17.137.La-Iin’s Little Sister–Part 1

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 137
“La-Iin’s Little Sister–Part 1”

“Di….did you say….Ghneckdo?” It took La-Iin a few seconds both to register what the girl had said and to realize that she had spoken.
“Yes! My name is Ghneckdo Ei-Tio. I’m three!” She lifted up three fingers. “Or I think that’s three? Um! Is Ghneckdo somebody’s name?”
“That’s Asul-Zenza’s last name!” Bes-Isa hissed. “This situation is awfully suspicious. He shows up at your window and a day later there’s a little girl saying her last name is Ghneckdo? Just what exactly happened yesterday?”
La-Iin couldn’t respond. Bes-Isa had a point, and that point made her uncomfortable.
‘Dami, what’s going on?’
“Um…is Ghneckdo somebody’s name?”
“That’s…my Dami’s name….” La-Iin muttered, staring down at the ground.
“Goodness, what a mess…”
“Your Dami…?” Ei-Tio walked up to La-Iin. “Are you my big sister?”
La-Iin blinked at the girl. ‘If she’s Dami’s daughter, then I guess I would be…’
“My Dami’s name is Ghneckdo…” She repeated.
“It is? Then…you’re my family, aren’t you?” Ei-Tio burst out in smile and reached out to hug La-Iin. “Big sister!” Before she could hold her, La-Iin flew above her and glared down at her.
“Why do you have to be here? I’m my Dami’s daughter, not you!”
“Big sister…?”
“If you’re only Dami’s daughter then we aren’t even full siblings anyway! Just half-siblings! I am not your big sister!”
She flew over to the door and turned around. Ei-Tio was still standing there, her expression one of shock. “Dami wouldn’t do something like this. Even if he did, he would tell me! Now go away! I don’t wanna see you!”
Tears built up at the edges of Ei-Tio’s eyes. She started to wipe at them and ran off. The door to her house opened just seconds later.
Mit-Sun picked up La-Iin and hugged her tight. “Oh, La-Iin! I was so worried! I thought you might have been lost, and I was just about to go looking for you–are you crying? What’s wrong!?”
“No-nothing’s wrong! I just wanna go to my room!”
“Where did you go, La-Iin? You know, you should’ve at least told me you were going out!”
“I don’t want to talk about anything, Mama!” She wriggled out of Mit-Sun’s grasp and flew away.
“La-Iin! I spent a good portion of yesterday worried about you! I thought something like the birthday incident had happened again! You don’t know how I felt when I noticed your window was open a crack. Why did you leave?”
“I did something I regret now.” La-Iin started to sniffle. “I agree with you now, Mama. I hate Dami.”
She flew off, the last words she heard from Mit-Sun, “She hates Dami…? ….I need to call Asul-Zenza.”


