5.217.Reminiscing on Childhood–Part 2

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 217
“Reminiscing on Childhood–Part 2”

“Look at Chensu! It’s Summer break and he’s….reading?”
“He can read anytime, but when he can finally swim? He still reads!”
Around him, the voices of his peers questioned his decision to read through history books during the hottest days of the Summer. He didn’t mind their comments. Dressed completely casually in the coolest outfit he could find, he was enjoying scouring the history books.
None of the people around him usually played with him anyway. All the things that the other teenagers did, they didn’t seem to like when he did. It wasn’t funny when he did something silly, at least not funny in the same way it was when one of their friends did it. When he told someone about his crush, she was disgusted and would tell her friends about it in a different way than she would if another boy said he had a crush. When he tried to do something they considered ‘cool’, they would ridicule him.
So he ignored him. It wasn’t as if he was unhappy spending time reading under a parasol. His reading glasses tickled his nose and made him want to sneeze, but aside from that he was perfectly happy to go over history.
The book he was reading right now was recounting events that happened following the events of many wars. He discovered a primary reason as to why the species mostly lived together now was because they fought so much over their members who were involved in interspecies romances and their differences that some species barely survived. He was fascinated by the Sirens, who took advantage of the members of the various species tribe by disgusing as members of their species.
He always found history interesting. He would never want to be involved in any of these situations himself, not by a long shot, but he saw the mistakes of the past as a way to prevent such things in the future. Though it had taken several deaths, the various species had learned that they were better off not fighting and living together. He knew things would never be perfect on that front, but most all the world as it was now was much better than how things were all the way back then.
“Maybe they’re dirty books….” One of his peers said. Others around her made grunts of agreement.
“Well then why would he read those outside? I mean, I think it would be more beneficial to read them inside,” a boy nearby said.
“Maybe so he gets really heated up?” A girl nearby said. Again he heard grunts of agreement.
Their words were hard to drown out, but he didn’t let them get to him. He turned his pages quietly, giving an indignant sniff at their words as he continued to read over his book.
Teenagers inched up nearby him and started to peek under the table. He could feel some standing behind him as well. He glanced around at the sudden crowd, who made no effort to move from their places once he noticed them.
“Go away!” He said.
“Looks like it’s just a history book,” a Catori girl said. The others sighed.
“Chensu’s stupider than we thought then,” said a Minomix boy as the group of teens walked away. He squinted his eyes. They were so interested in finding a way to make fun of him that he would never get to read without distraction in a place like this.
Even though he enjoyed the feeling of the hot Summer sun on his skin, he decided to leave. He felt disappointed as he took his books and left.
‘If I ever have kids, I’ll make sure to teach them not to act like this….hell, if they have kids someday, maybe I’ll be their teacher, and I’ll teach them not to act this way!’

“So I was reading up on a lot of things today. Such as the events that happened following various species wars. Particularly World War I, but I read up on some of the others too, such as the Great Avians War and the Battle of the Land and Sea.”
“Nice. How much can you recount for me then, Mr. Chensu?”
“Well, the leader of the Narwhaltaes at the time didn’t actually say he minded many species. In fact, he thought they should come together, mostly it said. But he tended to take a stance as if he was against the species living together, because he hated Groundisers.”
“How about the leader of the Groundisers?”
“Well, there was a lot to read at that part….if I remember correctly, he really hated other species. So he had this whole reason why the species shouldn’t merge…something along the lines of there would be thousands of world wars, and that conflicts between Groundisers and Vampires would go on forever, literally…”
“What else can you recount for me, Mr. Chensu?”
“Well, I was also reading up on the history of Dasdoria.” He sighed. “Unfortunately, the people who were bothering me as I read up on the events after the wars followed me there and were more annoying than they had been earlier. So I couldn’t concentrate completely…..still, it seems like Dasdoria’s never exactly been a pleasant place to live, has it?”
“No, it hasn’t. The situation there has never been good. That’s the reason there are so many refugees. I’ve heard researchers find it an interesting place to look, though.” The man relaxed in his chair. “Now what’s this about people bothering you?”
“The other students from school,” he sighed. “I think they find me an easy scapegoat for jokes. I don’t really mind, they just get in the way. Not all of them are mean to me. The ones that are I ignore. Or I try to. When they keep talking about me it can be hard to concentrate.”
“Indeed…” The man sighed. “Whenever someone teases you, Mr. Chensu, you must tell me, alright? I will deal with them before school starts again.”
“I will. Thank you, Mr. Deiwk.”
“You’re very welcome…still, I think it’s great that you’re remembering more details off-hand. If you still want to be a history teacher in the future, it’s good to have knowledge you can dispense off-hand instead of reading directly from a book. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a book on-hand for reference…one written by the reliable historians, of course. You do know how to tell the difference between reliable historians and unreliable ones, yes?”
“The easiest way to tell is to see if any of the facts are biased. If they are biased, they’re unreliable. Although there are ones who prevent unbiased facts mostly, but they’re still unreliable. Like Gingun Kin-Nuk.”
“Kin-Nuk seemed to have a lot of potential as well….I was ashamed to find out his ‘unbiased’ facts were actually changed sources,” he sighed. “You’re learning well, though, Mr. Chensu.”
“I have a good mentor,” he said.
“No,” Deiwk chuckled. “You’re mostly taking the reins yourself. I’m just examining you to make sure that you’re teaching yourself in a way that you could be considered reliable. But I trust you’ll be a good history teacher if you keep going the way you are.”
“Thanks. Although reading so much has made my eyes slightly bad…that’s one thing I regret.” He pushed his glasses away from his nose.
“You do need to take care of yourself. You don’t need to research all the time.”
“I know.”
“And I know you do,” Deiwk said with a smile. He gave him a light slap on the shoulder. “You’re dismissed for today. Go on and enjoy your day.”
He smiled, nodded, stood up and went to leave.
“Oh, one more thing, Mr. Chensu?”
He turned around.
“I’m not saying you have to, but you might be interested in reading up on the cases of Siren mass murderers during feeding seasons. There are several whole books on a variety of different situations. It’s something to chew on.”
“Sounds interesting. I’ll see if I can find a book on it in the library.”
“Alright. Then, see you, Mr. Chensu.”
“Bye for today, Mr. Deiwk!”

Thinking back on Deiwk made him smile. ‘I wish he was still around today….I’m sure he could give me some good advice.’
He picked up a tattered book about Sirens. On the inside there was faded writing written in pen. Although he could hardly tell what it said now, the words were still vivid in his mind.


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