miscellaneous room, the story of the dead Birdmix man still on the radio. She head downstairs and into the living room, where Mit-Sun was just walking in with Choungetsu.
“Hello, La-Iin.” She said, unhooking Choungetsu from his leash. “Quick question, why don’t you take Choungetsu on walks anymore?”
“I do, just not as much as I used to. Besides, you seem to like taking Choungetsu on walks.”
Choungetsu looked up at Mit-Sun with his tail wagging and his tongue lolling.
“I do, but that’s not an excuse. Anyway, did you need something? Were you waiting for me?”
“I just wanted to tell you something,” she said, trying to look as innocent as possible. “Did you know they found some guy’s bloated corpse near a lake?”
Mit-Sun’s eyes widened. “In Bledger?”
Mit-Sun fell silent and walked past La-Iin. Choungetsu put his ears down as he watched her off.
To La-Iin’s surprise, Mit-Sun ended up staying silent throughout the day, only speaking again when La-Iin complained about dinner.


“We’re receiving word that the man has been identified as Maegyun Hin-Yeok, aged 38. He apparently worked at the restaurant Sunday Daily and was known as a kind, fresh face but pessimistic in his nature. When questioned on whether or not he might be suicidal, friends and coworkers stated that he had recently fallen in love and was beginning to seem more optimistic. Nobody appears to be able to think of someone who would want to kill Mr. Maegyun, stating that people either felt indifferent to or liked him from their perspectives and that his home life was fine. His family has identified the body based on a birthmark. They have informed reporters that they are not willing to make a public appearance at this time. Due to the nature of the injuries and the location in which he was found, police are officially ruling Mr. Maegyun’s case as a homicide until further notice.”
“This is awful,” Tei-Sheu sobbed.
“Why would anyone want to kill someone?”
“I don’t know, Fer-Shi.” Den-Matsu said. “They say things like vuyong, revenge, relationships–all of those murderers use as an excuse. It doesn’t seem like anyone has any idea what could be the motivator in Mr. Maegyun’s case. I just hope they find whoever did it. I’ve been by that lake before. Had I been there recently, I might have found him myself.”
All of the Sanhuuns fell silent.
“They said people in Bledger don’t usually murder other people,” Fer-Shi sighed. “Even the evil people here seem like they don’t really want to kill anyone.”
“Do you think we’ll be alright, Den-Matsu?” Tei-Sheu asked.
“I think we’ll be fine, Tei-Sheu. Right now this is just an isolated case, so I don’t think a serial murderer will come running through Bledger. It’s just unusual. There have been murder cases recently in Bledger, just not many, and not this messed up.”
“There have been?” Fer-Shi asked.
“Yes. We’re luckier than other parts of Vaelyn when it comes to these cases, but things haven’t all been good. But they’re a lot better than they were when I was younger, so don’t worry.”
“I really hope they find Mr. Maegyun’s killer,” Fer-Shi said.
“I think we all do, Fer-Shi.”


