20.324.Outright Jealousy

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 324
“Outright Jealousy”

“Hi, La-Iin!” Fer-Shi called out. La-Iin flew over to her and landed.
“2014’s almost over, huh? It feels kinda weird. With the weather getting colder, I’ve almost been thinking it’s the beginning of the year!”
Fer-Shi bowed her head slightly. “Almost,” she whispered.
“My wings are going to start freezing again,” she sighed.
“Well, at least now you can fly! Maybe that’ll help warm them up?”
“So, are you looking forward to 2015?”
“I don’t know.”
“Um, have you liked 2014?”
“There have been some bad parts…” She started, her eyes wandering off. Fer-Shi tried to follow her gaze. “….but a lot of the good has outweighed the bad.”
Fer-Shi noticed she was focusing on San-Kyung, who as usual was chatting with Dosa-Mina. “I started to get blood cravings, and now I can fly, and I’ve gotten to see my Dami a lot more this year, and a lot’s been going my way….and also, San-Kyung’s my friend now.”
“Yeah, I know you like that a lot,” Fer-Shi said, rolling her eyes. “But–”
When she turned back to La-Iin, she was gone, running up to San-Kyung and using her wings to push her. Fer-Shi sighed.
She had enjoyed the year for the most part too. But this wasn’t something she enjoyed. Ever since La-Iin had become friends with San-Kyung, she would always pick him over her. She knew how La-Iin felt about San-Kyung, probably more well than she’d like to, but she couldn’t help but feel jealous whenever she talked to him.
Ever since the two had arrived at Malicerie, San-Kyung had always been incredibly anti-social except when it came to Dosa-Mina, and he was the only person he would talk to. So why had he decided to become friends with La-Iin?
He already had his own best friend, and Fer-Shi knew that La-Iin and San-Kyung sometimes hung out after school. He obviously had the means to contact her outside of school. Maybe it was that La-Iin was always bothering him, forcing him to spend time with her. That wouldn’t be too surprising given her attitude towarrds him earlier in the year.
But La-Iin was her friend. Whenever she saw her other friends interacting with other people, she didn’t mind. And she knew it wasn’t La-Iin interacting with others that was the problem–she hadn’t been bothered by things like that before.
La-Iin spent a lot of her time away from her now. And it was starting to make her feel incredibly lonely.

“Can I play on the monkey bars?” A student from Class B asked. La-Iin was lying on top of them, her eyes closed. She opened one to glance down at the boy.
“Why not? You’re not even playing on them.”
The boy groaned. “I don’t like you!” He said, before stomping off somewhere else. La-Iin ignored him and continued to lie on top of the monkey bars. Each day she had to wait for Fer-Shi, she felt that her boredom got stronger and harder to get rid of.
She slipped in between the bars, her head almost getting stuck, and hung upside-down. It was a comfortable position, at least until the blood started to rush to her head. Still, she ignored the dizziness until she saw Fer-Shi.
“La-Iin!” She called, running over to her. “…why are you doing that?”
“Because I feel like it,” she said, before getting off the bars. For a moment she felt disoriented and she stumbled until she reached the bench.
“So what do you want to do?” La-Iin asked. Fer-Shi glanced around the recess area. Aside from the monkey bars, children were playing on nearly every piece of equipment. Her mind started to drift in the direction of something she and La-Iin could act out when her earlier thoughts came to mind.
“Um, La-Iin?”
“Before we play, can I talk to you about something?”
“What?” There was an edge to La-Iin’s tone.
“Um, well…you might think this is stupid….actually, you’ll probably think this is stupid…”
“If even you think I’ll think it’s stupid, it’s probably stupid. But what? Just tell me already.”
“Um, well…can I admit that I’ve been kinda jealous of your friendship with San-Kyung!?”
La-Iin blinked at her, though her eyes widened as if she were surprised. “Why?”
“Because if you had to pick who to spend time with, you’d pick San-Kyung over me, wouldn’t you?”
“Maybe most of the time.”
Fer-Shi sighed. “Ever since you two became friends, it feels like we’ve been mostly spending time together at the recess area….you don’t even really call me anymore.”
“We went to a dress shop just the other day!”
“I know. But I mean, I was talking to you earlier and you went over to San-Kyung. I have other friends, but you’re my best friend, La-Iin. And I know you’ve had other friends before too, but I don’t know…”
“You saying this was going to be stupid was actually pretty smart to say,” La-Iin said sarcastically. “I spend lots of time with you at school and there are a lot of days I’m just at home bored. You know, you could call and we could talk or go somewhere. You’d make those days a lot more fun….”
“If I wasn’t spending any time with you, maybe it wouldn’t have sounded so ridiculous, but I always spend time with you at the recess area. And I’m here every day I have to go to school. If anything, I should be jealous of you!”
“Sometimes you spend time with other people at the recess area. And I get bored when that happens. Maybe I like spending time with you at the recess area.”
“Stop apologizing. If you want to spend more time with me, then just call or we can go somewhere after school or something. You can’t expect me to have an idea for what we should do all the time.”
“I guess you’re right…”
“And of course I spend a lot of time with San-Kyung. If I don’t, rival-boy will only become closer to him than he already is…but he’s been boring this month because he’s so weak. It’s sad to watch…”
“You know, I know you think it’s stupid that I said this, but I’m glad I did.”
“Because you made a good point. I’ll probably still get jealous, but maybe I should take the initiative sometimes…”
“Does that mean you want to go somewhere after school?”
Fer-Shi smiled. “Maybe we should go to the park! We haven’t been there in a while.”
“We could go anywhere and you want to pick the park?”
“Well, I like the park!”
“I’ll go somewhere with you after school, but not the park! Also I want to bring a blood box with me.”
“Sure, why not!” An idea popped into Fer-Shi’s head. “Actually, how about this. If we can play at the park for a little bit, I’ll let you suck my blood.”
La-Iin’s eyes widened again, and Fer-Shi had to suppress a giggle. “Really?”
“Yup! ….but please don’t bite my neck.”
“Deal. But this is for after school. Let’s just play here for now.”
The girls ran over to the slide as soon as it freed up. Fer-Shi prepared to slide down and La-Iin shoved her, sending her sliding belly-down onto the ground. She sat up and began to laugh.

“You bite too hard, La-Iin! And I think you sucked too much blood…”
“I didn’t drink anything because you promised. So I was extra thirsty.”
‘I’m so lucky to have a best friend,’ Fer-Shi thought. No matter how strange La-Iin could be sometimes, she was still happy to have her.


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