6.279.The Tail of San-Kyung

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 279
“The Tail of San-Kyung”

Not long after midnight had arrived, Salsh-Era, Del-Kyuus, and Dosa-Mina were greeted with a terrifying sight.
San-Kyung began to writhe on his bed, groaning in agony. He took deep breaths as if trying to steady himself, but the breaths quickly turned into more groaning, and his whole body twitched.
Salsh-Era and Del-Kyuus felt they had an idea of what was going on, but it still pained them to see their son in pain. Dosa-Mina, on the other hand, had been invited to spend the night at the Molshei’s, and that their sleepover was interrupted by San-Kyung’s sudden pains worried him. Salsh-Era and Del-Kyuus tried to calm him, but Dosa-Mina stayed close by San-Kyung’s side, keeping an eye on him.
“Agh…” San-Kyung groaned.
“Are you alright, San-Kyung?” Dosa-Mina asked. His eyes had started to tear up. San-Kyung shuddered.
“…can’t take it anymore…”
“Do you need something, San-Kyung?” His voice was tinged with worry.
“…so uncomfortable…”
Dosa-Mina moved out the way as San-Kyung sprung to his feet. Before anyone in the room could react, he started to pull down his pants.
Dosa-Mina quickly became flustered and hid his face. Salsh-Era and Del-Kyuus were shocked into silence. San-Kyung’s groans continued for only a few more seconds before he arched his back and a long tail started to grow on him. He continued to groan until it stopped growing, and once it had, he broke out into triumphant laughter.
“Your tail!” Del-Kyuus exclaimed. Dosa-Mina uncovered his eyes. “His tail grew–”
Dosa-Mina turned around and covered his eyes once again. “…put some pants on, San-Kyung…my poor virginal eyes….”
Almost as if he hadn’t realized he wasn’t wearing any pants, San-Kyung looked down. In his surprise he promptly fell off his bed. Hiding his lower half behind it, he asked,
“Where are my tail pants, Mom, Dad?”

“October sixth….don’t go too fast now, October.”
“If you spend all your time looking at the calendar, you’ll never be able to actually experience October, you know.”
“I don’t spend all my time looking at the calendar!” San-Kyung yelled. “And what’s with you!? You’re completely shameless yet you got embarrassed by that!?
“You’re evil yet you don’t like cannibalism,” Dosa-Mina said. “I may not be easily flustered but I have standards!”
“La-Iin pulled down my pants in class before. You didn’t seem so shocked then,” he said.
“I couldn’t see it. You were standing where I could only see your butt. ….also this was close up. Geez, why are you arguing with me about this!? It’s almost like you wanted me to like looking at it!”
“Where the hell do you get that idea!?”
“The fact that you’re telling me I shouldn’t be so embarrassed?”
“When did I say that!?”
“That’s basically what all you’ve said until now boils down to!”
“Hey, boys?” Salsh-Era said. Both boys flinched. They hadn’t noticed he was standing behind them. “I’m sure this conversation is interesting, but you two should get to bed. It’s past midnight now.”
“I’m not so sure I want to sleep in the same bed as San-Kyung now, Mr. Molshei,” Dosa-Mina said, stepping away from San-Kyung. He chuckled a moment later and walked back up to him. “Just kidding. I know you were being innocent. I just have a dirty mind~”
“Isn’t that the understatement of the century…” He sighed.
“Well…just get some sleep. Don’t forget you have school in the morning. I know it’s hard to get out of the Weekend mindset, but you don’t want to be late, do you?”
“Of course not,” Dosa-Mina said. “Come on, San-Kyung, let’s get to bed!”
“I’m coming, I’m coming!”
“And don’t smack me with your tail while I’m trying to sleep. Seriously, I think that’s one thing I hate about October….”
“Hey, I feel more comfortable with my tail!”
“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Salsh-Era warned.
“What does that mean!?”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Molshei. San-Kyung will be safe around me. I have standards to preserve.” Dosa-Mina grabbed San-Kyung’s arm. “Let’s get to bed!”

