30.211.Sleepover Dreams

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 211
“Sleepover Dreams”

“Did we ever sleep over before, La-Iin? I don’t remember if we did,” Fer-Shi asked. La-Iin adjusted various things in her bedroom without an answer.
Earlier that day, La-Iin had called Fer-Shi suddenly, telling her that she was going to meet her grandfather tomorrow and that she was nervous about it.
“Why are you nervous about meeting your granddad?” Fer-Shi asked.
“Even I get nervous sometimes, Fer-Shi.”
La-Iin had provided no further answers; Fer-Shi could only assume it was a natural response to meeting someone new and giggled to herself. ‘So even La-Iin can act normal sometimes. Well, I guess I knew that already….’
“Um, La-Iin, we’re about to go to bed,” Fer-Shi said. “I don’t think you need to do all this…”
“It’s not for you, it’s for my own peace of mind,” La-Iin said.
“That’s La-Iin brand Vaelis for “I’m being stupid”,” Bes-Isa said.
“If you’re not quiet, Bes-Isa, I’ll fling you out the window,” La-Iin said.
“I’ve fallen from high places so many times in the past I know what to expect already if you do,” Bes-Isa sighed. “Say, Fer-Shi, ever wanted to take a look through La-Iin’s stuff? Now’s the perfect time to do it!”
La-Iin flung Bes-Isa across the room and into the wall, then flung her back to the bed.
“Um….well, you have some Makeshire play scripts in your room, right, La-Iin? Maybe it’d be nice to look at some of those…?”
“Mama has most of them,” La-Iin said.
“Well, you wouldn’t mind if I looked at the titles, right…?” Fer-Shi peered at the titles of some of the books in La-Iin’s room. Bes-Isa’s words had made her curious. She noticed a few play scripts with Makeshire listed as the author, among them Vampire’s Stabmist along with titles Fer-Shi didn’t know as well, such as Varinis et Sol-Kius, The Tragedy of Lanbia, and Croquis of Despair.
“What are these plays about?” Fer-Shi asked.
“Which ones?” La-Iin sighed.
“Um….Varinis et Sol-Kius,” Fer-Shi said. “I’ve heard the title before, but I don’t know what it’s about.”
“It’s a love story. Mama introduced it to me. In the first act it’s one of Makeshire’s weaker works. The ending does it justice. I’m surprised you don’t know its story. Lots of things make parodies of it.”
“Well, I don’t think the type of things I read make parodies often….okay, what about The Tragedy of Lanbia?”
“It’s about a King who has to watch his Kingdom go to hell,” La-Iin said.
“Metaphorically,” La-Iin said.
“It would be interesting if it was literally,” La-Iin said.
“Personally, I prefer Varinis et Sol-Kius over Tragedy of Lanbia,” Bes-Isa said. “I like stories with plot twists.”
“Bes-Isa, it’s Makeshire. He didn’t exactly write the most uplifting plays. Why were you surprised by it again?”
“Not everyone’s expecting a plot twist,” Bes-Isa grumbled.
La-Iin and Bes-Isa began to discuss Makeshire’s works. While they were distracted, Fer-Shi felt her curiosity rise again and started to look around La-Iin’s room. She had been over to La-Iin’s house several times and most of those times had visited her bedroom, but sleeping over felt like a new experience. She felt like she was seeing things she didn’t normally see.
“What are you messing with now?” La-Iin sighed.
“Um! Oh, I didn’t even notice I was touching it….” Fer-Shi took her hand off a stack of papers. The papers were drawn in crayon and crudely drawn pictures were accompanied by just as crude Vaelis that read, “Day with San-Kyung and Sou-Yu.”
“Who’s Sou-Yu?” Fer-Shi said aloud. La-Iin glared in Fer-Shi’s direction with an intensity that made her flinch. She backed away from the paper.
“Please don’t look at me like that,” Fer-Shi squeaked.
“Sou-Yu? Is that–“
Before Bes-Isa could finish, La-Iin flung her in her direction and stuffed her in her hair. She stood up and walked over to the bed.
“We can go to sleep any time now,” La-Iin sighed as she put Bes-Isa between her and Fer-Shi.
“Um…I’m sorry if I made you mad, La-Iin…” Fer-Shi said.
“I hate apologies,” La-Iin spat. “Just don’t get too nosy.”
Mit-Sun walked into the room before Fer-Shi or La-Iin could continue. “You two still have the lights on? It’s late. You should get some sleep.”
“We will, Miss Cahongyun,” Fer-Shi said.
“You should go to bed too, Mama,” La-Iin said. “Unlike me and school you actually have to go to work in the Summer.”
