29.210.Unlock the Budding Power

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 210
“Unlock the Budding Power”

“I know it happened over a week ago, but I still can’t believe I got heat stroke,” Dosa-Mina said.
“Yeah. It’s a mystery,” San-Kyung said sarcastically.
“Rival-boy, you’re so stupid.”
“So many people call me stupid and ignore how much I know about species…I feel so misunderstood sometimes.”
“Maybe you wouldn’t feel that way if you didn’t do things to get misunderstood,” San-Kyung said.
“Two things, San-Kyung. One, if you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, then I don’t care about that one. And two, is it just me, or are you harsher when La-Iin’s around? Because it really hurts, you being so mean….we’re best friends forever while La-Iin is just a friend, and she’s not even my friend.”
“I could never be your friend given our standings,” La-Iin said. “But I can put up with you for San-Kyung’s sake.”
“Really?” Dosa-Mina said. “Can you?” He laid his head in San-Kyung’s lap. “You get mad at the smallest display of affection I show him, and if he happens to enjoy it even the slightest bit you get infuriated.”
“You know why,” La-Iin growled.
“I know. But I still think it’s petty. Just like your evil.”
“Dosa-Mina, what are you…oh.” San-Kyung grinned. La-Iin was confused. Dosa-Mina sat up and laid his head on San-Kyung’s shoulder.
“Maybe you should try showing him affection too,” Dosa-Mina said. “San-Kyung is reciprocal sometimes.”
“Yeah, but she’s six! And affection is normal for you. Her style seems to be stalking.”
“Scared of being called a pedophile again?” Dosa-Mina asked.
“What do you think?”
“Stop hanging all over him, rival-boy,” La-Iin said.
“Stop being jealous first.”
“Rival-boy, you’re wearing long sleeves and you’re sweaty and smelly. It’s Summer. Don’t you think it’s too hot for things like that?”
“It’s never too hot for me!” Dosa-Mina said. “Maybe you wouldn’t be as worried if I took off my clothes.”
La-Iin twitched.
“You never take off your shirt,” San-Kyung sighed.
“If I never took it off, then how would I get clean, and how come I wear different shirts every day? I know what hygiene is.”
“Stupid rival-boy’s probably covered in fleas,” La-Iin muttered.
“Hey!” Dosa-Mina exclaimed. “It’s no fun to have fleas, you know.” He lifted his head from San-Kyung’s shoulder and looked at La-Iin.
“Say, La-Iin,” Dosa-Mina said. “There’s something I was curious about and wanted to ask you.”
“I want to ask you about something.”
“I owe you no answers, rival-boy,” she said, but soon sighed. “What is it?”
“I remember seeing you use this weird power once. Or, really, more than once. You looked like a Pureblood Vampire. I’ve read several books on Vampires but I don’t remember ever hearing about a power like that. Care to tell me about it? I’d love to know more.”
“I don’t understand it either,” La-Iin said. “It just seems to happen a lot when I get mad or something…”
“I wish you knew more…” Dosa-Mina sighed, his normal smile disappearing for all of a few moments before returning. He turned to face San-Kyung. “I know you hate my affection, so I’ve decided not to be affectionate anymore, San-Kyung.”
“It’s okay.” Dosa-Mina said with a wink.
“Well, then, if you won’t show affection–” He grabbed onto Dosa-Mina. “I will.”
Dosa-Mina noticed the grimace on his face as he kissed him on the forehead. He had to stifle a giggle at how upset San-Kyung looked. Behind him, he heard the sound of wings flapping rapidly. ‘Please let this work.’
“Now I know you’re just trying to upset me! You’re just want to see me use that power!”
“As if that wasn’t obvious,” San-Kyung said. “But unlike him, I don’t see you as a test subject. I just went along ’cause I was curious.”
“That won’t make me forgive him for what just happened! He owes me blood!
La-Iin’s skin had started to grey and she had a wild expression on her face, but her power hadn’t seemed to activate completely.
“I dare you, rival-boy. Do anything unsavory to San-Kyung, and I will drink you dry.”
“I’m sure you would.” Dosa-Mina stood up. “Alright, I won’t use you as a test subject anymore. Can I talk with San-Kyung alone for a little bit, though?”
“La-Iin, I have fire powers. ….and given the heat and time of year, they’re pretty strong.” As if to prove a point, San-Kyung lit his hand. A tall flame rose from it, nearly licking the ceiling. He put it out. “If he tries to do anything, I can burn him to a crisp. ….or call for you, if that somehow doesn’t work.”
“San-Kyung…” La-Iin started to calm. Her wings slowed their rapid flapping, and her wild expression faded, though the grey tinge to her skin remained.
“We’ll be quick,” he assured, then followed after Dosa-Mina. Dosa-Mina walked until he could no longer hear La-Iin’s wings, then turned to face San-Kyung.
“I’ve been wondering something, San-Kyung. I still don’t think I get exactly what you want with her power.”
“I’ve told you this a million times before….if that power is what I think it is, then I want it.”
“You can’t just take powers, San-Kyung. Basic species facts. I mean, I could disguise myself as an Animated Pumpkin with just a song, but I couldn’t use flame powers. It’d be a dead giveaway to my true species…..well, part of it, anyway.”
“No, you don’t understand. Her power seems to be being able to harness the powers of a Pureblood Vampire, and as we both know, she isn’t a Pureblood. If that’s what her power really is, then maybe I can do something similar. After all, there are certain powers that all non-Normals can use, aren’t there?”
“Like V-Puppetry….I see what you mean now. You want to see if the power’s really what you think it is, and then see if you can use it. Right?”
“Hm….that’s interesting, actually. I wonder if there’s any book out there that covers it….I need to stop by the library soon, geez.”
“In any event, if that ends up being the case, oh, I’ll be thrilled…we should get back now. There’s nothing else to talk about on this subject.”
The boys walked back to the bedroom. La-Iin was sitting on the bed. She waved to San-Kyung.
“I’d like to help you some more with that power. I want to see if we can find a way for you to consciously activate it.”
“….this isn’t for rival-boy’s sake, is it?”
“No. I just want to help you. That’s….what friends are….for….or whatever….you’re on my side now, so you might as well know how to use something that’s better than flight or bloodsucking.”
“And V-Puppetry.”
“A power like that one could be helpful….so I’m going to try and help you activate it consciously.”
La-Iin smiled. “I’d like that, San-Kyung.”
“But not today….” San-Kyung sighed. He flopped onto the bed. “Soon, though, alright?”
“Somebody certainly looks happy…” Dosa-Mina scoffed. La-Iin gave him a sly grin.
“Oh, this rivalry isn’t so one-sided any more, rival-boy. Now things are getting interesting.”

San-Kyung looked through pictures of himself in his true form. He sighed.
‘If I could be that way for the rest of my life….that would be perfect.’


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