3.184.Sale-Dessu’s Wish–Part 2

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 184
“Sale-Dessu’s Wish–Part 2”

Yesterday’s trip to the library had been stressful for Sale-Dessu. He had kept thinking on the name he had seen on the computer, the one that was the same as his grandmother’s.
“….the same name as a dead relative?”
“Yes…Astineth Eir-Tyuj is the same name my Apeta bore. I’ve told you about her before, right?”
“A little….”
“She was in touch with most of her blood relatives, but then, she also fell out of touch with most of them when she took in me and my Mamun. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my relatives named a child Eir-Tyuj, yet at the same time I would….”
“I don’t really understand…”
“It’s alright….but, of all the Astineths that could be in Vaelyn, why someone with the same name as my Apeta….?”
It had seemed like some sort of cruel joke to Sale-Dessu. As much as he hated to admit it, seeing the familiar name almost gave him the hope that he would be able to see his grandmother again. Yet he knew it wouldn’t happen.
Eul-Bok’s plan had ultimately failed, as after that Sale-Dessu had lost the will to socialize with anyone–not even a relative or his V-Puppet. Instead he remained lost in his thoughts, most of them of the woman who taught him how to use so many of his powers.
“You screw up so many things,” she’d often chide. Other times she would snap, “Sale-Dessu, get your head out of the clouds!”
Yet those were not the thoughts that crossed his mind. Instead he remembered times where she had praised him on a job well done. Days she’d say, “You’re getting better, I suppose,” or “If you keep going the way you’re going, you might just be able to do great things.”
Sale-Dessu wasn’t completely sure when was the last time he cried. At a time like this, it felt like it was his first time crying. He kept Eul-Bok asleep out of shame, not willing to show him a moment like this.
The whole situation had taken a lot out of him. He ended up falling asleep while sitting up.

When Sale-Dessu awoke, it was still dark outside. He hardly felt rested due to sleeping sitting up. He glanced at his clock. It was early in the morning.
“This could really mess up my schedule….” He sighed. In truth, he had no plans at all for what he would do that day, but he still felt as if he were messing something up by being awake that early. He scratched at his head.
“Eep! Eul-Bok? Did I wake you accidentally again?”
“Father, I’m starting to think you unconsciously wake me each time you have something you want to talk about. And judging by your expression you do….what’s on your mind?”
“Father, don’t go for the ‘it’s nothing you need to know’ thing again. I remember what happened yesterday. I’ve actually been thinking on it somewhat while I ‘slept’. Please, tell me what’s going on. If you bottle it up it might impact your work, and you wouldn’t want that, right?”
Sale-Dessu sighed. “Fine, Eul-Bok, I guess you have a point….” He buried his face into his knees. “Well….seeing that name again made me think of my Apeta.”
“That’s hardly surprising.”
“It also made me briefly hope it actually was her….if only I was in a book, and my grandmother wasn’t so certifiably dead…”
Sale-Dessu’s words made Eul-Bok wonder just what his father had been through before. Whenever he talked about his past, he sounded pained.
“I’m sorry, Eul-Bok. I don’t think I can do what you wanted me to….”
“That’s alright, Father. I’m sorry I dredged up painful feelings.”
“You had no idea you were going to….”
“I’m still sorry.”
When Sale-Dessu lifted his head, Eul-Bok saw that he was smiling. “What is it, Father?”
“I was thinking…I complained about being lonely, and then you tried to helped me. If I didn’t have you, I’d be completely lonely.”
“I’m still lonely with you here, Eul-Bok. But I am glad you’re here. Otherwise I’d have nobody. And with you here, I at least have somebody. I bet there are times you feel lonely even with me here….”
“I suppose….after all, there are days that you leave me asleep the entirety of.”
“Thank you for trying to help, Eul-Bok.”
“It’s not a problem?”
“I’m definitely not in any mood for socializing now though….I still have too much on my mind. But maybe someday I should look for that person….after all, they have a good chance of being a relative.”
“But you’re going to still be lonely before then, aren’t you?”
“Yes, but I have you. No matter how lonely I get, I’ll always remember that.” He hugged Eul-Bok close.
“….thanks, Father. But are you sure you’re not even going to try socializing? It couldn’t hurt…”
“I’ll only end up acting like I did that one time at the store,” he sighed.
“Pff! I remember that!”
Sale-Dessu sighed. “Of course you do…” He glanced back at the clock. “We should get some sleep. I think today I’ll try experimental recipes, and I want to have the energy for that…”
“Oh, cooking? But I can’t eat…”
“That’s okay. Maybe I can give whatever’s left over to our neighbors. ….without talking to them directly, of course.”
“Good night, Eul-Bok,” Sale-Dessu whispered. He snapped his fingers and Eul-Bok landed on the bed. He laid down and closed his eyes, a smile still on his lips.
‘I’m so glad I can use V-Puppetry now….’

The batter exploded all over the kitchen. Sale-Dessu blinked. “Well, explosive powder and batter apparently don’t mix…”
“What would explosive powder even mix with!?”
“I don’t know…”
“Sometimes I think you experiment with things just to see how spectacularly they’ll fail.”
Sale-Dessu grinned. “Maybe I do.”
Spending time with Eul-Bok made him happy. The rest of the day was turning out to be much better than the morning, despite the fact that he woke up much later than usual. He had put all thoughts of socializing away, instead opting to enjoy his time with Eul-Bok. After what had happened yesterday, he wasn’t going to deny his loneliness anymore–but he still wanted to try and deal with it better.
Although, there was still one thought of socializing that crossed his mind.
‘Maybe someday I’ll go looking for that Astineth someday….I hope they still live in Vaelyn by then.’


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