8.159.The Chronicles of Malicerie Students–Part 9

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 159
“The Chronicles of Malicerie Students–Part 9”

“…you said this was the fastest way.” La-Iin complained.
“It is! Be….patient!” Dosa-Mina snapped. He took another leap. “I can see Malicerie in the distance. We’re–getting closer.”
“Like I believe that.”
Dosa-Mina’s leaps felt like they propelled her much higher than she had ever been, even when flying with Asul-Zenza. The sight and motion almost made her nauseous.
Despite how little faith she had in him, Dosa-Mina soon proved to be right as the familiar Malicerie building came into view. He took one last powerful leap, and they landed next to the building. Dosa-Mina dropped La-Iin, then fell to the ground himself.
“That took a lot more out of me than it usually does…” He said.
“I don’t care if you’re tired. We need to get inside Malicerie. I want to be done already!”
“Alright, alright, let’s go.” Dosa-Mina stood up. He glanced at the front of the school. “I’m surprised there’s nobody there….”
“Come on, let’s go inside!”
“It could be a trap…”
La-Iin walked ahead of him. “Hey!”
“You didn’t look like you were gonna stop dawdling, so I decided to take the initiative.”
Dosa-Mina sighed. “I don’t think you understand what we need to do in this situation…”
“And you do?”
“Better than you. I’m trying to keep us safe too, you know. Now be quiet. If any of them are around, they could hear us. That would be bad.”
“I thought we wanted to find them?”
“Not like this. Come on, let’s get into the school and find a place where we’d have the advantage.”
La-Iin followed Dosa-Mina into the school. She was surprised by how cautious he was being. She wanted to run ahead, but instead she kept behind him and checked the hallways. Many of the classroom doors were open, and it seemed like all the rooms were empty. She noticed that windows were open in several of them.
“I need you to do me a favor, La-Iin.”
“Two favors, actually. First off, I want you to protect yourself when I sing. Don’t pass out. And second off…when our invaders are out, I want you to call authorities.”
Dosa-Mina turned around. “Why not?”
“I hate the police.”
“That’s fine. San-Kyung does too. But I need you to call them anyway. If we had more people with us, maybe we could deal with them ourselves, but we don’t. And in any event, even if that was the case, they seem to have so many members that…you know, I think the police have always been our only option. I know you don’t like it, but I’m not going to sing so long that they stay asleep for the rest of their lives.”
“If you want to call the police so much, call them yourself.”
“…La-Iin, it’s one favor. I think even San-Kyung might do it for me in a situation like this–and let me tell you, he hates the police much more than you do. But the police might be able to track their location and keep them from doing something like this again. That’s something I’m sure none of us could do.”
“What about Class A?”
“Most of them are in jail…and they’re the most incompetent class, what makes you think they could track these people?”
“I don’t know.”
“I’ll probably be exhausted by the time I’m done with them all. Singing long enough to keep all those people passed out for long enough could really mess with my voice…more than it’s already messed with naturally, of course. I know using powers isn’t guaranteed to wear people out, but I don’t use my powers much. Or forget that, I’m also exhausted. If I sound tired over the phone, what’s the chances that we’ll be taken less seriously? I need you to do it, La-Iin.”
Dosa-Mina sighed. “Alright, then, I’ll make a deal. I’ll do something else for you. What do you want?”
La-Iin glared at him.
“Please, La-Iin–”
“Come to school in your true form.”
Dosa-Mina’s eyes looked ready to roll out his eye sockets with how far he opened them. “No, no no no no. I’m not doing that.”
“Then you have no deal.”
“Are you doing this on purpose!?”
“I can’t do that, La-Iin…”
“Why not? It’s just your true form.” La-Iin couldn’t stop her smirk. She could see how desperate Dosa-Mina was to make her change her mind.
“La-Iin, I can’t.”
“Oh, alright then. I guess I could always just tell everyone at school your species myself.”
“They won’t believe you!”
“I can provide proof.”
Dosa-Mina’s expression quickly changed to one of fear to one of rage. “Look, La-Iin, I’ll make a deal with you.”
“Can you tell me why you don’t want to come to school like that?”
Dosa-Mina’s expression softened. “Will that work for you?”
“If you mean getting me to call the police, no. But it might make me reconsider having you come to school like that. I sort of already am…”
Dosa-Mina turned away from her. “Fine then. But we don’t really have the time for this. Can it wait?”
“I promise I’ll tell you later.”
“Fine then. We can deal with the invaders first and then you can tell me. But I’m not calling the police until you do. And I want one other thing too.”
“I’m surprised you’re being so passive…”
“I have San-Kyung and Fer-Shi to think about. I don’t want San-Kyung to die. And Fer-Shi will just be more annoying than usual if something bad happens. Besides, how is blackmail being passive?”
Dosa-Mina scoffed. “It was a mistake to use one of my powers on you…come on, let’s go. I see a perfect spot to wait for them. It should give us the advantage anyway.”
“It looks like it would give us the disadvantage.”
“Not exactly. If I make a whole bunch of people pass out, and then others come to attack us, being in this location could make it so that the passed-out people become an obstacle for their reinforcements. And in the worse-case scenario, Class D still has its windows open. We’re close enough that we should be able to escape that way if it comes to it. The only potential problem I can see is cameras…if they catch me singing they might devise a strategy to go against that. So could you check to see if we’re nearby any cameras? Breaking them right now might actually alert them, and that could be a good thing.”
“Fine.” She tried to fly, but it was a struggle with how much her wings ached. She could barely keep herself off the ground, and quickly fell.
“Is your body weight larger than what your wingspan can carry again?”
“Silence, rival-boy! Of course it isn’t. You said it yourself, I was tied up not too long ago and for a long time. They hurt is all.”
As she prepared to stand up, she noticed something shining out the corner of her eye. She crawled over to it.
“It’s a camera.”
“Break it!”
La-Iin stood up and kicked at the camera until it was in pieces. She glanced around the room after that, checking to see if there were any more.
“I don’t think there are,” Dosa-Mina said. “This place is awfully clear…”
“Too bad. I wouldn’t have minded breaking another one.”
“Well, we should be relieved. If this area was cluttered, we’d be searching for ages. Their group could easily overpower us if we were distracted…”
“I guess.”
“Now we just wait.” Dosa-Mina leaned up against the wall. “This is the most worrisome part…”
“Well, they could come any minute now. Even at an unexpected minute. So we really have to be on our guard. La-Iin, you should look for something to plug up your ears with. Your fingers might not do the trick with how long I’ll have to sing…”
“How long are you planning?”
“Around seven minutes…I wish I could go for longer but I think my voice will give out before then.”
La-Iin shrugged and walked away.
“Oh, La-Iin.”
She turned around.
“Use this to call the police.” He pointed towards the phone. La-Iin just stared at it blankly.


