1.182.See Me in the Summer

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 182
“See Me in the Summer”

The heat felt as if it were intensifying every second as the students trudged their way to school. Many of them seemed sapped of their normal energy, plodding along as if their only motivation was reaching the building. Even La-Iin, who normally enjoyed the hot weather, was having trouble–she, along with Ai-Reia and the Vampires from other classes, could feel the heat about as badly as the furred and vegetable students could.
Many students were wearing as little as possible, save for one student who still, even in the hot weather, insisted on wearing long sleeves.
“Don’t cling to me! You smell like sweat!”
Some students were so desperate to get out of the heat that they ran into the school, and most were quiet compared to the normal bustling conversation of the walk to school. Walking past some people, La-Iin noticed the stench of sweat on them–other students did as well and took measures to avoid the students with the strongest smells. Because of this, some students who normally walked with many people, walked alone.
Even with the air conditioning in school, it did nothing to restore energy to the students. They continued to plod along as they entered Class D. Their history teacher was already waiting for them, looking more energized than any of them. He watched as they sat down, wrinkling his nose. The students who sweat more started to feel self-conscious.
Once they had all sat down, he cleared his throat.
“Hello, class. As you all know, Summer has begun. I know all you who have come to Malicerie for years know this already, but I’d like to say it for the sake of our newer students.”
“Yet I think I already know what he’s going to say…” Ai-Reia said.
“For most of Summer, except the very beginning and the very end, Malicerie lets its students take a break from school. Many schools take breaks at various different times of the year, but Summer is common. We do it because Malicerie tends to have several….conditioning problems during the Summer. We found that one out the hard way…”
“Just how long have you been working at Malicerie, teacher!?” Shan-Zetsu asked.
“….a long time. In any event, today is the last official day of school. Students who have Weekend classes are still encouraged to come, and we’ll be having a short meeting in the reception room. Today will be a shorter day as well–we’re only having the classes all our grades participate in.”
“Damn it.” La-Iin muttered.
“School will resume in September. We’ll get back to you with the exact date. Make sure you all study during the Summer, and stay cool, especially those of you who have a harder time doing it…”
“And those who are too stubborn to do so,” San-Kyung said, pinching his nose.
“Anyway….let’s get on with class. Today’s lesson will be about the disputed species of Napirion and….”


During a break time, many students took the chance to talk to each other.
“San-Kyung, you’ll still see me in the Summer, right?” She asked.
“Well, I know where you live….”
“How do you know that?” Dosa-Mina asked.
“It’s a long story….hey, I thought I told you! And Dosa-Mina, this Summer can you please at least wear long sleeves with lighter fabric!? You sweat all over the place!”
“Vanpurisu…Vampurisu-san….errgh…what will you do over the Summer?” Shuera-Kaizima asked.
“I’ll be studying, of course. It’ll be a bit harder to do than other years with my baby sister crying….”
“How have you been studying for so long? You’re younger than me!” Shan-Zetsu said.
“…I haven’t been studying for a long time. But I did last year….I want to keep learning new things. That being said, I will take the opportunity to do more childish things if I get the chance, among other things….” She glared at La-Iin. Shuera-Kaizima and Shan-Zetsu were confused.
“Lemme guess–your schedule for the Summer consists of nothing but going on dates with Xhen-Wu.”
“No, there’s more to it than that!”
“What are you going to do over the Summer, Mali-Ana?”
“Well, go places without my Dad….it’s harder for people with fur in the Summer. I don’t know, I guess find the time to spend with you guys…..An-Tois, he’s like two months old now, right? Maybe he’ll be a little less needy and I can stop by Cou-Riette’s….”
“He’s still a pretty little baby. But I’d like to see him too. Maybe we should stop by together.”
“Sounds like a plan, I guess….”
“Summer is so stupid!” Lirako groaned.
“You know why! I’ve told you why before! My whole family can’t handle the heat, and my little brothers like to deal with it by swimming. I don’t like swimming. I actually like going to school too. So it’s annoying.”
“Oh, yes…”
“What are you gonna do over the Summer, Deki-Tyunri? I know you still have Weekend classes to attend….”
“Oh….well, I suppose I’ll be helping my Grandmother out a lot more….”
“Anytime you’re bored, feel free to stop by the Sanyaow house. There’s like an eighty-percent chance I’ll be bored too.”
“Your nicknames for me get more ridiculous by the day,” he growled. “What?”
“Do you like Summer?”
“I do like the heat…”
“Well, I don’t. It’s the last day of school, so teach me how to handle the heat!”
“Because I said please?” Xhen-Bei widened his eyes as far as they would go and wagged his tail. Kaersh-Cogyp grimaced.
“I’m going to miss Mr. Chensu….” Rini-Futo said.
“Why do you talk about him so much anyways?” Nemi-Hikla asked. “It’s weird….”
“Um, well, that is…I really admire him.”
“Do you want to be a history teacher when you grow up?”
Rini-Futo thought on her dream for the future. She opted not to tell Nemi-Hikla and nodded.
“I see….”
“I’m still–”
“Stops it.”
“Going to–”
“Please stop.”
“Follow you–”
“In the Summer.”
“Pleases, Kim-Koous, you’re basically stalkings me.”
“I guess….”
“I don’t minds keeping in touches, but this is ridiculous.”
“Do you even know any of my contact information?”
Kim-Koou opened up a notebook and started to scribble numbers onto it. “My phone number. I figure anything else you need to know you can get through that.”
“I supposes….”
“Let’s keep being friends, okay?” She said with a smile.
“Can ya even really calls us friends right nows….?”

