15.439.If She was Furry

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 439
“If She was Furry”

La-Iin relaxed on her bed, lost in a daydream of the future she desired.
“Go, Fer-Shi! Attack those knaves who dare to defy me!”
“Anything you ask, La-Iin!”
Fer-Shi got down on all fours and began to sprint toward the crowd of people. She stopped a short distance from the front, then began to pummel her way in, occasionally leaping upward when a member of the crowd went on the defensive.
“Take any who perish back to me. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good drink of blood.”
Fer-Shi nodded and continued to attack the crowd. Something seemed to have sparked her power, for she began to take out several more people than she had just a moment ago. Once everyone in the crowd was left lying on the ground, Fer-Shi stopped in the middle of her victory and let out a long howl.
La-Iin cackled behind her.

“Daydreaming, La-Iin?”
La-Iin opened one eye. Fer-Shi was looking down at her, a smile on her face.
“Yes. Why did you interrupt me? Weren’t you downstairs talking to Mama?”
“I was, but we finished our conversation and I wanted to talk to you. What’s up?”
“Nothing.” La-Iin blinked. “Actually, two things. One, how do you put up with biology class!? I don’t care about the class, but Hyungdarou is the most annoying teacher ever!”
“Didn’t you go to biology class before?” Fer-Shi said to her.
“Yes, but I didn’t have to deal with her all the time. The second grade is shit.”
“It’s not so bad. And hey, we get to be together for more classes now. Isn’t that nice?”
“And I suppose I get to see San-Kyung more….but Hyungdarou teaching her annoying class gets in the way of that. I hope she gets fired.”
“Well, she’s good at what she does….apparently…I just can’t get used to the idea that I’m going to be in the fifth grade next year. I know it’s a year away, but the idea of having to go to all the classes is so weird.”
“That’s going to be really annoying. You should try learning how to ditch now so you’re used to it by then.”
“Er, no. Hey, what was the second thing? Or were you not done talking about biology class?”
“I could go on and on about how much I hate that class and our talk would go nowhere. I did have something else I wanted to talk about, after all.”
“Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were a Werewolf?”
Fer-Shi blinked. “A Werewolf? I don’t know. I’ve wondered about what it’s like to be another species, and what it’s like to have powers, but I don’t know if I’ve ever actually imagined myself as another species.”
“Well, I have. I think it’s a waste for you to be a Normal.”
“Why? Did you have some dream where I was a Werewolf?”
“I was daydreaming about you being a Werewolf before you came in and interrupted,” La-Iin said. “But Werewolf is thinking low. If you were a non-Normal, I think you’d be better off as a Multibreed. Maybe something mixed with Minomix. A Werewolf-Minomix.”
Fer-Shi scratched her face. “Well, it’s an interesting idea, but I’m not just going to turn into another species, La-Iin.”
“Well, I wish you could,” she huffed. “I almost wish Vampires worked like they did in some of those stupid books Mama reads. Then I could bite you and you’d become a Vampire too.”
“I’d already be a Vampire if it worked like that…”
“I know.” La-Iin blinked. “Wait a second, can’t Werewolves turn other people into Werewolves?”
“Mama has a lot of species-related books in here. Maybe one of them will have the answer.”
La-Iin hopped off her bed and head down the stairs, Fer-Shi close behind her. La-Iin checked the kitchen for Mit-Sun and was surprised not to find her there. She checked the living room next, and found Mit-Sun playing with Choungetsu.
“Did you need something, La-Iin?”
“Do you have a book on Werewolves in here?”
“Sort of. Why?”
“I want to find out something.”
“What something?”
“She wants to know about Daytime and Traditional Werewolves, I think,” Fer-Shi said.
“If they have a name for it, that means I’m right, doesn’t it?”
Mit-Sun nodded. “I think I have a book somewhere that talks about that. Give me a moment.”
Mit-Sun began to look through her bookshelves. Fer-Shi picked up a chew toy and began to play with Choungetsu, who gave excited yips as he tugged on the toy. Watching the two, La-Iin suddenly got the urge to interrupt them, and took the toy away from Choungetsu, who began to whimper.
“Why’d you do that?”
“I felt like it.” She gave the toy back to Choungetsu, and he ran into her before running away with the chew toy.