La-Iin started to glare at Dosa-Mina as soon as he came back.
“You left even though you said yourself that they could arrive any moment.”
“I’m not letting what happened to us in Class D happen again.” He blew on his hands. “But I’m back, in any event, and they haven’t arrived, have they?”
Something slammed near the front of Malicerie. Both La-Iin and Dosa-Mina flinched.
“Is that them?”
La-Iin stayed silent. She backed away into Class D and jammed her earplugs in. Dosa-Mina assumed a defensive stance. It was soon proven that they were right. People dressed in grey walked into the hallway. They seemed to be carrying something. They all reacted to Dosa-Mina’s presence and seemed prepared to pounce.
Dosa-Mina, however, was prepared.

This is our battle!
This is our battle!
This is our battle!
You are goin’ against me now!

One by one, the people in front of Dosa-Mina fell to the ground. ‘Siren powers really are handy…’ She watched in awe as the people in front of him collapsed. Dosa-Mina looked intense as he sang, though La-Iin couldn’t hear any of his song. At times when the smallest noise bypassed the earplugs, a shiver went up her spine and she jammed them farther in.
She was so entranced that she only just noticed Dosa-Mina stop and take a breath. He turned to La-Iin.
‘Take them out,’ he seemed to motion.
La-Iin pulled the earplugs out.
“Now! Call them!”
“You and I made a deal.”
A look of realization crossed his face almost instantaneously. “Oh…”
“I want to be done with it all too. But you promised me. And unless you want me to tell the school myself–”
“Alright! I can’t tell you if you keep talking over me!” To La-Iin, Dosa-Mina’s voice sounded strange. He sighed and stared down at his feet.
“…you know that Dualbreeds can have a whole bunch of appearances, right? Like mixed traits, the two half-and-half types, flipside and a whole plethora of others…well, as you know, I ended up with the half-and-half type that’s down the middle–one of the more uncommon types. And maybe you’ll think this is stupid…but I was kind of self-conscious about that…and that’s really all there is to it.”
“Something tells me you’re lying, rival-boy.”
“Going into detail is basically the same thing except longer.”
“I’m being honest! Look, I don’t want the school to learn my true species. Why would I lie when something like that’s on the line?”
“…if you really are telling the truth, then that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”
“Maybe it’s stupid to you, but that all happened when I was around the same age as you. I took it a lot more seriously back then. It’s just stuck now.”
“Why pick looking like a Normal, though?”
“That wasn’t part of the deal.”
“Because it was the one my mother told me about, alright!? Now would you just call the police already so we can get out of here?”
“…once you deal with more reinforcements.” La-Iin was certain she heard the sound of footsteps. Dosa-Mina assumed a defensive stance once again as La-Iin ducked into Class D and dialed the number for the police.
‘I hate this so much.’
Dosa-Mina took a deep breath.
“Mr. Dslellullar!?”
“Huh? Teacher?”
The history teacher came into view, a few teachers he didn’t recognize standing next to him.
“Are you alright!?”
“What’s with all the sleepers?” One of the other teachers said.
“O-oh, I guess they must have been fatigued…they passed out before they could get me, I guess!”
“Never mind them, what are you doing back here!? Shouldn’t you be with Miss Haebochi and Mr. Shaukre?”
“Well…it’s a kind of long story…” Dosa-Mina started to back into a wall. He smiled to try and reassure them. “But no worries, everyone is fine!”
“That doesn’t change the fact that you came back for no reason…or did one of them ask you to?”
“Er, well–” ‘This is bad.’ “Like I said, it’s a long story…”
“Well, we need to–”
Police sirens sounded in the distance. Dosa-Mina gave a sigh of relief. ‘Thank you, La-Iin!’

La-Iin walked outside Class D shortly before the police stormed in.
“So it’s over.”
“Yes. It’s over. Finally…”


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