23.327.Moment off the Deep End

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 327
“Moment off the Deep End”

“Thanks for coming, La-Iin,” Dosa-Mina said, kicking his feet back-and-forth. Already he had irritated La-Iin. Behind him was San-Kyung, sleeping peacefully in his bed.
Dosa-Mina and San-Kyung had arrived at La-Iin’s house earlier that day, with Dosa-Mina asking if La-Iin would come along with him to his house. La-Iin had decided to go after hearing his promises of San-Kyung being there, but now she was disappointed and irritated. Almost right after they had arrived, San-Kyung went to sleep, and Dosa-Mina began to act incredibly cheerful.
“I don’t like being alone with you,” she huffed.
“But you’re not alone with me. San-Kyung’s here. And my Mom doesn’t work today, and Dad’s gonna be home soon enough….”
“But San-Kyung’s asleep! And I don’t even know your Mom.”
“You do? You just saw her on your way in! Oh well,” he sighed, hopping off the bed, “I suppose you two don’t have any significant connection.”
He pulled out a few books with Vampires and Dualbreeds on the cover, a few pieces of paper, and then a pen from his backpack.
“Hey, can I ask you a question before we get started? How come you still don’t like me? I’ve actually been toning down the affection around you lately just so I don’t get bitten. You’re friends with San-Kyung, so hanging out with me too is a given.”
“Because you’re my rival. I told you, rivals can’t be friends. That’s stupid.”
“I wasn’t asking to be friends, I was asking if you’d stop hating me like I was Lucifer.”
“I don’t hate Lucifer.”
Dosa-Mina rolled his eyes. “Of course you don’t. Anyway, it’s not like we don’t have things in common. You like species study, don’t you?”
“Yes, mostly.”
“I love species study and I want to do it for a living once I graduate. …well, I’ll have to go to college first, but you know. And we both like San-Kyung.”
“You still won’t tell me how bad our rivalry is,” she hissed.
“That’s because it’s none of your business, so stop asking,” he said. “Anyway, we probably could be friends, if you’d give us a chance. But enough about this. I know how it’s going to end if I keep going on…”
“You went too far already, rival-boy.”
Dosa-Mina seemed to ignore her as he glanced through some of his books, laid them down on various different pages, and organized his papers. “Okay. All I want you to do is transform for me.”
“That’s gonna get you want you want less,” La-Iin said.
“What you said didn’t make any sense! And maybe if I tell you a secret, you’ll be willing to help me?”
“That depends on what the secret is,” La-Iin hissed. Dosa-Mina rolled his eyes.
“The secret is, I’m doing this for San-Kyung. So if you help me, you’ll be doing something for San-Kyung too,” he whispered.
La-Iin blinked at him, surprised. “Why didn’t you say so? And wait, why are you doing it for San-Kyung?”
“There’s something he wants to learn about your transformation. I thought you knew this already. Either way, if we find out anything interesting about it while he’s asleep, I can tell him about it later and maybe he’ll find out what he wants. But you can’t tell him I told you this.
“Why not?”
“He doesn’t really want you to know. So this’ll be our secret, ‘kay?” He said, winking.
La-Iin glared. “…fine. Taking advantage of me just ’cause I’d do almost anything for San-Kyung…” She started to grumble.
“I’m not trying to take advantage. I just knew you’d feel that way because I do, too…”
La-Iin’s glare only intensified as she bit into her arm and sucked some of her blood. She stood in place, holding her arms gently as she started to transform. Dosa-Mina scribbled down a few notes as she did.
Once she had finished her transformation, she shook her head.
“Very,” Dosa-Mina said, continuing to scribble down notes.
“Do you need anything else?”
“Fly a bit for me?” He asked. La-Iin rolled her eyes. ‘For San-Kyung, it’s for San-Kyung, not for this bastard, it’s for San-Kyung…’
She jumped up and began to fly around the room. She was tempted to start knocking things over, but seeing San-Kyung’s peaceful sleeping face, she opted against it.
“You’re letting yourself get weak~” She could almost hear Bes-Isa say.
Dosa-Mina continued to scribble down notes. ‘All I did was transform and fly. How could he get so many notes from that?’
“I’m going to ask you a strange favor now,” Dosa-Mina sighed. He lifted up a pant sleeve. “I need you to suck a little of my blood.”
“Ew, gross!”
“Hey, I don’t want you doing it either, but it’s for research, and we don’t have any bloodboxes in my house.”
“Not only do I have to suck your blood, I have to suck it from your hairy leg? That hardly seems fair.”
“Hey, it isn’t that hairy! And it’s probably the place that’s gonna hurt me the least, so long as you stick to my thigh and don’t go lower than that…”
“It’s not fair.”
“What’s not fair now!? I don’t see how this isn’t fair to you at all!”
“Of course you have to be a pedophile when I don’t like you.”
Dosa-Mina glared at her. “Again, that didn’t make any sense. I’m not a pedophile and I think you’re the last person I’d ever be interested in that way, sheesh…besides, I thought you were okay with pedophiles.”
“I’m not okay with you being one.”
“I’m not,” Dosa-Mina groaned. “Could you just hurry up!?”
La-Iin decided to take this as a chance. She bit as deep into his thigh as she could manage. Dosa-Mina squeaked in pain and twitched, but didn’t pull his leg back. La-Iin sucked as much blood as she could take, then drew back, blood still dripping from her fangs.
“At least you taste better than Mama. …you have a kinda meaty taste.”
“Given my species, what did you expect?” He sighed. He was relieved to see his bandages were nearby, so he reached for them and wrapped them around his leg.
“Now what?”
“I don’t know, just do something. Have you developed the ability to use blood powers yet? Try that. ….except don’t sing. Please.”
“I don’t think I can,” she said between grit teeth.
“Well, that’s okay. Try flying again.”
“Why? I already flew.”
“I just want to see something.”
La-Iin started to tap her foot. “Rival-boy, are you telling the truth when you say you don’t have any bloodboxes?”
“Yes. Nobody in my house is a Vampire. Why?”
“I thought I heard Sirens sometimes season their meat with blood.”
“My Dad cooks.”
La-Iin’s eyes widened. Dosa-Mina flinched. He started to scribble furiously.
“….San-Kyung is asleep right now…”
“Oh no you don’t!”
“I want more blood, Dosa-Mina. I was starting to think that maybe if I got more blood, I could keep sustaining this form.”
“More of your own blood maybe,” he said, jotting down notes. “Hey, stay away from him!”
He grabbed La-Iin, who started to struggle and bare her fangs. Dosa-Mina put a hand to her mouth to keep her from biting him. She nipped his hand and started to suck from it. Dosa-Mina pushed her away.
“You know, against me you’re always at a disadvantage!” He yelled.
“All I want is more blood,” La-Iin said calmly, though the combination of her widened eyes and flopping bangs made her look almost insane. “I started thinking I have a lot more potential with blood, Dosa-Mina….and you want to study this more, don’t you? Don’t you want to find out what it is San-Kyung wants to know…?”
She started to crawl towards him. Dosa-Mina sighed.

