10.344.Battle Cry!

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 344
“Battle Cry!”

“Why did we have to go outside?” Fer-Shi asked.
As soon as Mr. Chensu arrived in the classroom that day, he invited the students outside. The students were now gathered in a group next to the building, most eyes on their teacher as he cleared his throat.
“I’ve been thinking about your feelings on history. Some of you like it and some of you don’t, and even the ones who like it usually say I ruin it for them. So I thought, for those of you who don’t like it or feel like I ruin it, why not do a history class that’s a little more fun today?”
“…standing outside is a more fun history class?” Gen-Reiya asked. Mr. Chensu narrowed his eyes. “No. What I mean is, I asked Mr. Sharai and the Principal if today we could do an ‘interactive history’ class.”
“Interactive history!?” Rini-Futo squealed. “So we get to act out something in history, right?”
“Miss Shaejaein gets it,” he chuckled. “Yes, I thought maybe some of you would be a little more interested in history if you got to experience it for yourselves. So, I decided that today we’ll devote my usual history class to reenacting a battle from the first world war–the Massive Battle of the Species.”
Dosa-Mina raised his hand. “Yes, Mr. Dslellullar?”
“How are we going to do this? The Massive Battle of the Species was split into several groups of soldiers from various different species. If we break students into groups of their species, then some groups will have a lot of soldiers and some won’t. For example, there’s a few Birdmixes but only one Siren.”
“And what do us Dualbreeds do?” Tenha-Gumo asked.
“And….are we gonna get hurt?” Gen-Reiya asked.
“No, I’m not intending for you to get hurt. So don’t go crazy and start using your powers. We’re still on school grounds and powers are still prohibited, especially in a situation like this. Simulate a battle as well as you can without physically harming anyone. I’ll get in trouble if people get hurt from this, and so will the student who did the hurting.”
“Ooh,” La-Iin hummed.
“Hey, it might be fun if we keep getting to do interactive history,” Fer-Shi said.
“But it’ll also be fun if he gets in trouble,” she said. Fer-Shi sighed.
“I guess I’ll just leave that decision up to someone else.” She glanced at San-Kyung, who was starting to look mildly intrigued, and Ai-Reia, who kept throwing glances in her direction.
“….about the species, we’re not going to break into groups. I know the historical battle was a whole bunch of species going at each other, but that’d be difficult to reproduce with this class. We’ve got one of some species, multiples of others, and some have more and some have less. Miss Bustaen, Miss Melongie, Mr. Yuuldang…they’d all be on their own, and that’s not to mention the others who would be at a disadvantage.”
“I could always transform,” Zae-Mia offered.
“No, you don’t need to. Nobody won the actual battle. Since this point in history was a little more….open to interpretation, I just want you all to play-fight until you’re tired or until the class ends. After whichever happens first, we’ll stop and go over a history lesson. You’ll all be on your own in this battle. There’s so many species that having everyone represent one would be a problem…and about the Dualbreeds, I don’t think any were allowed to participate in battles. Most were too young or weak.”
“Is that all?” Rini-Futo asked.
“Pretty much. Remember, everyone, just play-fighting. Don’t start using your powers, don’t actually come into contact with anyone. And don’t act like this is something you can win at. Now, history class is about to begin. Prepare yourselves!”
“This might actually be fun,” San-Kyung muttered.
“That’s what I’m hoping for!” Dosa-Mina said.
“With so many people around, this could be a good chance for me to sneak in an actual hit,” Ai-Reia said, glancing at La-Iin.
“This might be fun no matter what happens,” La-Iin said.
“A little surprising to hear that from you,” Fer-Shi said.
“You were paying attention to what he said, right? No making actual contact,” Gen-Reiya said smugly.
“I heard him!” Mali-Ana hissed.
“Damn, it’s gonna be hard to keep from using any powers,” Lirako said.
“Not for me. I still don’t really understand how Wingyrms were able to fight in this war…” Deki-Tyunri said.
“This is exciting,” Zae-Mia said.
“Yeah!” Rini-Futo said.
“Might jus’ be play-fightin’, but it’s somethin’ to do!” Yefu-Shenhao bellowed.
“Will be nice to stretch a slight,” Shuera-Kaizima said.
“Do you mean a bit?” Im-Dei asked.
“You gonna throw sand in people’s eyes, Xhephe?” Xhen-Bei said.
“No. Where’d you get that dumb idea?” Kaersh-Cogyp said.
“I hope I don’t run into anybody. Maybe instead of play fighting though, I should do that mind-reading thing again…” Shan-Zetsu mumbled to himself.
“I hope nobody trips over my tail,” Tenha-Gumo sighed.
“I think you’ll be fine,” Mi-Kou said.
“Battle’s a weirds first choices,” Voi-Ehst said.
