4.185.Succubus Domination Plans

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 185
“Succubus Domination Plans”

Mit-Sun felt prepared. She had discussed plans with Leirhyn before the day had started, and now she felt determined. Dressed in her most formal clothes, with the piece of paper in her pocket, she worked as efficiently as she could.
She had a whole plan in her head for how to incriminate her boss. She would try to find the rest of the paper attached to the piece she had. She would take it as evidence for the police, and soon she would be arrested for planning to rule the world.
Once she was done with her work for the day, she went to meet up with Leirhyn.
“How long until you’re done?” She asked.
“Not much longer, I hope….”
“Same here.” Mit-Sun looked at her feet. “I hope this works.”
“Me too. A nicer boss would be appreciated….”
Work normally felt like it took forever to finish, but today it felt longer than normal. Mit-Sun worried about the potential difficulties of exposing Eteibreit. ‘She’s a Dualbreed, and half-Demon as well. If she attacks me, I’ve got only myself to deflect her. No powers or anything…she doesn’t strike me as the type to hold back on murder either. But I can’t die. I have to stay alive for La-Iin’s sake….’
No matter how many times she and her daughter had fought, and she could imagine there would be many more of those times to come, she was also certain that if she died, La-Iin would be devastated. Thinking on that renewed her strength slightly. The determination to be there for La-Iin she hoped would help her survive.
“Alright, that’s it! Let me turn this all in and then we can go.” Leirhyn walked away, files in hand. Mit-Sun watched her off, but soon became lost in thoughts.
It wasn’t long before Leirhyn returned. Compared to the cheerful expression she had bore when the two first met, she now looked serious and determined, but also slightly worried. She locked eyes with Mit-Sun.
“Let’s do this,” she said.
The duo walked to Eteibreit’s office. Leirhyn stayed a few paces behind Mit-Sun, who knocked on the door. “Come in, unless you’re asking for something stupid!”
“Hello, Mrs. Eteibreit….it’s me again.”
Eteibreit sighed. “How many days in a row is it now, Cahongyun?”
“I…didn’t even visit yesterday. Or the day before that….” Mit-Sun glanced at the papers as she spoke, trying to look for a torn one. She only hoped that Eteibreit hadn’t thrown it away. Eteibreit cleared her throat.
“Besides, Mrs. Eteibreit, you’re the one who called me in on Monday. It may have been for my talk, but I didn’t even want to see you…”
“Excuse me!?”
Mit-Sun looked up. ‘Oh no, I already angered her….this isn’t going very well.’ She continued to scan the papers with her eyes, although made sure to glance up at Eteibreit so she wouldn’t notice anything suspicious.
“Sorry, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that not every time you call me in is it for something good….in fact, more than half the time it’s because you want to tell me I’ve done something wrong.”
“That wouldn’t happen as much if you actually did a good job.”
Mit-Sun sighed. She continued to look through the papers.
“What are you looking for, Cahongyun?”
“Huh? Nothing?”
“Why do you keep looking at my papers, then? Do a failed job?” Eteibreit flashed a sadistic grin.
“Um, no….I wasn’t even really looking through your papers….I just didn’t want to meet your eyes.”
“You’re lying. I can tell. Was this whole visit just to find something you messed up on?”
“No, I–”
“Let’s see.” Eteibreit began to glance through the papers quickly. Mit-Sun felt compromised. ‘Shit, did I screw up!?’ Eteibreit kept her grin on at all times as she checked through them. Mit-Sun also checked through the papers, praying she could find the one she was looking for before Eteibreit did. As her boss moved more and more of her papers, she saw the torn top of one of the papers peeking out from its place on the pile. Mit-Sun grabbed it, then turned to Leirhyn. She gave her a thumbs-up, and Leirhyn gave her one back before running off.
“If you weren’t looking for something, then what’s this?” Eteibreit asked. The paper left Mit-Sun’s hand.
Eteibreit glanced over the paper. “…why is this torn?”
“NOOOOO!” Mit-Sun reached for the paper, knocking over countless of Eteibreit’s in the process. Eteibreit moved the paper out of her reach, going as far as to fly above her head.
“Don’t tell me this is what you were looking for.”
Seeing Eteibreit with the paper in hand, flying high above her, Mit-Sun lost hope. The despair she felt was the worst she had felt in a while. She let it consume her.
“Did you tear this?”
Mit-Sun didn’t respond.
“I don’t know what you would want with this…..this paper has nothing to do with Eteibreit Data Storage. Or, I have one idea, but…”
“RAAAGH!” Mit-Sun took one last chance. She jumped at Eteibreit, who still held tight to the paper and stayed at her safe distance above her. Mit-Sun crashed to the ground, the despair returning all at once.
“Cahongyun, this is ridiculous.” She heard Eteibreit land on the ground behind her. “All this for a piece of paper. Don’t tell me you wanted to do this with someone as well…”
“I’d never want to….wait, what?”
“This is my private document. My ‘succubus domination plans’. They were intended for my husband.”
“Don’t play dumb with me, Cahongyun. You know succubi are the masters of the bedroom, even if things get slightly….awkward with us.”
Mit-Sun reached up and grabbed the paper from Eteibreit while she was distracted. What was written on the paper were things Mit-Sun had never wanted to read.
She handed the paper back to Eteibreit, and pulled the piece she had torn off out of her pocket and handed that to her as well. “Oh, that look on your face….you’re such a fool, Cahongyun. What did you think that meant?”
Mit-Sun couldn’t respond. She felt like talking would cause her to vomit. Eteibreit giggled.
“You’re going to get your pay docked for this, you know.”

“So in other words, we were called here on a false alarm. Gracious….”
“I’m so sorry,” Mit-Sun said.
“You should be.” The policeman pulled out a small handstick and whapped Mit-Sun on the head with it. She could hear Eteibreit giggling behind her as he did.
‘I hate my job,’ she thought. That day, she went home from work with a headache.


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