17.382.Ultimatum of Species

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 382
“Ultimatum of Species”

“I wonder…” Dosa-Mina mumbled to himself.
“Wonder what?” San-Kyung asked.
“Oh, it’s just species study stuff.”
San-Kyung glanced at him. “Find out anything interesting? Something I can put in mind, just in case?”
“No, not at all. I’ve been too distracted lately to do much studying.” San-Kyung noticed that Dosa-Mina had a faraway look in his eyes, and he had to wonder if it had anything to do with recent events. He refrained from asking when Dosa-Mina continued. “I was just thinking about the hypothetical ‘person-of-all-species’. Like, what sort of health problems would they have, what sort of abilities…and all that power as well. Even when not every power works like it should, most do, so…imagine being able to light a fire and make balls of water, and jump high while also being able to fly.”
“Might be beneficial–or a pain in the ass, if you had to fight someone like that.” He muttered to himself. “But I always thought someone like that would die soon after they were born.”
“You might be right. After all, some combinations of species already have several health problems just because of their combination. But maybe they’d be cancelled out by some other species. Who knows? Someone like that hasn’t been born yet, and even if they are someday, it’ll probably be long after we’re dead…”
Dosa-Mina trailed off and started to stare at nothing, his eyes still reflecting that same faraway expression. San-Kyung sighed.
‘I wish he’d go back to normal.’


