13.378.Dosa-Mina’s Many Transformations

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 378
“Dosa-Mina’s Many Transformations”

“They seem to have cheered up some,” La-Iin said bitterly to Fer-Shi during the first break time. From her seat she could see the two chatting, and while their expressions didn’t seem nearly as cheerful as usual, they no longer seemed to be in the sad moods they had been in recently.
“That’s a good thing. Maybe you’ll get to start spending time with San-Kyung again.”
La-Iin kept her gaze focused on the two for the remainder of the break time and into Math class, but during that class, her thoughts shifted from spite and petty insults to a morbid curiosity that wormed its way in as she stared at Dosa-Mina.
The image of Dosa-Mina’s true form flickered in her mind.
‘How come he always stays in that Normal form anyway? What’s his issue with his true form? He only gave me half-assed answers. I’d be proud to display that species to everyone….Vampires are better, but I guess Werewolf-Siren isn’t too bad. But if he can transform into a species he isn’t even part of, I wonder if he can transform into other species too…’
The image of Dosa-Mina transformed into a Pureblood Vampire made her shudder. ‘I wonder. It’s a helpful power. If me or San-Kyung got caught committing a crime, we’d have a harder time disguising ourselves afterwards. I bet all rival-boy would have to worry about is someone recognizing that doofy face of his, but if he was disguised as an entirely different species….’
The possibilities Dosa-Mina’s power had distracted La-Iin throughout the whole Math class, and she ended up failing to hear any of it.


Seeing that Dosa-Mina was still in a good mood when she returned for the last class, La-Iin decided that she had to see the potential of his power for herself.
‘If it’s just lame and he can only transform into a Normal, then at least I know. But what if he can do other things with that power?’ She sighed to herself. ‘I guess the powers of a Siren might come in handy for ruling the world. And San-Kyung likes Dosa-Mina, so even when he rules the world with me he’ll still want him to have some freedom. And if he might end up getting freedom ’cause his best friend’s helping rule the world, he’d better come in handy for us!’
“Hm? Hello, La-Iin. What is it?”
“I want to talk to you about something. Alone if that’s our only option,” she said through grit teeth. She relaxed when she focused on San-Kyung, whose expression was a mixture of curiosity and agitation. “but San-Kyung is welcome and appreciated. You have to come and see me somewhere close by the school but far away enough so we can’t be heard.”
“Huh?” Dosa-Mina tipped his head to one side. “Why? I hope you’re not planning to kill me. Even with your powers, I’m still stronger than you.”
“Because if you don’t,” La-Iin hissed, dropping her voice down to a whisper, “I’ll tell all of Class D your true species.”
Dosa-Mina’s eyes widened. “…alright. But I have a bone to pick with you about that blackmail.”
“Pick it with me later. What I want is important.” And with those words, she walked back to her desk.

