24.328.Melody from Dasdoria

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 328
“Melody from Dasdoria”

“Miss Gyunerr, what’s interesting you on the internet? I hope you’re not reading negative comments about yourself again…”
“Didn’t hear ya come in, Mr. Namgung,” she said. “You work closely with music. Have you heard of this song?”
“What song?”
“Some Dasdorian song that’s gettin’ really popular over here!” Her eyes were wide, as if she had been staring too intensely at the computer.
“Dasdorian…? Oh, I’ve heard of that one. Something like Rafsheaj Fulshe, right? I have no idea what it means, but everyone I work with was surprised that a song from Dasdoria not only made it out of there, but became so popular…”
“I wanna know why too,” she said through grit teeth.
“Oh, don’t worry about that! A Dasdorian woman’s no competition for you, Miss Gyunerr,” Namgung said.
“No, it’s not competition I’m worried about! I just wanna know how people are enjoyin’ a song they can’t even understand!”
“Miss Gyunerr…if people didn’t enjoy songs they couldn’t understand, you wouldn’t have to travel as much as you do…”
“…” Usl-Thaehey folded her ears to her head. Now she felt like an idiot. “…that came out wrong. I meant to say, she lives in Dasdoria, right? How’d it get out of there? Do people like it just ’cause it’s Dasdorian?”
“Have you heard the song yet, Miss Gyunerr?”
“Have you?”
“No, I haven’t. But I hear it’s catchy.”
“Wonder if it’s on the internet….it’s gotta be if so many people are listenin’ to it, right?”
“Most popular things are on the internet. I know there’s a lot about you on the internet.”
Usl-Thaehey’s ears folded back further. “Uh….not too much stuff, right?”
“Mostly just your songs.”
Usl-Thaehey let out a breath. “Well, I can deal with that…ya said Rafshei Fulshei?”
“Rafsheaj Fulshe,” he corrected.
“Right, right…I just hear ‘shei’ in a lotta Dasdorian words, is all…”
She typed the song into a search engine. Several more results than she expected came up.
“You know, Miss Gyunerr, if you want to find out how the song made its way over here, you could use the internet for that too,” Namgung said. “The internet has a lot of information.”
“Didn’t ya say once ‘the internet has a lot of misinformation’?” Usl-Thaehey asked, an edge to her tone.
“Well….both of those are true,” he sighed.
Usl-Thaehey started to load a video. A note appeared, stating that the song had no official video yet and that none would be provided.
“To…keep the song’s integrity?” Usl-Thaehey said. “Why put this message here at all…I guess I wouldn’t really like it if someone added a video to my song, but this is kinda pointless…”
The song started after the note. Usl-Thaehey’s ears perked up.
“…it’s pretty good,” she said. Namgung was staring intensely at the screen, as if watching a video instead of listening to a song. Usl-Thaehey found herself twitching to the rhythm.
‘I wanna dance so badly,’ she thought. ‘But then I know I’m just gonna start singin’ along, and I can’t sing in Dasdorian…’
When the song ended, Namgung said, “Now I can see why people like Rafsheaj Fulshe so much.”
“Yeah, it’s definitely catchy. I like the melody. I dunno what the lyrics mean, but it’s got that kinda morbid sound, yet with a li’l bit of hope…I dunno, kinda gives the impression that the lady who sung it has hope even if she lives somewhere horrible like Dasdoria.”
“Well, if she sung this song, maybe she does.”
“Now, onto how the hell this song made its way to Vaelyn, and lyrics, I hope. Though not many people speak Dasdorian over here…”
“This song is popular. I’m sure someone who speaks Dasdorian came across it and translated it.”
Usl-Thaehey started to wonder about the singer from Dasdoria as she typed in her search. She wondered how hard it had been to sing the song, and how hard it had been to record it. Questions like what sort of person was she and what did she like stayed on her mind, and she couldn’t help but wonder what this girl looked like.
‘Doubt there’s a picture of her floatin’ around the internet though, popular song or not….’
“Lesse….”Rafsheaj Fulshe is a Dasdorian song by a woman known only as Heryushi; details such as her real name and species remain unknown. The song was discovered mid-November 2014 on a tape found in a land neighboring Dasdoria. The man who found it liked it and decided ta upload it to the internet so that more people could enjoy it….the song has since sparked interest in Dasdoria and activity at Dasdorian charities have increased. Lyrics for the song can be found here, translated into the following languages….note: Rafsheaj Fulshe is Dasdorian for Neighboring Universe. Heryushi, the name of the singer, is a Dasdorian surname meaning “Peace”. It is speculated that this name is not the actual surname of the singer, but perhaps a translation for her desires.” …quite a story.”
“This makes me wonder if this Heryushi is still alive,” Namgung sighed. “There’s no guarantee if nobody’s even seen her….”
“I hope she is. She made a good song. I just wanna know how she could get it onto tape livin’ someplace like Dasdoria…”
“Well, there are ways for everything, aren’t there? People have all sorts of powers. Heryushi could be a Witch. Witches have been known to make objects into other objects, so maybe she made the tape and left it there on purpose.”
“I wonder.”
“…I like songs with stories like this,” Namgung sighed. “It just shows you that they have a universal appeal. No matter where you live, whether it’s the place closest to paradise or someplace like Dasdoria or North Vaelyn, a good song, even one you don’t understand, might end up touching you….you hear a lot of stories about a song cheering someone up or inspiring them, don’t you?”
“What’s the random deep stuff for?” Usl-Thaehey asked.
“This song just made me think about that.”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Namgung, I understand what you’re saying. I feel that way about songs too. Songs are somethin’ that can really get through to people, even if they can’t understand ’em…that’s why I love them so much. If I had to give up everything else I do to focus on just one thing, I’d give up everything to focus on music. It’s great how people can get inspired or cheer up ’cause of things like this…”
Usl-Thaehey smiled. “I hope Heryushi is alive and still singin’. Wish I could give her a little encouragement.”
“Me too. This world loses enough talented singers….take as best care of yourself as possible, alright Miss Gyunerr?”
“Of course I will! I plan on singin’ until I can’t anymore.”
‘And I always wanted to be a safe singer anyway,’ she added silently.

Reading the translations of the lyrics, Usl-Thaehey sighed.
‘They definitely sound hopeful. Maybe things were lookin’ up for Heryushi if she sang this song.’
She hoped the song’s popularity would lead to great things for Heryushi.


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