3.154.The Chronicles of Malicerie Students–Part 4

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 154
“The Chronicles of Malicerie Students–Part 4”

All of Class D had frozen in place at the entrance of the man in grey. They kept their eyes focused on him as he started to speak.
“….oh, I get it. I see what’s happenin’ here….”
“Miss Kokohara, run!” The teacher yelled. Shuera-Kaizima scrambled out the window. His yell spurred other students to dash for the windows as well, while others froze in place or stood their ground. The man’s expression quickly changed from understanding to rage.
“Occupy Class D, classroom 1 ASAP!” He yelled. The teacher continued to goad on his students as they scrambled for the window.
“I’m scaaared!” Fer-Shi whined. La-Iin tried to keep her from getting thrown over by the crowd as she head for the window. Meanwhile, San-Kyung glared at the man, then turned to Dosa-Mina.
“…you should sing.”
“What!?” He hissed. “That would be a terrible idea! You know that would knock out everyone else too, right? Not to mention it sounds like he has backup!”
“Then sing to the backup too!”
“You know, my voice could give out, and what would I do then!? Everyone in the room would be easy prey! I can’t do it, San-Kyung. It won’t work and it will just sabotage everyone in this classroom!”
“…have it your way.” Dosa-Mina flinched at the cold glare San-Kyung gave him, then refocused his attention on the man in grey. Just as another student scrambled out the window, several people of several different species ran into the classroom, all dressed in grey like the first man.
“You know what to do!” The man yelled.
The reinforcements advanced. The students and their teacher scrambled to get out the windows, and most were quickly dragged away by the reinforcements, who held them down and pulled long ropes off their backs.
Tenha-Gumo kicked furiously at his captor, who fell off, the rope she held unfurling. He started to build a ball of water from his hands. The woman charged at him before he could launch it at her and knocked him over. She bit down on his ear and he let out a yelp so loud that most everyone in the room froze. The reinforcements used that time to their advantage as soon as they recovered and they advanced upon the frozen students.
“Xhephe! Use your powers!” Xhen-Bei called as he leaped away from a Ferreniao woman. Kaersh-Cogyp had been stunned into silence by the shriek as well, but he nodded at Xhen-Bei’s words. He dashed to a clear area in the room and started to grow in size, his spikes growing.
“Ah, too close, too close!” Someone shrieked. Kaersh-Cogyp turned around. One of his spikes had buried itself into Gen-Reiya’s shirt, dangerously close to his neck. Unconsciously, he started to shrink. Several of the reinforcements ran for him. He pushed Gen-Reiya out the way and started to grow in size yet again.
“It doesn’t matter if they capture everyone else. Nobody can reach me up here.” La-Iin said.
“Yeah, but how long are we gonna be safe up here?” La-Iin was startled by Nemi-Hikla’s voice.
“I wasn’t talking to you!”
“They’re tying up everyone…” Zae-Mia whimpered. La-Iin glanced down. Fer-Shi was trying to scramble out the window, held up by several other students who were trying to do the same. San-Kyung quickly moved out the way of many of the reinforcements, the palm of his hand glowing slightly as if he was trying to start a fire. Many of the reinforcements seemed much stronger than any of the students in the classroom, and La-Iin noticed many of the younger students were already tied up, propped up against the side of the wall with their heads drooping. She recognized Ai-Reia as one of them.
Even if she wasn’t worried about herself or most of the other students, she couldn’t deny her worry for Fer-Shi and San-Kyung.
“This is ridiculous,” San-Kyung whispered. “Screw it. I’m done.” Biting down on his right hand as hard as he could, he tore the palm of it open and fired off a beam of fire at one of the reinforcements. His clothes went alight and he panicked before running out the room. San-Kyung felt confident for all of a moment before the pain hit him. Panic making his heart beat faster, blood began to pour out at a faster rate than he expected.
This moment was all a nearby Minomix man needed to take him down. The sheer brute strength of the man knocked San-Kyung out, and he went limp.
“San-Kyung!” La-Iin yelled. She shot down at the Minomix man and bit into his back. He barely seemed fazed at first, but once he noticed her, he swatted at her and reached out with a large hand. La-Iin zipped away from him, flying in Fer-Shi’s direction.
“La-Iin!?” La-Iin crashed into the crowd of students. The room quickly became chaotic as the students lost their bearings. The winged students began to panic and zip around the room. The few younger students who hadn’t been caught yet ran around the room. The history teacher fell out the window.
“FOCUS YERSELVES!” The man in grey yelled. The reinforcements got their bearings and returned to the rambunctious crowd of students. With the panic and fear keeping them from being rational, it was only a matter of time before rope tightly bound them all in place.


“Where are the others?” Im-Dei yelled.
“I don’t know!” Shuera-Kaizima cried. “I want out of here!” She dashed away at a speed Im-Dei couldn’t match, even while flying. Close behind them, the teacher had to stop to get his breath.
“I don’t….think they all made it out…” He breathed. “I gotta do….something….”
“Did you see how many people were in there!?” Im-Dei yelled.
“Look, we….don’t know…what those people are planning. We’ve got to…do something about that…”
“We can contact authorities!”
“What if they….take hostages? Contacting…the authorities…seems to be a surefire way to…get them killed or hurt. Already they took Mr. Elyshen…”
“Do you hear voices?” Someone nearby said. Im-Dei and the teacher froze.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat-girl had some friends who made it out with her…”
“Shuera-Kaizima…” Im-Dei whispered. “Teacher, we have to hide!”
“You hide first…”
“Don’t be ridiculous! I’m not going to go alone! I…”
“There!” Two people, a Minomix woman and a Ferreniao man, walked into their line of sight.
Im-Dei and his teacher didn’t say anything further. In the Minomix woman’s arms was Shuera-Kaizima, squirming against the rope. Her glance at them told them all they needed to know: “Run away.”
The teacher and Im-Dei took off at as high a speed as they could go. A loud sound came from behind them, and then the duo was after them. As tired as they were, the determination to get away from their pursuers pushed them on, and they ran as fast as they could with no destination in mind.

A Minomix man stared at his chest and frowned.
“Something wrong, Zebeila?”
“All that chaos made me lose some body hair…” He sighed.
“….that’s what you’re upset about?”


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