20.293.Examination of Fer-Shi

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 293
“Examination of Fer-Shi”

Fer-Shi was cheerful as she walked across the school hallway. Even though she had been attending an extra class for a while now, she still sometimes felt exhausted afterwards and found she looked forward to playing outside with La-Iin and the other young children at Malicerie more than she did a year ago.
Shan-Zetsu, who was in her same grade, had ran ahead. Fer-Shi preferred to stroll, so as not to waste her energy. It also gave her a chance to look around the school for anything interesting.
‘Maybe some people think Malicerie hasn’t been around that long, but it feels like a long time to me,’ she thought. ‘I wonder what it was like to come to school here when it first opened? I wonder how many grades there were back then. What kind of place was Class D….’
Lost in thought, she hadn’t noticed that she strolled into a classroom she didn’t recognize. Most of the students in the classroom had stayed behind; she only noticed two seats that were empty. The students talked in groups and there was so much chatter that it hurt her head. Class D on a talkative day was not nearly as bad as this classroom.
The pastel colors of the classroom walls hurt her eyes. She turned around to leave.
“Well, who’s this?”
Fer-Shi froze. She glanced over her shoulder. A tall girl from one of the groups was staring down at her. The rest of her group walked over to her and also began to stare.
Fer-Shi felt self-conscious.
“I’m leaving now, sorry, I got lost!” She wasn’t sure exactly what to say, so she opted to say the first thing on her mind, then tried to run out the classroom before any of the students could care much.
“Are you sure you didn’t come here on request from your class?” One of the group asked, her tone accusatory. She stood in front of Fer-Shi.
“Please let me by,” Fer-Shi said, trying to keep her tone polite. She was more nervous than anything, but being blocked by the girl agitated her.
“Maybe she agrees with the policies of Class A and wants to join us?” One of the group suggested. Her words only made Fer-Shi feel worse.
‘Class A!? That’s where I am!?’
Of all the classes she could have accidentally stumbled into, Class A was the last one she wanted. She tried to push past the girl standing in front of her, but she wouldn’t move.
“A Normal!?” One of the group scoffed. “You know how Normals are. They’re always the first to say we’re just being overdramatic.”
Fer-Shi was confused. With a glance at the class she noticed that most of the students were Normals.
“But maybe we could give her a chance?”
“…” The girl who seemed to lead the group glared at the girl who had spoke up. She backed away slightly.
“…alright. We can conduct an examination. We have time before class, anyway, and it shouldn’t take long.”
“Can I go yet!?” Fer-Shi whined. She tried to push the girl out of the way. “I wanna play at the recess area already!”
“No you don’t,” the sole male of the group soothed. He stroked Fer-Shi’s head. She backed away and he continued to stroke thin air. “You only think you do because society’s forcing that on you. They don’t want you to grow up and become a strong, smart girl. What they don’t understand is that all girls are already strong and smart.”
“Nah, not all of them. Some of them are just downright douchiots.” The leader glared down at Fer-Shi.
“So tell me. You recognize your privilege as a Normal, correct?”
Fer-Shi was silent. She continued to try and escape the classroom.
“We’re not letting you out unless you answer,” she said. Fer-Shi glared from over her shoulder. “If I do your stupid quiz, will you let me out!?”
The class gasped.
“She said…!”
“You obviously have a long way to go,” the leader girl scoffed. Fer-Shi found that the leader girl reminded her of the girl who had graduated from Malicerie earlier in the year, though while that girl’s presence was more domineering and scary to Fer-Shi, this girl mostly just irritated her. All that made her nervous was being trapped in the classroom.
“Um…I think I’m lucky because I have a happy family,” she said quietly. “But I don’t see what that has to do with being a Normal…”
“She doesn’t get it,” the boy sighed.
“She doesn’t. Ahem. Are you working to better yourself?” She added in a whisper, “Highly unlikely, given that she just said such a horrid insult…”
“I always want to be a good person,” she said quietly. ‘They’re just going to ask me these questions and let me leave, right? Please don’t let them be serious bullies…’
“You completely respect Multibreeds and realize that if they hate you, it is for a just reason, correct?”
