26.299.The Horrifying History of Vaelyn–Part 3

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 299
“The Horrifying History of Vaelyn–Part 3”

“….ready when you are,” San-Kyung said to the calendar.
“Don’t talk to the calendar, San-Kyung…” Salsh-Era sighed.


“Hey, Lirako. Don’t you think some of us are tired of your meowing? If we have to do this to pass the time, could other people at least have a chance to tell tales, too?” Dosa-Mina said.
“I’ve been studying a lot about history lately….mostly what I’m curious about, but anyway, I know a lot! Do any of you know any horrifying history tidbits?”
“I do!” Rini-Futo said. “Um, did any of you know about the atrocities during the Vaelyn war?”
“I’m pretty sure a lot of us know about the Vaelyn War, Shaeja–”
“What about the atrocities?” Tenha-Gumo asked. Lirako glared at him.
“People were starved and killed, and on purpose,” she said. “By the people who said they were fighting for them….lots of people died that didn’t have to. That made me find out that none of the Rynghs were good people. Even if Seih-Bi was on our side, he was a bad man…”
“Why do you know this?” Lirako asked.
“I’ve been getting into history lately,” she said, her voice innocent. “Mr. Chensu really inspired me…but I read a lot of horrible things…since you said you wanted to focus on horrible history, I thought, um, I would talk about those atrocities…”
“Good for you, Shaejaein,” Ai-Reia said. “I’ve studied a lot on history too. Really makes you feel lucky to be alive now and not then, doesn’t it?”
“Although I do sometimes wonder what would have happened to those people if they had survived….but Sanyaow, I know some horrifying things too.”
“Oh yeah? Are they historical?”
“Of course they are. Did you know that in the early days of North Vaelyn, they would kill long-lived species once they had reached a certain age? They usually killed them in horrible ways too, such as the gas chamber.” Ai-Reia shivered. “Of course, I suppose you can’t say the rest of the world is exactly innocent either…North Vaelyn got the idea from the earlier days of Vaelyn, and from other places of the world which also did the same at first…”
The students fell silent.
“Well, at least most places don’t do that anymore, otherwise I’d have to look forward to being murdered!” Ai-Reia said. To most of the students around her, her cheerful tone was off-putting.
“I know a little bit of horrifying history too,” Dosa-Mina said, raising his hand.
“Nobody needs to hear anything from you,” she sneered.
“If you know anything, Catori, you’ll remember it’s the middle of October and I’m not in a good mood. So let him talk.” San-Kyung said. Lirako stuck out her tongue at him.
“Fine, but only because nobody else is making a proposition!”
“You know how before the world knew how to accommodate every species, things were a bit hard for species they didn’t know how to prepare for? Do you know how Vaelyn handled some of those?”
“Well…I heard that some of the disabled avians would end up getting their wings torn off. Ended up resulting in a lot of deaths. And for Sirens, drugs were devised that made them mute, which did end up helping contribute to the power-suppressant drugs of nowadays….but that’s not important. Bigger species like Minomixes were also encouraged to starve themselves to become smaller. Not that it really helped height-wize…”
“Okay, we’ve heard enough,” Lirako sighed. “Anyone else think they’re smart-aleck enough?”
“Doesn’t that make you a smart-aleck?” Xhen-Bei asked from the back of the class. Lirako hissed, and he shrunk back into his seat.
“I know some,” Ilhe-Anra said.
“Fine, what is it, Konkaeho?”
“Well I know lots of horrifying tidbits from all around the world. Not just Vaelyn. I’ll try to keep it to Vaelyn though to match the theme. Like did you know in ancient times that Vaelyn and Dasdoria paired up once? In exchange for freeing Dasdorians, Vaelyn offered some of its own as slaves and fodder. So nowadays you see some Vaelis people with Dasdorian last names who are descended from those people. Also you talked about Ryngh Seih-Bi. He had some people tortured, you know. Sometimes to death. So Shaejaein has a point about him being a bad person. Also did you know that Animated Pumpkins used to be used in place of actual pumpkins for pumpkin recipes? I’m not sure about how much of that actually happened in Vaelyn but whatever. In places where Animated Pumpkins weren’t considered an actual species it was legal in most places to kill them and eat them because they were considered like pumpkins.”
San-Kyung covered his ears.