When the final class ended, La-Iin said good-bye to Fer-Shi as always.
“Aren’t we gonna walk home together?” She asked.
“I have to go somewhere,” she said. “It’s important, world-ruling matters.”
“Um…okay?” Obviously slightly irritated, Fer-Shi continued, “Wait a second, what does that mean!?”
“Nothing too bad. Just something I’m curious about. Honestly, Fer-Shi, it’s like you think I’m going to kill someone every single time I go off on my own!” La-Iin said innocently.
“Um, no, I don’t. But you said it was world-ruling–”
“I’ll have Dosa-Mina with me,” she said. Fer-Shi blinked at her. “…what does that change?”
“He’s more powerful than me, or so you and he say, so I can’t kill him. And I don’t give away my plans to people I don’t like. I just need his help for something world-ruling, but he doesn’t know that’s what he’s helping me with.”
“Oh? Am I being used for nefarious purposes?” La-Iin flinched. Dosa-Mina was standing behind her, and as soon as she noticed him he smiled his usual coy smile. “Come on, let’s go. I’ll still help you even if your motives are less than pure.” His expression soured. “I kinda have to.”
“Did she do something to you, Dosa-Mina?” Fer-Shi asked. Dosa-Mina shook his head. “Oh, not really. She’s just annoying is all. Figure if I help her, she’ll get off my back. No offense, Fer-Shi. I won’t judge you for being friends with her. After all, I know how you feel about San-Kyung.”
“Yeah…” Fer-Shi chuckled.
“Are we ready?”
“I guess.” La-Iin said. She shot one last glance back in Fer-Shi’s direction. “Stop smiling at him.”
Fer-Shi’s smile only widened. “See you tomorrow, La-Iin.”
La-Iin waved in her friend’s direction, then she followed Dosa-Mina out the classroom. She stopped in place when they entered the hallway and she realized she heard a third set of footsteps.
“Guess I forgot to tell you he was coming,” he said. “Well, now you know!”
The trio left the school together, breaking away from the crowd and heading for the forest nearby Malicerie. On the way there, the exchange between Dosa-Mina and Fer-Shi replayed itself in La-Iin’s mind.
“I’m surprised you lied to Fer-Shi. She likes you and all, so–”
“I’m flattered, but you’re going to have to tell her the answer is no.”
“I don’t mean like that. Not even Fer-Shi is that dumb.”
“What, it would be dumb to like me? ….in the general sense, you know that makes San-Kyung dumb too, right?”
La-Iin stopped in place and stared, eyes widening, at San-Kyung. San-Kyung gave her a quizzical expression.
“I said in the general sense, as in just liking a person, not ‘like’ liking them,” Dosa-Mina said.
“That’s what I meant about Fer-Shi.”
“I figured.”
‘Then why did you…’ La-Iin decided it would be pointless to ask him that question.
“Anyway, I lied to her because the less people that know my true species, the better. I didn’t even want you to know. Heck, if you wanna know how far that goes, if it hadn’t been for something that happened before me and San-Kyung were friends, he might not even know! ….although I do trust him a lot, so I might have told him eventually.”
San-Kyung gave a small smile.
“Alright, I think this is far enough away from the school!” Dosa-Mina said, before stretching. “So? What did you want?”
“You know how you can transform into a Normal and stuff?”
La-Iin noticed San-Kyung roll his eyes, while Dosa-Mina stared at her blankly. “Yeah?”
“I wanted to know if you could just transform into a Normal and your true form, or if you could transform into other species too.”
“Is that all? Of course I can. It just requires a song. I don’t know all the songs, though–I don’t know the ones for Centaur or Goathoof, for example. But most other species are doable.”
He handed earplugs to La-Iin and San-Kyung. “I’ll show you.”
La-Iin watched as Dosa-Mina opened his mouth and began to sing, though the earplugs blocked out any noise. Fur soon covered Dosa-Mina’s body, and pointy ears sprung up on his head, followed by a tail. His yellow eyes seemed to have a different shine to them when he opened them.
“See? Pureblood Werewolf,” he said, pulling out one of La-Iin’s earplugs. He stuck it back in, and before La-Iin could take them out herself, began to sing again. This time, his fur disappeared, and his appearance began to resemble that of a Normal’s once again, until his skin took on a pinkish glow and two delicate wings appeared on his back, thin feathers soon spreading across them. La-Iin barely noticed the other changes occur–she was focused on the fact that one of his wings was lopsided.
“And now, Pureblood Siren! Although don’t worry, my voice still doesn’t kill.” Again Dosa-Mina had pulled out one of her earplugs. La-Iin shot a quick glance at San-Kyung, who sat there with an expression of mild surprise.
“Why’s that wing lopsided?” La-Iin asked. Dosa-Mina sighed.