After school that day, the students head for the reception room. Many students already had an idea of what would be waiting there for them, but some of the newer ones were a little more excited.
“Keep still, Pinyon,” someone snapped.
The students from Class D formed a crowd with the other classes that walked into the room.
“CONGRATULATIONS, STUDENTS!” Sharai yelled. The Principal sat nearby him on the stage. “As we enter Summer, you students are mostly free to do what-everrrr you want. Unlike some of us staff members, who still have work to do….but, before you all go, make nice with each other! Socialize, have some snacks, we have them here, but don’t eat them here.”
“That doesn’t make any sense,” Ai-Reia sighed.
“Here’s a few announcements to make. The highest grade announcement! New students included version.”
Students booed.
“Now, now, this is at your Principal’s request. A-hem! Class A….you have eight students who have the highest score. Mind you….that’s not a good thing.”
“School is so, like, classist or something?” One Class A student said.
“Who do you think will get the highest grade in our class?” Fer-Shi asked.
“Maybe San-Kyung. He does pretty good.”
“But Ai-Reia is a child prodigy!”
“That doesn’t really mean anything. San-Kyung’s been here longer! And he’s older.”
“I guess. Let’s see who’s right when our class comes up!”
“It feels like my time here at school has been short…” Ai-Reia said.
“It hasn’t really! You were here April, May, and June, and the last day of March.”
“I must be crazy then….still, I consider myself lucky to have a birthday during the break. I’d rather not celebrate that at school….”
“When’s your birthday, Va…Vampurisu-san?”
“It’s in August.”
“Yeah, but August what!?”
“May we know, Vampurisu-san?”
Ai-Reia sighed. “This is ridiculous….one thing I’d like to say to you, Kokohara?”
“Keep practicing Vaelis. You’ve gotten much better than you were in April. You’ll succeed.”
Shuera-Kaizima’s tail began to swish wildly. “Thank you, Vampurisu-san. I have to thank In-Dei for that!”
“It’s Im-Dei…” he sighed.
“Aaaaand now, for the Class D best grades! I think everyone was expecting this one…..the highest score belongs to Miss Vampiris Ai-Reia! There were some pretty close calls, though. Miss Vampiris only squeaked out over Mr. Molshei by a point, same with Mr. Molshei over Mr. Xhephekuda and Mr. Xhephekuda over Mr. Dslellullar. You teenage boys are doing pretty great, so keep up the good work! ….except for you, Mr. Kerushao. You sucked.”
“What did I do wrong?” He cried.
“Get a girlfriend?”
“I knew Ai-Reia would win!” Fer-Shi squealed.
“…you suck.”
“And that’s about it! Enjoy the rest of your time here as you see fit! But I’ve got one last thing to say. One last thing we should all say!”
Sharai stomped his foot on the stage. “Malicerieeeee, out!”
The students glanced among each other.
“Please humor me….”
The students sighed.

As the students left school, the day seemed almost cooler to them, as if the heat had let up. Some attributed it to the air conditioning in the building. But the energy levels were higher as the students exited the school, chatting among each other as they hadn’t earlier.
Even some of the most rebellious students had to admit, the silly things that had happened today helped them regain their energy.
The mood was positive all around as the students left Malicerie for what would be a long time for most of them.


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