28.148.Teacher Announcement Moments

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 148
“Teacher Announcement Moments”

“Teachers! The meeting…..has BEGUN!”
“He’s as energetic as ever,” Theasis sighed. The history teacher shook his head. “What do you expect…”
“Quiet down, Mr. Sharai,” the Principal snapped. Sharai glared at her and sat down.
“Now, as you all know, the Malicerie School Dance will be taking place this Friday. We have been planning many things about this event this year. The students of the Instruments & Music for the Armless & Disabled…God, that name is such a mouthful! Those students have been asked to provide some music for the event.”
“What about them being able to dance? They’re still students you know…”
“They will be able to dance. Eventually they will switch out with the students of the main Instrumental class. And the teachers of both classes will handle the music alongside them; once both groups are done, it will be only their teachers.”
“I will come prepared on Friday,” Xao-Bu said.
“I know you will. Now….we have most everything all planned out, such as the refreshments, conduct of dress and such-and-such, but I wanted some input from you teachers on other things we could do…”
“Oh my gosh, conduct of dress? Do you mean dress code?”
“Yes. The Malicerie School Dance is a respectable event. We sometimes lose a good portion of the school day setting the last of it up or starting the dance early in certain cases. We won’t be preparing uniforms and we’ll allow for the student’s characters to shine through as we always have, but we don’t want them to dress like slu–”
“I can’t believe you would be so sexist, Principal. Censoring our dear young women like that…” A Class A teacher sniffed. The Principal rolled her eyes. “If you and your students have a problem with it, then don’t come to the dance. It’s not a requirement…most of the time.”
“You’ve betrayed my trust, Principal!”
“Oh, be quiet. In any event….do the rest of you have any input?”
“Yes. May I see the conduct of dress?”
“Of course. Mr. Sharai, provide Mr. Vurinen with a copy of the conduct.”
“….I only have two copies! I just now realized this. How will we distribute them all to the students!?”
“We’ll find a way. In the worst-case scenario, we’ll simply print enough to put up the conduct in all classrooms starting tomorrow.”
“You won’t put those horrible things in our classroom!” The Class A teacher snarled.
“We can and we will. Now be quiet! You never have any useful input…”
“Do the students even know the official date yet?” The history teacher asked.
“I thought I had announced them in Math Class, but I have no idea…”
“Well, there will be time to announce them shortly. School will begin soon, and only one teacher in each class need announce it. Today, continue to teach your students well so that they may graduate successfully and with the knowledge they need to continue on as adults. I hope you prepared your lessons?”
“Of course,” most teachers answered.
“Good. Now, those of you teaching the Weekend classes, particularly those of you teaching the instrumental classes, I would like to talk with you briefly before you go on with your day. I’m aware you don’t teach on the Weekdays, but there are still some things I would like to discuss.”
“Yes,” they answered.
“With all that being said….is there anything else to be discussed today?”
“Abolish the dress code!” The Class A teacher yelled.
“No. ….anyone else?”
“Principal, how do you propose I copy all these conduct of dress reminders!?” Sharai asked.
“You have them on your computer, correct? Print them directly from there.”
“I–fine, then, alright…”
“Anything else?”
“I’d like to check that conduct of dress too, if it’s not a concern,” a teacher from Class C asked. Xao-Bu gave the paper to him.
“Is that all?”
The teachers were silent.
“Good. Now, you are all dismissed!”

An uproar had been risen in Class A after the first class ended.
“Class, I have a terrible announcement to make. The Malicerie School Dance is quickly approaching. And they are taking away our freedom of dress on that day. They will be implementing….a dress code!”
The class gasped.
“It’s terrible, I know. And I will fight the good fight to see that it is abolished. But I can make no guarantees. If I have not abolished it by the end of classes tomorrow, I want you all to dress how you want still. We will show those sexist jerks how we feel about their dress code!”
But the students were in disarray.
“Men, I don’t think you should listen to the teacher. This is a problem that affects us of other genders. After all, no matter what you dress in, they’ll probably let it pass. So let us have our day. This is our fight, and we do not need you!”
“What!? But what about boys like me!?”
“You’re still a boy, so it counts.”
The class proceeded to get into an argument so long that it lasted the whole break time. The argument continued into the second class and the teacher joined in.

