21.202.Summer’s Evil Heat Ray

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 202
“Summer’s Evil Heat Ray”

“Gee, it’s pretty hot today!”
“Of course it is. It’s Summer.”
“Do you really expect him to say anything smart? I think rival-boy is lacking in brains.”
San-Kyung glared over his shoulder. “You’ve obviously never heard him go off on species biology and such, then.”
“He’s probably just repeating things he read in books.”
“Yes, but those are things I…..um….read in multiple books. For verification!” He said cheerfully. “If you want an example….I can give you one.” Both San-Kyung and La-Iin noticed that he had begun to pant, moreso than usual.
“You alright, Dosa-Mina?” San-Kyung asked.
“Well, I’m….not any more hot than normally! Okay, here’s an example….um….did you know that Werewolves have….been known to chew off their feathers?”
“I told you he was stupid.”
“And also, Sirens love to have healthy intakes of sand….” Dosa-Mina started to sound confused. He kept a smile on his face even as his eyes started to go in opposite directions and sweat built up on his forehead at a rapid pace. Both San-Kyung and La-Iin backed away from him a few paces due to the smell.
“And Vampires, ooh, they love the sun….!”
Dosa-Mina fell over.
San-Kyung ran over to him. The sound of someone crashing to the ground caused a small ruckus nearby them. San-Kyung looked him over quickly; out of curiosity, La-Iin checked over him as well. Dosa-Mina was breathing and his smile had been replaced with a more calm expression.
“Is something the matter?” A nearby person asked. She went running to Dosa-Mina’s side. Neither San-Kyung nor La-Iin wanted to respond to her.
“Move out the way,” she said. San-Kyung glared and grit his teeth as she pushed him away. Her strength sent La-Iin toppling to the ground as well.
“This boy seems to be suffering a heat stroke,” she said. “We need to cool him down. Fast.”
“Dammit, Dosa-Mina, I knew something like this would happen eventually….!” San-Kyung mumbled. He got up and went back to Dosa-Mina’s side, but the woman picked him up.
“I’ll be able to move him quicker,” she said, talking faster than before. “Are you his friend? Do you have contact with his parents? I’d recommend calling them if so. He needs treatment quickly.”
The woman started to haul Dosa-Mina off. San-Kyung still looked agitated, but he started to walk away. “Where are you going, San-Kyung?”
“I’ve got to call the Dslellullars.”
“Why bother?”
“If it were anyone else, I’d agree with you, but this is Dosa-Mina who’s in trouble!” San-Kyung said. He dashed away from her.
Left all on her own, instead of following San-Kyung, La-Iin opted to follow the Minomix woman who had carried Dosa-Mina off. She fluttered after her as she carried Dosa-Mina off with relative ease.
‘Wow, rival-boy’s completely out,’ she realized. Not even the woman’s powerful stomps woke him. ‘It’s all because of the heat? I wonder….’
The woman carried Dosa-Mina into a building. “Anyone who can, I’m gonna need your help! This boy’s suffering from a heat stroke!”
The patrons inside the bank started to panic as the Minomix woman put Dosa-Mina down. “At least it’s air conditioned in here….” She started to unbutton Dosa-Mina’s shirt. La-Iin gagged, both at the sight and at the smell of his sweat.
“Let’s get this off….huh?” The Minomix woman tugged on Dosa-Mina’s shirt, but the sleeves would not budge. “Damn it, they seem to be stuck tight to his arms with sweat…..oh, that’s not good at all. Anyone got some really cold water!?”
The people inside the bank flailed around as if unsure what to do. La-Iin hardly felt concerned by the situation and could only sigh. ‘Rival-boy messes everything up….’
“I have something you might be able to use!” A Cicadin woman said. She dropped a bucket of water next to the Minomix.
“Thanks,” she said. She started to pull off Dosa-Mina’s pants, then reached into the bucket and pulled out a towel. She wrung out the towel and let the cold water drip all over Dosa-Mina.
“I’m still gonna need more help!” She yelled. Some of the calmer people inside the bank gave her a nod before going back to assisting her.
La-Iin waited bored inside the bank for a short while, watching as people tended to Dosa-Mina’s temperature and attempted to pull his shirt all the way off. San-Kyung eventually entered the bank and automatically laid his eyes on Dosa-Mina, concern evident in his face.
“I’ve been thinking about something, watching rival-boy pass out like this. Do you think there’s some way to harness a heat like the sun and make a heat ray out of it?”
“You heard what I said. I wanted to know if there’s a way to make a heat ray with some sort of harnessed heat. From the sun would be nice, but I don’t think you can do that. Because if he passed out because he got overheated, then maybe I could use something like that to cause havoc! Imagine what sort of damage a heat ray could do in this Summer heat! It’s really hot, you know.”
