12.193.Memento of Gunsmoke

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 193
“Memento of Gunsmoke”

A young girl stared at her hands. A look of despair crossed her face. Something dropped out of her hands, something that couldn’t be identified.
The young girl glanced at a paper, seeming to almost panic. She ran around the house, glancing in rooms, glancing behind objects, the same look on her face always. Even with the way her face was, the despair was so evident it was heartbreaking.
The girl seemed to scream, but it was inaudible. She wandered into a large room with a bed and several desks. She glanced at the desks and wandered around the room seemingly aimlessly, her eyes focusing less and less on her surroundings and becoming more confused.
She kept on that way for a few minutes before stopping in front of one of the desks and looking down at something black. The item reflected in her eyes, but that did not make it possible to tell what it was. The young girl reached out for it and held it in her hands, struggling with its weight at first.
The black object was a gun.
The despairing look on the girl’s face, agonized as it was, gave way to a smile as hopeless as the rest of her face. Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes but the smile stayed as she examined the gun, took one long look at it, and pointed it on her forehead.
With a small amount of struggle, the girl pulled the trigger.
She dropped to the ground with blood streaming from the bullet wound in her head, lying there dead with her face giving way to a peaceful expression as enough blood welled up to dye her blonde hair a reddish color.
The only witness to this scene was Dosa-Mina, watching it as if seeing it on television while in his dream. But at this moment, he couldn’t recognize the scene as a dream.
And so naturally, he panicked. He let out agonized screams as more of the girl’s blood drained from her head. The scene would be horrifying to him under any circumstances, but in this case, it was even more so because of who exactly the little girl was.
The girl lying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood, bullet wound having damaged her face, was La-Iin.


Dosa-Mina woke with a start.
His heart pound in his chest as it did any time he had a nightmare. His throat was dry and he felt as if he had been screaming. It was likely that his parents might be running to see him, concerned about him as they always were.
He glanced outside at the moon. Seeing it calmed him somewhat, but it didn’t alleviate his uncertainty. For the nightmare he had was not a new one, but it certainly wasn’t one he had had anytime recently.
‘Did the date cause this?’ He wondered. He wasn’t sure exactly what the cause was. That particular nightmare had startled him the first day he got it, not long after La-Iin developed her crush on San-Kyung. When he had awoke that night he had no idea why he was having such a dream. He didn’t connect it to the nightmares he had been having for years by then, because it seemed different than those. He watched himself interact with San-Kyung in those nightmares. He watched himself bear witness to San-Kyung’s broken corpse. He watched himself run away and sit on his bed despairing at his best friend’s suicide.
But in the case of the nightmare about La-Iin….he simply wasn’t there. It wasn’t something the dream version of him was watching at all.
But he had the dream more than once before having any sort of significant connection with La-Iin. Before that day she had declared them rivals, he had the nightmare more than five times. It had lessened since he built a relationship with La-Iin–the last time he remembered having it after ‘meeting’ her was only a few days after she declared them rivals–but now he was worried that it was going to become more recurring.
‘Maybe I’m wrong. Am I worried about her? But why? It’s not like she really seems depressed…’
It was hard to pinpoint why La-Iin committed suicide in his dream. He couldn’t see a clear reason. Dream San-Kyung was obvious–he was trying to suppress his evil nature but became unable to bear it and instead of expressing it, opted to end his life. But all he saw of La-Iin was her dropping the items in her hand and wandering around a house before ultimately finding the gun. And nobody else was in the house, either–Dosa-Mina knew that La-Iin lived with her mother. It seemed unusual that she wouldn’t be present in the nightmare. He did know what she looked like.
Another strange thing to him was La-Iin’s apparent age. In the dreams about San-Kyung, his friend and himself appeared as seemingly adults, while La-Iin seemed to be the same age. ‘But then again, she’s half-Vampire. Might not be too unusual for her to look the same a few years into the future…’
That line of thought disturbed him. He didn’t really believe that his dreams were possibly future premonitions, did he?
He couldn’t answer the question he asked himself.
Whatever the reason he was having these nightmares, they made him uncomfortable. He wished he could put them away in the same way he put his true form away. And there was no denying his nightmare about La-Iin was very unusual in nature compared to the ones about San-Kyung.
As he expected, his parents came bursting into the room. As they fussed over their son, asking him if he was okay, Dosa-Mina remained silent.
He knew only one thing.
‘There’s no way I can let La-Iin know about this.’
He knew she would only believe he wanted to kill her.

That same day, La-Iin had a splitting headache.
“I wanted to go somewhere with Fer-Shi today…” She whined.
“Well, you can’t go. You’ll be miserable. Fer-Shi understands, don’t worry. Now, stay in your room, please. I’m going to go get some headache medicine. Choungetsu will watch you while I’m gone.”
Choungetsu hopped onto her bed and curled up next to her, his tail wagging. La-Iin groaned.
“Just come back soon, Mama,” she said. Mit-Sun nodded and took off.
‘Stupid head. I bet it’s just because it’s so big.’


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