“It’s an interesting first choice. I think he picked it because he knew a lot of Class D students would like it.” Kim-Koou said.
“Let’s see how this goes,” Fei-Zhust said.
“I wonder if we can throw grass at least?” Ilhe-Anra said.
“Hope I don’t chip my polish,” Nemi-Hikla said.
“I’m a bit surprised you care about that,” Song-Jpinne said. “We’re just play-fighting.”
‘Geez, so much chatter,’ Mr. Chensu gave a mental sigh as he withheld his desire to snap at his students. He sucked a breath in, then checked his watch.
“History class time. Students, let the battle begin!”
The students reacted right away and ran at each other. Mr. Chensu took a seat and kept a close eye on the students to watch for any misdemeanors.
Ai-Reia shoved her way through the frenzy and began to look for La-Iin. She noticed her blonde hair, but when she pushed her way through to where she had seen it, La-Iin wasn’t there.
La-Iin was tempted to bite someone with all the legs around her, but for now she was trying to avoid crashing into anyone. She almost ran into Fer-Shi, who apologized before running off.
Rini-Futo was almost too scared to move. She didn’t hear any blows landing, but the frenzy was too much for her. She tried to back out, only to be pulled back in by Zae-Mia, who grinned at her before running off.
“There’s no point in holding back, is there?” San-Kyung whispered.
“I heard you. This won’t get to happen again if you actually beat someone up. Besides, you can only use fire right now!”
“That’s enough for me,” he said. “But damn it, I can’t even mo–”
All the students stopped at the sound of a blow landing. Mr. Chensu stood up from his seat.
La-Iin was holding her head. The students noticed Ai-Reia, mid-transformation, setting down her hand and watching La-Iin with a wide grin.
“…so that was your plan all along.” The students and Mr. Chensu watched as La-Iin’s skin started to turn grey. Her eyes began to glow and she leaped at Ai-Reia.
For the other students, that was all the incentive they needed.
San-Kyung struck his hands. Dosa-Mina grabbed him by the wrist and blew the flames out. La-Iin and Ai-Reia writhed on the ground, locked in battle. Fer-Shi, Shan-Zetsu and Rini-Futo tried to escape the frenzy, but were often knocked down by the taller students.
Kaersh-Cogyp started to grow in size. Xhen-Bei leaped around the frenzy, trying to escape. He crashed into the school and fell into the bushes. Mi-Kou flew above the frenzy and dove back down into it, knocking over Dosa-Mina. San-Kyung let out a shriek as he backed away from them.
Fei-Zhust and Yefu-Shenhao tried to pull La-Iin and Ai-Reia apart. Ai-Reia bit Yefu-Shenhao and she backed away. Dosa-Mina stood up and stared on at the frenzy in horror. Mi-Kou flew up once again, then went back into a dive, this time crashing against the ground. Tenha-Gumo whisked his tail about, as if trying to make students trip over it.
Students who could fly mostly tried to keep above the frenzy. Nemi-Hikla crashed into Deki-Tyunri as the two raced for the sky. Lirako ran around the throttle and grabbed San-Kyung, throwing him out of the crowd before heading for Dosa-Mina.
“STOP!” Mr. Chensu yelled. He ran for his students, but was quickly blocked off from them by San-Kyung, fire rising from both his hands.
“Stand back,” he growled, then rushed back into the frenzy. Mr. Chensu stared on.
‘I can’t do this alone. Against twenty-five students I’ll just get killed. I need help.’
He ran away from the students.
The frenzy continued on without supervision. Fei-Zhust had fallen to the ground, drool trailing from her mouth, as students stepped over her. Zae-Mia fluttered around, trying to pull apart students engaged in battle. La-Iin and Ai-Reia began to roll around in the heat of the frenzy, and students started to trip over them or were otherwise nipped by one of the girls. Embers sprinkled from San-Kyung’s flames, and students turned against him. Yefu-Shenhao picked him up and tossed him. Dosa-Mina leaped out of the crowd and caught him before he hit the ground.
Ai-Reia pulled away from La-Iin, her eyes wide. She reached to bite her, but La-Iin, now freed from her grip, flew above her. When she noticed someone heading for Fer-Shi, she pushed her friend out the way. Ai-Reia jumped her again and La-Iin gasped in pain when Mali-Ana kicked her rib.
Fer-Shi turned back to La-Iin and watched as her friend took deep breaths, all while Ai-Reia started to rip at her sleeves.
“She saved me…”
A mixture of determined and angry, Fer-Shi launched herself at Ai-Reia and knocked her over. She pinned Ai-Reia to the ground, and Yefu-Shenhao and Zae-Mia quickly came to her assistance. Ai-Reia started to twitch and blink.
Lirako ran over to San-Kyung and slapped him with her tail. San-Kyung grabbed her tail and threw her to the ground. Dosa-Mina stepped on her leg and glared down at her.
