26.360.To Make This Winter Night Memorable

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 360
“To Make This Winter Night Memorable”

“San-Kyung, are you going out?” Del-Kyuus called.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Where are you going? They say it’s going to snow soon. I’m not sure you should be out in the snow. Especially not in your condition.”
“I’m not fragile like in November,” he snapped. “And I’ll be fine. I’m just going to Dosa-Mina’s house.”
“What for? We were there the last two days.”
“He just asked me to come over a little bit ago. Apparently his mom has a hangover…”
Del-Kyuus sighed, but San-Kyung noticed the mild amusement in her expression. “I told her she shouldn’t drink so much wine. She did seem a little tipsy last night. Ah…”
“I’m going now,” he said.
“I’m going with you,” she said. “If I levitate us over there, we’ll get there faster. I don’t have to go in with you. Just make sure to call when you need me. And don’t take too long. No matter how warm you’re dressed, I don’t want you staying outside in snow.”
“I don’t want to be outside in snow either,” he said. “I’ll go put on some warmer clothes. Maybe that’ll make you feel a little better…”
“I’m still taking you.”


Dosa-Mina waited impatiently for San-Kyung to arrive. He felt restless, especially while keeping watch over his mother. Elai-Riya was asleep, but the scent of wine was strong on her. Dosa-Mina gagged more than a few times.
He felt he already knew why he was so restless. After the Christmas party, such a relaxed day felt strange. He checked the time again. ‘Get here soon, San-Kyung. I’m not sure I can stand the boredom!’
When he heard a knock on the door, he got up and ran to it as fast as he could manage.
San-Kyung was at the door, Del-Kyuus a short distance behind him. He was bundled up moreso than usual, Dosa-Mina noticed. He couldn’t remember a time recently he had seen San-Kyung wear a winter hat.
“Hi, San-Kyung!” He chirped. “Hello, Mrs. Molshei.”
“Hi, Dosa-Mina. I’m not going to stay. I just wanted San-Kyung to get here quickly, so I brought him here. …is your Mom alright?”
“Well, she’s asleep at least. Dad went to get her some medicine, so I’m pretty much all alone right now.” He smiled as his attention went back to San-Kyung. “Well, I guess not anymore.”
“Don’t get into too much trouble,” Del-Kyuus said.
“We won’t. It’s too cold for that.” Dosa-Mina pulled San-Kyung inside. Del-Kyuus gave an affirmative nod before levitating off. Dosa-Mina closed the door.
“Hey,” San-Kyung said.
“You look cool with that winter hat on,” Dosa-Mina replied. “And hi.”
“I only put it on so Mom would stop worrying. Apparently it’s supposed to snow, and she doesn’t want me out when it starts…”
“Think you’ll get stuck here? Don’t worry, my bed has plenty of room.”
“Cut that out.” Dosa-Mina shook his head in response. San-Kyung rolled his eyes. “I plan on getting back home before it starts snowing. I have nothing against staying with you, it’s your parents I have a problem with.”
“I wish you could get along with them,” Dosa-Mina said quietly. “But I guess it can’t be helped.”
“So, do you have any ideas, or were you looking to me to come up with anything? Because I have nothing. This time of year is boring. I have no powers, there’s no school to go to, and it’s too easy to get sick. So annoying. I can’t wait for March.”
“Yeah, it does start getting warmer then. Oh, ideas! Yeah, I had one. How about we play-fight?”
“Play-fight?” San-Kyung said. “I can’t use any powers except one!”
“We’re inside my house right now! We wouldn’t be using powers, it’d be too destructive.”
“Where’s the fun in not using powers?”
“Hey, we used to tussle without powers.” Dosa-Mina grabbed both of San-Kyung’s arms and held them tight behind his back. “See what I mean?”
“You wouldn’t be so strong if you weren’t half-Werewolf!” He spat.
