6.310.Reminiscing on Childhood–Part 3

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 310
“Reminscing on Childhood–Part 3”

Usl-Thaehey lay on her bed, kicking her feet back-and-forth in boredom. There didn’t seem to be anything to do today as usual.
Now that she was getting older, Usl-Thaehey desperately wanted to make some contribution to the world. She wanted a way to make her mark so that she would be remembered forever. She knew she still had plenty of time to do that–she was only twelve, after all–but she wanted to start as early as possible.
She could smell meat cooking downstairs; dinner must have been started. Outside, the sky was turning dark. Usl-Thaehey’s patience was wearing thin.
‘What could I do that’d get me remembered forever? Somethin’ that’s not criminal and’s fun…well, what happens to all the great artists is boring. And paintin’ and stuff sounds boring as well…and I haven’t got a lick of talent when it comes to makin’ characters…and since when have hairstylists become anythin’ more than a local notable? And that’s so boring!
She sat up and sighed as she stared at her desk. A piece of paper and a pen sat on it, next to a plastic microphone and a small stack of papers to the left.
‘Singers can get known, but…it’s too hard. I might have to end up workin’ with people I don’t like, and I might even get involved in really bad things…’
Usl-Thaehey had loved to sing since she was little, but after reading up on several famous singers and their various problems, she turned against that dream. Assuming she was able to become a successful singer in the first place, she knew there was a good chance she could lose her creativity, or become severely depressed or an addict. The desire to follow that dream anyway made her heart throb, but each time it crossed her mind, she tried to forget about it.
Her lyrics sat on her desk, abandoned for a few days now. She itched to write more, to sing songs that she would love. But more than that, she wanted to be remembered and known. She didn’t want people to forget the name Gyunerr Usl-Thaehey. And she didn’t want to be remembered for doing horrible things.
No matter her passion for singing, she felt it wasn’t the thing that would get her remembered. So she knew it was something she would have to give up on. But no other interesting ideas for what she could do were coming to mind, and she felt at a loss. The scent of meat from downstairs only grew stronger, and so did her frustration as it gnawed at her while she rolled around on her bed, desperate for an idea to come to her tonight.
And then, that frustration gave way to inspiration.
Usl-Thaehey decided to stop resisting it and ran over to her desk, picked up her pen, and began to furiously write down song lyrics. She crossed out lines that sounded strange and continued to work until her paw hurt and she had lyrics she was happy with. When she looked them over a second time, Usl-Thaehey felt they were much better than any of the other lyrics she had written thus far. She felt giddy.
And she could imagine the perfect tune to accompany the lyrics, the instruments that would play–the guitar and the drums and the incidental keyboard. She could see herself, standing atop a stage and moving along to the song. She was all alone and the instruments were playing themselves, but she didn’t mind, and she was excited.
For that moment she put out of mind her desperation to be known and remembered and held tight to the lyrics, grabbed her plastic microphone, and began to climb out her bedroom window. She ran to the nearby park. Children slightly younger than her–and a few slightly older–played on the various set-ups, none paying attention to her as she found her stage on a wide and smooth rock.
With one deep breath, she began to sing, only occasionally glancing at the lyrics.

Whatever you know, whatever you dream
No matter what, people always seem
To misunderstand, to make things get out of hand
Even ones like you and me

Why can’t you follow a path destined for you?
Why can’t you just dream freely?
It’s not only society impeding your progress–
You’re responsible as well!

Oh, all the time you spend procrastinating
Is time others have been stagnating
Where they’ve been making progress
You’ve been doing absolutely nothing

Try though you might, minutes of your life have already been wasted
So don’t bother tryin’ to get them back

I know the pain of
Feeling as though you don’t know your path
I know the pain of
Impeding your own progress for some goal
That you believe you can achieve
But truly isn’t the path you want to follow

Imagine a life where every minute feels so fast
Because for you, life’s just been an absolute blast
For some, that daydream is their reality
But for the rest of us, it remains a daydream

Oh, all the time you spend procrastinating
Is time others have been stagnating
Where they’ve been making progress
You’ve been doing absolutely nothing

Try though you might, minutes of your life have already been wasted
So what you ask can you do to make up for it?

Dreamed of a future I believed would never come
Impeded myself and procrastinated as the rest of you

Until the day I realized what’s the truth
And figured I was on the path to dying alone
My dream does not involve that in any way
And so, I finally wisened up

Now, my future is in reach…I can see it near the sunset….
Finally, nightmares of rotting flesh and bone will be put out of my mind!

Oh, all the time you spend procrastinating
Is time others have been stagnating
Where they’ve been making progress
You’ve been doing absolutely nothing

But now that you’re like me and realize
That we all have a destiny, you’ll finally wisen up

Oh, all the time you spent procrastinating
Is time others were stagnating
And now that you’ve realized the truth
Finally, go and run and join them

Show the rest of the world the truth that you’ve realized!

Usl-Thaehey took a breath after the song, feeling relieved. All the pent-up frustration had left her and she felt a calm she had never felt before. For effect, she dropped the plastic microphone and heard it crack against the rock.
To her surprise, that sound was followed by clapping. She looked up.
Most of the children at the playground appeared to have watched her performance–and they were giving her a heavy round of applause. Usl-Thaehey began to smile.
“Thanks, all!” She said. “Really, I-I don’t deserve it…”
“You can really sing, Gyunerr! YEAH!” An older boy in the crowd said. Usl-Thaehey soon realized that the calm wasn’t the only new feeling she’d have–embarrassment warmed her skin and made her pin her ears back as if ashamed.
Still, the crowd continued to clap, and despite her embarrassment Usl-Thaehey couldn’t help but feel accomplished. She picked up her microphone, gave one last grateful nod to the children, and returned home, quickly scrambling up the side of her house. When that didn’t work, she decided to jump and scrambled up from her place hanging off the windowsill.
Once she was safely inside, she closed the window and head for her closet, throwing off her clothes in excitement and changing into clothes she felt would better fit her image. She looked in a mirror, put the microphone close to her mouth, and grinned.
‘You know what, screw my fears! Maybe I really can do this. If it means gettin’ that thrill again of sharin’ what I have with other people…’
That feeling was even better than when she sang for herself. Though she didn’t mind that either.
At that moment, right before her father called her down for dinner, Usl-Thaehey decided that even if she had to do something else to be remembered, she would never give up singing. It was too important to her to do that.


“Who could be knocking on the door at this hour?”
“I don’t know. Let me see…”
A man who appeared to be a Normal-Catori Dualbreed stood at the door.
“Would you two happen to be the parents of the half-Werewolf who sang in the park earlier? I was interested in hearing about her talents.”

Usl-Thaehey stared at a worn piece of paper containing the lyrics to one of her earliest songs. She glanced it over with a chuckle.
“I’ve come up with better now…but I don’t think I could ever forget you.”
That song had helped her in more ways than one, after all.


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