“Here it is,” Mit-Sun said, lying the book on the floor. She had it open to a page on Werewolves. La-Iin squinted at the words on the page.
“Can you read it?” Fer-Shi asked.
“I can read it just fine. I can read Makeshire, can’t I? This is easy.” When she looked back at the page, the words seemed to blur over, and she shook her head.
“It’s alright if you can’t read it that well. These kinds of books tend to be harder for little kids to read.” Mit-Sun said.
La-Iin’s wings began to flap involuntarily. Fer-Shi began to read before she could retort.
“‘In some cases, when a blood transfusion occurs in a species whose species gene is recessive to Werewolves, they will become a Traditional Werewolf. Traditional Werewolves are a lot like Daytime Werewolves, except they mostly look like the species they used to be. These occurrences are rare nowadays and there are few Traditional Werewolves out there in the world’. So I guess it can happen.”
Fer-Shi flinched when she heard La-Iin chuckle.
“So Normals are recessive to Werewolves, right?”
“Then all I need to do is somehow do what that book says to make a Traditional Werewolf, and then you can be a Werewolf just like in my daydream!”
“No! No no no no! Besides, I don’t need a blood transfusion and I probably never will!”
Mit-Sun peeked her head between the two girls, giving La-Iin a side glance. “You realize the reason why Traditional Werewolves are so rare is because situations like that hardly happen? Besides, it says ‘in some cases’.”
“I noticed that. But it’s possible. Fer-Shi could become a Werewolf and have powers like me. I’ve heard Werewolves are powerful. It would be a good look for her.”
“I don’t want to change my species, though,” Fer-Shi said. “And I know there’s only that case, but I’m fine with being a Normal. Even if I’ve wondered sometimes what it’s like to be another species, I don’t want to change mine. Would you want to change your species if you could, La-Iin?”
“I would get rid of the Normal part and maybe add something else.”
Mit-Sun narrowed her eyes.
“But you’d still want to stay a Vampire, right?”
La-Iin nodded.
“Well, I’m fine with being a Normal. And I want to stay a Normal. I think I’d feel the same if I was another species too. I know what you want to do probably wouldn’t happen. But I just wanted to tell you that. I’m fine with being a Normal. After all, there are some advantages to it!”
“Name one.”
“Well, I don’t have to deal with my powers coming in or wondering when I’ll get a certain one,” she said. “Don’t you think there are advantages to you being half-Normal, La-Iin?”
La-Iin was ready to shake her head, before a thought came to mind.
“Not really. …but I guess I’m aging faster than I would have if I wasn’t…”
“See? If you were still in diapers, you wouldn’t have been able to meet me! Aaaand San-Kyung, I guess.”
“You make a good point, Fer-Shi,” Mit-Sun said. “Although I’m sure she’ll still say how much she hates being half-Normal.”
“I could have been half something else and probably still aged faster.”
“Well, either way, it doesn’t matter. We’re us, and there’s no changing that!”
“Unless we get a blood transfusion.”
Fer-Shi sighed.
“That wouldn’t even work in your case. Vampire dominates Werewolf.”
“Well, that’s okay. I think Fer-Shi’s being sappy, but she has a point. Werewolves are overrated.”
Fer-Shi giggled.

“Here you go, La-Iin, one cup of Werewolf blood!”
“I think I have a new appreciation for Werewolf blood,” La-Iin said. “I like it better when it’s mixed with something else, but it has this crisp flavor even when it’s not.”
“Hey, you know, talking about Werewolf blood’s got me thinking. Remember when we were kids and you wanted to get me a blood transfusion so I could become a Traditional Werewolf?”
“How could I forget? I really wanted you to become one back then.” She shook her head. “But that was ridiculous. With you being the way you are, it wouldn’t have changed much of anything. It’s not like you would have used your powers to take down my enemies anyway.”
“Definitely not,” she said bitterly.
“Besides,” she said after taking a sip of blood, “now I don’t have to waste any of this blood on you. I have it all to myself to drink. And I still have your blood, too.”
“You like blood too much,” Fer-Shi sighed.
“A Vampire can’t love blood too much, Fer-Shi. And besides, I still like mincemeat pie a little bit better.”
“If you say so!”


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