Show the truth that’s only a falsehood,
Claim you’re no liar, but I know the truth
For I can see right through you when you smile at me that way
For now, take a chance to rest….

La-Iin flopped down and fell asleep. Dosa-Mina sighed and began to jot down notes.
‘If she’s acting like that because she drank someone else’s blood, I don’t think she has a complete grasp of her powers yet. Probably because she’s still so young,’ he thought to himself.
‘…I wonder if it’s all the extra power. I don’t get any extra power when I transform, but San-Kyung does, and then he starts acting…damn, I wish I had asked that species studier guy about this. Maybe there’s something about it in one of my books….’
He stared at La-Iin, who was starting to revert back to her normal form, a peaceful expression on her face.
“I should probably take her home,” he sighed.

“How’d it go?” San-Kyung asked. He still looked and sounded exhausted from his nap.
“I found out something…strange.”
“If La-Iin drinks someone else’s blood while she’s in that form, she starts acting a little crazy. I think that means she hasn’t completely gotten the hang of transforming yet.”
“Actually, that was making me think of something else related to transforming…”
“What’s that?”
Realizing what he was about to say, Dosa-Mina shook his head. “Never mind. It actually had nothing to do with transforming, sorry.”
‘I need to find out more about this,’ he thought to himself. ‘Unfortunately, that means keeping the power-insanity thing a secret from San-Kyung, at least for now….’


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