“I’ve been wondering…”
“Yes, Mr. Hjang?”
“Do you think the “Ultimatum of Species” would need to be bred in a specific pattern?”
A nearby Snowliv woman stared at Hjang with a wide-eyed expression, her expression quickly becoming indignant. “We don’t breed people, Mr. Hjang,” she snapped. “We’re not some uncivilized third-world country! We’re Vaelyn!”
“I know that,” Hjang snapped, glaring at the Snowliv woman. The woman gave a huff and looked away from him. “What I meant was, do you think there’d have to be a specific pattern of species involved in making it? Like a whole bunch of hardy species before you start adding the weaker ones?”
He pulled out a piece of paper and started to scrawl a flowchart. “Imagine a Minomix and a Vampire meet, fall in love, and have a baby. That produces a Minomix-Vampire, a very hardy species combination. Now in comes a Groundiser. Minomix-Vampire falls in love, they have a baby, Minomix-Vampire-Groundiser. And it keeps going. That baby meets a Werewolf, and that baby meets a Bearperson, until eventually weaker species start getting added, like a future baby meeting a Normal and the baby after that meeting a Snowliv.”
The Snowliv woman glared. “It has nothing to do with Snowlivs being weak in general, Miss Juu,” Hjang said, agitation evident. “But we all know how much accommodation Snowlivs need in the warm months, so no matter how powerful you might be now, when Spring arrives–”
“Blah blah blah, I get it,” Juu mocked.
“Miss Juu, we take our jobs seriously here,” a Minomix man growled. “Instead of mocking Mr. Hjang, why not listen to what he has to say? He’s proposing an interesting theory here. It might behoove us to look at specific family trees to see who’s most likely to produce the Ultimatum of Species we want to meet so much.”
“And when that baby is born, what happens then? Are you gonna cut it up, take it away from its parents, or are you gonna let it stay with them and live a normal life?”
“The Ultimatum of Species decidedly would not be living a normal life, regardless of our intervention,” Hjang pointed out. “Even if us species studiers stayed out of their life and didn’t examine them, it likely would be obvious that they were the Ultimatum of Species. As you know, species genes are never entirely recessive. We’ve seen that from distanced Dualbreeds. A Normal who just happens to have a Minomix in their background still has a trait of that no matter how far back that Minomix occurred. Tiny little nubs on their head, reddish skin or the like. Honestly, that does beg the question if it’s possible to get rid of a species gene at all when it enters a bloodline like that. Would it phase out with a few more years?”
“I thought we were talking about the Ultimatum of Species,” the Minomix man said. Hjang cleared his throat.
“Yes, we were. Anyway, people would be able to tell, and people tend to be curious. There would be the normal curiosity and the…not-so-normal curiosity. But the Ultimatum of Species, whatever day they come into existence, will be quite the discovery. I wouldn’t want such a person to spend their whole life being researched and examined–unless, of course, they wished for that–but there is already so much we don’t understand about how the species work in harmony with each other. If someone was a part of every species, no matter how far back the relative of that species was, they would provide us with a lot of information. Imagine all we could learn!”
“I know,” Juu sighed. “I just don’t think it’s fair to do research on a person like that because of how they were born. Kinda makes me think of that little Vampire girl who was on the news a lot a few years back. She happened to be born with an incredible brain that ended up making her a child prodigy, and everyone wanted to see her and find out more about her.”
“Well, think about it this way, Miss Juu,” the Minomix man said. “Such a person could very likely be incredibly sickly. If we did research on the way the species worked in harmony in such a person, we might be able to find out how to make another Ultimatum of Species live without problems. Species Studiers are often called to action when a Wingyrm-Lizardfoot is born so we can do research to find why this pair usually ends up problematic. Not all discoveries could just be to benefit the morbid curiosities species studiers have. It could also help us discover ways to help these people. Far in the future, people we now classify as Ultimatums of Species could end up being more common than Pureblood Normals.”
“I know. I just–”
“I understand your reservations, Miss Juu,” Hjang said. “But I think this topic is over. Getting back on track, there could be another way this could go. The Minomix and the Vampire get together and have the Minomix-Vampire child, and then the Minomix-Vampire meets a Groundiser-Werewolf. They have a baby, it’s a Quarbreed, and then that baby meets….well, you know where this is going. I wonder if that would work better? It would definitely add species quicker. And also, if it goes like that, would any species be truly dominant over another? After all, no duplicates would exist in the family line past the Minomix-Vampire.”
“Well, Vampire genetics are known for being quite dominant,” the Minomix said.
“I know. But with the Vampire gene being far back in the bloodline, I have to wonder.”
“It’s a curious theory, but that proably wouldn’t happen,” Juu said. “Most likely what would happen is, the Minomix-Vampire would go with someone else. Even if that produced a Tribreed child, I don’t think it’s likely that the next generation after the Minomix-Vampire would produce a Quarbreed child. The theory is not all that plausible.”
“I know,” Hjang said. “But I was just curious. There could easily be spaces inbetween where the members of the family line marry and have children with Purebloods or people of the same species as them, and the species added goes in a similar order. I doubt the family line’s first Dualbreed could be a Wingyrm-Lizardfoot, for instance. Such a person probably wouldn’t even survive to have a child.”
“You know, that has me wondering. What would we do if the Ultimatum of Species was part of a multiple birth, or had siblings who also counted as Ultimatums of Species?”
Hjang and Juu fell silent. “I mean, if they were Vaelis, I know they’d likely be an only child. But Manemicans sometimes have more than one child per couple. Dasdorians are practically guaranteed to. And it’s not like everyone in Vaelyn is an only child–that Vampiris girl mentioned earlier had two older siblings, and you have an older brother, don’t you, Miss Juu?”
“Yes, I do,” Juu said.
“So in that situation, what would be our course of action? Especially in the event of a multiple birth. With separate births of siblings, you could argue that we would just be doing research on the first sibling, but if the Ultimatum of Species was a twin or a triplet, or had a Catori or Birdmix mother or some other species likely to have more than one child in a given birth, what would be our course of action then?”
Hjang sighed. “….much as I hate to say this, we probably won’t even be alive to witness the birth of the Ultimatum of Species. At best, we’ll meet someone with sixteen species in them. So thinking about this possibility is somewhat useless….”
“So is this whole conversation, really,” Juu said. “I mean, no such person exists yet, and this conversation hasn’t furthered any research, so…”
All three of them fell silent.
“I hope we get paid for this anyway,” the Minomix man said.

“Dosa-Mina?” San-Kyung started. He had been mulling over whether he should say anything to him or not, and had ultimately decided that he should.
‘Not only is it making me upset to see him like this, in this state there’s no way he could help me if I needed it,’ he had thought.
“I know you’ve probably had a lot on your mind lately because of the whole…cutting thing,” he said cautiously. “You can talk to me about it, if you want, you know…”
“Huh?” Dosa-Mina said. “Sorry, San-Kyung, I didn’t hear all of what you said. I was thinking about, what if I end up contributing to the person who’s every single species? I’ve always really wanted to be a father when I grow up, but what if I have a kid who helps towards that person? What if the person with every single species in them is a Dslellullar?”
“That’s what you were thinking about?” San-Kyung groaned.


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