27.178.Rumors Take Flight

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 178
“Rumors Take Flight”

“Oh San-Kyung~” La-Iin cooed.
“Shut up.”
“Shut. Uuuup~”
“Shut up, alright!? Being friends doesn’t mean you can hang all over me!”
“But you let rival-boy hang all over you,” she sighed.
“Yeah, because one, I’m used to the whispering about him and me. And two, I only just started liking you! Stop acting like we’ve been friends forever!”
“We should have become friends the day we met. But it doesn’t matter to me. This is the stepping-stone to what I want.”
“San-Kyung has another friend, you know,” Dosa-Mina sighed. “We always walk to school together…always….don’t you walk together with your friend too?”
“Yes, I do. But not today. She understands. I’ve walked with her all throughout this week. So this last day, I need to stay with San-Kyung. Besides, school’s going to end soon for a long time. How long will it be until I can see him again? You can just see him anytime!”
“Yes, but we used to have a lot of fun conversations on the way to school…”
“Be quiet, rival-boy. Face the fact that you’re losing!”
“If you only…arrgh! I’m going ahead.” Dosa-Mina stomped off, startling some of the students nearby. La-Iin watched him off with a smile and hugged tighter to San-Kyung’s head.
“You’re going to give me a migraine.”
“You’ll deal with it, darling.”
“Don’t you ever call me that.”
“I know. Too sappy. It’ll all be fine, harling.”
“What the–!?”
“Oh, San-Kyung, you’re my horrible darling!”
Out the corner of his eye, San-Kyung noticed students staring at him and whispering among each other. La-Iin clung tighter to his head.
“Get down.”
“It’s time for school. You don’t sit next to me. Get down.”
“I can sit next to you, you know~”
San-Kyung glanced at the students around them. “I don’t want you to.”
“Why not?”
“Because I have two friends, not one! Dosa-Mina’s been my friend for longer. I’d like to be able to talk to him at least a little!”
La-Iin continued to hold onto his head for a short while longer before fluttering off of him. “I suppose we can’t always be together. No, that way will just make us sick of each other too early. All right, San-Kyung. I’ll leave you alone. Have fun talking to rival-boy. I’m not worried about him winning any more.”
She flew into their classroom. San-Kyung let out a sigh. “Thank goodness….” He walked into the classroom, avoided looking in La-Iin’s direction, and sat down next to Dosa-Mina.
“I hate your plan,” Dosa-Mina whispered.
“I’m starting to hate it too….but hopefully she’ll be useful. We just have to go through hell first….”
“You owe me, just saying.”
“I know.”
Students filed into the classroom, chattering as they normally did. San-Kyung was surprised to hear his name spoken by some of them.
“Ugh! Looks like Molshei finally gave in to Cahongyun’s desires. Pedos are so nasty!”
“Did he really? Or is she just crazy?”
“Yo, Kim-Koous, whatcha think of the San-Kyungs pedos rumors?”
“Um, ew?”
“Didja hear, Xhepheblahblah? People say Molshei’s a pedophile!”
“You seem to be coming up a lot in conversations. Did you do anything special?” Dosa-Mina asked.
“Apparently, hang out with La-Iin,” he growled. Listening to the student’s conversations made him sick.
‘What the hell! All we did was walk together to school! And I was pissed off the whole time! Who gets pedophile from that!? These people look for anything to talk about before school starts. Times like these remind me why the world’s a piece of shit! I suppose I’ll have to try and avoid La-Iin, then….but damn, I can’t do it to a degree where she starts getting upset. As much as she clings onto me, how do I know something different won’t happen because she thinks we’re friends? This is so annoying!’
He glanced around at the students again. ‘Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’ll die down before the next class….geez, the rumors at Deatrou were a million times better than this….’