“Students? The Malicerie School Dance will be on Friday and I want you all to dress your best! Also remember to tell your parents that it’s coming up ’cause we’d like them to come too. If you have siblings who do not go to Malicerie they can come too! But yes–dress nicely, tell your family, and plan to have fun because that will make it the most fun of all! So yeah! That’s the deal!”
The teacher left. The students of Class B began to chatter among each other.
“Malicerie School Dance!?”
“Gosh, it’s been so long since the last one! Didn’t we do it earlier last year?”
“Yes. But the time it occurs varies. I can vouch for this. This will be my eighth dance after all. Most of the time it’s held in the Spring, and it’s never held before graduation, so usually between late March to mid-June. But on occasion it’s been held later. One year it took place in Autumn.”
“That’s weird.”
“Still, I’m super excited! I wonder if we can ask students from other classes to dance with us?”
“Of course you can. You can even ask to dance with teachers or parents so long as you get the proper permission.”
Class B was a bundle of excitement at the announcement of the dance.

“Students of Class C. The Malicerie School Dance is coming up this Friday. Make sure to tell your parents. There will be a conduct of dress. Please be sure to adhere to it. The conduct of dress will be revealed tomorrow. But keep in mind that what would be unacceptable here normally, naturally remains unacceptable still during the dance. Alert your parents and relatives that this conduct of dress extends to them. And…have fun, I suppose. That is all.”
The teacher left the class.
“The dance is that soon?”
“I guess so.”
“I wonder if it will be crowded…I heard there are a lot of students in Malicerie this year. If you count that plus the number of relatives they’ll bring, even accounting for those who have no siblings and only one guardian or parent, it could be a quite uncomfortable event.”

“Students, the Malicerie School Dance will be held on Friday. You can ask your family to come, although if you have a large family, it might be better just to ask direct relatives. Make sure to dress nicely. There’s not much that you need to do beforehand, so don’t worry about it. Anything else you need to know, you’ll be told before the dance. That’s all for now.”
The history teacher left the classroom.
“Oh, I’m excited. I’m definitely going to dance with San-Kyung.”
“You would! Maybe I’ll dance with my Mom or Dad, or maybe Shan-Zetsu! Or you if you ever take your eyes off San-Kyung…”
“Oh, a dance. We could have a fun time together, I bet. I mean, after all, you’ll dance if it’s with me, riiiiight, San-Kyung?”
“I guess so…”
“Oh, a dance…”
“I bet I know who you’d like to dance with!”
“Oh, yes, but….I’ll be a little busy during the earlier parts of the dance…”
“Don’t worry. You’ll get your chance, I’m sure of it!”

“I wonder if Miss Shaejaein will want to dance with me…”
“Mr. Chensu! Have you begun an illict relationship with one of your students!?”
“No! Miss Shaejaein is just my model student. She’s the one who appreciates what I do the most. In all my years I’ve never had a student quite like her. I just love it. It has nothing to do with illict relationships. I’m not like that. I see the students sort of as relatives, like nieces and nephews.”
“She roomed with me during the school trip and we got to talk about some things. It’s nice to have someone who appreciates my work…”
“I understand that. The job of a teacher can feel thankless at times, so when there’s someone who cares about you, or what you teach…it’s a nice feeling.”
“Yes. When I teach facts about the species, Mr. Dslellullar’s face lights up. That makes it worth it. Other students seem interested, but not quite as interested as him.”
“What about you, Miss Theasis? Is there a student who’s really interested in your math?”
“I suppose…Miss Vampiris seems interested enough…”
“Miss Vampiris seems interested in some of my studies too.”
“Yeah, same here…”
“I think Miss Vampiris might just like attending classes in general. Although I’ve seen her look irritated during my class on occasion.”
“But then there are the students who like what you teach, but not you…” The history teacher sighed.
“Miss Cahongyun?” The others asked.

“Teachers! It’s time for another meeting!”
The Pricipal cleared her throat.
“So? Did you all make the necessary announcements?”
“Yes yes!” Class B’s history teacher said.
“Naturally.” Class C’s math teacher said.
“Mm-hm!” Class D’s history teacher said.
“Grr!” Class A’s science teacher said.
“Good. Now, I think we have more things to discuss about the Dance. Mainly, the number of people in attendance. That could be….problematic.”
“My breasted students will get groped!” A Class A teacher cried.
“That’s not why it would be problematic….the possibility of crowding is why it could be. This is a discussion we need to have with the student’s relatives. Mr. Sharai, could you get me the student phone book?”
“Yes, Principal!”
Sharai pulled a large book out of a bookshelf. The Principal opened the book.
“I leave the task of calling each student’s families in your hands, teachers of Malicerie,” the Principal said.
“It is your duty, is it not? Failure to do so will come with consequences. Now get to calling them!”
All the teachers could agree on that day, as they called each and every of the student’s families, that they were furious with the Principal.

“Mr. Sharai?”
“Yes, Principal!?”
“….the conduct of dress applies to you too. If you wear that atrocious pink dress–”
“I won’t, Principal…”


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