1.397.Lusty Nights at Eteibreit’s

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 397
“Lusty Nights at Eteibreit’s”

“What’s wrong, La-Iin?”
“I’m bored! Really bored!” She yelled. “Yesterday we went to see that play, and tomorrow is my birthday, but nothing’s happening today and it’s making me mad!”
“If you’re so bored, we could always go over to Sale-Dessu’s house and talk to him about getting me a new bod–“
“No,” La-Iin snapped.
“What have you two been talking about lately?” Mit-Sun asked. She was surprised when La-Iin glared at her.
“None of your business! You’re not part of this!”
Mit-Sun sighed. “Well, maybe we can find something to do. I know there’s lots you like to do, and you never seem to think of it when you’re bored…”
“So what should I do? Listen to Bes-Isa and go see Sale-Dessu, which I really don’t wanna do? Or maybe I should draw pictures. Oh wait. I have no ideas for any pictures. Maybe I should fantasize. Except my plans for world domination are already perfect, so I have no reason to. You know what I really wish? I wish you’d get me another game! I completely finished Haven in Dystopia a long time ago.”
“I don’t have the vuyong to get you another game. And anyway, do you really think you deserve another one with how you’ve been acting lately?”
La-Iin pouted. “I always act like this, Mama. You had an evil daughter, and you’d think in seven years you would be used to it.”
“It’s still six,” she said dryly.
“And that’s another thing! It’s my birthday tomorrow! Fer-Shi’s Mama and Dami give her presents even if they’re having vuyong troubles, so how come I don’t get anything just because your job is shit–”
The phone began to ring. Mit-Sun glared at La-Iin before going to pick it up.
“Hello? ….Mrs. Eteibreit? Why are you calling today? I don’t go into work on Sunday.”
Dread filled La-Iin as she listened to Mit-Sun’s conversation. ‘Now she’s just gonna leave, isn’t she?’
She was almost beside herself with anger, but she wasn’t sure if it was towards Mit-Sun or towards her boss.
“You want me to do what?”
“Come over to the Eteibreit house! I’ll give you the directions over the phone. I need you there for a specific reason that you’ll see when you arrive. Don’t ask any questions if you don’t want a pay cut.”
Mit-Sun stifled a growl as Eteibreit gave her the directions. The temptation to ask a question, whether why she was asking her to come over or what she was going to do once she was there was strong, but she kept her mouth shut, remembering all the times Eteibreit had actually cut her pay from less.
“Make sure you’re here before dark. That’s all. I’m expecting to see you soon.” After that, Eteibreit hung up on her.
“Let me guess, you have to go to work,” La-Iin said bitterly. “Go ahead, go to work. I don’t care. Time away from you is good time. But you call yourself a goody-goody Mama, and yet you always leave me alone.”
“You can be so transparent sometimes, La-Iin,” Mit-Sun said. “And I’m not going to work, but I am going to work.”
The expression La-Iin made after that was obviously an angry one.
“I don’t think you understand what I mean. I’m not going to work. But I’m going over, to my boss’ house, to work. At least, probably. I don’t really know why she wants me there, but if you want any chance of getting a new game, I’ll have to go.”
“Then take me with you. I met your stupid boss before.”
“Um…” Remembering some of her talks with Eteibreit made Mit-Sun imagine what sort of objects would be lying around her house. The idea of La-Iin seeing such objects made her shudder. “N-no, I can’t, I don’t think you should. Besides, I don’t know if that would make Mrs. Eteibreit angry…”
“Everything makes your stupid boss angry,” she scoffed. “When I rule the world, I think she’ll be the first one I actually murder. She is a good Dualbreed combination, so maybe her blood will taste really good…”
“La-Iin, don’t talk like that,” Mit-Sun said, tapping her on the head. “Anyway, I should probably go soon.”
“If you’re so upset about being left alone, you could always go and stay with Sale-Dessu–”
“No,” La-Iin hissed. Mit-Sun blinked.
“Do you want me to call my father? I don’t think he’s doing anything today, so I’m sure he could watch you.”
La-Iin pressed her lips together. “I’d rather have Dami watch me.”
Mit-Sun groaned. “You just can’t make this easy, can you?”
“I probably won’t be able to see Dami tomorrow, so you should be nice to me.”
“All right then, I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll call both of them. Will that make you happy?”
La-Iin’s expression softened, though Mit-Sun could barely tell. “I’m always happy when Dami comes over.”
Mit-Sun rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she said. “But you’re sitll going to be alone for a little while. I’m leaving right after I call them.”
“I have Choungetsu. And I’m fine on my own. I’ve been on my own before. But now that you offered Dami, I won’t let you back down. I’ll find a way to call him over if you don’t!”
“I know you will,” Mit-Sun said sarcastically. Then, she dialed her father’s number.