“Hey, Dosa-Mina?”
“Yeah, San-Kyung? Can’t get to sleep? Should I sing you a lullaby?”
“No, it’s not that…I was just curious about something.”
“I was thinking, you’ve said some pretty weird things about me before…are you messing with me, or do you…like me, or something?”
“So even you’re asking this now? Oh geez, San-Kyung, you know how open I am around you. Don’t you think you’d know if I did?”
“Probably, but–”
“See? Don’t worry about it so much. That’s not like you.”
“I wasn’t worrying about it…”
“And a favor? Could you move your tail? It’s uncomfortable.”
“Not really. Come on, you study the species. You should know how hard it is for Animated Pumpkin tails to move.”
“But…do you remember if my tail grew in this quickly last year, Dosa-Mina? Or the year before that? It seems quicker this year than other years…”
“I thought I read that it varies. Have you been using your powers a lot lately? Taking advantage of the power surge might’ve caused it.”
“Yeah, guess I have been making lots of vines lately…and I can’t levitate yet, but sometimes I can stay up in the air for a little bit…so each time I get the chance, I do.”
“Makes sense then.” Dosa-Mina shifted in the bed. “Damn it, that tail is uncomfortable!”
“Fine, I’ll move over!”
“Thank you!”
San-Kyung groaned.
“Speaking of, San-Kyung…”
“What now?”
“Is it always that painful when your tail grows in? I’ve seen you with your tail each October since the year I met you, but until today I’d never seen it grow in. That must be agonizing…”
“It hurts like hell, but it feels a lot better when it’s done. Transforming hurts too…doesn’t it hurt for you?”
“My back stings a little bit where my wing is, sometimes I get a headache but it’s nothing serious.” He sighed. “I guess there are more physical differences between an Aesthetically Normal Animated Pumpkin and their true form, than a Normal and a Werewolf-Siren…”
San-Kyung sat up. “It’s worth it in the end. The pain is nothing compared to how it makes me feel later. It makes me feel…better. When I have my tail, and even moreso when I get to be in my true form…that’s when I really feel like Molshei San-Kyung. Without all that, I’m just my personality. But in my true form…everything about me, it’s all there.”
“And you look as good in your true form as you do in your normal form,” Dosa-Mina said. “Hey, do you think La-Iin would think the same?”
“Don’t bring up that reverse-pedo.”
“Sorry. Still….I wanted to ask one thing. About her, I mean. Then we can stop talking about her.”
“What are your plans with her this month? I know there’s something you want from her, San-Kyung. You’ve been avoiding her but it’s fairly obvious.”
“…I need to make an observation. And also to keep our ‘bond’ strong. If she realizes I still hate her, then trying to find out more about her power is useless. I won’t get to observe her up close anymore….or maybe I would…”
“Given how La-Iin is, you probably would. You know, actually, knowing La-Iin’s personality, she probably wouldn’t have cared if you said you wanted her for research and no other purpose.”
“Yeah, but I figure she would’ve wanted something in return. As painful as it is to act like I like her, I think it’s better than bargaining with her that I have to date her or something in exchange for research.”
“Yeah…also, she can be weird sometimes, so who knows? Your current plan is working anyway.”
“Enough about La-Iin for now.”
“….you know, Dosa-Mina, I’ve wanted this ever since I was little.”
“How little?”
“Pretty little. I wanted to look like myself, have all my powers….be an actual Animated Pumpkin instead of some pseudo-Normal.”
“If it’s any consolation, you’re still a Pureblood,” Dosa-Mina said.
“I know, but it’s not much. My first memory of the transformation, I was excited….I was stupid back then because I didn’t listen to Mom and Dad and I thought I’d be like that forever. Heh. November first rolls around and I see how wrong I am. And each October, it was the same. That same, naïve want of being in that form once again fulfilled, and losing all the knowledge on the day of the transformation that tomorrow, things would just be back to how they always are. Over and over again. There were things that made it worse. The Halloweens I’ve spent with you make it harder to remember that tomorrow’s back to hell…it’s so stupid. Someday I know I can rule this world, I feel it, but…what kind of ruler has issues like this?”
“We’re opposites in that way, San-Kyung,” Dosa-Mina said. “I became ashamed of my true form when I was little. It was over something so stupid, yet I didn’t want people to see me as a Werewolf-Siren because of it. And you’d think, I’m fifteen now, I should be over it, but I still…to this day, I’m still self-conscious about it. And…I wish…I wish we could trade places. That I’d only be in my true form for a limited amount of time, and that you’d have the choice to change at will…hell, if you were at least half-Siren like me, you couldn’t do anything about the powers, but you’d at least get to be in the form you like.”
“I still remember your words though,” he said. “Enjoy this October to the fullest…because next year, I might not have to feel this way.” He sighed. “So there’s no point in getting sad about this.”
“You’re allowed to. And I’ll listen to your concerns. I’m here for that whenever I’m not incapacitated or horribly disfigured.”
“Thanks.” San-Kyung laid back down. “All those other Halloweens I did things without really thinking them through. But this year, I’m going to make the most of the time I have. Not just on Halloween either. On all the other days left in this month too. This is my month. It will be even if I can fix myself.”
“….but rambling about it gets me nowhere,” he said. “We’ve got school, and it’s a waste of valuable time, and…it’s Mom’s birthday today, too.”
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot!”
“…I think I might need a lullaby tonight as well, Dosa-Mina.”
“Always happy to deliver, except my vocal chords,” Dosa-Mina sighed. “Hope you don’t mind if I sing a repeat.”
“You seem tired enough to fall asleep without a lullaby…oh well.”

Break out and show the real world,
I’ll be the one to follow you….


“You boys have to get to school!” Del-Kyuus exclaimed. “Hurry, hurry, hurry!”
“Mom, it’s not that bad,” San-Kyung sighed.
“With how lethargic you are? Yes it is! Oh, fine! I’ll just levitate you to school!”
“Thank you, Mrs. Molshei,” Dosa-Mina.
“Sheesh, what kept you boys up so late last night anyway?”
“That’s a secret!” Dosa-Mina said cheerfully.
“….oookay, now I’m suspicious! What did you boys do!?”
“We were just up talking!” San-Kyung yelled. “Damn it, Dosa-Mina!”
“What did I do? Nothing wrong as far as I can see~” He hummed.
Del-Kyuus sighed as she took to the air and levitated out the Molshei house.

“Happy birthday, Mom!” San-Kyung exclaimed.
“Happy birthday, Kyuusie,” Salsh-Era said, giving his wife a kiss on her head.
“Don’t–ah, forget it.”
“Thank you, San-Kyung,” Del-Kyuus said. “You too, Salsh-Era. You know, I’m glad your tail grew in today. What a nice birthday present!”
San-Kyung twitched it slightly. “Yeah…”
‘All except for La-IIn touching it….’
Memories of that day at school came back to him.
“Why do you have a tail, San-Kyung!?
“Oh, it feels so interesting!
“You look weird with a tail!”


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