19.443.Dream of October

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 443
“Dream of October”

San-Kyung stood atop a building, staring down at the area below. His eyes flitted around anxiously, as if he was waiting for something to happen.
His body twitched, and a shudder went up his spine as his transformation begun. His skin became ribbed, turning a darker shade of orange in the process, his hands became claw-like and his tail grew thicker.
His head was the final part of the transformation. Once the pain wore off, San-Kyung jumped off the building.

I’ve only got so much time the way I am
All it lasts for is a single day, and then I’m done
Wherever I go, this is the fate I cannot escape
I’m left, dying, worthless
That’s what I feel I have become

He tried to jump from building to building, pumpkifying them in the process, but on the jump to the third building he fell short and started to plummet to the ground. He levitated himself back up and pumpkified the rest of the nearby buildings with a scowl, following his show up with large vines that rose from the ground and into the sky.
Feeling satisfied, he moved on. He noticed the streets seemed to be devoid of life. ‘Oh well. I don’t care if nobody’s here to see the spectacle. They’ll all pay anyway.’
The lack of life made him feel even more free, and digging his hands in deep, he fired off several seed bombs and watched as buildings crashed to the ground in a flurry of dust and debris.

Why can’t I be my true self?
Why am I always this form, this farce that nobody else
Is ever forced to live in, I’m constantly stuck in a rut
Where do I go from here when I don’t know the way out?

The breeze in the air that night was cool, and San-Kyung lit his hand-flames and began to set fire to the piles of debris. The flames mostly stayed contained, but it warmed the area around him. Once it became too warm, he moved on until the cool breeze hit his face again.
Taking a breath, he moved on until he saw more buildings standing upright, then he unleashed all of his powers in a rapid flurry–sending up tall vines, he pumpkified them and sent seed bombs flying their way, crashing them to the ground. He blasted flamethrowers their way and they lit on tall fires as they fell.
‘This isn’t enough. Something about this is underwhelming. But what is it? Is it the fact that there’s nobody else around?’
As if that thought had summoned someone, he noticed a figure standing nearby.

I want all this power for the rest of my life!
I want to show the world that I won’t be underestimated
I’m going to give it my all so I can someday destroy this world
Even if it reverts back somehow, that joy then is mine alone

“Go on, San-Kyung, I was enjoying your display.”
“Why should I go on for you?”
“I want you to go on for yourself. Besides, if you don’t, I can’t prove something to you.”
“As if that’s what you want!” He yelled. “I know you’re just trying to watch me, La-Iin. I’ve known you long enough to know that much!”
He levitated towards her. La-Iin’s smile became giddy as she flew above him and then past him, flying above all the destruction he had caused. He chased after her as fast as he could go, each time he got close hoping he would grab her but always falling short. Chasing her was soon becoming frustrating, and instead of continue after her San-Kyung fired a flamethrower in her direction. La-Iin stopped in place before falling to the ground.
San-Kyung dove in after her.

I still desire something more.
I’m always restless, what is the more?
There’s still so much that’s a mystery
And what I know is ancient history

“You’re not dead?” He scoffed. La-Iin lifted up her head and glanced at him.
“Vampires are hardy, San-Kyung,” she said. “And just like you, I’m in my best form right now. Isn’t it so refreshing, to be in the form you like to be in best?”
“Like you’d understand that. You can transform anytime you want.”
“Yes, I can. And you can’t. Which is why, instead of focusing on me, you should focus on doing the thing that you want to do, but usually can’t.”
San-Kyung gasped. La-Iin’s head slammed back down on the ground, and after it did San-Kyung went levitating back into the sky to check the area around him.

When will I find the answer, the one I’ve been searching for?
When will I understand myself, and find what I desire more?
I’m always going in circles, looking for the something
That will give me the power to achieve my ultimate dream

‘Over there.’ Noticing a place he hadn’t yet destroyed, he head over there to demolish it using the tactic he had earlier–raising vines, pumpkifying them, tossing seed bombs their way and then setting them on fire. Yet still, even after he had done that and saw no other areas he hadn’t yet tackled, he felt restless.
‘What’s going on? I knocked down La-Iin. I took down this area. What is it?’

All this world deserves no sympathy from anyone
When the world and its people repent, I’ll show no mercy
All I know is the hatred instilled in me from my earliest age
This is the destiny I’ve set for myself to follow

‘Because it’s worthless.’ It clicked in his head. ‘No matter what I do, this won’t be the effect on the world. This won’t be what the world’s like until I die. This is just something everyone will probably repair. Nobody’s even being hurt directly because of this. Nobody’s being crushed or suffering burns. And all this power will just disappear again, just like it always does….’
The feeling that thought instilled in San-Kyung made him feel miserable. He translated the misery into rage and began to tear through the few remaining structures that still stood in some way, his hands both alight and spewing seed bombs as he twisted through them, vines soon pumpkified sprouting in their place before crashing into a fiery pile.

Where do I go, when all I know
Is hatred, destruction, and the things that bring me joy
Oh, they’re all things I cannot have, things I want that’s out of reach
And the people I love don’t want this destiny for me?

I will follow my path, no matter what stands in my way
But as the days pass, I wonder if it’s all futile
Each time I find myself enveloped in a crushing darkness
I turn it into rage and destroy all in my path

I want all that power for the rest of my life!
I want to show the world that I won’t be underestimated
I’m going to give it my all so I can someday destroy this world
Even if it reverts back, that joy then is mine alone

All this world deserves no sympathy from anyone
When the world and its people repent, I’ll show no mercy
All I know is the hatred instilled in me from my earliest age
This is the destiny I’ve set for myself to follow

My destiny is infallible, the true justice
Is wanting all in this world and for the world itself
To repent for what it’s done, all you do is use and abuse
And I will take that in my hands and turn it all against you

To have the power of my true self.
To show this world what it deserves!
To know a happiness not bogged down by endless worries

That is the future that I want.
That is the future that I need!
This is my destiny
I won’t be turned away from my deed!

Something stirred in San-Kyung. Anxious, he checked a broken clock left in the rubble of the area around him. The clock could no longer move in any way, but the time it had stopped at was dangerously close to midnight.
‘It’s midnight! And that means–‘
Just as he began to worry, he heard La-Iin begin to laugh.
“Oh, San-Kyung, you’re so silly. You’re still worried about that?”
“Shut up! This has nothing to do with you!”
“Oh, I think it has a lot to do with me. You do remember that form is permanent now, don’t you?”
San-Kyung gasped.
“Go on and be ungrateful. But you’ll never reach that point acting like that towards me. I desire a more…friendly touch. And maybe a little more than that. Well, be seeing you.”
She then flew away, not at all erratic and looking as though she had never been injured.
San-Kyung stared down at his hands, still claw-like, and realized his body was in no pain as it usually was when the transformation wore off. He began to give a wild laugh of his own, failing to notice as his hands reverted to normal along with the rest of his body.

San-Kyung woke with a start. He laid there in bed, absent-minded for only a few short seconds, before saying aloud,
“It was all a dream?”
Still latching to the remnants of the dream, San-Kyung failed to realize he had started to cry.


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