“Maybe, but that’s not a power,” he said, letting go of his arms. “So, what do you say? Or do you not want to fight?”
“I’m always up for a fight,” he said. “I’m just surprised you’re suggesting it.”
“I don’t want the Christmas party to have taken the fun out of the rest of the year. It may be almost over, but I’m not going to spend the rest of it being bored. I enjoy a good fight every now-and-then too. But, hm…”
“Don’t tell me you’re reconsidering. I’m already getting ready for it.”
San-Kyung was starting to seem giddy. Dosa-Mina gave a tight-lipped smile. “Nope. I was just wondering if there wasn’t anything else we could do along with it. Just a fight doesn’t seem like enough.”
“You can figure that out later,” San-Kyung said.
“…you’re so hot-headed sometimes,” he said to himself. “Fine then. But don’t think this is all we’re doing.”
San-Kyung seemed to be expecting him to say more, so Dosa-Mina took it as a chance to strike first. He grabbed San-Kyung’s arms behind his back once again and tried to throw him to the ground. He could tell San-Kyung was still weak, but he managed to keep from falling to the ground. He knocked Dosa-Mina’s arms away and grabbed him from behind, locking him in place.
Dosa-Mina tried to break free, but San-Kyung tightened his grip. He bit into Dosa-Mina’s shoulder. Dosa-Mina yelped and managed to break free. He turned to face San-Kyung, holding his shoulder.
“Okay, that’s enough!” He said.
“Why? Scared you’ll lose?”
“No, silly!” His tone became playful, and he tried to keep it that way despite the pain in his shoulder. “This is more than just a fight. It’s also a quiz!”
“A quiz!?”
“Mm-hm. Since you got the drop on me this time, I’m asking the question. So, Dosa-Mina Question number one: aside from the janitor, are there any Narwhaltae currently at Malicerie?”
“Good!” He spread his arms. “I give you a free hit, then.”
San-Kyung grinned and ran at him, knocking him to the ground. Dosa-Mina moved out the way before he could attack again. He ran for his bedroom. San-Kyung stayed in pursuit.
“Careful, don’t mess up anything in here!” He said.
San-Kyung didn’t respond. He went for Dosa-Mina’s legs. Dosa-Mina fell over. He picked himself back up quickly enough, and jumped out San-Kyung’s way. San-Kyung grit his teeth in frustration and lit a hand fire.
“Against the rules!” Dosa-Mina shrieked. San-Kyung quickly seemed to realize his mistake, and put out the hand fire. “But now that you’ve done that, it’s time for another intermission! Dosa-Mina Question number two: the number of Groundiser-Minomix Dualbreeds in the world is currently one of the lowest. Has this number reached double-digits, or is it still in single digits?”
San-Kyung seemed to think on this one. “And this question has a penalty.”
“It’s reached double-digits!”
“Bzzt!” San-Kyung flinched. “Unless there’s something I don’t know, there’s only seven of them. So that’s not double-digits. Punishment time! Now you have to put on some of my Mom’s clothes.”
Dosa-Mina grinned. “I had to pick something you’d mind.”
San-Kyung grit his teeth and ran off. “Underwear doesn’t count!” He called after him. He started to skip in his direction, feeling giddy. The fight itself was fine enough, but he was enjoying the little extras added to it.
San-Kyung soon met him in the dining room wearing Elai-Riya’s summer hat. “Happy?”
“Very. Now, I get the first move!”
He grabbed San-Kyung’s hands and began to wrestle with him. ‘Oh, I’m going to win this one. I wonder what sort of question San-Kyung might ask me?’
His curiosity and excitement momentarily distracted him, and provided San-Kyung with enough time to push him backwards. Dosa-Mina stumbled and wasn’t able to recover before San-Kyung grabbed him around the neck. Dosa-Mina gasped for breath and broke free.