Yet after history class, the conversation had not died down.
“I wonder if he’s in a relationship with Cahongyun, or if he’ll just pick up any little girl.”
“Should I be scared?” Zae-Mia asked.
San-Kyung had to resist the urge to set the whole class on fire. Multiple times he involuntarily struck his hand.
He was ready to set the class on fire. Only the desire to yell at her was stronger. “What, La-Iin!?”
“It’s break time, so I figured we could spend it together.”
“I’m trying to think over potential math problems. Can I have some peace?”
“You’re right….I’ve been thinking about things too. Like our future….I should probably think about that sort of stuff too.”
“Or maybe math?”
“I’ll never be good at it, so why bother?”
“Because it’s idiotic not to,” Dosa-Mina snapped.
“Say what you will, rival-boy.” La-Iin flew back to her seat. San-Kyung’s attention focused on the conversations.
“You should be safe, Zae-Mia. He seems to be interested only in Cahongyun.”
“These rumors are making me feel uncomfortable. So. Uncomfortable.” Lirako said.
“Had I known this was the case, I would have stayed home from school today….”
“I’m sorry, Deki-Tyunri!”
“No, please don’t say that….you’ll make it worse….”
“Is it trulys pedophilia ifs they’re both kids?”
“I’d say so. In Animated Pumpkin societies, Molshei would be seen as a teenager, as he is in Vaelyn. Meanwhile, if La-Iin were to be raised in a Vampire society, she would be seen as a very young child–the rate of her growth is incredibly unusual, even for half-Vampires. She’s technically on-par with a baby if not a little less than that. Not to mention that he’ll be an adult long before she is….” Ai-Reia sighed.
“Calm your anger,” Dosa-Mina said. “That’ll only make the rumors worse.”
“I can’t take this anymore!”
“Should I cling to over you to try and turn them away? I am feeling a bit clingy…”
“No, please. That’ll just make La-Iin mad. Last thing we need right now.”
Dosa-Mina sighed. “If you say so…”

All the students of Class D prepared to leave class, and all except La-Iin were headed for the same area. As La-Iin passed by San-Kyung, she smirked at him.
“I’ll see you later,” she said. San-Kyung tried his hardest to stop, but he was sure he was glaring at her.
He could still hear students murmuring, his name often close by the word ‘pedophile’. His frustration and anger was growing. ‘Ah, shut up! How would you feel if someone spread a rumor about you!? Anything else, anything else they could have spread! I wouldn’t mind a negative rumor if it wasn’t implying I’m lusting after La-IIn! They’ve seen our past interactions!”
His hands had balled into fists as he walked into the secondary classroom. He sat down in his seat and was lost to his thoughts. ‘My grades better not go down because of this.’
It was reminding him of Deatrou all over again. Becoming lost in thought was familiar back then as well, imaginations of getting revenge on the students spreading rumors. Then he could focus to a degree. The rumors here made him more angry than anything that had gotten him pulled out of school.
He could hardly concentrate during biology, and was grateful that Hyungdarou didn’t ask him for anything, or question if he was listening. He could tell the lesson was about furred species, but heard not much of what else she had said.
‘Why am I even getting so worked up about this? Geez…it’s just so annoying. Maybe I should have saved ‘befriending’ her for later…maybe a bit closer to graduation. It’d make the last few years in school a little less hellish…’
Biology class ended and San-Kyung sighed.
“Cheer up, San-Kyung,” Dosa-Mina said.
“I’ll try, but I doubt it,” he said. He stared down at his desk.
‘Damn that La-Iin…maybe I should try establishing some barriers….’
The students in class looked up. Students from Class A had arrived.
“I am looking for a Molshei San-Kyung!” She glared at Gen-Reiya. “If I didn’t know better I’d assume it’s you!”
“He’s over there,” Ai-Reia said. The Class A student stomped over to him, her clique behind her.
“We’ve been hearing things about you in the hallway. About how you partake in ped–”
“Bleep!” One of her clique said.
“–ia. I came here to teach you a lesson. HOW DARE YOU TRAUMATIZE A YOUNG GIRL!”
“She ought to be in our class!” One of her clique said.
“You, my sir, are disssssgusting!”
San-Kyung had lost it. He no longer had self-control. “I’m not a–!”
“San-Kyung’s not a pedophile. That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard all day.”
“After all, why would somebody who hates people be a pedophile?”
“So he could rape girls because he hates them!” The leader said.
“Perhaps you think that way, but I know San-Kyung. I’ve known him for a while. His misanthropy is so bad that having to come to school pisses him off. I’m really his only reprieve.”
“So you say!”
“Sheesh!” Dosa-Mina grabbed San-Kyung’s hand. “What does it take for you people to learn?”
All the students stared in their direction. San-Kyung let out another sigh. The science teacher soon walked in and asked the Class A students to leave.

“It’s going to be like Deatrou all over again.”
“Yeah, maybe. But something tells me this will just blow off over the weekend, unlike those pedophile rumors. Those could’ve gotten you expelled…”
“Thanks for covering for me, Dosa-Mina. No matter what I may say to La-Iin, you’re still the only friend for me.”
“I’m flattered. But you know, you could’ve made a better choice of words just there….”

“Oh no,” he sighed.
“What do you want?”
“Is it true you have feelings for me? Because I’m flattered if so and the answer is yes,” she said. San-Kyung almost threw up in his mouth.
“No, it’s not true. La-Iin, if you want to keep being my friend, don’t piss me off!” He started to run off. Dosa-Mina followed close behind him.
“See you!” She called. San-Kyung stopped in his tracks and glanced over his shoulder. “See you.”


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