17.198.Vegetable Stew

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 198
“Vegetable Stew”

Vegetables and cooking supplies were spread out on the table. Mit-Sun stared at a piece of paper, glancing at the table every now-and-then.
This was the sight La-Iin saw upon entering the kitchen.
“What are you doing, Mama?”
“I’m going to make vegetable stew for dinner tonight. I’m craving vegetables.”
“I’m craving blood,” she grumbled. “You don’t usually make this much of a mess. Where are we supposed to eat?”
“At the table,” she said sarcastically. “It’s not really a mess. I have everything organized in a way that makes sense to me….I’m just hoping I can make sense of the recipe. I’m going to try and put as many vegetables into this stew as I can manage.”
La-Iin stared at the mess on the table, and an idea popped into her head.
“Can I help, Mama?”
Mit-Sun glared at her. “No.”
“Why not?”
“La-Iin, it’s so obvious that you just want to cause chaos! And personally, I don’t trust you near a stove or with a knife. Those are both things I need to use for vegetable stew.”
“Then leave me out of those parts.”
“….cutting vegetables and making the stew is practically all the parts,” Mit-Sun sighed. “No. I’ll handle this myself. Go play with Bes-Isa, take a walk with Choungetsu, play your game, do anything you want, just leave me be.”
“But I want to help,” La-Iin said. She put her arms behind her back and swayed from side to side, hoping Mit-Sun saw the action as innocent. “Genuinely.”
“La-Iin, I’ve known you your whole life. No. Now stop wasting my time! I’m going to get to work now.” Mit-Sun sat down at the table and moved most of the vegetables to one side of the table. She pulled one from the pile and began to chop it into pieces.
La-Iin walked over to the table and stole one of the pieces.
“Blech. It’s nasty!”
“So because you don’t get to help, you’re going to steal part of dinner?”
“There’s so many vegetables and it’s only you and me eating it. Why do you need to make so much anyway? Are you giving some to Choungetsu or something? His stomach can seem like a bottomless pit sometimes….”
“I just wanted to have a variety,” Mit-Sun groaned, “but I suppose you have a point there. It’s a little too much. Fine, I’ll only cut up one of each vegetable.”
She pulled several duplicate vegetables from the pile and gave them to La-Iin. “Here. If you want to help, then put these away for me.”
La-Iin gave a mischievous grin. She pulled a vegetable that looked delicious to her from the pile and bit into it with her fangs. She tried to suck from it.
“What are you–!?”
“I hesprit, Ama,” she said before pulling the vegetable off her teeth. “I really want blood.”
“Can you just put the vegetables away? ….aside from the one you put your mouth on?”
La-Iin took some of the vegetables and walked over to the fridge. She giggled and stuck some of the vegetables in the freezer. Others she hid behind food in the fridge. A few she left out, hidden in places she was sure Mit-Sun would never find them.
She remembered that Bes-Isa had called her petty before. ‘I should do something about that.’ She glanced back at Mit-Sun, who was chopping away diligently at vegetables. She smiled and flew over to her.
“Gah!” Mit-Sun gave a yelp as she cut herself. She gave another screech when she noticed the cut.
“What was that for!?”
“I didn’t think you were going to cut yourself,” La-Iin said innocently. Mit-Sun glared.
“Like I believe that!”
“But it’s true!”
“You yelled in my ear! Oh, thank goodness I didn’t cut it all off….”
Mit-Sun walked over to the sink to clean the blood off. La-Iin became enamored by the red liquid. She flew behind her.
“You know, you don’t have to wash the blood off,” she said. “There’s someone right here who would gladly get that blood off your finger.”
“And suck the rest of it in the process. No, La-Iin. Besides, you said you don’t even like how my blood tastes!” Mit-Sun finished washing it, put a bandage over it, and walked back to the table.
“I can make exceptions,” she said before flying back to Mit-Sun. Mit-Sun ignored her and continued to cut away at the vegetables. La-Iin gave a disappointed sigh.

