22.265.A Malicerie Student’s Story

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 265
“A Malicerie Student’s Story”

“Hello! May I talk to you for a moment, perhaps interview you? I’ve heard rumors that you’re the student who’s been at Malicerie the longest, and wanted to ask you a few questions.”
“….who told you this?”
“I heard it from one of my sources.”
The student stood up. “Let’s talk somewhere more private.”
The reporter led the student to one of the Weekend classrooms. The reporter pulled up a chair for her guest.
“Who are you? And what source are you talking about?”
“My sources include rumors and scoping out old Malicerie records–which nobody else might have noticed, but list your name on there for seventeen years straight. Care to explain? That’s highly unusual for any student of any school, not just our fair one.”
“…how can you take yourself seriously calling Malicerie a fair school?”
“I always take myself seriously,” she chuckled.
“Why do you want to talk to me?”
“I want a report for the school….reports, The Malicerie Reports.
“…you know how many years I’ve been here now, so I have to ask. Why have I never heard of such a thing before today?”
“Because it hasn’t been released yet,” she sighed. “I plan on handling The Malicerie Reports by myself and only reporting on the facts and or supposed factual sources and such and such. I want to be a journalist after graduation, one who can separate the truth from lies, rumor from truth, et cetera, et cetera…guess I should introduce myself. Xiaoji Bok-Nok, Class C, Grade 8. As you can see, I’m a Werewolf, and a–”
“Do you always give away so much information about yourself?” The student sighed.
“Maybe. Sometimes it does well to give away information.”
“You’re a fool…”
“Pay that no mind. Fine, I’ll tell you stories about Malicerie, but you have to make me a promise, Xiaoji.”
“When you put these things in your Malicerie reports, you have to list me as an anonymous source. Nothing about my seventeen-years-here status, nor my name, my grade, my class….you must keep all of those things a secret.”
“Okay…but why?”
“Giving your identity freely is a bad thing.”
“You kind of go to a public school…but okay. I accept your terms. Now, let’s get with the juicies. Mind telling me what kind of place Malicerie was when you first came here?”
“Malicerie was similar to as it is now. Some of the teachers still worked here, in fact. I’m sure you’ve heard of Class D’s long-running and infamous history teacher Mr. Chensu. Yeah, he still taught here when I first came.”
“Inneresting,” Bok-Nok said distractedly. “What sort of notable differences can you give us?”
“Class A was not the psychopathic mess it is now. They were a curious class with the most consistently high test scores throughout all of Malicerie. Students in Class A vied for the top position when competitive, but when not they were just happy to study. You could often find a study-buddy in them. Students in other classes wanted to be better than those in Class A. It was often a goal of many students.”
“If you know this, then maybe you know the reason why they changed?”
“It was a little while back, has to be a few years now,” the student said. “They got a radicalist teacher who had a supposedly modern mind. At first, despite her radicalist attitude, this teacher was competent. But she changed. The year there was a big deal about never letting a World War happen again, there were several people calling for all the species to treat each other equally to prevent it. She took that to heart perhaps too much. After that, all the teachers of Class A began to share her mindset…it becomes infectious, so it spread to students as well. They abandoned their curious nature and became what they are today. Not to mention some of their newer students have started here sharing that mindset.”
“…” Bok-Nok furiously jotted down all the student had told her. “Thank you. That was cool to hear. I’ve heard that Class B and Class C have generally stayed the same–was Class D always as wacky as it is today?”
“I’ve always heard stories about ‘those weird students from Class D’,” the student said. “Perhaps their reputation will change now that they have a child prodigy on their side.”
“I don’t think Vampiris will be helping them any time soon…” Bok-Nok giggled. “Okay. Do you have any interesting stories or rumors to share with us that you’ve heard over the years? Such as the infamous yet unproved story of Class A and the Cow?”
“Of course I do,” the student said. “Once there were stories circulating that Class A students were mad scientists who would experiment on students from other classes. That made people scared of them for a little while. Sometimes people claimed that Class D students were mental ward patients and that Class C consisted of nothing but stuck-up pricks–excuse my language–from elitist schools. Individual students have not been exempt either. Once in my class, a boy walked up to the front. Everyone in the class quickly noticed he had an erection. The students said he got turned on by schoolwork and they called him both a teacher’s pet–which in my opinion made zero sense–and ‘Boner Boy’. He has since graduated. I hope only the best for him.”