“That’s honestly the worst you could go into, though, if you focus on all the species things that happened throughout the years. Sirens of every type used to kill people and mate with their corpses and eat them. So it’s not like Animated Pumpkins were the only ones considered like livestock. A lot of places had livestock-like rules for the various species. Like Birdmixes were considered like poultry. Wingyrms too.”
Lirako stared wide-eyed at Ilhe-Anra, but she didn’t seem to notice and continued to go on. “The worst ones were in the species societies. But enough about that. All of the places in the world have horrible histories but we were focusing on Vaelyn. Lots of horrible things happened to Vaelyn when Nyappon had us. Like being forced to fight for the military or other things my Mom said I shouldn’t know but I know. Anyway it’s a lot of stuff. Also did you know the trades with Dasdoria I mentioned, other places did that too? Not everyone you see with a Dasdorian last name is a refugee.”
“Okay, Konkaeho,” Lirako said. “We get it. You know a lot of horrible things. But–”
“I wasn’t finished yet. There’s a lot I know, you know. Like that while Vaelyn was making the transition to being a multi-species society, they at first only took species that were considered non-animal. Species like Catori and Llamaki they banned because they thought of them as too animal-like. You can tell now because there’s not many Llamakis or Werewolves or the like, but Werewolves flourished a bit after Traditional Werewolves managed to make it into Vaelyn and then reproduced.”
“If that’s the case then why are there so many Catoris?” Lirako said.
“I think you probably know,” Ilhe-Anra said. Lirako folded her ears to her head. “The species Vaelyn liked to get at first were species like Sirens and Witches and avians. Avians might seem pretty animal-like but I think they liked them because they could fly. Eventually they started accepting all the species but they could be pretty picky at first. Usually they weren’t violent but sometimes they could be. Lots of the people they turned away ended up homeless though since they were already leaving home to come to Vaelyn. You can see these kind of behaviors in other places too. Lots of places didn’t want to take the more animal-like species because they thought they’d be called a barn or something. I hear North Vaelyn still has problems like this, though. Actually, I think they still have a lot of the problems Vaelyn as a whole had in its earlier days….”
“Anyway, in the end the most horrible thing in Vaelyn’s history I think, has to be the curiosity boiling. Have any of you ever heard of curiosity boiling?”
The class was silent.
“There are books on curiosity boiling in the library. Also if you have the internet lots of places probably have pages about it. They might even have pictures. Okay, I’m done now.” Ilhe-Anra sat back down in her seat.
“….anyone else?” Lirako asked. The class was silent.
“Oookay. Well I feel officially outdone by Konkaeho too. I’m sure I could’ve found more horrifying things to talk about but the sudden information dump is hurting my head. I am so not looking forward to school now…”
Lirako took her seat next to Deki-Tyunri and slammed her head against her desk.
“Well that was educational,” Deki-Tyunri mused. Lirako groaned.
Not long after the class fell silent, the teacher walked in. The students looked up at him.
“Well, this is surprising. No noise at all? You look exhausted.”
“We are exhausted,” Lirako sighed.
“What were you up all night doing?” He said, wrinkling his nose.
“We weren’t up all night doing anything,” Lirako said.
“We were learning about history, and horrifying things, and horrifying history!” Rini-Futo said.
“Really?” The teacher said, excitement in his tone. “Well then maybe you’ll like what I have for you all today. Today we’re going to talk about the Vaelyn War!”
The students groaned.
“Why did I expect them to be excited…” He sighed.

“Today is one of the few days I’m happy to live in Vaelyn,” La-Iin said to Fer-Shi on their way back home.
“…is it just because you learned about all those horrible things? And where would you live if you didn’t live in Vaelyn? Not many other places speak Vaelis, at least I don’t think…”
“You pick up easily, Fer-Shi,” La-Iin said. “And I’d live in Dasdoria. It’s horrible there, so I bet I’d love it. And also at least I know a Dasdorian word, unlike any other language.”
“You know Magica Cavintus,” she muttered under her breath. “And let me guess–that word is Molshei.”
“And Kaighn, Fer-Shi.” Fer-Shi rolled her eyes.


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