Mit-Sun followed Eteibreit’s directions to her house and found herself surprised at how far away it was.
‘This is even far from Eteibreit Data Storage,’ she thought. ‘But I bet the trip is easier for her…’
By the time she arrived at their house, the sun had started to set and the sky was turning a light orange. Mit-Sun was also thoroughly out of breath, and the eerie atmosphere she felt around the house, all on its own with no neighbors nearby, did not help.
She walked up to the door and knocked on it. It opened after a minute.
“Cahongyun, you actually arrived,” Eteibreit said. “For a moment I was sure I was about to dock your pay. Consider yourself lucky.”
Standing next to Eteibreit was a man who was shorter than her. Mit-Sun could see traits of Incubus and Goathoof on him. He wore a similar smile to his wife, and it made Mit-Sun every bit as uncomfortable.
“Come in, come in. Yul-Hiis and I have prepared the house just for your visit.”
“Does that mean you hid everything indecent?” Mit-Sun asked meekly. Eteibreit’s smile only widened.
“Don’t talk back to your boss, Cahongyun,” she said, flicking her nose with her tail. Mit-Sun’s nose twitched and she couldn’t hold back a sneeze.
Despite her expectations, the Eteibreit house was actually decorated fairly innocently, though she could already tell that they were quite rich and had the design tastes she would expect from a Demon couple. She felt a little uncomfortable walking around the house. ‘They’re in a whole different world than me…money, no children…’
“Like the house, Miss Cahongyun?” Yul-Hiis asked.
“Oh, um, it’s nice,” she said uncertainly. “How long did it take you to get it like this?”
“If you’re counting since when we got the house, a few years. But if you’re counting from when we got the decorations, about a month at most.”
‘They really are in a completely different world…’
“Um, Mrs. Eteibreit, now that I’m here, I’d really like to know what you called me here for,” she said. “I have people watching La-Iin at home, but I’d really rather get back to her sooner than later…”
“You’ll get back to her soon enough, though I can’t guarantee it’ll be anytime soon,” Eteibreit said. “And anyway, what we want to do with you is much better done after dinner. At least, Yul-Hiis and I feel that way.”
“You…both want something from me…?”
“Oh yes, we do,” Eteibreit purred. “You’ll have to wait until after dinner to find out what that is, though. Now sit down and stop asking questions.”
Mit-Sun complied. She watched as Eteibreit disappeared into a room. Yul-Hiis watched after her, but soon turned around to see Mit-Sun.
“Watching me, Miss Cahongyun?” He asked. “Don’t worry. It’s only normal to be attracted to Incubi.”
“I’m not!”
“Methinks your protests are hot-and-cold in nature,” he said, “but whatever makes you feel better. I’m all about pleasure.”
‘This is making me uncomfortable. I just want to get out of here…’
“Can I…ask you a few things, Mr. Eteibreit?”
“Mr. Eteibreit? Hardly anyone ever calls me that except on legal documents. Go ahead and call me Yul-Hiis. It might make Yong-Hin jealous, but that always has benefits for me.”
“Um, no, I’d rather not.”
“Well, again, whatever pleases you most. So, what did you want to ask? I can’t dock your pay, but I can avoid answering your questions if I don’t feel like it.”
“Do you…like being married to Mrs. Eteibreit?”
“Why would I have married her if I didn’t? I don’t believe in a marriage of convenience unless that convenience is being able to get down and dirty when the laws are against it otherwise. Yong-Hin is a standout woman. Some people might not like her sadistic tendencies, but we Incubi can take just about anything and find a way to turn it into a good time.”
His smile became sly. “You’re perspirating; I can tell. Too distracted by me, or uncomfortable knowing there’s someone who has a less than decent interest in your boss?”
“…no offense, Mr. Eteibreit, but I really don’t like her.”
“That’s okay, and I won’t tell. Not going to go and get you fired for no reason. Although I figure Yong-Hin already knows that.”
“A-another question, Mr. Eteibreit? Did you really want children with Mrs. Eteibreit?”
His smile became less sly, and for the moment it helped to calm down Mit-Sun. “I’m assuming you learned that from Yong-Hin? Well, yes, I do. I don’t know if she told you though, but in exchange for our prowress in the bed, we Incubi and Succubi have trouble impregnating or getting pregnant. All Demons do, but we’re at the bottom when it comes to that. …not that that’s always a bad thing, but it does throw a crimp into my plans. We are the last of our family line who can still have children. I’d like to do that before we don’t have any more chances, and also, I’ve always wanted to take care of a little tyke of my own.”
‘Well, at least Mr. Eteibreit seems to have a more innocent side…’ Without realizing it, she began to smile. Yul-Hiis seemed to notice this, however, and his smile became sly once again.
“What’s this for, hmm? Are family men your type?”
“What is it, then? I’m curious. Say, I heard you had a daughter? Just curious, who were you with to have her?”
“I’d rather not talk about that,” she said.
“Well, at least answer me, was she an accident or an intendy-baby?”
‘Intendy-baby?’ “Why?”
“Oh, morbid curiosity.”
“I don’t want to answer this.”
“You’re so prudent, it seems,” Yul-Hiis said, almost sounding a little disappointed. “No wonder Yong-Hin likes to pick on you so much.”
Mit-Sun’s eyes narrowed into a glare. She opened them wide to keep the expression off her face.