“There’s one good thing about the way this turned out,” he growled. Before he could dig his foot in deeper, a frenzy of students knocked both boys to the ground. Lirako was helped up by Mi-Kou and Deki-Tyunri.
“Thanks, guys!”
“Not a problem,” Mi-Kou grunted.
The students keeping Ai-Reia pinned watched as she reverted to her normal self, the sounds of the fight still loud around them. Fer-Shi kept glancing back at La-Iin, who was lying on the ground. She wanted to go to her side, but she knew keeping Ai-Reia down was important.
‘Oh, can’t I just leave this to Bustaen and Melongie!?’
“What happened?” Ai-Reia said, blinking. Her bat form had mostly disappeared.
“You started a fight is what!” Yefu-Shenhao bellowed.
“What’s wrong with you!?” Zae-Mia shrieked.
“Why did you do that to La-Iin!?” Fer-Shi yelled. She was starting to tear up. She wiped the tears away, hoping that she appeared intimidating to Ai-Reia. Ai-Reia shook her head in disbelief as she glanced up at the fight.
“I was just confused!” She yelled. “I couldn’t navigate the crowd, there were so many sounds….my bat form does that sometimes and I can’t control it! I didn’t mean to start anything!”
Fer-Shi didn’t want to believe her, but her story sounded true enough and her tone was genuine. Her anger ebbed a little and she motioned to Yefu-Shenhao and Zae-Mia to help her up, then ran to La-Iin’s side.
“I can’t breathe,” La-Iin whined.
“I’ll get you help!”
“This is horrible,” Ai-Reia said, watching the fight. “How do we–”
Students ran their way. Yefu-Shenhao and Zae-Mia helped her out the way of them.
The fight continued as Xhen-Bei leaped over and on student’s heads. Kaersh-Cogyp had not reduced in size, and smaller students ran screaming from him. Fer-Shi helped La-Iin out of his way. Lirako, San-Kyung and Dosa-Mina were locked in a brawl, with various students trying to help out Lirako by pulling the two boys away from her. Shan-Zetsu was crashing into almost everyone he ran in to. Feathers were scattered all around and swirling into tornadoes.
It was chaos.
The usage of powers was evident everywhere. The students were all turning on each other.
“This is where I end this!” San-Kyung yelled as he broke free from a student’s grip.
Most students turned around, save for those locked in the throes of battle. Balls of water and feathers were hurled at them. A bone tripped students running at each other.
Standing behind them were faculty members of Malicerie. They watched the students with expressions that were a mixture of disappointment and anger. Walking forward, their janitor threw one last water ball at Lirako as the Principal took her place in front of the crowd.
“Shame on you all!” She yelled. The students flinched. Mr. Chensu glared at them from a distance.
“I wanted to give you something and you ruined it,” he sighed. “All of you are in trouble.”
“Hey, some of us didn’t do anything!” Zae-Mia yelled.
“Yeah, Fer-Shi was just tryin’ to stop it!” Yefu-Shenhao bellowed.
“There’s no way we can prove this, is there?” The Principal hissed. “You all should have let it end with Miss Vampiris’ error instead of letting it go on. I am ashamed of you all!”
“There’s going to be big problems for Class D,” Vikei sighed. “And I guess your interactive history classes are cancelled.”
Mr. Chensu gave another sigh.

Class D students were crowded in the reception room as their parents came to get them. Their moods were a mixture of angry, concerned and indifference.
“San-Kyung, I hope you didn’t have anything to do with this,” Del-Kyuus said. San-Kyung rolled his eyes.
“What did you do, big sister? What did you do?” Lirako’s younger brothers sang as they surrounded her. Lirako glared at them and her parents.
“Look at you, Dosa-Mina,” Elai-Riya sighed. “Come on, let’s get home. This form is annoying me…”
“Are you alright, Fer-Shi?” Den-Matsu called. He and Tei-Sheu ran for their daughter, who ran towards them.
“Ai-Reia, I heard you started all this…I’d like to hear your side of the story before I make any judgments, though…” Ai-Reia’s mother said as she led her out the school.
Mit-Sun walked up to La-Iin, her eyes narrowed.
“Look at you,” she sighed.
“I didn’t have as big a part in the fight as everyone else,” she scoffed. “I only fought back because Ai-Reia attacked me first!”
“You’re still a wreck,” Mit-Sun said. “Let’s get home.”
She picked up La-Iin, who for once didn’t struggle. She was too preoccupied with glaring at Ai-Reia.
Throughout the reception room, even students with minimal participation in the fight were in sour moods.
‘Why do we have to be blamed?’ Many of them wondered.
Peeking into the reception room, students from Class B and C couldn’t help but wonder what Class D had done.


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