4.155.The Chronicles of Malicerie Students–Part 5

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 155
“The Chronicles of Malicerie Students–Part 5”

La-Iin blinked open her eyes. Everything was blurry. She felt like closing them again and going back to sleep.
“La-Iin, you’re awake?”
La-Iin’s eyes opened wide. She glanced around the room. Fer-Shi was sitting next to her, looking exhausted but smiling. “I’m glad…some of the others haven’t even woken up yet…”
“Huh?” La-Iin was still in Malicerie D Classroom 1. She could tell from the layout, but things felt a lot different than normal. Many desks were knocked over and the room looked a lot clearer than normal, as if someone had removed something from the room. There was a stifling stench in the air, and it made her gag. Sitting nearby her were several Malicerie students, most of whom were asleep. She even noticed Deki-Tyunri among them.
“It’s bad, La-Iin….it’s really bad…I don’t know how long any of us have been stuck here, but it feels like it’s been forever…I can’t stand it anymore. I wanna be home with Mommy and Daddy. I wanna wake up now. But I’ve tried going to sleep, and…I always wake up here.” Fer-Shi’s smile broke and started to cry. La-Iin couldn’t understand the rest of what she said as it sounded like gibberish due to her crying.
“She’s right,” Ai-Reia grunted. La-Iin noticed that she was trying to bite at her rope, but to no avail. “This is a bad situation. The people who might be able to break free from their ropes are out cold. And I don’t think they’ll attend to our most basic of needs either. I didn’t see them bring Elyshen in here, so I have no guarantees, but he seems to have come in….stained, for lack of a better word. It won’t take an entire day before the stench in this room is worse than it already is, and depending on how long we’re here…if they don’t attend to our necessities, we could die of hunger.”
“What about…San-Kyung?” A voice rasped. La-Iin, Fer-Shi, and Ai-Reia strained to see who it was, but only La-Iin noticed Dosa-Mina. Looking at him, La-Iin had to wonder yet again just how long they had been here. His expression was a lot different from his normal cheerful one or even the face he made when in a bad mood. His current expression frightened her. “Forget about the rest of us….what do we have to worry about? A lack of hygiene and death from starvation. Which won’t be for a few more days. It will suck, but our teacher isn’t here. I can’t see Kokohara or Fyuori either…so maybe, just maybe, they can call the police and we’ll be out of here come tomorrow. But San-Kyung…one of his hands is badly injured. He could get infected easily in this room. Even if he doesn’t, he has no way of getting water. He’ll wilt before any of us will die…”
La-Iin started to squirm against her ropes. “You’re kidding, right? Stop it, rival-boy.”
“…you know what, f@%k you, La-Iin.”
“Please don’t fight…” Fer-Shi sobbed.
“Why would I lie about something like that!? San-Kyung tore open his hand so he could launch off a powerful fire attack. The people who tied him up didn’t care to patch him up, so now he’s sitting here with a giant hand wound! Thankfully the bleeding’s stopped, but he could easily get an infection. And Animated Pumpkins aren’t exactly the hardiest species, you know. They may have a resistance to fire, but they need water. Aesthetically Normal or not, he’s going to need water before any of us need food…and I…why…why isn’t he waking up? He’s still breathing! I can see that! But he’s not waking up…aaaagh….San-Kyung….”
“So that’s great. That is just great! So not only do we face potential illness ourselves, we could also possibly starve to death, and if we’re not rescued soon enough we could be facing sitting in a room with a corpse. I can’t take this!” Ai-Reia yelled. She looked almost crazed as she struggled against her ropes. The noise Dosa-MIna made at her words sent a shiver through the students who were awake.
“Gyuuuh….what’s th’ sound?” Yefu-Shenhao groaned. She looked at Dosa-Mina. The sound of his crying, incorporating an occasional high-pitched whine, had woken her up. She glanced at the other students. Most of them were asleep. The ones who were awake were all in bad condition. Most of them were crying, with Dosa-Mina in particular looking as if he had lost all hope, while Ai-Reia struggled against her ropes with the face of a maniac and La-Iin looked even more devoid of emotion than usual, something she hadn’t thought was possible.
It was like waking up in hell.
“Ugh! What’s with the smell!?” Lirako yelled. Her ears were folded tightly back to her head and her tail swished in irritation. Yefu-Shenhao snorted. “I never wished before for sumptin’ to be a nightmare…”
“Yous sure it ain’ts?” Voi-Ehst sighed. “I feels like I’ms goings to die…so hungry…”
“Mr. Chensu…” Rini-Futo sobbed.