Dinner at the Eteibreit house that night seemed to be loaded with kimchi and various different spices. Mit-Sun could barely take it within a few moments of eating, and both Eteibreit and Yul-Hiis began to laugh at her once she started to sputter and reach for the water. Mit-Sun was amazed to watch them eat with minimal reaction; Eteibreit flinched on occasion but didn’t reach for the water until after she was done eating.
“You should try eating a bowl of kimchi every day to deal with that Catori’s tongue, Miss Cahongyun,” Yul-Hiis told her after dinner. “That’s how Yong-Hin dealt with hers, and now she handles the heat just fine.”
“It’s because I’m half-Succubus, Yul-Hiis,” she said. “I adjust quickly.”
Mit-Sun sighed. “So now that we’ve eaten dinner, can you please tell me what you want me to do?”
Both Eteibreit and Yul-Hiis began to grin. Mit-Sun shuddered. Both their grins were sly, as if they were enjoying the secret they were keeping from her, as they walked up to her and each latched on to an arm, still keeping the sly grin on their faces.
“We Eteibreits know about your marital status, Cahongyun,” Eteibreit started. “Not only that, I despise you and would like to see you squirm.”
“Your only job here is to come to our bedroom and let us handle the rest,” Yul-Hiis said.
“What!?” Mit-Sun shrieked. She tried to break free of their grips, but she only managed to struggle–she wouldn’t come free no matter how hard she tugged. “No!”
“Oh, don’t worry about it, Miss Cahongyun. We’re very accommodating of people’s various quirks…”
“And who knows? Maybe if you cry hard enough, I’ll give you a raise. Maybe even a promotion! Come now, Cahongyun, this is what’s best for your daughter, isn’t it? The more vuyong you have to take care of her, the better you can do that job. I certanly have vuyong to spare…and I could pay you for the night too.”
Had the Eteibreits asked her to do almost anything else, Mit-Sun might have taken them up on the offer if only so she could make more vuyong.
But there was no way she could consciously accept to this.
“NO!” She shrieked, finally managing to pull free of their grips. She turned on them, her eyes wide. “You two can keep to yourselves! Dock my pay if you want, Mrs. Eteibreit, but I will not let myself be violated for the sake of vuyong! I have standards, you know!”
“Standards? But you are the one who has a child despite never being married?” Eteibreit asked curiously. Mit-Sun felt her face warm.
“Yeah, I know that. But at least he was my fiancé back then! You’re my boss, and you’re my boss’ husband!”
“Perhaps she has a point, though I do think she doth protest too much,” Yul-Hiis said. “Normals are much more fertile than we Demons are. What if she got pregnant? They do say it only takes one night, and that would be upsetting to me, personally.”
“You’re barely fertile either, Yul-Hiis,” Eteibreit retorted. “But fine. I suppose I have standards too. No matter how torturous I am towards my bed partners, I’ve never raped anyone before. Your protests would make me cross over into that territory, which is one I don’t want to touch.”
“Same here. Though, I do think you’re not giving us enough of a chance.”
“Can I please leave now?” Mit-Sun asked. “I really should be getting home to La-Iin!”
“Fine, fine. Go ahead and be no fun.” Eteibreit sighed. Yul-Hiis walked away for a few moments, then returned with a small bag.
“Here, take the rest of the kimchi. Me and Yong-Hin have plenty, and if there’s anything I want from you now that you’ve denied us what we asked for, it’s for you to deal with that Catori’s tongue.”
Mit-Sun had no response. She turned away from the Eteibreits, feeling incredibly flustered and holding the kimchi close. When she opened the door, Eteibreit stopped her to say one last thing.
“But, though you didn’t listen to me, perhaps I won’t dock your pay,” she said. “Seeing you squirm in my and Yul-Hiis’ grasp was enough for me.”

When Mit-Sun arrived home, La-Iin gave a squeal of delight. She was sitting in the living room, seemingly playing a game with Choungetsu, Bes-Isa, Asul-Zenza and her grandfather all with her.
Mit-Sun’s eye twitched.
“Welcome home, Mit-Sun!” Asul-Zenza said cheerfully. “We were just wrapping up, so give us a few more moments.”
“Way to go Mama, ruin the momentum,” La-Iin huffed.
“I think the momentum will be just fine,” her grandfather said.
“I definitely agree with La-Iin on this one.”
Choungetsu yipped.
“Is something wrong, Mit-Sun?” Asul-Zenza asked, his smile fading. “You seem upset. Did something go wrong with the job?”
Mit-Sun hadn’t expected to feel her face warm, but as she mumbled “It’s none of your business” to Asul-Zenza, she felt warm enough that she could hardly tell it was Winter.


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