“Are you getting heat stroke too!?” San-Kyung screeched. The people in the bank stared in their direction.
“I’m fine,” La-Iin snapped. She turned to San-Kyung and whispered, “Thanks for being concerned.”
“That wasn’t concern!” He hissed.
“But the thing is, you can die if you get too hot, right? Mama told me something about that when she read me books about Vampires. So we could kill lots of people with a heat ray in the Summer. Even if they didn’t die, they’d still maybe pass out like rival-boy, so that would be good!”
“….what the hell is wrong with you?”
“You don’t think it’s a good plan?”
“Sounds like it could backfire. I mean, wouldn’t something like that be hot to hold on its own? And besides, it’s dumb. Ask Dasdoria to give you a heat ray if you want one so much.”
“Dasdoria makes heat rays!?”
“I think…”
“I wish I lived in Dasdoria. They get everything good,” she sighed.
“Is the boy’s condition stable!?” Someone nearby asked.
“Yes. Thankfully I was nearby. He should probably be monitored by a hospital, but he’s stable enough that I think he won’t suffer any permanent damage from this…”
“Thank goodness….” San-Kyung breathed.
“Why are you so worried about him? He wears long sleeves all the time. He can probably take heat even more than we can.”
“That’s exactly it! Look, you may be my friend now, but Dosa-Mina’s been my friend for years. I care about him a lot. And as you said, he wears long sleeves all the time, and he’s never passed out like this….”
“He’s stupid for doing that. After all, now they can’t even get his shirt off because he’s sweating so much on his arms that the sleeves are stuck.”
San-Kyung slapped his forehead.
“I still think a heat ray could be a good idea so long as it was made right.”
“You idiot…”
Both San-Kyung and La-Iin watched over Dosa-Mina in silence for a short while. La-Iin continued to go over the idea of a heat ray in her mind. ‘But maybe San-Kyung has a bit of a point….after all, something like that might be completely useless during the Winter. And he basically has a built-in heat ray, sort of….’
La-Iin faintly recognized the shriek. Elai-Riya came running into the bank and kneeled at her son’s side. Orlin-Aesth was close behind her, his ears folded back to his head.
“Are you the boy’s mother? …and father?” The Minomix woman asked.
“Yes!” They both yelled.
“Well, you don’t need to worry so much,” she sighed. “His condition is stable enough that he shouldn’t suffer permanent damage. However, I have arranged for him to be sent to a hospital to be monitored anyway. I’d recommend you go with the ambulance when they arrive.”
“Yes,” Elai-Riya said. “We will. I’m just glad he’ll be alright…”
“He still hasn’t woken up yet though, which worries me….” The Minomix woman mumbled. Elai-Riya and Orlin-Aesth didn’t seem to notice those words of hers and instead turned to San-Kyung.
“Thank you so much for calling us,” Elai-Riya said. Orlin-Aesth said nothing, though his tail wagged slightly. San-Kyung only shrugged in response.
“Speaking of people being taken elsewhere….shit, what do I do with you when the ambulance arrives?”
“I should be able to find my way back home,” La-Iin said.
“We did take you pretty far…”
“Aw, San-Kyung, you’re so sweet. I’m touched, but also sort of sickened as well.”
“I’m not worried about you at all.”
“I never said you were~”
San-Kyung sighed. “Look, from here just keep going right on your way back. You should be able to find your way to someplace familiar. Don’t go left under any circumstance.”
La-Iin nodded. “I wish you’d take me back home, though.”
“I have more important things to take care of.”
La-Iin stared at Dosa-Mina. His eyes were still closed and his expression calm, his body drenched in water. ‘Someday I’ll rise above you in importance…’
“You need to do more evil things, San-Kyung.”
“You have no place to speak, petty. And just give it time.”
The ambulance arrived not long after. San-Kyung, Elai-Riya, Orlin-Aesth and the Minomix woman all followed Dosa-Mina into the ambulance. Once the ambulance left, La-Iin took San-Kyung’s directions back home, and was surprised to find that he had been telling the truth about going right each time.

“Are you sure he’s going to be okay?”
“Well, we’re pretty sure. He’s not suffering any permanent physical damage. However…”
“Hee hee…” Dosa-Mina giggled. “It’s so funny when Birdmixes eat parts of themselves….”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered permanent mental damage,” the doctor said. “He keeps spouting off incorrect species factoids. Wildly incorrect ones.”
“Oh Dosa-Mina…” Elai-Riya gasped. Dosa-Mina, still half-asleep, giggled.


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