“Authorities are receiving new reports that may help them in the case of the murder of Maegyun Hin-Yeok, a 38-year-old Birdmix man who was found dead in Bludgeor Lake. One report comes in from a couple who was nearby the lake on March 19th and state that they noticed someone carrying a large object towards the lake before tossing it in. The species of this person has not been identified, but the couple reports that the person did not appear to be an avian or possess horns. Another report comes from Mr. Maegyun’s younger brother, who states that he saw someone he didn’t recognize threaten Mr. Maegyun who appeared to know him by name. Suspects have been arrested thus far and are being detained for questioning. A campaign by Mr. Maegyun’s coworkers at Sunday Daily, “Justice for Maegyun”, has begun, with his coworkers stating that no matter what it takes, they want this case to be solved as soon as possible. Police are working extensively on this case, one of the few homicides in Bledger in recent years. One member of the force, Miss Yuershen, states the following: “I’ve never seen so much devotion from the Bledger police force. Other criminal cases are being put on hold for the Maegyun case because of its abnormality. Murders in recent years in Bledger have been very cut-and-dry, with obvious perpetrators, motives and minimal but fatal wounds or poisoning cases. Maegyun’s case is unusual in comparison to those and has our entire focus. The Justice for Maegyun campaign can rest easy in the knowledge that we are doing all we can to find his killer. We’re even receiving assistance from some other forces nearby Bledger.” More will come on this case as it is reported.”
“I’m glad to see our police force is working so hard on this case,” Salsh-Era said.
“I am too. I was worried at first, but now I feel a lot better. I think they’ll find Mr. Maegyun’s killer soon enough. They sound pretty devoted!” Del-Kyuus said.
What his parents said barely registered to San-Kyung. He was lost in his thoughts, wondering about what the police might do to him if he was caught for one of his crimes.
“There will be no mercy for the boy who has done this to Hledshess! You have gone too far when you terrorize innocent children and families in the name of fun. That boy will receive the utmost punishment for his crimes!”
San-Kyung looked up. Del-Kyuus was looking at him. Her body language gave away that she was concerned.
“Are you worried about this case too? Don’t worry, the police are on it.”
“Are you worried because someone was killed, or because of something else?” Salsh-Era asked.
San-Kyung bowed his head. He knew his parents were expecting a response, but he wasn’t sure exactly what to say.
“They’re going to get this guy. I can feel it. And that’s what worries me…”
“I know you’re evil, San-Kyung, but isn’t that a good thing? Do you want someone capable of murder running the streets?” Salsh-Era sounded almost angry to San-Kyung.
“I don’t care if they catch the guy or not. He can rot in jail. They’re so determined it’s terrifying…”


“Important information on the Maegyun case has emerged. We are receiving word that the murderer of Maegyun Hin-Yeok, aged 38, has been found. The name of this man is Cual Fers-Yea, aged 42 and a Ferreniao. According to authorities, Cual’s flustered response to the lake report is what initially had them suspicious. After he failed a lie detector test, police searched his home and found a large bloodied stick. The blood has been identified as Maegyun’s and bears Cual’s fingerprints. After the report, Cual’s demeanor changed and he claimed he killed him for entirely just reasons, and that Maegyun was evil. His family reports that Cual, who had become bitter after being mistaken for a Dasdorian refugee, became an acquaintance of Maegyun while the both of them were searching for work. Maegyun had success while he did not. While eventually landing a part-time job, he became immensely jealous and infuriated with Maegyun’s successes. Supposedly he began acting particularly weird after one conversation with Maegyun. His family denies knowing what the conversation is about, and Cual sticks to his story of killing him for just reasons. He has still failed to explain exactly what these just reasons are, save for that he believes Maegyun was evil. He has not stated exactly what brought him to this conclusion.”
“Good. He got what he deserved. I hope he gets the death penalty.” Elai-Riya said.
“Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”
“It’s not for someone who killed with so little reason,” she sniffed. “Dosa-Mina, what do you think about this case?”
“Have you been paying attention? There’s a case on about a guy who got killed and was found in the lake. They found the killer and he seems to have done him in because of jealousy.”
“No, I heard the case. Why are you asking what I think about it?”
“Because we were discussing it?” Elai-Riya said. “And come on, Orlin-Aesth. Siren song execution is still a thing. It’s the most peaceful way someone could go out–heck, he could go out to his favorite song for all we know!”
“I know, I just think it’s kind of counterproductive to kill the killer.”
“Well, Dosa-Mina?”
“I think…well, I think I don’t know what this guy deserves,” Dosa-Mina said. “Who knows what type of person he is on the inside? Perhaps he’s the type who should die. Maybe that would be better. Or maybe he should be locked up. Personally, I think he has something seriously wrong with him and at least needs a mental hospital. And probably to be removed from society.”
“I don’t think anyone would disagree with that,” Orlin-Aesth said.
‘I wonder what might happen to San-Kyung if he got arrested,’ Dosa-Mina thought. ‘Other people would think I’m horrible, but I think prison is just a mistake for some criminals.’

“I’m concerned.”
“About what, Miss Yuershen?”
“I think this case is a bad omen. Sure, we found the guy and there’s no denying he’s going to be locked up if not outright killed. But I have this strange feeling we’re going to be seeing more violent cases like this this year.”
“Don’t say that! I don’t want to deal with a bunch of murders!”
“I don’t mean murders, necessarily. I just mean violent crimes in general. I’ve been worried about 2015…”


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