23.204.Cravings of Consiquence

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 204
“Cravings of Consiquence”

Asul-Zenza sat at the table, looking over a book Niser-Zanta had given him. He sighed. ‘Niser-Zanta should really not be allowed to suggest non-fiction for me anymore….I’ll have to tell him that next time I see him.’
He heard the sound of eating. Curious, he glanced up. Mit-Sun had a mincemeat pie in front of her and a glass of blood sat next to it. With a start, Asul-Zenza realized the blood came from his carton in the fridge.
“What now?” She asked.
“You…you’re drinking blood? I need that blood, you know…”
“I had a taste for it, but it’s all metallic,” she groaned. “Yet I can’t stop drinking it anyway….this mincemeat pie is delicious, though…I’ve never been so enamored with mincemeat pie…”
“Ah, Mit-Sun….” Asul-Zenza sighed. “A craving of your again? I’m starting to wonder if your belly is really a baby bump and not just caused by–”
Mit-Sun glared at him. Asul-Zenza shrunk into his seat.
“Maybe if I pour the blood on the pie…”
“Drizzle blood is better for that than the liquidy kind that comes in cartons….which is where you got that from, isn’t it?”
“Of course. Where else would I get it from?”
“Gah….I need that blood….”
“You can drink other things, you know.”
“Blood is a necessity for any Vampire!” He yelled. Mit-Sun’s glare stayed firm. He sat back down in his seat. “I’m sorry. I simply….it’s been a little stressful for me lately, and my blood cravings go up when I’m stressed at times…or when I’ve gone without it for a while….but perhaps, next time I get a blood craving, you’ll let me drink from you?”
“No,” Mit-Sun said simply, widening her eyes. “I can’t trust you not to suck me dry.”
“You feel as if you can’t trust your own fiancĂ©?” Asul-Zenza whimpered.
“At times, yes.”
Asul-Zenza found himself sighing once again.
Mit-Sun took a large bite of mincemeat pie. “I’m not trying to be mean, but you could try to put up with it a little. I didn’t expect to get pregnant.”
“I didn’t expect it either….oh, and we’re not married yet, I wonder if my Darseen and Floma will be upset when they learn of this…”
“You haven’t told them yet? I told my father.”
“No, I haven’t….I worry about what sort of reaction they may have…while they don’t have a problem with, ahem, intercourse outside of marriage….” Asul-Zenza’s cheeks turned bright pink. “I’m not sure how they feel about unmarried people having a child together…”
“Well, we….might….get married….probably….so it won’t be unmarried people then, if that does happen….” Mit-Sun sounded uncertain. She started to finish the mincemeat pie.
“I understand, Mit-Sun. Drink blood as you see fit. Just, we’ll need to get more the next time we shop…..”
“It’ll be a last priority. We don’t exactly have everything we need for the baby yet either.” Mit-Sun gave a relaxed sigh as she pushed her plate away. “I’m still hungry. I wonder if there’s something else I could eat in here….”
“There’s plenty. In truth, I haven’t been eating much lately…”
Mit-Sun took a quick look in the fridge and pulled out a small container. “Might as well dispose of some leftovers in the process. I don’t have a craving for anything but food anymore….”
Asul-Zenza giggled as she opened the container. “You know, when I think about it, perhaps your random craving for blood was because our child will be half-Vampire. I wonder how much he or she will like blood….I hope it’s lots. Blood is delicious.”
“Even having just drunk blood I think you’re sick.”
“Is that why you never let me drink from you?” He sighed. “In most interspecies relationships involving a Vampire, the non-Vampire partner lets the Vampire drink their bloo….Mit-Sun, what are you eating?”
“How am I supposed to know?” She said.
“Aaah….aah, Mit-Sun, I believe that’s rotten food!”
“Tastes fine to me,” she said.
“It may to you, but it could make you sick!” He gasped. “Oh, you’re eating for two right now! What if you make the baby sick!?”
“I don’t think I would…” Mit-Sun mumbled. “It can’t possibly be that old…but then again…” She stood up, the container clattering to the floor. “I only ate a little! I think we’ll be good!”
“Yes, but there’s no guarantees, are there!?” Asul-Zenza stood behind her and grabbed her by the armpits. Mit-Sun started to squirm. “We should go to the hospital, just to be sure!”
“But I was only there a few days ago!”
“Yes, but we can’t take any risks! I’m not going to let anything happen to our baby!”
‘You prick!’ Was the only thought that crossed Mit-Sun’s mind as Asul-Zenza lifted her off the ground and started to fly off.
“You have gained some weight…” He groaned. Mit-Sun squirmed even harder.