“I don’t mind Multibreeds,” she said. “I don’t think anyone does now. My best friend is a Dualbreed.”
“Keh!” Fer-Shi flinched. “She thinks she can get away with anything if she has a Dualbreed friend!”
“Probably half-Normal too,” one of them whispered.
“….I don’t really understand the second part.”
“What that means that if one came up to you and said they hated you, they have good reason to say it because you are a Normal. You understand that, yes?”
“No, that’s not right!” Fer-Shi yelled. “La-Iin used to pick on me all the time because I’m a Normal and I don’t have any powers. But at least she was just teasing me. If someone said they hated me, I’d be sad and….why?”
“Because you’re a Normal.”
“But I wouldn’t hate someone because they’re a Multibreed,” she sighed.
“Yes well, tough luck. Until the situation improves, that’s how it is.”
Fer-Shi was starting to feel emotional. She wanted to leave the classroom as soon as possible.
“Alright…you recognize there are some words that just shouldn’t be said, right?”
“Well, there are bad words.”
“Then how come you’d say one yourself right in front of us!? If you’re so against them then why say one!?”
“I didn’t say a bad word! I never say bad words!”
“So you say, but you said….you said….st–oh, I can’t even begin to say it!” The girl started to tear up.
“I–I think I should ask if I can go home,” one of them said. “I’m literally shaking just thinking about it….”
Fer-Shi blinked in confusion.
“You’ll try not to say such things in the future, yes?”
“I never say bad words, though…”
The girl gave a snort. “Hmph. Moving on…do you believe there is not enough visibility for Multibreeds in the common media?”
“….do you mean media like books and stuff? I bet it’s hard to think of species for characters…I don’t really care about species in books except for powers they might have. ”
“Would you say you don’t see species?” The girl questioned, her tone accusatory.
“I don’t really care about it…I–”
“You’re horrid,” the girl hissed. Fer-Shi’s nervousness won out over her irritation and she backed down, crashing into the girl who was blocking her way out.
“Do you think more Multibreeds should be in the various fields of work such as science?”
“If they want to,” she said. The girl glared.
“Do you think same-sex marriage should be legal in Vaelyn?”
“Why the uncertainty?”
“I wasn’t uncertain! I just want to leave!”
“Well, I’m wanting you to leave too. You’ve hurt some of my fellow students and you seemingly have few redeeming qualities…I just want to ask one other thing.”
“What sort of horrible family situation do you come from that you think like that!?”
“My family isn’t horrible!” Fer-Shi yelled. “My Mom and Dad love me and they’re the ones who taught me the things I didn’t learn in school!”
“Mom and Dad. Now it makes sense why she talks like that,” one of the girls said.
“Heh, they must not care so much about the rights of the oppressed with the things they’re teaching you!”
“My Dad’s an eagely….an eagely…”
The students in the classroom gasped.
“Get out!” The leader of the group snarled. “Leave this classroom and never come back! The moment you do, I will tear you to shreds!”
“You should just kill yourself,” one of the students snorted.
Fer-Shi ignored the comments coming from the students and dashed out the classroom as soon as she had an opening. She was grateful to have finally escaped from the classroom. Once she was outside, she ran up to La-Iin and the two fell to the ground.
“La-Iin, we need to play something so awesome that I forget everything that just happened,” she said.
“…” La-Iin gave her a blank stare, though Fer-Shi could have sworn she seemed irritated. She stood up, dusted herself off, and pointed towards the monkey bars.
“I’ll be a Witch and you’ll be all the people I’ve terrorized. If I make you fall off the bars, one of your people die. You get ten people. ….five people.”
“Works for me!” Fer-Shi climbed onto the monkey bars. “You’ll never kill my people, though! Muahahahaha!”
‘….she has a better evil laugh than me,’ La-Iin thought.

“That girl was so terrible. Let’s never talk to the other classes again.”
“Except for protests.”
“Hm….I’m not sure I completely share your sentiments.”
“She was terrible, don’t get me wrong. But I think there’s a potential in her….the potential to discard what her horrible parents taught her and to learn of the truth. The Class A truth..”
“Yeah, no.”
“Have your opinions. I won’t begrudge you for them.”
Class A fell silent as the teacher entered the room.


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