“She had grey hair too, didn’t she?”
“And greyish skin? So that means she might be a Pureblood…there’s a lot of things that seem like hard evidence that she’s his daughter, and yet I can’t understand why he wouldn’t tell you. Or at least me. You’d think someone in this house would know…I mean, if she was a crying baby outside, it would be one thing, but she said she was three years old. That’s around half your life that she’s been around and he never told you? Aside from that, everything seems to match up…and I can even give an explanation as to why he never told you, but it’s not a pleasant one.”
“I don’t want to hear your dumb explanations! Dami is just a jerk who never told me I had a little sister. And I wish I had known, but I didn’t! Well, if she’s Dami’s secret daughter, then I refuse to accept her as my sister!”
“You’re taking this awfully hard…I wish Ghneckdo was a more common surname in Vaelyn. Then we could at least pass it off as maybe she’s someone else’s kid…but that’s a Vampire society last name, isn’t it? I really doubt someone else’s kid would follow him all the way to here….”
“Now both my parents suck.” La-Iin sighed. “And I was looking forward to at least having Dami when I got really old. Well, screw him! I hate him!”
“Do you hate Ei-Tio?”
“Of course I do!”
“I think you wasted her by yelling at her, though. She’s your little sister and still very young. Probably still in diapers and even though she could talk she probably can’t do much else. She would be perfect for your plans. She’s not a grown man who’s shown disinterest in your plans or a prodigy young Vampire. She’s just an average baby who has managed to walk and talk. If you hadn’t sent her away, the possibilities could’ve been endless.”
La-Iin stared at nothing for a few moments, then smacked her forehead. “I’m such an idiot! You’re right, she’s an idiot too! I could make her into the ultimate little sister and the ultimate companion for ruling the world with. I could have had a guaranteed evil sidekick!”
“Well, it’s too late for that. She’s probably crying somewhere, wondering why this girl who seemed like her sister started being so mean all of a sudden…”
“Well, she’s only three, right? So she probably couldn’t have gone off too far! Her wings were definitely too small to fly on. I have an advantage over her there. I could catch up with her, apologize, and then take her under my wing! Do you think I could fly her back here?”
“Well, I’ll get her back here anyway!” She opened the window and prepared to fly out.
“Hopefully you don’t have a sudden drop.”
“Stop it, Bes-Isa. I–”
“Hey, what’s that?”
La-Iin glanced down. Something was climbing up the side of the house. She quickly noticed familiar grey hair, greyish skin, light red eyes and tiny black wings.
It was Ei-Tio.
“Big sisterrr!” She cried.
“Ei-Tio!” She flew out the window and reached down to grab her. She wrapped her arms around her stomach. Ei-Tio let go of the side of the house and the weight in La-Iin’s arms increased. Both of them were high above the ground. From this distance, if either girl fell, they would sustain major injuries, if not die.
At first La-Iin thought, ‘Well, it would serve Dami right!’ but her conscience struggled with her, reminding her that this was her sister she was carrying. She used all her strength to lift Ei-Tio up to the window and throw her into her room. Ei-Tio hung on to the window as La-Iin’s wings cramped up. She scrambled from the window and pushed Ei-Tio in, then climbed in herself.
“Big sister, are you okay?” Ei-Tio asked. La-Iin couldn’t respond. Her arms felt like they were going to fall off and her wings were cramped to the point where the pain extended down her back. But she saw the concern in Ei-Tio’s eyes and smiled.
“Your sister is….just fine.” Although it made her sick to her stomach, she reached out and hugged Ei-Tio close. While hugging her she felt something wet on her chest.
“Big sisterrrr….why do you hate meeee?”
“I don’t….hate you.”
“Are you going to go into sappy big-sister mode? Ugh.” Bes-Isa gagged.
“I don’t hate you, Ei-Tio,” she said, irritation in her tone as she glared at Bes-Isa. “I was mad because our Dami didn’t tell me about you…”
“So you love me?”
La-Iin swallowed. It felt like bile would rise in the back of her throat. “Of course.”
“Thank goodness she’s stupid, otherwise she might be a lost cause as far as evil goes,” Bes-Isa sighed.
“I can’t believe I have a little sister,” La-Iin sighed. “How do I tell Mama…? If I tell her, she’ll find out I was with Dami yesterday and I’ll just get spanked. And she might send Ei-Tio home! Dami will just raise her to be neutral or something, not evil. I need to keep her here!”
“That would be simple enough to do, sort of. You could just hide her in your closet….and have to feed her, make sure she doesn’t cry or make any noise, so you’d have to keep her distracted. Also, she still wears diapers, doesn’t she? I don’t think there are anymore diapers in your house. So you’d have to do something about that as well. La-Iin, you’d have to be up for the challenge.”
“Anything that can further my goal is worth doing. And I can’t let Ei-Tio beat me. She climbed up the side of my house just to see me again. I need to outdo her.”
“You know, it might be enjoyable seeing how badly you fail at keeping her hidden.”
“Well, I can’t have Mama send her back to Dami. But now that she’s here…”
La-Iin heard footsteps outside her bedroom door. “Quick, hide her!”
“Ei-Tio, your big sister needs you to do something,” she said quickly.
“Hide in that closet and don’t make any noise, no matter what you hear. You have to stay in there until I get you. Okay?”
Ei-Tio nodded. La-Iin pushed her into the closet, covered her with clothes, and closed the closet. Just seconds later, Mit-Sun knocked on her bedroom door and let herself in.
“Hello, Mama,” La-Iin sighed, trying to mimic her attitude from earlier.
“I just got off the phone with Asul-Zenza. So now I know that I was worried all because he took you out!? I’m furious with both of you!”
“Well, don’t worry, Mama. I learned from that day that I hate him. I don’t wanna see him ever again. So you don’t have to worry anymore. I’m….sorry.”
“That sounded awfully fake,” Mit-Sun sighed. “Please, La-Iin. Just…don’t do something like that again, alright? I was really worried. You owe me.”
“I owe you nothing.”
“No, you owe me, and unless you want a spanking you’re going to do some chores. You hardly ever help around the house.”
La-Iin glanced at the closet. ‘She’ll probably be alright. Maybe this will help heighten her anger….’ “Fine. But I’m not going to clean the bathroom or anything!”

“So, are you really sure you’re up to the task?”
La-Iin had finished her chores and returned to her bedroom. Ei-Tio was crying as quietly as possible per her instructions. She sighed.
“Of course. It will all be worth it for the payoff…”


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