“Doctor, will she be all right? Will our baby be all right?”
“Now, now, Mr. Ghneckdo, calm down,” the doctor said. “There’s only a little cause for concern, there is. The baby will be just fine, yes.”
Asul-Zenza let out a sigh of relief. Mit-Sun groaned. “Oh, but….you said the baby will be fine, but what about Mit-Sun?”
“She’ll be fine, mostly, anyways,” the doctor said. “But that won’t digest well, and it could leave her with bad belly pains, it could. I’d suggest giving her some vomit powder, I would.”
“Awmit powa!?” Mit-Sun said. Asul-Zenza gasped. “Mit-Sun, stop eating the curtains!”
“Oh, that’s bad, it is,” the doctor sighed. “She’ll definitely need vomit powder, she will. Even more so now that she’s eaten the curtain, yes. Those curtains were not made for consumption.” The doctor pulled a small bottle out his pocket. “Give her this, yes.”
“Mit-Sun….take the curtain out your mouth,” he said. She took the curtain out.
“I don’t care if I get stomach pains, I’m not taking that vomit powder. It will come out eventually, and I vomit enough as it is.”
“You need to take it, yes. If you’re not willing to take it orally, I’ll inject vomit liquid, I will.”
“Please, Mit-Sun. If you get sick, it could affect our baby. Think of it that way.”
“The doctor said our baby would be fine!”
“But…but….what if you get so sick that you need to take something that has adverse effects on a fetus? Then our baby could be hurt! Mit-Sun, please….”
“Oh, stop being so wishy washy, Mr. Ghneckdo, I say,” the doctor snapped. “I’ll administer it, yes.” He took the bottle of vomit powder, poured some into the cap, and stuffed the cap in Mit-Sun’s mouth. He removed the cap once Mit-Sun swallowed.
“Head to the bathroom, now. You’ll likely vomit all over the floor otherwise, I say.”
Mit-Sun’s face started to turn green. “Ugh…agh….”
“I’ll take her to the restroom. Where is it?”
“Around the corner, it is.”
“Thank you very much!”
He escorted Mit-Sun into the hallway and around the corner. Mit-Sun started to retch. As soon as he saw the bathroom, he pushed Mit-Sun in and waited outside, slumping against the wall. He could hear her vomiting inside.
“Do these cravings mean anything for our child, or is Mit-Sun simply crazy? I wish I could understand pregnancy better…but then again, Mit-Sun is pregnant, and I don’t think she even understands it….” He sighed.
He waited outside the bathroom for Mit-Sun for only a short while; Mit-Sun came out not long after with vomit on her cheek and looking pale.
“Are you all right, Mit-Sun?” He asked.
“No….damn it, Asul-Zenza, I was fine….now I feel terrible….”
“I’d rather you feel terrible now and get it over with than feel terrible for longer. But don’t worry, we don’t have to leave now. I’m sure the doctor will let us stay until you start to feel better.”
“Agh…” Mit-Sun groaned. Saliva started to stream from her mouth. She dashed back into the bathroom. Asul-Zenza sighed.
“I wish I could do something for you, Mit-Sun. But I suppose this is the sort of thing that happens from eating rotten food and curtains….”

“I wonder how that couple and their baby is doing right now, yes. I wonder if I’ll ever see them again.”
The doctor reminisced on that day seven years ago as his own child rest on his lap.


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