Bok-Nok stifled a giggle at the student’s serious tone while telling the story. “A-anything else?” She asked, trying to stifle her giggles.
“There have been so many cases where various students have had ‘puberty failures’ I can barely count them,” the student sighed. “I’ve heard stories from all classes bar Class A. Not now or in the past were they the type of class to talk about things like that. Such as girls having blood on their pants, or Vampire students getting sudden blood cravings in the midst of class…I heard a story where both of those things were combined from a different class. I can only imagine it was terrifying.”
Bok-Nok flinched. “Me too.”
“There have been a fair share of rumors about teachers as well. Many wonder about Mr. Chensu’s sanity. As well as that there have been speculations about Class C’s Mr. Yushie. Many try to think of a tragic backstory that explains his reasons for acting so harsh towards his students when one of them acts out or does something wrong…or just in general. I have heard several girls gushing over Mr. Yushie because of this. Some of the stories are just fantastic, such as that his parents, sisters, wife and daughter, as well as his best friend, dog, cat, et cetera, on occasion….er, that they all perished in the same disaster. On occasion it’s separately. But in truth, nobody really knows about Mr. Yushie. One day students saw a ring on his finger. They assumed it was a wedding ring. But nobody knows for sure, because it wasn’t on the typical finger.”
“I see….I’ll have to investigate these stories about Mr. Yushie. And perhaps Mr. Yushie himself.”
“I would actually be intrigued to hear the truth,” the student admitted. “That would be one thing your Malicerie report would be good for.”
Bok-Nok smiled. “Thank you.”
“The rest of the faculty has also come under scrutiny. Some who are scared of the school nurses accuse them of malpractice, but thankfully Malicerie has never been sued….if they have, I may have missed it, or it could have been before I enrolled. Many in Class A call the Principal a, let’s just say colorful variety of names. Others dislike her strict nature. And there have been so many speculations about Mr. Sharai’s sexuality over the years…”
Bok-Nok blinked. “Okay, I think that’s enough for now…so tell me, do you think Malicerie has changed much?”
“In some ways, yes, in some ways, no. Class D has always been the same and probably will be until the day the Malicerie building comes down. Meanwhile, Class A went from the best-scoring class to the worst-scoring class. So things can change. People working here and studying here will age and move on. They may die. Malicerie will someday be just a memory for many here. I think there will be changes in the future as the world keeps going. Perhaps Malicerie will someday be lauded as a respected school. Perhaps not. I expect the latter. The school will probably be renovated, perhaps a few times. Students may transfer out and transfer in. Many species and many different types of people from all around the world may come here. The students here may become great successes. No matter what happens I believe there will be changes someday. Already we have had many graduate. ….I hope the next year is the year I can. And don’t include that last tidbit. That was a musing, not for the interview.”
“Er, okay,” Bok-Nok said, scratching out the student’s last words. “Since you said not too much has changed, anything else you want to say about Malicerie or…?”
“I hope the changes that happen to Malicerie are for the better. Also, for you only Xiaoji, I want to thank you for letting me do this interview. You’ve helped me think about the better parts of Malicerie.”
“You’re welcome,” she said.
“I still want to graduate, mind you, seventeen years here can drive one mad.”
“Speaking of, I wanted to ask about that….even entering school in Grade 0, you shouldn’t have been here that long. What’s caused this abnormal amount of–”
“…it’s not safe to give out too much information about yourself,” the student said quickly. “Bye, Xiaoji.” The student walked out the room.

As Xiaoji prepared the story for release that night, she couldn’t help but think on the mysterious student.
“Damn it, I really wanna know how they’ve been there for seventeen years! Getting held back? Sickness? Some other reason? What the hell is it!?”
“Quiet, Bok-Nok!”
“Sorry, Mom,” Bok-Nok said with a sigh.


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