The La-Iin Series
Chapter 199

A low moan came from the direction La-Iin had entered. Mit-Sun barely payed any attention to her as she focused on her papers. La-Iin walked closer to her, her eyes wide as she crawled on the table.
“What are you doing, La-Iin?”
“Mamaaaaaaa….can I have some of your blood?”
Mit-Sun looked up; it was only then that she noticed the desperate expression on La-Iin’s face.
“What? No!”
“Mama, the craving is really bad!” She yelled. “I feel like I’m going crazy!”
“You look like you’re going crazy!” Mit-Sun yelled. “What’s wrong with you!?”
“I need blood!” She collapsed onto the table. “Even your nasty blood will suffice! Please let me have blood!”
La-Iin looked genuinely desperate as she pawed at Mit-Sun, her fangs sticking out her mouth at all times.
“Wait here. I’ll go find something bloody to make.”
She checked in the fridge for anything bloody she could prepare, but the only thing she could find needed to be cooked all the way through to prevent sickness. La-Iin continued to writhe on the table, mumbling to herself. She seemed as if she were suffering. It broke Mit-Sun’s heart. She wanted to offer her own blood, but worried that with the state her daughter was in, she would unintentionally suck her dry.
“Ohh, shouldn’t this sort of thing happen during the teenage years?” She moaned. With no blood items around that would suffice, Mit-Sun opted to pick up La-Iin.
“I’m going to do something about your cravings, don’t worry!” She said. Holding tight to a still-writing La-Iin, Mit-Sun walked as fast as she could out the door, only giving a nod to Choungetsu before closing it altogether.
She went into a run as soon as she was outside, hoping she would reach the store soon. With La-Iin’s state she had no idea if she would soon start to act even more crazy than she already was. ‘I can’t leave her home, but if she ends up losing it at the store….this situation is too time-sensitive!’
Thinking back on prior days, La-Iin’s demands for blood had gotten more intense as of late. She cursed herself for not realizing the potential of the current situation occuring. La-Iin’s moans sounded almost pained and she continued to struggle against her grasp, although her struggles seemed weaker than when she was fully aware. Out the corner of her eye, Mit-Sun noticed her body almost glowing light grey. ‘Is she going to turn into that other form? I hope not….’
As soon as she reached the store, Mit-Sun burst into it. She didn’t want to attract too much attention, but her desperate dash into the store had some onlookers staring at her. Ultimately she ignored those people and went for the first shopkeeper she could find.
“Where’s the blood!?” She yelled. The yell only made more people glance in her direction.
“Um, it’s down around the meat….”
“Thank you!”
Mit-Sun started off in a run to the meat section, but after finally noticing just how many people were staring at her, she slowed down. La-Iin began to struggle against her grasp again, harder this time, and her groaning became louder.
“Shh, shh, it’s alright La-Iin, just give me a few more moments….” She stroked her head as she continued to the meat section.
Nearby the meat aisle, an entire section was dedicated to various food objects that specific species would like. Mit-Sun took a brisk walk down the section and looked for the blood. It was one of the easiest items to find. A Vampire woman was standing nearby the blood, browsing it.
“Excuse me!” Mit-Sun yelled. The Vampire woman flinched. “Y-yes?”
“I’m sorry, do you have any recommendations when it comes to blood?” La-Iin had started to struggle again. Mit-Sun tightened her grasp on her.
“Er, well, I haven’t tried every single kind of blood they sell here, but I am sort of partial to this one….cheap and tasty!”
“Thanks!” Mit-Sun grabbed the package and ran off.
“Aren’t you going to check what species the blood came from!?” The woman called.
“No time!”
Mit-Sun started to run again as she made her way to checkout. She got in line behind a tall Ferreniao who was almost done with his order. La-Iin’s struggles had gotten more frequent, and Mit-Sun held on to her as tight as was possible to do so.
“…Ma’am? Is your daughter okay?” Asked the man who scanned her item. Mit-Sun noticed that the Vampire woman was right–the blood was on the cheaper side.
“Huh? Oh! She will be, I hope…let me get my vuyong….”
“Aaah!” La-Iin’s shriek took Mit-Sun off-guard. Some of her vuyong dropped to the ground as La-Iin started to fly off. Mit-Sun panicked.
The man who scanned her blood had a quick reaction time, however. He reached out for La-Iin and held onto her. He stared at Mit-Sun with a serious look in his eyes.
“Don’t pay just yet! Your daughter’s having a bad blood craving, correct? Hurry up and feed her before she completely loses it!”
La-Iin’s appearance had almost become that of the other form she assumed. Mit-Sun nodded but fumbled slightly as she handed a box of the blood to La-Iin. She stuck the straw in her mouth. La-Iin put her hands around the box, then started to drink the blood with a satisfied expression on her face. Nearby onlookers let out sighs of relief.
La-Iin quickly finished the box, so Mit-Sun handed her another one. “Sorry about that….here.”
“Not a problem. We’ve had Vampires come here during blood cravings, both minor and major like this. Just next time, you should probably let her feed from you, alright?”
“….I think she’d suck me dry like this,” Mit-Sun admitted.
“Well, you might have a point.”
La-Iin’s body gradually returned to normal as she sucked down box after box of blood. Her expression only became more happy the more blood she drank; in the end, she drank the entire package save one box before they even left the store.

The people in the store weren’t completely sure how to react to the situation that had gone down.
‘That little girl is crazy! She might drink from all of us!’
‘What a terrible mother, letting her craving get to that point…..’
‘That’s a Dualbreed, isn’t it? Interesting….’
The people behind Mit-Sun in line, however, were frustrated by La-Iin sitting on the checkout desk and drinking all the blood.
‘I HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE IN A HALF-HOUR!’ One of them wanted to scream.


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