7.280.Video Star Informative

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 280
“Video Star Informative”

“So what’s the deal sneaking into that woman’s room today?”
“I just realized I’ve never seen an Usl-Thaehey music video!”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Almost completely.” She closed the door behind her. “And we’re sneaking in here because plugging in the television would take too long and it might not have her videos. I think the Internet’s my best bet. If Usl-Thaehey’s music videos are as good as her lyrics, they’ll be a lot of fun to watch. And maybe they’ll be gory!”
“Isn’t there a way on computers to tell what you did before?”
“Maybe, but that won’t mean it happened today, will it?” La-Iin said. She sat down on the computer chair.
“….I’m just not very good with computers.”
“You’ve used it before. You almost killed yourself once, so obviously you have SOME knowledge.”
“And I know how to write Usl-Thaehey,” she said. She opened up a search engine and typed in ‘Usl-Thaehey’.
“Ooh, I’ve never heard of this one before,” she said. Typing in Usl-Thaehey had brought down a list of possible results. She clicked on one that included a song title she had never heard of. Several links popped up; she clicked on the first result.
“I wonder if there’s a playlist of her songs somewhere.”
“What’s a playlist?”
La-Iin flinched. A Narwhaltae girl dressed in cutesy clothes greeted her on the screen.
“This is El Ben-Nai, Nai-Nai for short! I’m sure a lot of you clicking on this video are looking for Usl-Thaehey, right? I just wanted to say that the following music video was done by me. I helped Usl-Thaehey make it. But I didn’t make the song at all! That was all Miss Gyunerr’s talent. Now sit back and enjoy!”
“Have I heard the name El Ben-Nai before? It sounds somewhat familiar.”

“This is that Narwhaltae girl with all the stupid videos!”
“….doesn’t exactly ring a bell.”
“Not for you maybe!”

Oh, ‘cross the ocean where I
Showed you my voice and my love
You showed me nothing but hate
You taught me to brutalize
Well now your eyes happen to be my prize

Sail the seas and treasure me
Toss me away and I’ll show you a day
You’ll never want to remember
But it shall be your last sight

Come along, try to brutalize me
I dare you, I command you
You may think you will not do it
But I know your intuitive…

“That girl was kind of cute. A little too cutesy though. I think she’s faking some of that attitude.”
“There was a lot of information about her on the internet, I remember that…” La-Iin started to hum along to the song. “Let me finish hearing the song and then I’ll show you.”
“I don’t really need to know….but, ah well, what the hell!”

So dream of visiting my island!
I’ll show you all why those who land here
Never, eve manage to come back!

Oh, you think you’ll treat me well, you’ll treasure me
But in your eyes I can certainly see
What your true intentions are!
So before you carry them through…
I’m afraid I have no choice but to brutalize you!