The students around them started to wake up one by one. Some were startled awake by Dosa-Mina’s shrill crying like Yefu-Shenhao. Others woke up slowly yet seemed as if they were exhausted. Some woke up and glanced around the room in terror. Soon enough, Class D was in an uproar.
“What’s going on!? Who’s shrieking!? Did someone die!?” Gen-Reiya yelled. His eyes were wide open and his head swung in every direction.
“Daddy…” Mali-Ana cried.
“Nngh! What is this rope? Trying to grow makes it feel tighter…” Kaersh-Cogyp breathed.
“Of course it makes it tighter…there’s less room for you to fit…come on, Xhephe, there’s got to be something you can do.” Xhen-Bei sighed.
“This is chaos. Complete chaos…” Ai-Reia bit her lip. Thin trails of blood came from the puncture wound. “I want to see my family…they’ll rescue me, right? Soon enough they’ll notice I’ve been at school for too long….Dslellullar!”
Dosa-Mina didn’t respond.
Dosa-Mina took a few breaths. He glanced in Ai-Reia’s direction. To La-Iin, his face looked even more terrifying than before. She had to turn away.
“Don’t worry about Molshei. I know this situation is terrible, but even if he gets sick, I think he should be okay. Our parents will eventually notice that we haven’t come home. They’ll be worried before nightfall, I’m sure. I–”
“It’s not unusual for San-Kyung to stay out until night…I know, I’ve been with him sometimes he does that. Our parents aren’t going to be worried until much later. They know we tend to wander around after school…”
“Oh…w-well, maybe when one of our families arrives, they’ll contact yours and his, too…?”
“Vampiris, for all your smarts, you’re just not getting it. Even if our parents arrive, we don’t know how powerful this organization is. With just reinforcements, they took down a whole class of 25 and their teacher…it’s not like we’re a bunch of little kids either, or Normals. There’s quite a few students who have some power they can use. And a lot of students in this class are over ten. So who knows? Even if they aren’t, what if they pull the whole ‘murdering hostages if you contact the police’ card? Do you think anyone would want to contact the police then? …this situation is hopeless….our only hope is if they decide to take care of us…and the chances of that happening are little to none.”
“What, do you want me to act optimistic about this!? My friend is dying! A person very important to me, someone who I shouldn’t outlive–”
“–Isn’t Molshei the older one?”
“…” Dosa-Mina seemed to swallow his words and turned away from Ai-Reia.
“…I hate this whole situation. If I’m going to die, I’m not going to die because of them.”
“Of course not. You’ll die of starvation first most likely.”
“No. No, I won’t. I’m going to untie my legs, and then I’m going to commit suicide.”
Dosa-Mina had yelled unexpectedly. “Please don’t…”
“Why not? Who wants to go down at the hands of her captors or succumb to starvation? I don’t. So I’ll take neither.” To the students around her, La-Iin sounded insane.
“Have you lost your mind? Do you want the rest of us to have to deal with the stench of your rotting body, or the sight? Do you want to traumatize Sanhuun? You’re being completely selfish.”
“No I’m not. And I don’t care if I’ve lost my mind. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I can’t even stand. Now stop talking, Ai-Reia. I can’t stand your voice anymore. Stop trying to sound like a know-it-all. Everyone knows you are one already.”
“Why are you crying?” Zae-Mia asked. Dosa-Mina lowered his head.
“…this is…I’ve…there’s no way that….”
“Are you okay?”
“If you count feeling like you’ve lost all hope as…okay…” He started to break into tears again, giving another shrill whine that made the other students flinch.
“Who said that!?” Gen-Reiya shrieked.
“Shut up…”
Mali-Ana screamed.
“San-Kyung?” Dosa-Mina breathed. “Oh, San-Kyung, you finally woke up!”
“Yes, it’s me! How do you feel? Are you okay?”
San-Kyung made a noise that sounded like gibberish. “Please wake up, San-Kyung! You can’t go back to sleep. You can’t!”
“I won’t sl…eep…”
“Thank goodness he’s awake…” La-Iin breathed.
“Say…Molshei can use fire powers, yes?” Kaersh-Cogyp said. Dosa-Mina glared at him. “…well, does he have any powers that could get us out of this situation?”
“Not you…” He groaned. Kaersh-Cogyp sighed. “You should have expected that response…”
“I’m just glad you’re awake…please don’t die on me again, San-Kyung…”
San-Kyung gave Dosa-Mina a quizzical look. “Again…?”
Before anyone could question Dosa-Mina’s comment, the classroom door opened. Two people dressed in grey laid Im-Dei and Shuera-Kaizima on the floor.
“Looks like they’re awake…” One of them sighed. “What do we do about that?”
“The orders are…” The other one started to whisper.
“A’ight then. God, it stinks in here! Let’s get this done quick.”
At that moment, the students were subjected to the unknown.

“We need to get some air freshener in here….Class D is the second-worst thing I’ve smelled in my life…” One of the workers gagged.


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