Once the vegetables had all been cut, Mit-Sun started to prepare the broth of the dish, with the vegetables waiting nearby. La-Iin stole another vegetable, but this time, Mit-Sun didn’t notice. She threw the vegetable at Mit-Sun’s head and dashed away. Mit-Sun looked around the kitchen confused, but once she caught sight of La-Iin, she glared and turned back to the broth.
“I’m not going to work anymore. I have no choice but to deploy…..Bes-Isa.”
She levitated Bes-Isa into the kitchen and had her swirl around Mit-Sun.
“Hello, ugly,” Bes-Isa said.
“Oh, it’s you. Could you tell La-Iin to get you away from me?”
“Not really, but I wouldn’t want to anyway. Of course, having to see your horrible face so many times in a row is making me sick.”
“Are you sure that’s not because you’re being spun in circles?”
“Pretty sure. Ohh, it isn’t fair–I get to live with a woman but naturally she’s the worst woman I could ever live with.”
“….I’m assuming you’re not talking about La-Iin.”
“Of course not. She’s not a woman.”
“Oh, you know what!? If La-Iin won’t do something about you, then I will!” She grabbed Bes-Isa. La-Iin panicked and tried to pull her back to her.
“Let me go, you smelly wench!”
Mit-Sun ignored her pleas and stuck her in a jar, then returned to her stew. La-Iin levitated the jar towards her and let Bes-Isa out.
“What a nightmare,” Bes-Isa sighed. “Never make me do that again.”
“Too bad I didn’t move you faster. Then maybe Mama would have crashed around the kitchen. I won’t make you do it again.”
“Saying you won’t make me do it again doesn’t mean you won’t make me do it again forever….”
La-Iin put down Bes-Isa and walked back into the kitchen. If her doll couldn’t distract Mit-Sun much, and her methods were too petty, then what was something she could do to distract her?
‘I wish we had laxatives….’ The thought put an idea in her head. She ran over to the fridge and opened it. Inside was a bottle of unidentified liquid. She pulled the bottle out and ran over to the vegetables to pour it on them.
“I’m not stupid, La-Iin,” Mit-Sun said. La-Iin huffed and put the liquid down. She stared curiously at the bottle. “What is this even anyway?”
“I don’t remember. It was in the house when I was pregnant with you, don’t remember how old it was by then….wait a second….ew! Get that away from me!”
La-Iin became concerned by whatever was in the bottle. She was about to throw it out, but another idea popped into her mind. ‘I could use it as part of a stink bomb later….’ She took off the cap and sniffed it. It was so heinous that not even La-Iin wanted to be near it. She threw it into the trash.
The smell the bottle emanated wafted around the kitchen. Mit-Sun’s face soured when the scent hit her nose. La-Iin noticed her gag.
She came running out the kitchen and then upstairs. La-Iin flew out the kitchen and took a few deep breaths, but the scent was starting to waft a short distance from the kitchen. Choungetsu walked nearby the kitchen, put his ears back, and dashed back to the living room.
When Mit-Sun came downstairs, her nose and mouth were covered and she ran into the kitchen. She carefully retrieved the garbage, still gagging despite her covered face, and ran outside with the trash. The stench was starting to remind La-Iin of being trapped in Malicerie, and she started to become dazed.
Mit-Sun stomped back in a short while later and began to seemingly ransack the living room. She seemed to be looking for something, but didn’t appear to find it. She ran back upstairs. La-Iin dropped to the ground and her thoughts started to grind to a halt.
When Mit-Sun returned, it was with several candles. She arranged them on the table and lit every single one.
“Let’s get out the house for now,” she said. She picked up La-Iin and the two ran outside the house. Both took as deep a breath of fresh air as they could.


“So, La-Iin, are you happy with yourself?”
“Myself, yes. This vegetable stew, no.”
“You might have been happy with it if you didn’t ruin it!
“Just make it again, Mama. I don’t want to eat it when it’s so burnt. It’s going to be really dry.
“No, it won’t be.”
“You can make it again, Mama! You have extra vegetables. Or I could just drink blood for dinner….”
“No. In fact, it’s up to you to finish all this vegetable stew. All this waste will just kill Choungetsu, and I’m not eating all this.”
“Neither am I.”
“Alright then, I suppose I’ll save it as punishment food.”
‘If I truly want to be evil, I guess I really do need to take tips from Mama…..’ She thought as she took the first spoonful of stew.
It was heinous.

“Yes, La-Iin?”
“You know how we had that stink bomb in the kitchen earlier?” She groaned.
“And whose fault was that?”
“Oh, I’m not den–denying responsibility. I only wanted to warn you.”
“La-Iin, you’d better not–”
“There’s gonna be a stink bomb in the toilet, too,” she chuckled. She then flew off at a high speed.


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