9.282.La-Iin’s All-Nighters–Part 2

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 282
“La-Iin’s All-Nighters–Part 2”

“La-Iin, you have to get to school!” Mit-Sun yelled.
She had woken up almost an hour earlier than the current time and gotten prepared to head off to work as soon as possible. La-Iin was normally awake soon after her, if not before her.
‘She must have gotten exhausted trying to stay up all night…I hope she can keep herself awake for school.’ Concern had planted itself firm in Mit-Sun, but she didn’t let it overtake her as she opened La-Iin’s bedroom door.
La-Iin was sitting at her table, her head bowed. On the table there were various papers and crayons scattered everywhere. Bes-Isa laid on top of one. The box for her game Haven in Dystopia, as well as its manual, had apparently fallen off the table.
“Wake up, La-Iin!” Mit-Sun snapped.
“I heard you the first time,” La-Iin said. She turned around abruptly, her eyes wide and bloodshot. She looked even more exhausted than when Mit-Sun had last seen her.
‘Don’t tell me she really stayed up all night!?’
“When’s school?”
“Less than an hour! But you can’t go in this condition! I’ll just call them and say you’re–”
“NO!” La-Iin yelled. She ran over to her closet, threw off her night gown, pulled out a shirt and a pair of pants–much to Mit-Sun’s surprise–and started to run out the room.
“Oh no you don’t!” Mit-Sun yelled, but before she could grab La-Iin, she flew above her. Her flight was erratic, but she continued on going, occasionally ducking down close to the ground. Once she was in the living room, she opened the door and ran outside.
“La-Iin!” Mit-Sun yelled. But La-Iin was already outside. Mit-Sun noticed Choungetsu sitting on the couch, his ears folded to his head and his eyes wide with sadness. He seemed concerned to Mit-Sun, though she wasn’t sure if that was just her projections of her own feelings onto him.
“I’m worried too,” she sighed. She wanted to go after La-Iin, but she knew she only had a few minutes left before work–she opted instead to hope that someone would send La-Iin home after seeing her condition.
With nothing to do but worry, Mit-Sun sat down on the couch and stroked Choungetsu’s head. He curled up next to her in response.

“Hello, La-Iin! Whoa, are you wearing pants? That’s weird.”
Fer-Shi had been in a cheerful mood since waking up, but once she saw the look on her friend’s face, she shrieked. La-Iin’s eyes were wide and bloodshot and she looked exhausted. Even her flying was erratic, and when she landed on the ground, she promptly fell over.
“It’s okay, Fer-Shi!” She screamed. Students nearby reacted. “I think maybe my wings are too tiny for myself again. Are they too tiny? What do you think, Fer-Shi?”
Fer-Shi’s instincts screamed at her to run away, but her mind told her that La-Iin obviously needed her. Upon taking a closer look to Fer-Shi La-Iin looked equally as wired as she did exhausted. Something was wrong, she knew it, and La-Iin needed help.
“Er, well, if you can fly with them I’d say they’re not too tiny!” Fer-Shi said, trying to keep her voice steady. “Y’know, all that flying must have exhausted you. You can use me for support, if you’d like…”
“NEVER!” La-Iin yelled. Again students turned to face them.
“Why not?”
“I can’t take any chances with anything that could be even remotely remaxing. …relaxing.” La-Iin said.
“….is that a compliment?”
“Fer-Shi, so you understand I’ll explain maybe what I’m doing,” she said. Her eyelids started to droop; a moment later she bit into her thumb with her fangs. Fer-Shi flinched. La-Iin seemed unaffected by the blood trailing down her finger. “Yesterday I realized I didn’t get any sleep at all yesterday last night yesterday. So I realized that I could maybe….what was I talking about again?”
“A plan?”
“You already know about my plan to take over the world!” La-Iin hissed. Fer-Shi blinked at her. “But that reminds me. Let me tell you about my plan. I realized I didn’t get any sleep, so I decided that I will stay up as long as possible to hone my staying-up skills.” She dropped her voice to a whisper. “I think they’ll help me later on in life.”
“That’s not healthy,” Fer-Shi said.
“Maybe not, but it’s beneficial. Oh, and Fer-Shi! If I start falling asleep in class, or when we go to the recess area, wake me up. I can’t afford even a moment of sleep. I might not wake up for several hours if I sleep now.”
“…wouldn’t it be better if you got some sleep?” Fer-Shi asked.
“I have to hone this ability, Fer-Shi. Most would have passed out from the sheer exhaustion by now. I must be special to have made it this far, and I want to continue….continue on!”
“I’ll stay awake with or without your help!” La-Iin declared. She took off at a high speed towards the school.
‘She’s going to hurt herself! I have to find a way to get her to sleep.’