“….she did a good job on the video,” La-Iin said cautiously.
“I’d say this is definitely one of Usl-Thaehey’s better musical ventures.”
“All of Usl-Thaehey’s songs are good. Especially Sweet Inevitable Death.”
“You’re obsessed with that one…so, what about this Nai-Nai girl?”
La-Iin opened up another search engine and typed in ‘El Ben-Nai’. Several results came up, the majority of them videos. La-Iin changed her search to ‘El Ben-Nai info’.
Several results came up once again.
“….wow. That’s a lot.”
“Here we go. A whole website dedicated to El Ben-Nai. Look, it even has all sorts of pages for different things about her.”
“That’s dedication. Is this some creepy fan site, or an official site?”
“It’s called Nai-Nai official.”
“Does it have her videos?”
“Probably. Let’s see….”
“I guess this girl is pretty open about herself.”
La-Iin started to slowly read the page. “‘Born on December 1st, 1986, El Ben-Nai–Nai-Nai for short, or Ben-Nai El for those reading in Enlash–is a Pureblood Narwhaltae. She is Narwean, but was raised in Vaelyn. Today, she lives in Silcoulle.'”
“You’ve certainly gotten better at reading, haven’t you?”
“I can read Makeshire scripts, can’t I? If nothing else teaches you how to read, those will. ‘Although she loved all sorts of things, Nai-Nai did not share her loves with the world until she discovered the video site Gen…Gengreen Self-Video. The then-twenty-year-old put up her first video at the end of…2006, focusing on the game ‘Dare for an Adventure’. Her notoriety didn’t come until 2007, when she did a video on the game ‘Aifaito’, which was notable for bad….'”
“You should be worse at reading than I am! You never get to read anything!”
“I’m just smarter than you, so there. Continue on.”
La-Iin glared at Bes-Isa. “‘Many people who saw the video thought Nai-Nai’s comments were hilarious, especially since it appeared she had brought–‘”
La-Iin growled. “–bought Aifaito without knowing about its reputation. After that people looked at her other videos and she quickly gained a following. Nai-Nai didn’t notice it at first, but once she did she realized that she could share her loves with other people and decided to make many different videos about many different things. As of today, she has over four-hundred videos covering various different topics and has made videos even for celebrities such as Gyunerr Usl-Thaehey.'”
“It’s hard to believe that someone became so popular just because she made videos about her interests….”
“People become popular for stupid things all the time,” La-Iin said. “Let’s see…’Nai-Nai fun facts: She is Blood Type Narwhaltae-Variant B, the ‘El’ family name is passed down from her distant roots from Spang, and her favorite colors are pink and black.'”
“A fan could really get off on this type of information.”
“I bet it’s all in her videos. ‘Despite popular theory, Nai-Nai is not an only child. She has an older brother, El…El Yu-She, who lives in Aena. Both of her parents are still alive, as are all of her grandparents and an uncle. Supposedly Nai-Nai considers herself lucky for this, especially as she has a close friend who has lost many of her family members.'”
“She IS lucky, geez.”
“‘Her favorite food is carp. Compared to other Narwhaltae, Nai-Nai eats a wider variety of foods, as has….as seen in her videos, but as she says, her favorite will always be seafood. She has some habits of Narwhaltae, such as liking to swim. She wishes she was one of the lucky female Narwhaltae to have a tusk, and apparently one of the reasons she admires her brother Yu-She is because of his long tusk. She also admires her father for the same reason.'”
“Oh yeah, tusks on female Narwhaltae are pretty rare, aren’t they?”
“Here are some pictures of her.”
“Let’s see….wow, her face is pretty smooth. Looks like nice….can you call that skin, or no?”
“I don’t know.”
The page was filled with pictures of Ben-Nai, some which looked as though they were taken from her videos, and others that looked like home photos, fan photos and even photos Ben-Nai had taken herself. She wore a variety of different dresses in all the pictures, some overly-cutesy, some casual, and some gothic lolita, the last of which stoked La-Iin’s intrigue.
“I’d like to wear that,” she sighed.
In all the pictures they could find, Ben-Nai was smiling. To both of them, all the smiles seemed genuine. Further down, they saw pictures of Ben-Nai with various other Narwhaltae, some of which they assumed were relatives. A picture of Ben-Nai standing next to Usl-Thaehey was near the bottom of the page.
“Luckyyyyy!” La-Iin whined. “I don’t think I like this Nai-Nai.”
“I feel indifferent. She seems too cheery, but she’s kind of adorable at the same time. It’s conflicting…”
“I wasn’t asking for your opinion!” La-Iin yelled. “The photos also have albums for all the different types….we just went through them all.”
“….is that the time?”
“Is what the time?”
“Those numbers in the corner.”
La-Iin stared down at them. “Yes.”
“….we wasted a lot of time on Nai-Nai official, huh?”
“We should get off before Mama spanks me.”
“Let’s look at one more page.”
“…you just want her to spank me, don’t you?”
“No, I don’t want you to be spanked by that woman. If it was Asul-Zenza, maybe, but–“
“Dami would never spank me!”
“Heh, so you say! I just wanted to look at that page.”
“What page?”
“That one. ‘Artifacts of Nai-Nai’. It sounds interesting.”
“Not to me…” La-Iin scoffed. She complied anyway and clicked on the page. Various different links and pictures came up when she did.
“…what is this page even for?”
“It looks like a bunch of garbage. Maybe it’s a virus.”
“That would be bad. That woman would definitely know you’d been on her computer then.”
“Let’s just get off of here. It doesn’t look like anything fun is on this page–what’s that!?”
“Yes! It worked!”
La-Iin snapped her fingers, grabbed Bes-Isa, closed out the page, and ran as fast as she could back to her bedroom.

“Yes, Mama?”
“Were you on my computer today? I noticed a search for Usl-Thaehey in the engine. You know I don’t like her music.”
“No, I wasn’t.”
Mit-Sun glared. “Stay off my computer, La-Iin! Especially when I’m not home.”
“I wasn’t on there though! Maybe it was hacked.”
Mit-Sun rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you keep saying that….”


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