Mit-Sun rolled her eyes and sighed. “Thanks for the reminder, La-Iin. Geez. Don’t let La-Iin keep you awake, alright, Fer-Shi? Night.”
“I won’t! Good night, Miss Cahongyun!”
Mit-Sun turned out the lights. Fer-Shi flopped backwards into the bed.
“It’s a little cozier with Fer-Shi here. More warm.” Bes-Isa said.
“That’s not a good thing in the Summer,” La-Iin said. “I don’t want to get overheated like Dosa-Mina.”
“It might be nice in the Winter, though,” Fer-Shi suggested. “Maybe we should sleep over sometime then?”
“We’ll see.”
Fer-Shi stared at the ceiling. She could barely see anything in the dark, but she could see the outlines of a few things in the room. She wanted to try and get to sleep as Mit-Sun had instructed, but felt she had too much energy. She was bored.
“….La-Iin, which granddad are you meeting tomorrow?” She asked.
“Mama’s Dami. Do you really think she’d let me meet Dami’s Dami?” La-Iin sighed. “I’d like to meet Dami’s parents someday though. I think they’d have a lot more interesting things to talk about than Mama’s Dami. Dami said they’re still pretty young for Vampires, but two-hundred still seems like a long time to me.”
“Well, that’s ’cause you’re only six right now. But someday you’ll be two-hun….er….well, it is a long time,” Fer-Shi said. “A lot of things have happened all over the world in two-hundred years.”
“But I bet they don’t remember all the years they’ve been alive…” La-Iin sighed. “Fer-Shi, did you ever meet a grandparent?”
“Yeah, I did! All of them actually. They’re nice people.”
“Mama says I’ve met her Dami before, but I don’t remember him at all, so I bet it was when I was a baby. I hope he’s not annoying to talk to.”
“I hope so too. I bet you’ll hurt his feelings if you don’t like him. After all, you’re his only granddaughter, aren’t you?”
“Yes. Mama doesn’t have a brother or sister, and she only ever had me. So I guess so….and I wonder what he thinks about me being half-Vampire too….I think Dami met him too, I wonder what he thinks of Dami….”
“Sounds like you have a lot of questions to ask him!” Fer-Shi giggled.
“I guess I do…”
“I’m sure things will be fine,” Fer-Shi said. “So don’t be worried.”
“….I hate that you can be reassuring,” La-Iin sighed. “And I hate that I have to meet my Normal grandparent. But maybe things won’t be so bad…”
“I almost thought La-Iin had anxiety with the ridiculous scenarios she was proposing,” Bes-Isa said.
“She doesn’t need to know about those,” La-Iin snapped. “I’m sleepy. And tomorrow could still be bad. So the sooner I get to sleep, the sooner the day comes, and the sooner I can get it over with….night, Fer-Shi…”
“Good night, La-Iin.”
“More like evil night….” La-Iin mumbled.
“Geez, so petty.”
“Well, that’s La-Iin for you,” Fer-Shi giggled.
“I suppose so. Though I’d know better than you. I’ve known her since she was a little baby and I remember pretty much everything from the moment I was born til now. Still, you have a point.”
“Do you think she’s actually a little excited?” Fer-Shi asked.
“Much as La-Iin tries to deny it, she does tend to display a few little kiddy traits. She’s certainly evil–if you heard all she tells me about, oh, there’s no doubt–but she’s still a normal little kid…and a Normal, to boot. So maybe she is excited.”
“I hope so. And I hope she likes her granddad. You know, maybe we should talk more, Bes-Isa. We might have a lot to talk about.”
“If by that you mean La-Iin, then yes, we do. I suppose it might not be too bad to talk to you. I do prefer to be in the company of evil girls, but I can take goody-goodies too…sometimes.”
“Heh, you really are La-Iin’s V-Puppet…” Fer-Shi laid down on the bed. “Good night, Bes-Isa.”
“‘Night, I guess.”

“Time to meet your grandfather, La-Iin!” Mit-Sun said. She pulled back a curtain.
“AAAAAAGH!” La-Iin nearly fell over. Standing behind the curtain was Fer-Shi, a bearded adult male yet still with the same innocent eyes of her friend.
“I just didn’t know how to tell you, La-Iin!” She said, her voice similar but not quite the same.
La-Iin stood up and flew out the window with a force strong enough to take half the house with her. She crashed into Sale-Dessu’s house and everything around her exploded.

“Gyah!” La-Iin exclaimed. She sat up abruptly and turned to her side. Fer-Shi was sleeping there, looking the same as normal.
La-Iin’s beating heart quickly calmed and she laid back down in bed, another dream quickly coming to her.


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