During the early school hours, students stared in curiosity at La-Iin.
She had been truly determined to keep herself awake, going as far as to fly in the middle of class or start biting herself. Fer-Shi had even noticed her start to transform at one point, though she quickly reverted.
La-Iin had started to twitch frequently. Whenever Fer-Shi noticed her seemingly nodding off, she would startle a few seconds later. She talked in sentences that made no sense to Fer-Shi, and her words gradually started to sound slurred.
Some students were worried, while others were curious about her state. La-Iin did not have the capacity at that moment to realize that there were so many sets of eyes on her. Her determination kept her awake, but even she couldn’t deny the exhaustion that threatened to send her to sleep. It was a horrible feeling.
“….Miss Cahongyun, are you alright?”
She had barely noticed history class had started, lost in her self-injuring. La-Iin tried to smile at the teacher.
“Better than you,” she said. The teacher glared at her, but his expression eased into one of worry soon after and he went back to the lesson of the day.
La-Iin felt that her body was working against her. She bit deep into her arm to keep herself awake. The jolt brought her a brief moment of alertness, and she glanced around the classroom as if she had fallen asleep.
La-Iin reassured herself she hadn’t fallen asleep and gave a sigh of relief.
“La-Iin, that’s a really deep bite!” Fer-Shi screeched. La-Iin looked down at her arm. Her vision had blurred slightly, so to her the arm injury seemed to be only two small puncture holes and blood that trailed down her arm. Nothing seemed severe.
“It’s good!” She said cheerfully, throwing her hands into the air. Blood splattered on a nearby student, who promptly shrieked.
“Something’s wrong with that kid,” Lirako said.
“I’m worried…should we ask a teacher to send her home?” Deki-Tyunri asked.
“Maybe. But Miss Theasis is perceptive. She might notice she’s all messed up and do it herself….”
“At this rate, I won’t have to do her in,” Ai-Reia sighed. “She’ll do it herself. Would save me a lot of trouble, certainly…”
“Dosa-Mina, forget what I said all those times about you being high. She’s the one who’s really smoking weed.” San-Kyung said.
“I hope she doesn’t do anything too bad to herself.” Dosa-Mina replied.
“She’s scaring me…” Gen-Reiya said.
“Maybe we should go get the nurse…” Mali-Ana said.
Rini-Futo watched from her seat, eyes wide. Tenha-Gumo stared, then looked away, but quickly turned back, as if his curiosity was getting the better of him. Shuera-Kaizima cowered in her seat; Im-Dei did likewise. Shan-Zetsu started writing furiously in his notebook. Fei-Zhust, who the blood had gotten spattered onto, abandoned her normally calm mood and stared blankly ahead. Song-Jpinne, who sat in front of her, kept his focus on her as opposed to La-Iin. Ilhe-Anra stared on with genuine intrigue; Zae-Mia, Yefu-Shenhao, and Nemi-Hikla gave her curious glances. Students with ears on their head had them folded there, regardless of whether they watched or not.
Even when the attention was blatant, La-Iin still didn’t notice any of it. She continued on biting herself and slamming her head on her desk, flapping her wings and scratching her legs, even when Theasis came into the classroom.
As Lirako predicted, Theasis noticed La-Iin’s condition right away–she had become suspicious when she scented blood in the air. Upon noticing the injury on La-Iin’s arm, she walked over to her and picked her up.
“One moment,” she said to the other students, then dashed out the classroom.
La-Iin was almost lulled to sleep by the motions, but she bit into herself again to keep herself awake. The injuries she inflicted upon herself were starting to set off distress signals in her head, though La-Iin’s exhaustion mostly blocked her from realizing them. Just as Theasis arrived at the nurse’s office, La-Iin had transformed, and broke away from her, staring her down.
“You won’t put me to sleep,” She said. Her consciousness impaired, she flew out the school at a high speed. Theasis gaped. Satou Fi-Run stood up from her chair and spread her wings.
“I’m going after her. Call Miss Cahongyun, Miss Theasis.”
“Y-yes!” Theasis yelled. She head for the phone while Fi-Run took off. She passed by Class D on the way there and called,
“Class is suspended for a brief moment, please be patient!”
The students began to murmur among each other. Theasis dashed as fast as possible, tapping into her powers to make sure she didn’t falter.
The school’s faculty became chaotic as word of La-Iin’s actions spread.

When Mit-Sun got word of what La-Iin had done, she was horrified. Knowing there was nothing she could do only made it worse.
She was forced to sit inside her house, waiting and hoping that La-Iin was caught.

Meanwhile, La-Iin flew, her determination still persisting despite her faltering flight.
‘I will hone this skill, I will!’


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