11.407.Traceback your Family

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 407
“Traceback your Family”

“As all of you must know, our…”dear” Mr. Sharai loves to propose new events for all students to participate in. Today he proposed an event to me which I thought sounded fairly reasonable, for him.”
After classes that day, the students had been summoned to the reception room. The Principal had begun to talk almost immediately after they all arrived.
“Does Mr. Sharai always have to propose events?” Mali-Ana muttered bitterly.
“Hey, it might make our last month in school an interesting one, right?” Gen-Reiya whispered back.
“I decided that the last class in each of your classes will be cancelled in favor of a Geneaology report. That is, we would like for you all to trace as far back in your family tree as is possible and present a report on where you came from to the class. I thought it would be a learning experience for all you students, which is why I gave Mr. Sharai the greenlight.”
Sharai grinned.
“If, somehow, tracing back your family tree is impossible, you may present a report on the history of geneology instead. And you do not have to go into too much detail if you do not want to–you don’t need to tell us whether your tale is from your mother’s side or your father’s side, for instance. All you need to do is have this report by tomorrow. Even if it only goes back a little bit, learning about your family history is still learning, and these reports will be proof of that.
“With all that out of the way, until tomorrow, my students of Malicerie.”

“You want me to help you with what?”
“Look, Mama, I already do bad enough when it comes to math. I don’t like getting called on because my grades were bad. And I’d rather find out stuff about your family and Dami’s family than do some stupid history report on genie…geniewhatever.”
“Well, I might be able to help you with the Cahongyun side of things, but even if I play nice and let you contact Asul-Zenza, there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to help you.”
“I don’t care. I’d just rather get this over with than do a stupid geneaology history report.”
“If you say so. I’ll help you as best as I can, alright?”


La-Iin kept her report papers safely tucked away in a backpack the next day at school, only bringing them out briefly to show to Fer-Shi.
“I have my report papers in my backpack too,” she had said cheerfully.
La-Iin was not looking forward to the report, however. The classes she had to attend felt like they sped past, and her time spent in the recess area was even worse. While she waited for Fer-Shi, she listened to young children from the other three classes talk about their geneaology reports.
‘This is so stupid. Why does that Sharai guy always suggest these ideas? It’s not like many of them go anywhere.’ Still, remembering all the research she had done with Mit-Sun yesterday made her feel slightly better.
The memory had come too late, unfortunately, for she recalled it just as she walked back into the classroom for her last class.
“Alright, everyone. Hopefully you remember what we’re here for today, but I’ll explain again just in case. Mr. Sharai suggested that we replace our last class with reports on our family trees or on the history of geneaology. The Principal accepted it, and that is what we will be doing today. We will go in order of Grade 12 to Grade 1.”
“Great, now I’m the last one,” she muttered.
“Vampiris might go before you,” Fer-Shi muttered.
“Yeah, but I bet they’ll make her go before me since she’s older than me.”
The first one to come up for a report was Kaersh-Cogyp.
“As you all may know, my family comes from Grougyp. So far back so, that I am actually the first generation who has never lived there at all. Mostly my family on both sides is a very traditional Grougyp family, as my family is now. Nothing much special in those regards. We stayed out the way of conflicts from what I can tell.”
“Sounds like a nice little family tree,” Fer-Shi commented.
The second report was Mali-Ana’s.
“Well…I had a little trouble getting a report. Um…I’m adopted…so I’m just going with my Dad’s family tree…but we’re not related by blood or anything, so…anyway, it seems like my Dad comes from a Vaelis family that moved to Nyappon for a little bit. So he might have a little bit of Nyapponese in him. The Reusung family’s a pretty small family for a Catori family, and they all moved back to Vaelyn after some time. My Dad said his great-granddad had a little bit of success running a red bean paste pastry shop in Nyappon…”
“She seems a little shy about this,” Fer-Shi said.
“Are you going to comment on everyone’s?” La-Iin groaned.
Gen-Reiya gave the third report.
“My family tree I find kind of funny because of my sister Mi-Yagi. You newer students might not know, but she used to go to school here. She was in Class A…” He sighed. “Anyway, apparently my grandpa was a bit of a hippie. He became notorious over in a small neighborhood in Silcoulle for trying to push a message of peace so much that it pissed people off. My Mom is a little more interesting when it comes to her family tree. Apparently back in the nineteeth century, her side of the family was known for being incredibly rebellious! Also she lost a lot of relatives in the Vaelyn war. And apparently my great-Uncle married a Minomix, but they didn’t have any kids, so…”
Fer-Shi opened her mouth as if ready to make a comment, but kept it shut. Voi-Ehst was the next to give a report.
“My families seems to be a pretty wells-off families so fars. ‘Pparently I’ve gots a whole branches off in Manemicas thats splits offs from my families back in like the nineteenth centuries. They’res really riches I heards. My families has a lots of connections to politics too. Like I gots lots of politicians both in my livings families trees, and further backs in my families trees, too!”
“Politics are so dumb,” Dosa-Mina whispered.
Lirako was the next to present her report, and both San-Kyung and Dosa-Mina gave audible groans.
“I have a large family tree that kinda goes all over the world. Well, not really. Actually we mostly just stay in places like Vaelyn and Nyappon and Aena. But you get the jist. Anyway, us Sanyaows came from Nyappon and kind of had a split when Nyappon went through its asshole phase. The ones who were loyal to Nyappon above all else stayed there while the ones who couldn’t take what was going on decided to split. Not everyone went to the same place though, and some of us came here to Vaelyn! In Nyappon the Sanyaow name is a little bit more well-known than it is here or in Aena, but it doesn’t matter ’cause it looks like my ancestors wanted to stay on the down-low anyway. All I can say is, I have a really large family tree. Basically everyone has babies. No kidding.”
A few students chuckled, while others rolled their eyes. Mi-Kou’s report came next.
“My family seems to be a quiet one that stayed in societies for a long time,” she said. “My father’s side of the family mostly stayed among Birdmixes, while my Mom’s side of the family stayed with Wingyrms. At least, one side did. My Normal heritage seems to have always been pushing, as far back as I can see, for there to be no species societies and for every single society to be integrated. Anyway, my mother’s combination seems to have come from a meeting one of those protestors had with a Wingyrm society. I guess they fell in love and had my Grandmom. Anyway, when my Mom was born, my Dad strayed out of that society and met her. And that’s how it all goes.”
“Your grandmother was a Dualbreed too!?” Gen-Reiya called.
“Yes, I guess so. She married a Wingyrm man which is why I look so birdy and not really Normal at all.”
After she left, Xhen-Bei presented his report.
“My family was pretty….bloodthirsty,” he said, sounding a little unsure. “They seem to have been soldiers in the early wars. I was only able to go back as far as the second World War, but yeah, they seem to have been eager participants…it seems like we all mellowed out around the time the societies got more integrated. One of my family members on my father’s side met a Werewolf girl from an integrated society. They got married and then everything started mellowing out a bit ’cause then my father’s side of the family pretty much joined the integrated society. My mother’s side was similar, but they participated in a lot less wars.”
San-Kyung blinked when nobody went up to present their report next.
“Go on, get it over with,” Dosa-Mina said, giving him a nudge. San-Kyung sighed and went up with a thin piece of paper, speaking in a dry tone.
“…my family came from Dasdorian refugees on both sides. Except my Mom’s side was rescued while my Dad’s escaped. Happy now?”
“That’s an awfully skimpy report…”
“Well, it’s all you need to know. But if you’re really going to ask for more, all I saw in there were Animated Pumpkins. I didn’t see any other species. So take that as you will.”
He sat back down next to Dosa-Mina and laid his head on his desk. “What a nightmare.”
“Well, if your nightmare is over, that means it’s mine next!” Dosa-Mina said cheerfully.
“While I’d love to talk to you all about my family, there’s no way I could have gotten the information I needed within one night. So instead, I’ll tell you all about the early days of geneaology!”
‘He’s probably just doing that to hide his species!’ La-Iin thought as he went off on his geneaology report. ‘I bet he’s lying.’
Lirako, on the other hand, watched with a different thought. ‘Maybe there’s something I can find out about Dos-aMina if I can find a way to look into his family tree….’

