3.123.Choungetsu’s Adventure

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 123
“Choungetsu’s Adventure”

As soon as the door was wide open, Choungetsu made a break for it.
He could hear the voices of La-Iin and Mit-Sun screaming his name, but he couldn’t find it in him to slow down. He dashed where he most liked to dash, down the sidewalk watching the houses pass by. The wind blew his fur around and he let his tongue loll.
It was a good day to be running.
“Isn’t that the Cahongyun dog?” A neighbor commented.
“Yeah, I think it is! What’s ‘e doin’ loose?”
The voices all sounded like ambient noise to Choungetsu, who noticed the number of houses begin to dwindle and glanced around. His adrenaline rush hadn’t slowed yet. He needed to move his paws. He felt impatient just being stopped for a moment.
The roads in the neighborhood were ones that many times, young children were advised to stay out of, yet hardly any cars passed by, and not many people in the neighborhood owned a car either. Choungetsu had grown to recognize cars on-sight after several incidents in his early life when he had almost gotten hit by one. But even running away from his family he wanted to be cautious, so he checked the roads just in case before dashing across to the other side of the sidewalk at the same speed he had taken off.
“Who-o-o-oa!” Someone screeched above him. Choungetsu became engaged in a fight with an ice cream cart blocking the way. He started to give light growls and barks as Aes-Heum did his best to move out the way of Choungetsu. As he was trying, a tub of ice cream went flying out the cart and landed on the ground. Choungetsu’s tail began to wag furiously as he licked up the vanilla ice cream.
“H-hey! Don’t lick that!” Aes-Heum went to pick up the ice cream and sighed. “This is no good…I guess I’ll just have to say I’m out of vanilla.” He took another glance at the dog licking up the remnants of ice cream. “Hey, aren’t you the Cahongyun’s dog….Choungetsu, was it?”
Choungetsu lapped up more ice cream before staring up at Aes-Heum with wide eyes. Aes-Heum tipped his head to one side. Choungetsu let out a playful bark and ran off. All of a sudden he felt more energetic than earlier, like he could run from the neighborhood and across the world. His legs didn’t tire even at the speed he was going, though he did take the time to suck in large gulps of air.
A few children walked along the sidewalk as he dashed by. He tried to avoid them, although he didn’t care when he heard one exclaim. The rush from the ice cream still going strong, once he crashed into a woman walking after the children he bolted across the street once again, this time not checking for cars. As if to warn him, one passed by moments later. He was stunned for only a moment before he began running again.
He glanced across the street. The scenery passed by as fast as it usually did. Among the few people walking the sidewalk, he felt like he noticed La-Iin and Mit-Sun running alongside it just briefly. Curious, he stopped, only to be picked up and put face-to-face with a brightly-colored man.
Choungetsu’s tail stopped wagging, his tongue stopped lolling, and his ears folded back to his head. The man had a harsh expression on his face. He was starting to feel uncomfortable being held by him even after only a few seconds.
The man looked him over, as if examining him. “You’re….you’re the Cahongyun’s dog, aren’t you? What are you doing alone?”
Choungetsu turned in the direction of the scream. Mit-Sun and La-Iin came running along the sidewalk, and he started to struggle out of Sale-Dessu’s grasp once he saw them. Sale-Dessu held tight to Choungetsu until he was close enough to jump into Mit-Sun’s arms.
“I’m sorry about that, Mr. Astineth. Thank you for catching him.”
“It wasn’t a problem.”
Choungetsu didn’t pay attention to the two’s conversation. All he heard was La-Iin yelling at him.
“It’s perfectly fine to do something evil, Choungetsu, but you can’t run away from the house!”
“We should probably get going!” Mit-Sun chuckled. “See you, Mr. Astineth!”
As much as he would have liked to run back home, Choungetsu was carried that day, snapped at more than a few times by his family. To him, it was annoying that he hadn’t been able to run for as long as he wanted.
But in his eyes, even the short time he got was worth it.

Choungetsu stared up at La-Iin, who had a mischievous look on her face.
“Are you evil, or are you just stupid?”
Choungetsu gave a quizzical growl.
“Did you run away for evil reasons?”
He cocked his head to one side.
“Do you want something bad to happen to us!?”
Choungetsu licked her face.
“….I guess you’re just stupid, then.”


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