“That’s just not fair,” he panted, “though I guess it’s not against the rules…but I get to ask the next question.”
“Do your worst,” he said through narrowed eyes. “Do I get to punish you if I get it right?”
“Oooohh….okay. Alright, Dosa-Mina Question number three: a mouth full of fangs on a Pureblood Vampire is a birth defect. True or false?”
“Oh no,” Dosa-Mina sighed. “I guess I’m screwed then.”
“Do you have livers in the house right now?” Dosa-Mina flinched. “Because if so, put them in your pants.”
Dosa-Mina shuddered as he head for the fridge. ‘Mom and Dad are going to be mad, too,’ he thought, but he figured at least Elai-Riya would already be mad that San-Kyung was wearing her hat.
Dosa-Mina trudged back to San-Kyung. “If….if my privates freeze and shrivel up, I’ll kill you.”
“That’s not going to happen,” San-Kyung said, though he seemed mildly amused by the statement.
“I’m open,” Dosa-Mina sighed.
San-Kyung ran at him once again. This time, Dosa-Mina was barely able to react. His whole body was starting to become cold due to the livers, and he was practically frozen in place as San-Kyung pummeled him with fake blows. He flinched at the last one, which came dangerously close to his face.
“Well, that’s that,” he said. “Next question.”
“You’re enjoying the quiz, aren’t you?” Dosa-Mina breathed. “Fine then. But I won’t go easy on you. Dosa-Mina Question number four: what is the most wings any given avian has ever been born with, including abnormal incidents?”
“Anything but two is an abnormal incident,” San-Kyung muttered. “Four, right?”
“Bzzt!” San-Kyung flinched. “You made two incorrect statements there. It’s not uncommon for Dualbreeds to have more than two. It happens sometimes with Pureblood Cicadins too. And for the record, it isn’t four, it’s five. Which means, I get to torture you some more!”
“Now you’re just admitting it’s torture!”
“When did I say anything to the contrary? Okay, San-Kyung, take off your shirt!”
“So you’re embarrassed, of course!” He said simply. “I’m slowed down by melting livers in my underwear. Taking off your shirt and being embarrassed doesn’t even come close.”
San-Kyung seemed to want to protest, but he complied anyway, taking off his shirt and tossing it to the floor. After that, he gave a battle cry, and the two began to wrestle once again. Both were evenly matched this time. Dosa-Mina focused on the fight entirely, and San-Kyung did likewise, neither boy making any significant progress.
Just as Dosa-Mina noticed San-Kyung slip up, the door opened.
“I’m back, Dosa-Mina,” Orlin-Aesth called. “Is Elai-Riya awake? I–”
He stared wide-eyed and ears down at the two boys as they let go of eachother.
“Um…she’s not awake,” Dosa-Mina said. Orlin-Aesth didn’t respond.
“….you smell like livers,” he said finally.
“I know,” Dosa-Mina sighed. “Dad, I’ll explain this all in a little bit, but….just get the medicine to Mom right now, okay?”

“Um…sorry,” Dosa-Mina said.
“I got you embarrassed again,” he said.
“It was your Dad who embarrassed me.”
“Well…that makes me feel a little better, I guess,” he said with a chuckle. “Hope you get home before the snow hits.”
“Yeah, me too….hey, one thing before I go, though.”
“I never did get to ask you any questions.”
“What do you want to ask?”
“Just this. Is there such a thing as a person who’s a Goathoof-Snowliv-Narwhaltae-Vampire?”
“No.” San-Kyung started to chuckle. “What!?”
“There is. Just born yesterday.” He grinned. “See you, Dosa-Mina.”
“See you, San-Kyung. …I can’t believe you found that out before me.”
“I had to get ahead of you somehow in species study, didn’t I?”
“That doesn’t exactly count, but….oh, whatever. What’s my punishment?”
“Don’t give me any affection until the year ends.”
Dosa-Mina stared at him blankly. “Okay, okay, I’m kidding!”
“Good!” He said, before giving San-Kyung a kiss on the cheek. San-Kyung sighed.


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