La-Iin was beginning to get bored as the reports went down to lower grades. She felt most reports told the same stories except with different families. She recalled that both Rini-Futo and Zae-Mia had done reports that their families had come from species societies long ago and had eventually made their way to Vaelyn through some way or another.
She was relieved when Fer-Shi’s turn came, and concentrated her attention on her friend’s report.
“My family has a little bit of an interesting story. On my Dad’s side of the family, all I ever saw was a bunch of people who took the first chance they could to live in an integrated society, some who even went so far that they started to live in Dasdoria and their family trees cut off from there….anyway! My Mom’s side was pretty opposite, though. They stayed in species societies for a really long time. Even when they came over to integrated societies it seems like they wanted to stay away from other species, until my grandma. My grandma’s sister married a Birdmix, and had a Dualbreed kid! So starting with my grandma my Mom’s side of the family started becoming a little more okay with integrated societies. And then my Mom was born and she and Dad got together!”
Shan-Zetsu started his report next; La-Iin didn’t catch all of it as she had wanted to say something to Fer-Shi and missed the beginning of it.
“Your mother’s side of the family was stupid,” she began.
“Yeah, I know,” Fer-Shi sighed.
“No, seriously. Who would be so proud of being a Normal?”
Fer-Shi’s face went blank, as if she was unsure of how to answer La-Iin.
By the time La-Iin’s attention was back on the reports, Ai-Rei was in the middle of hers.
“The Vampiris family comes from a Vampire society, as you might be able to tell, where the language of Vampires is spoken fluently by almost all members,” she said. “We are spread all around the world, though to varying numbers and I’m certain none of us live in Dasdoria. Our family is a lot smaller now numbers-wise than it was back in our earliest days, but nonetheless we’ve been a mostly unimpressive family. Though our pride in our Vampire heritage is strong. I’m not sure i know of any Vampiris who married out of the name, if I’m being honest, not now or in the past.”
“Thank you for sharing that, Miss Vampiris,” the teacher said. “Now, for our last report is Cahongyun La-Iin.”
La-Iin cringed. She took her papers out of her backpack and stood at the front of the class. She only felt slightly nervous–it was more her irritation at having to tell people she couldn’t stand about her family history. Still, when she focused on Fer-Shi at the back of the class, watching her with a wide smile, and San-Kyung looking bored at the front, she felt ready to tell the class her family tree story.
“I only need to tell you a little bit about my family for you all to know what’s coming. On my Dami’s side of the family, being powerful apparently runs in the family. And there have been lots of soldiers on his side who fought in wars who came home and were barely injured. On my Mama’s side, the ages we die at are really high and even though they’re all Normals, they tend to be pretty hardy. And that all combined into me. The only other thing I can really tell you is that I have a lot of Vaelis blood. Other than that, it’s just a touch of Vampire society and Aeness. So there you go.”
La-Iin shot a glance at San-Kyung before heading back to her seat.
“I didn’t want to tell them too much,” La-Iin said. “Mama told me not to. I think she said it for a stupid reason, but she helped me come to my own conclusion why I shouldn’t say too much. I think I handled that report fairly well…”
And with that, the reports came to a close.

“You know something, though?”
“Know something what?”
“I still can’t believe I’m a little Aeness.”
Fer-Shi blinked. “I’m not surprised ’cause of your last name…”


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