“Transformations aren’t always perfect. If you remember seeing me in my true form, I only have one wing. Since I don’t actually have a wing on this side, it’s more aesthetic than functional. It won’t even flap for me.” As if to prove his point, he flapped his wing. Only the one on the right flapped; the one on the left kept put.
“So you transformed into Pureblood versions of your species, big deal. Can’t you do with anything else? Like can you turn into a Va–” La-Iin covered her mouth, but Dosa-Mina seemed to have caught on to what she had wanted to ask.
“Vampire? I only learned that one recently while reading a history book, but I’ll try!” He pushed the other earplug into her ear, and before La-Iin could protest, he opened his mouth and began to sing. La-Iin stared on in horror as Dosa-Mina’s skin turned grey, his wings became bat-like, and his canines turned into slim, pointed fangs. La-Iin was surprised to see that his eyes were still their normal yellow.
“Like it?” Dosa-Mina asked. He glanced at his left wing. “Though it looks like my body really doesn’t wanna work with me when it comes to that left wing–”
“Change,” La-Iin hissed. Dosa-Mina nodded. “Got any suggestions, San-Kyung?”
San-Kyung pulled out an earplug. Dosa-Mina repeated the question. “Uh…can you do Groundiser? Or Lizardfoot?”
Dosa-Mina nodded. “Keep those earplugs in a while, though. I’m doing this back-to-back!”
Dosa-Mina’s wings disappeared. His whole body became slightly bulkier, and a sand shield soon covered his whole body. La-Iin was surprised. Compared to the other transformations, Dosa-Mina was barely recognizable as a Groundiser.
“YOU SHOULD HAVE USED THAT AS YOUR DISGUISE!” La-Iin called out. Dosa-Mina glanced in her direction, then pulled out her earplug.
“No,” he said. “Then I’d be expected to show off powers I don’t actually have. Normal works best.” Then, he went into another song. This time he grew a long tail that dragged along the ground, and scales covered his body. As his body changed shape and his hands grew claws, La-Iin couldn’t help but think that he looked a little like Bin-Soh.
After that transformation, he took out one earplug from each of their ears. “I could probably do one more transformation. Any suggestions?”
“Animated Pumpkin?” La-Iin said. Dosa-Mina began to look confused, then looked to San-Kyung.
“I don’t care…”
“Alright. But this one is going to be difficult. I hope I remember all the lyrics…and I don’t know which form this one is for.”
Dosa-Mina’s skin turned a bright pale orange as the next transformation began. It became ribbed and he grew a tail, but after that he coughed and the transformation stopped.
La-Iin pulled out her earplugs this time. “What happened?”
“Sorry, I just…I think I out-transformed myself,” he said. “Some species studier I am, forgetting to take care of my body…”
“You’re going to stop now!? You can’t! I still have species I want to see you transform into.”
“What!?” Dosa-Mina panted. “I don’t know all the songs, La-Iin, and at this point it’s going to be a nightmare just to get back to Normal form. Heck, even my true form would be difficult…”
“But I had more species to give you. What about Birdmix or Wingyrm? Can’t you transform into a Dualbreed?”
“What about transforming into a mincemeat pie!?” She exclaimed, then wrinkled her nose. “No, you’d be a bad mincemeat pie. You’re more on the level of chocolate malt balls.”
“What!?” He said, then wheezed. “Look, La-Iin, I gotta stop. Now you got your answer. I can transform into other species if I know the song. No, I don’t know of any Dualbreed songs, they might be out there but I don’t know them. I doubt it though because that would be really complicated. Siren songs for transformation came about in the days of mostly Purebloods, after all. And no, I can’t transform into a food product!”
“Aw,” Dosa-Mina scoffed. “That’s it, I’m out of here. I need to get home…” He faltered and seemed ready to fall. San-Kyung caught him and supported him.
“Thanks,” he wheezed.
“Not a problem.” San-Kyung glanced at La-Iin. “See you.”
“See you, San-Kyung~” La-Iin sing-songed. “And rival-boy, you’re weak.”
“You try transforming a shit-ton,” he spat.

“I wish I could transform like you,” San-Kyung sighed. “I want my powers at all times, but if I could at least be in my true form, I might feel a little bit better.”
“Wish I could give it to you,” he breathed. “Then you could’ve done that for La-Iin.”
“I wouldn’t have.”
“I don’t need it anyway. I barely ever transform. Just needed it the first time….”
San-Kyung fell silent for a moment to focus on the path ahead. Then, he asked, “You think you’ll ever use that power for changing into something aside from a Normal?”
“I guess if I need to,” he said. “La-Iin did say I look pretty different as a Groundiser…but we’ll see.”
San-Kyung gave a huff as he continued to carry Dosa-Mina back home.
“…you know, I could probably walk.”
“Why didn’t you tell me that already!?”


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