20.171.La-Iin’s Suspicion

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 171
“La-Iin’s Suspicion”

“Stupid third-graders,” La-Iin grumbled.
‘I wish Fer-Shi didn’t have an extra class. Break times are even more boring than before. School is going to be hell as the years go on. I’ll get an extra class next year. Not to mention that Fer-Shi will get all the classes soon. Then I’ll get all the classes. But before that even happens, San-Kyung will graduate…’ She sighed. ‘School is so stupid. If there weren’t okay things in it I wouldn’t even come. It’s not like San-Kyung is here right now anyway. So I can’t even look at him while I’m bored….’
Watching children from other classes play only bored her more, and she was starting to get frustrated. ‘Two classes. Two whole classes! All before I can see Fer-Shi again…I wanna play with her more!’
La-Iin sat upright. ‘Great, now I’m so bored I’m going crazy!’
La-Iin glanced around the playground. ‘That wasn’t one of these kids calling out to me…it sounded like San-Kyung…..no, La-Iin, there are a lot of boys going through puberty. They all have that same tone…but I’m sure I’d recognize San-Kyung’s voice…and aren’t all the teenage boys inside right now?’
Other children turned around. La-Iin looked up again, and her wings started to flap wildly. San-Kyung was standing nearby the recess area, a bored expression on his face.
“San-Kyung!? What are you doing at school!?”
“Isn’t he suspended?” A student yelled. San-Kyung glared at her. “I came here to see you, La-Iin. Would I be calling for you if I didn’t?”
“So have you finally decided to acknowledge me!?” La-Iin asked.
“No. I just wanted to ask some questions, and knowing how you feel about me, I was sure you’d answer them. But come on. Let’s do this away from this group.”
La-Iin could hardly contain her excitement as she flew after San-Kyung, who jammed his hands into his pockets, keeping the bored expression on his face. The children at the recess area watched them off, confused expressions on their faces.
San-Kyung stopped a short while away from the recess area, close enough that the area was still in sight. He watched it for a bit before turning back to La-Iin.
“So, La-Iin.”
“Yes, San-Kyung? What is it?”
“Stop smiling like that!”
La-Iin ignored him. San-Kyung sighed. “La-Iin, you want to be evil, right?”
“I am evil.”
“Right. You’d like to rule the world, yes?”
“Of course. You can help me too.”
San-Kyung scoffed. “And to do that, you’d need strong powers.”
“Of course.”
“Powers strong enough to make the people around you cower in fear…”
“But you’d want to train with those powers beforehand, make sure you know how to use them so it doesn’t backfire on you, yeah?”
“I guess so. I will admit to being an impulsive lady, but if training my powers would benefit me more….what are you asking all this for, San-Kyung?”
“Quiet. I’m not done asking.”
“Don’t you think having a long lifespan could be beneficial for all that?”
“I hate having a long lifespan. And how do you know that, anyway?”
“I have a species studier for a best friend. And it’s common knowledge. Duh. But see, a long lifespan could be beneficial for ruling the world. Say there were two different versions of our world, and that we both started ruling them at twenty-two.”
“No, not together, you idiot! Separately. So say we both lived to the maximum known age for both our species. I’m left with a hundred and twelve years. Meanwhile, you’ve got well over a thousand. If we both caused equal carnage to the world, there would be a lot more damage to undo for your world, if there was even any of it left. And that’s not counting if we didn’t live to the maximum age for our species–you’d still probably make it over a thousand while I might not even make it to one hundred. And with us both starting at twenty-two, that means my world has less than a hundred years under my rule. Sure, I could burn up the world. I could wrap everything in plants, but that’s the thing. Part of my powers help things grow. In the process of tying people down, I grow more of the planet. Your powers benefit you, and solely you, unless there’s someone out there with a weird bloodsucking fetish or you fly someone around. And your powers should never fluctuate…an AP’s powers can be fickle. When you add everything up….your world would be toast. Mine would be pretty f@%ked up too, but it might not necessarily mean the apocalypse. Maybe World War V level messed up. Yours would be apocalypse level.”
“What high compliments! Thank you, San-Kyung. But I do think you’d live a long time.”
“That doesn’t change anything. But yes, you want to rule the world? You want to do so being powerful, having honed your powers so that nothing can get by you. With a lifespan so long the apocalypse could occur. The world would have nothing left. There would be no point to it anymore–La-Iin’s world is the last world.”
“You’re making me blush, San-Kyung. Stop that. Besides, I’d want you to…” She bit her lip. “I mean, go on.”
“I don’t have anything else to say.”
“So what were all those questions for?”
“All so I could say one thing to you.” He stood up and stared off at the recess area blankly. La-Iin couldn’t read his expression at all. “You want to know why I asked all those questions?”
“Of course!”
“….you know the forest nearby Malicerie?”
“Do you think you’ll have the time to come by it tomorrow?”
“Will you?”
“Come by tomorrow and I’ll explain everything. But I don’t have the time for it today…so it has to be tomorrow.” He turned away and waved. “See you, La-Iin. It better be tomorrow.”
La-Iin watched him off, confused and excited by the encounter. She had no idea what to think, save for one thing–
‘I have to go to the forest tomorrow.’

“Sorry about the classes, La-Iin! It feels like they make them longer sometimes. But I’m here now!”
“Um, La-Iin? Hello? I’m here?”
Fer-Shi growled. “I’m not San-Kyung!”
“Hm? Oh? Whatever, Fer-Shi. I have San-Kyung on my mind. I didn’t miss you much. Don’t worry.”
“That hurts, La-Iin. That really hurts! I wanted to play with you so much! The classes are boring for me too you know! Come on, let’s play!”
“We will, we will.”
La-Iin stared up at the sky. ‘Tomorrow, I’m hoping you’re a good day…’


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