21.141.A Test with Bes-Isa

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 141
“A Test with Bes-Isa”

“La-Iin!” Fer-Shi called.
“Hello, Fer-Shi.”
“Hello!” She ran over to La-Iin and sat down next to her. “It’s good to see you again. And it was nice to hear the whole story about Ei-Tio. Although I wish you would’ve told me in person.”
“It was easier to say it all over the phone. And not in school.”
“So, what did you want me over for?”
La-Iin put Bes-Isa in her lap. “…I’ve been thinking about V-Puppetry a lot lately. I heard that it was weird that my power kicked in before my first birthday. And there are a lot of things I don’t really know about it. A lot of my other powers I understand. Most of them are just natural things anyway like bloodsucking and flying. So I wanted to see what I could do. I’m going to wake up Bes-Isa. I want you to come up with some things I can try to push my potential.”
La-Iin lifted her hand into the air. Bes-Isa twirled awake.
“Good afternoon, La-Iin….how long have you been back from school?”
“Wake up more, Bes-Isa! We’re going to do something with you today.”
“We’re going to what? Who’s we!?”
“Me and Fer-Shi!”
“Do something to me what? What are you going to do? Are we going out on the town or something? That could be nice…”
“You’ll see.”
“I’ve got an idea, La-Iin!”
“What is it?”
“Can you see how far your reach is with her? Like if she was far away from you, do you think you could still get her?”
“What the? This doesn’t sound good in the slightest! La-Iin–“
“My reach is pretty good.”
“Could you reach her even if she was in somebody else’s house?”
“Probably as long as the windows were open.”
“Let’s try it! Here, give me Bes-Isa!”
“Oh no, I refuse!”
“You can’t refuse. You can’t even fight back. It won’t harm you, Bes-Isa. Who knows, maybe all these experiments will lead us to finding out the secrets of how to give you bodily autonomy.”
“I seriously doubt that! Hey, put me down! This is an insulllllt!”
“Maybe I should put her to sleep for now. That might make the test more hard too.” She snapped her fingers. “Okay, take her as far as you can manage. Come back here and I’ll show you just how far my reach is. But I’ve been able to reach her from my bedroom window when I’m outside, and my bedroom’s on the second floor. So I have a pretty good reach.”


“Okay, she’s in the deepest part of a really far-away house, La-Iin! But I’ll give you one hint, the room that she’s in is brown! So do you think you could get her?”
“I know I can.” La-Iin focused on the image of Bes-Isa in a brown room. She made the motions to move Bes-Isa around. She was sure that she could feel something, and that she was slamming that something against a wall. La-Iin made a sharp motion towards her, and then the feeling of having something died away.
‘Wait, what happened?’
“Is something wrong, La-Iin? I can go get her if you want, you know! If she’s too far away and all…”
“She’s not! Give me one moment.” La-Iin walked closer to the direction Fer-Shi had taken Bes-Isa, all the while keeping the image of her doll sharp in her mind. Her hand latched on to something, and her wings gave a nervous twitch.
“Is everything alright, La-Iin?”
“Yes! It’s fine!” Carefully, she maneuvered the doll away from the walls. Several times she could feel her crashing into walls or other things she wasn’t quite sure what they were. But she focused all her attention on getting the doll safely back to her. It started to put a strain on her mind.
She could feel sweat beading on her forehead. La-Iin made a sharp motion towards her. Bes-Isa came hurtling at her at a speed that knocked her over.
La-Iin couldn’t respond. The mental toll of maneuvering Bes-Isa over was enough to give her a headache. She closed her eyes to take a quick nap.

La-Iin blinked open her eyes. Fer-Shi was sitting on a chair next to her bed with a wide smile on her face. “Thank goodness you woke up! I was starting to get worried.” She put her hands on her bed. “What you did was so cool! I really thought you wouldn’t be able to do it! Boy, did you prove me wrong! Really, it was cool!”
“…what did I do again?”
“You brought Bes-Isa all the way from another neighborhood, without even knowing where she was. Although you passed out after you did it…”
“Oh!” La-Iin sat up. Her head throbbed. “Are you alright!?”
“I’m fine,” she sighed. “Where’s Bes-Isa?”
“She’s right here. Your mom said I had to keep her in there because she was detained or something. She was saying a lot of curse words…” Fer-Shi opened up a drawer and handed Bes-Isa to La-Iin.
“I will kill you for what you did to me,” Bes-Isa growled.
“No you won’t.”
“I would if I could, La-Iin. I would if I could!”
“Hey, while you were asleep, I got an idea for something else!”
“What’s that…?”
“I’ve always seen you move around Bes-Isa with kind of swooshing motions. Even when you have her do things like pick something up, she’s still always moving in a swooshy kind of way. Can you move her more like a person?”
“Maybe. Let’s see…”
She moved Bes-Isa’s legs in a simple walk, but the rest of Bes-Isa dragged behind her. She huffed and instead focused on Bes-Isa’s body. Her stomach dragged across the bed, with the rest of her hanging limp. Even when she tried to focus on all of Bes-Isa, something went wrong and her last attempt sent the doll falling off the bed.
“I can’t do it that well!” La-Iin sighed. “Sale-Dessu can do it better…”
“Did I ever tell you about our next-door Warlock neighbor? He can also use V-Puppetry. He can make his V-Puppet walk around just fine.”
“I see….well, if he’s an adult with V-Puppetry, he probably has lots of experience with it too. Even if you’re really good, I guess there’s going to be some weak parts in your powers since you’re still so young. Then, hmm….why don’t you…see how fast you can swooshy her!?”
La-Iin jerked Bes-Isa in her direction. The doll went flying into the wall.
“Today is just ‘abuse Bes-Isa for your own amusement’ day, isn’t it?”
“No. It’s conduct tests with Bes-Isa day. Actually, it’s more like testing my powers…”
“Then why don’t you just make a new V-Puppet and abuse her!?”
“Well, I don’t know if it would be a girl, and I also don’t know if it would be evil like you or a goody-goody.”
“Can you control her with another part of your body?”
“No.” La-Iin and Bes-Isa said in unison.
“Er…can you make her change her own clothes?”
“To an imperfect degree.” She had Bes-Isa start to take off her dress. “This has got to count as some form of harassment.”
“Can you make her spin in a really fast circle?”
La-Iin span Bes-Isa around.
“Can you–”
“STOOOOOOOP!” Bes-Isa yelled. “La-Iin, if you and your friend don’t stop, I’m going to sing a song!”
“So? What’s wrong with that?”
“I’ll sing a song, off-key in this warped voice, about all the humiliating things that have happened to you. You may not remember everything from your early life, but I can recall so many diapers–“
La-Iin screeched. “Alright, alright! You win, Bes-Isa! You win the evil contest! Please don’t sing something like that!”
“Good. I can always count on your diapers for blackmail!”
Fer-Shi started to giggle. “What are you laughing about?”
“Oh…I don’t know! I just felt like giggling!”
“You suck! You’ll pay for that, you know!” She stood up on the bed, snapped her fingers, and flew at Fer-Shi. Even though she saw fear flash in the girl’s eyes, Fer-Shi ran off with a smile on her face and giggling so hard that it slowed her down.
“You won’t catch me, La-Iin!”

“Hi, my name is Cahongyun La-Iin and I’m two yews owd. I am not the same as aw of yew. I am gonna rule the world someday. Maybe if you play nice with me, I will spare you. And I’m mad ’cause my Mama won’t let me bwing my best fwend here. That is my intwoduc….intwoduc….where do I sit?”
“Stop it, Bes-Isa,” La-Iin grumbled, her face bright red.


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